BTFTLIAW – Chapter 785

Chapter 785 – Drill

The Demon Dragon King felt strange. The constant attacks from the Ark Continent suddenly stopped. All the cavalry units and undead have retreated. What happened? Did the Divine Race break their defenses? Were they forced to retreat?

The Demon Race’s information network wasn’t quick. Although they had already discovered the retreat of the Divine Race army, reaching the Demon Dragon King wasn’t easy. The Demon Army was already deep into the Buddha Empire. And the Ark Continent’s forces were often patrolling the surrounding area. Because of this, word of the Divine Race’s retreat had failed to reach the Demon Dragon King.

However, word from the scouts was now unneeded. This was because the Demon Dragon King can already guess what happened from what he saw in front of him. An undead army was approaching from the distance with Zhao Hai standing at the front. The Demon Dragon King’s face changed, he gave a bitter smile as he muttered, “I didn’t expect the Divine Race to be so soft. It seems like Zhao Hai hasn’t been damaged at all, instead, he had gained more undead.”

The Demon Dragon King was talking to himself, naturally, these words didn’t reach the ears of the other military commanders. Seeing the approaching undead army, these commanders were in shock. It can be said that they hadn’t battled with Zhao Hai before, so this was the first time that they experienced Zhao Hai’s might. Even those who fought with Zhao Hai discovered that Zhao Hai’s power was more than what they had thought.

In the past, Zhao Hai brought about more than 10 million undead to fight with the Demons. But now, Zhao Hai brought nearly 30 million. At the same time, human cavalry soldiers were patrolling around the Demon Army. This caused the tension to increase among the Demons present.

In fact, aside from the Demons, the cavalry units were also startled. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have this much undead. However, their surprise turned into glee. The stronger Zhao Hai was, the better it would be for their future. Although they don’t fear death, they still didn’t want to die. The more undead Zhao Hai had, the need for the cavalry to break through the enemy lines decreased. This would reduce the probability of them being killed in battle.

As the undead army got closer, the Demon Dragon King slowly gave command, “Army Formation!”

As the Demon Dragon King’s voice dropped, the drums behind him began to sound out. The flustered Demons immediately recovered. Before long, a large formation was already set.

At this point, most of the warriors in the Demon Army were 9th ranks. Their 8th rank experts were almost killed during Zhao Hai’s constant harassment.

The Demons were unable to form a giant cube just like the undead. Aside from the Fishmen, only Zhao Hai used this kind of formation.

The intricacies to the cube formation was too much. Except for the Fishmen who trained in it for so many years, only Zhao Hai who had a completely obedient undead army can use it. It was impossible for other armies to use it with little to no practice.

The battle formation that the Demons used was different to the cube. It was a half moon formation with the curve’s inside facing Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at the Demon Army and couldn’t help but acknowledge the Demon Dragon King’s ability. They had been constantly attacked in the past few days, causing them to lose several million people. However, not only did the Demons refrain from retreating, they were also able to adapt to their situation. This was naturally largely in part to the Demon Dragon King’s plans.

Since it was the Demon Dragon King who was controlling the army, the Demons still trusted him despite their heavy losses. Also, not even one Demon deserted the army, showing how resolute the entire race was.

Zhao Hai didn’t plan to have a talk with the Demon Dragon King. Instead, he was waiting for Lizzy and Megan to get ready. As soon as they give the signal, the attack would begin.

Just as Zhao Hai’s group reached about a kilometer away from the Demon Army, Lizzy’s voice came through, “Big Brother Hai, we’ll change to a cone formation, you’ll be in the head.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned his head to the three other people and said, “You don’t need to be with me. You go out of the formation and attack the Demons.” The three nodded before they flew from the bone dragon and out of the cube formation.

At roughly the same time, the cube formation changed and became an extremely huge cone. Zhao Hai was on the very tip of the cone, establishing his Domain. Since his Domain can transform into anything that he can think about, Zhao Hai made his Domain into a huge cone with ridges along its side. The Domain looked just like a huge drill bit.

Behind Zhao Hai were the undead, all of them were in perfect place along the cone formation, ready to attack the Demon Race.

