BTFTLIAW – Chapter 784

Chapter 784 – Make Them Know How Terrifying We Are

Zhao Hai woke up. He found himself very tired in the past few days as he continually harassed both the Demons and the Divine Race.

Additionally, when Lizzy and Megan were done dealing with the winged pegasus cavalry, Zhao Hai saw that the two of them were very tired. So instead of having them work again, he decided to have them take a rest. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai went on and continued to harass the Demons.

After cleaning his room, Zhao Hai pushed the door open. Upon going out, he couldn’t help but knit his brows. He knew that Laura and the others were in the living room, however, there wasn’t any sound right now.

Zhao Hai immediately knew that something must have happened. Otherwise, the women wouldn’t have been this silent. After thinking about it, Zhao Hai immediately hastened his steps as he went to the living room.

After arriving, Zhao Hai saw Laura and the others frowning, nobody made any noise.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be curious, so he asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you all frowning?”

When the women saw Zhao Hai arrive, they immediately made space for him to sit down. Meg stood up and offered Zhao Hai a cup of tea while Laura and the others told Zhao Hai about what they had found out.

After hearing the story, Zhao Hai frowned as well. If this was really the case, then he had gained more annoying enemies.

Seeing that Zhao Hai stayed silent, Laura and the others didn’t make a noise. After all, the final decision about this matter lied on Zhao Hai.

After some time, Zhao Hai opened his mouth and said, “Alright, worrying about this is useless. If the elites of those two races come, then let them come. We aren’t afraid of them. Moreover, when it comes to revenge, their hatred for the Divine Race is certainly stronger. Yet, they still submitted, therefore, they should submit to us as well. The important thing to us right now is the existence of the foreign races in the Divine Realm. As long as they survive, then the Divine Race couldn’t go all out in fighting us. Also, the other Divine Realm continents might not be interested in the Ark Continent. Moreover, with how serious the Taurus Divines have become, their actions have certainly been spread to the Divine Realm. At the very least, the foreign races should be able to hear the news. They might even take the opportunity to contact us, seeing how they aren’t doing too good.”

Laura nodded, “However, it wouldn’t be too easy for us to deal with the Taurus Divines. After all, we’ve already been having problems with Thunder Yun, the power of his Giants is very strong.”

Zhao Hai agreed, “That’s correct. But although the Giants have great strength, I’m certain that they aren’t that numerous. After all, if they had enough numbers, then they wouldn’t have been destroyed by the Divine Race.” Laura and the other nodded. They were just worried, they weren’t afraid. After all, they had the Space. They could just evacuate the Ark Continent whenever things get out of hand. When that time comes, they would just wait until their overall strength gets improved. Then they can expel the Divine Race form the continent.

Zhao Hai looked at Laura and the others as he smiled and said, “Actually, among these information, the one I think the most useful is the Goblins. I have underestimated them before, I didn’t think that they would have this much skill.”

Laura looked confused at Zhao Hai’s words, she asked, “Why is Brother Hai so interested in those Goblins? I can’t see anything special about them.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Didn’t Zhan say that those goblins are very skilled when it comes to machines? Moreover, they have certain talents when it comes to using magic formations for machines, their skills would surely be good for us.”

Laura was still confused, “Good? What’s the difference between machines with magic formations and just magic formations?’

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Of course its good. If those goblins are really experts in the application of magic formations, then they can help improve the strength of our magic cannons. Also, they might be able to make different uses for the crystals. Using the crystals just for ammunition would be wasteful.”

Laura stared for a moment before she nodded, “Alright. If we can save more crystals, then we could make more magic cannons and other items.”

Laura finally understood what Zhao Hai meant. Karen had been researching ways of using magic formations to change the lives of the average person. He wanted to make their lives more convenient and safe. After seeing the things in the Space like the monitor, the kitchen and other Earth items, Karen suddenly had an inspiration.

Laura didn’t oppose to Karen’s new obsession. However, she didn’t like how Karen would exhaust himself and even forget to eat and sleep.

