BTFTLIAW – Chapter 783

Chapter 783 – The Divine Realm’s Situation

Lizzy and Megan were both sitting and talking inside the living room. However, Zhao Hai was nowhere in sight. He was currently busying himself with the Demon Race. Zhao Hai had Megan and Lizzy rest well after they eliminated the winged pegasus army. Now that the two were resting, Zhao Hai took the job and commanded the undead and the cavalry in the meantime.

Lizzy looked at the weary Demons in the monitor and couldn’t help but smile, “It looks like Brother Hai really made them suffer in the past few days. Look at how exhausted every one of them looked.” Laura gave out a hmph, “You haven’t seen Brother Hai. He was monitoring the Demons non-stop, he’s quite tired as well. If you dealt with the winged pegasus sooner, he would have more time to rest.”

Megan smiled and said, “Sister Laura, we already did our best. After all, we need to take care of every single winged pegasus soldier.” Laura snoted and said, “Alright. Go call people from those two races, let’s ask them about the Divine Race’s situation.”

Since Laura had been managing Zhao Hai’s affairs for the longest time, she had the highest status among the women. Lizzy didn’t hesitate and immediately called a heavy cavalry soldier and a winged pegasus soldier. This was also done according to Zhao Hai’s instruction. When the two races were turned into undead, some of them were made into advanced ones so that they could ask them questions.

The barbarian soldier was tall and big, they were even taller compared to average Beastmen. On the other hand, the winged pegasus person was not that huge. Moreover, they look quite slender, resembling the Elves. However, instead of long ears, the winged pegasus people had two wings as ears, with long feathers on each tip.

Lizzy and the others curiously looked at the two people. After some time, Lizzy looked at the barbarian soldier and said, “What is your race? Are you from the Divine Race?”

The heavy cavalry soldier replied, “Answering the madam.We are called the Barbarians. We aren’t from the Divine Race, instead, our plane was invaded with the Divine Race. Whenever the Divine Race goes into war, they would send us.”

Lizzy nodded, then she asked once more, “Are the other people in your race as powerful as you? How many of you are there?” Barbarian Ding shook his head and said, “Back at home, we are only considered to be second-rate soldiers. The real elite of our race has yet to set out. Our race’s elites are all 9th ranks. We also have our Golden Horn division made up of God ranked experts. However, their numbers aren’t large, only about 50 thousand people. All in all, our race has about 10 million elite troops. As for second-rate soldiers like us, I don’t know how many there are.” Lizzy and the others couldn’t help but inhale cold air. They didn’t expect the barbarians to be this strong. If they didn’t have a few God-ranks, then the Divine Race might not have been able to conquer their plane.

After thinking about it for some time, Lizzy said, “Will your people send more troops? You lost too many people this time. Will your people help the Divine Race? Is your relationship with the Divine Race good?” Barbarian Ding replied, “Replying to the madam. Our relationship with the Divine Race isn’t very good. We might send our troops, but the most we can send out are our elites. The Golden Horn division rarely sets out. Since the madame have killed us, the clan would surely send some people for revenge.”

Lizzy and the to others frowned. They didn’t expect this thing to happen. At this time, Megan couldn’t wait as she turned to the winged pegasus soldier and said, “How about you? What is your race? And how is your race’s relationship with the Divine Race?”

The winged pegasus soldier replied, “Answering the madam. We are the winged pegasus race. Our relationship with the Divine Race is roughly the same as the Barbarians. We also listen to them but we don’t worship their existence. At the same time, our clan would also be sending troops in order to avenge us.”

Lizzy and Megan smiled bitterly, they didn’t think that there would be more enemies coming over. Laura didn’t think about it too much as he looked at the winged pegasus soldier and said, “What is your name? And how many people does your race have? How strong are you?” The winged pegasus person answered, “Replying to the madam. My name is Zhan. My troops are in the middle of our race’s strength. Above us are the elite army with 10 million troops. We also have the Silverwing Division composed of 100 thousand God-ranks.”