After Zhao Hai transformed his Domain, it slowly turned. Going along the Domain’s rotation were the undead behind, making a huge drill out of the massive cone formation.

While the formation rotated, Zhao Hai led the charge towards the Demons army, intending to barrel through the Demon Army.

The Demon Dragon King didn’t expect Zhao Hai’s move. A kilometer distance wasn’t far, but Zhao Hai managed to change a cube formation into this rotating drill before it clashed with the Demon Army.

It was too late for the Demon Dragon King to change the position of his army. He knew that if this drill formation hit their army, then the entire formation would be finished. The Demon Dragon King immediately commanded, “God-ranks, go forward and block the attack!”

After the Demon Dragon King’s order, the God-rank Demons immediately went forward. However, Zhao Hai’s advance was too quick. Just as the God-ranks arrived, they were immediately attacked. Even if their Domains weren’t broken, they were slowly turned back by Zhao Hai.

The God-rank Demons met Zhao Hai’s drill, however, they were unable to prevent it from advancing. After Zhao Hai killed some God-rank Demons, his formation was already nearing the Demon Army’s half moon formation. When the Demon Dragon King saw Zhao Hai’s approach, he knew that he needed to break it. However, he knew that he wasn’t Zhao Hai’s opponent.

The Demon Dragon King discovered that Zhao Hai’s drill formation was creating strong energy disturbance around it. These disturbances weren’t something that ordinary people can stop, it was even impossible for people to come close.

At this time, Zhao Hai wasn’t thinking about this. His only focus right now was to control his speed. He didn’t want the undead to be too spread out.

When the undead reached their speed limit, they immediately began to take their weapons out. Then one by one, they sprang out of the formation. Zhao Hai’s formation wasn’t just an ordinary drill, it was a drill with protruding thorns, dealing massive damage to all it ran through.

Because of this, all the Demons who dared to approach this drill was torn to pieces, they didn’t even have the time to blow themselves up. If they don’t go near this massive drill, then they would be safe. However, in a big battle such as this, one couldn’t just easily reposition himself. It wasn’t long before the Demon discovered that they had very little ways to deal with Zhao Hai.

Although there were a lot of Demons, all of them were in a formation, and Zhao Hai used this opportunity. It didn’t take a long time before Zhao Hai’s drill was already into the Demon Race’s formation.

When Zhao Hai’s drill ran through the Demon Army, it immediately disintegrated, turning into innumerable undead that went on and slaughtered the surrounding Demons.

The Demon Army’s formation was in chaos, Zhao Hai’s drill completely destroyed it. And just as they were about to make a move, the drill suddenly dispersed.

This caught the Demons off guard. In a blink of an eyes, the Demon Army has been divided by the undead.

Zhao Hai immediately understood what Lizzy and Megan wanted to do. He immediately turned his head and killed his way towards the Demon Dragon King. The Demon Dragon King was the centerpiece of the Demon Army. His flag was easily spotted in the battlefield, allowing the Demons to know where he was. Because of this, the Demons would have a sense of direction and wouldn’t immediately turn to chaos when dispersed.

What Zhao Hai needed to do right now was to deal with the Demon Dragon King. As long as the Demon Dragon King is gone, then the Demons would certainly turn chaotic. This would ensure Zhao Hai’s victory in this battle.

The Demon Dragon King naturally saw Zhao Hai’s move. When he saw their formation crumbling, the Demon Dragon King immediately knew that it was impossible for them to defeat Zhao Hai today.

The Demon Dragon King couldn’t accept this outcome. He didn’t think that he had just been defeated by Zhao Hai in such a quick manner.

However, he also knew that lamenting on this matter was useless. He needed to find a way to conserve their strength. At the same time, the Demon Dragon King also noticed that some of Zhao Hai’s undead, although they had an appearance of a skeleton, were wearing very good armor. Their armor was something the Divine Race would equip themselves with.

Additionally, he can also recognize these winged horses. Several days ago, his scouts had informed him of the Divine Race’s cavalry. It seems like Zhao Hai’s new undead came from the Divine Race army!


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