Therefore, when Zhao Hai raised the idea of the Goblins, she immediately agreed. If these Goblins were to find ways to make use of the crystals, then it would be a good thing for them.

However, Lizzy was still frowning as she said, “Big Brother Hai, but in the past, the Goblins seems to have no interest in weapons. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have fallen easily to the Divine Race.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “In the past, the Goblins did indeed have no interest in weapons. However, now should be different. They had been slaves of the Divine Race for so long that they should have understood the importance of having weapons. I think they should be looking into making their own all this time.” Megan also frowned, “Will this work? Those goblins have been under the Divine Race for so long. I’m afraid their inheritance had already vanished with time. Will they really be useful to us?”

Zhao Hai gave a faint  smile and said, “Their inheritance might have vanished, but as long as they are goblins, their skills for tinkering should be ingrained to their bones. Just like how the Elves are innately close to nature and the Dwarves gravitating towards blacksmithing, those goblins should still be able to make machines.”

The woman nodded, then didn’t say anything more. Zhao Hai let out a long breath as he said, “The Divine Race are truly fools. If they had the goblins research weapons, then they might have already conquered the Ark Continent.”

Zhao Hai said this as he shifted his gaze towards the monitor, showing the Demon Race’s situation. At this time, the Demons were resting. The Demons looked less tired now compared to two days before.

This didn’t mean that Zhao Hai had reduced his harassment, it just meant that the Demons have adapted. In the past, whenever they meet Zhao Hai’s troops, the Demons would become anxious. But now, except for those in the outskirts of the army, the others went on to sleep and eat, acting as if nothing was happening.

Zhao Hai faintly smiled, the Demons were truly worthy of being mighty warriors. Their adaptiveness to war was very good. Not only did they adapt to Zhao Hai’s harassment, they also got used to the attacks made by the blood devouring mosquitoes.

Zhao Hai turned to Lizzy and Megan and said, “Are we ready? I think it’s time to attack the Demons. Let them be aware that the Divine Race has retreated, and that we are now focused on dealing with them.”

Lizzy looked at the screen and then smiled, “It is indeed time to inform them, otherwise they would think that we’re being bullies.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Go, make them know how terrifying we are.” Lizzy nodded and then took out her messenger fish as she and Megan began to issue orders.

First, they had the cavalry units take a rest. Then they immediately released a large number of undead, ready to attack the Demon Army.

In the beginning, Zhao Hai wanted the undead army to attack Rising Sun City, cutting the retreat of the Demons. Then he would encircle the Demon Army and kill them in one go.

However, he discovered that this plan was too unrealistic. First, the Demons had a large number of reinforcement from Demon City. Secondly, the Demon Dragon King’s army had 20 million troops, trapping them was completely impossible.

If 20 million troops were to make a move, then their threat would be too big. Zhao Hai had painstakingly been acquiring undead, and he didn’t want the to be blown up by the Demons. Because of this, Zhao Hai quickly trashed his plan. Instead, he would hand the matter over to Lizzy while he would charge towards the enemy troops.

After seeing Lizzy and Megan prepare, Zhao Hai took Berry, Shue, and Shun, as well as some undead creatures with him. The other undead were given to Lizzy and Megan.

Four people stood on top of a Bone Dragon. They appeared on the place where the Divine Race decided to stop. Then, a large army of undead followed them outside. Zhao Hai, along with the undead army, were ready to charge towards the Demon Army!


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  1. If I’m harassing an army and have spacial powers, I would contaminate their food and water with laxatives. I’m pretty sure Caier can make a version of her poison that acts like that.

  2. On thing i really hate about Chinese literature is the fact that. They always want to conquer and control everyone. They get a little power and they want everyone under there thumb.

    Zhao hai already planning on conquering and enslaving other races. Instead of trying to think of a way to be allies. Even he he gets them to turn on the divine race later he has no intention of being honorable to them.

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