Everybody smiled bitterly upon hearing this. The Divine Race already had a lot of God-ranks. Now, there are also 100 thousand God-rank winged pegasus soldiers. If the Barbarians and the Winged Pegasus clan decided to send their best troops, then the Ark Continent would be in trouble.

Lizzy forced a smile and said, “How about those giants, do you know what race they belong to?”

Winged Pegasus Zhan nodded, “I do. They are people from the Thunder clan. Their faith lied on the Thunder Beast. Their wooden poles are totems used to worship the thunder beast. However, nobody has seen an actual thunder beast. Their totems can summon incarnations of the thunder beast. Their race is very strong, not only are they physically powerful, their totems also allowed them to cast multiple spells. I heard that when the Divine Race went on to conquer the Thunder Realm, they lost a lot of men doing so. Later on, they carried on a massacre in the Thunder Realm, shocking the entire Thunder Clan. In the end, the plane was given to the God of Thunder, General Thunder Yun. Thunder Yun is the commander of the Divine Race army, the Thunder Clan had become his personal bodyguards.”

Lizzy gave a faint smile. Megan immediately followed up, “I saw green skinned creatures in the Radiant Empire. What are they? Why do they look like slaves?”

Barbarian Ding replied, “Replying to the madame. They are indeed slaves. They are called the Goblin Race. They are creatures native to the Divine Realm. Their fighting strength is low, however, they are very interested in tinkering. It was said that magic formations made by them are very strong. I’ve also heard that they were able to produce flying machines in the past. However, since their race isn’t interested in making weapons, the Divine Race managed to subdue them. In the end, their entire race was reduced to becoming labor slaves.”

Laura asked, “Did the Divine Race conquer any other race? If so, what other races are there?’

Barbarian Ding shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

However, Winged Pegasus Zhan replied, “Answering to the madam, there are no other races in the Divine Race army. The Divine Race army that is attacking the Ark Continent right now are the Divines from the Taurus Continent. The Taurus Divines had only conquered our four races. As for the other Divines on the other continents, I don’t know much about the planes that they conquered.”

Laura stared, then her expression underwent a huge change, “Will the other continents send troops here? Aren’t the Divine Race in a war against the foreign races? Did the war subside?”

Winged Pegasus Zhan shook his head and said, “Replying to the madam. I don’t know whether the other continents would send their troops or not. However, I have heard about the war with the foreign races. It seems like the foreign races had inferior strength compared to the Divine Race, they had been pushed into a passive state.”

Laura frowned, “I heard that the Divine Realm has 13 continents. How are they divided between the Divine Race and the foreign races?”

Winged Pegasus Zhan nodded and said, “Of the 13 continents, ten of them are under the control of the Divine Race while three are controlled by the foreign races; the Aries Continent, the Libra Continent, and the Virgo Continent. Other than those three, the remaining ten are under the Divine Race.”

Laura let out a long breath, then she asked once more, “Do you know which foreign race controls each continent?

Winged Pegasus Zhan nodded, “The Ares Continent is where the Beastmen Gods reside. The Libra Continent is under the Dwarves, and the Virgo Continent is under the Elves. Beside those three huge races, there are also some other races that live in the three continents. All these years they had continued to resist the Divine Race.”

Laura and the others nodded. To be honest, they didn’t know what to think right now. They didn’t think that the Divine Race would have this much scope in their power. They were already having problems dealing with the Taurus Divines. If the other continents send troops, then the Ark Continent would surely be eliminated.

However, Laura and the others were also thinking that it was highly improbable. The Taurus continent surely wasn’t that smaller than the Ark Continent. In this case, if the other continents sent their troops, there won’t be much they could gain. They might even lose more than what they receive.

Additionally, the Divine Race also needed to deal with the foreign races. It was impossible for the entire Divine Race to focus on the Ark Continent. Perhaps this is an opportunity for Zhao Hai.

They had already proven that the foreign races are still surviving. This meant that a potential ally existed!


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