BTFTLIAW – Chapter 736

Chapter 736 – Adjusting The Army

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Iron Hammer said that once one reaches God-rank, then their magic and battle qi would transform into a new type of energy. The Divine Race calls this Origin Force. I don’t know if it is really called that, but I can confirm that this energy can be used in both magic and battle qi applications. So in this case, why would there be a division between mage and warrior? It is impossible for the Divine Race to overlook this aspect. However, there are people in Mage attire in the Divine Race army. Don’t you think that this is strange?”

When Lizzy and the others heard Zhao Hai, they couldn’t help but gawk before knitting their eyebrows. They haven’t been paying attention when Iron Hammer talked about Origin Force, so this was the first time that they had heard about it from Zhao Hai. If what Zhao Hai said was true, then the Mages in the Divine Army really did seem very strange.

Megan looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Elder Brother Hai, are you saying that these Mages have some special skill? And this was the thing that made you unsettled?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Right. I suspect these Mages to have something special. Otherwise, the Divine Race wouldn’t have given them this much importance. However, what did they have that made them important? The Ark Continent only had magic and battle qi while origin force is just equal to an upgraded version of the two of them. If these mages were only capable of magic, then they wouldn’t have been this respected.’

Megan knit her brows and said, “Origin Force is a transformation of battle qi and magic, so there should be no need to have mage training. Right, Brother Hai, can origin force be used to summon creatures for battle?”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare at Megan’s statement. He really didn’t know about this matter. All of his undead were taken care of by the Space, so there was no need for him to expend any energy. Because of this, he paid no attention to matters such as these.

Zhao Hai looked at Megan and said, “What you mean is, those people who look like Mages, are actually Summoners?”

Megan nodded, then said, “It’s highly probable. You can look at the Demon Lich, they have their own special summoning spells for battle. These spells would surely be useful when one becomes God-rank. Although most Mages weren’t into summoning magic, the Divine Race had fought for a long time, so they should be able to see the advantages of summons. Because of this, I reckoned that those people with Mage clothing were actually the Divine Race’s special Summoners.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he thinks that Megan’s speculation held some ground. However, this was still a guess and wasn’t proven, so he said, “That might be true. In any case, we’ll find out about them in a battle or two. Right now, we need to spread the word to the leaders of the continent, tell them about the might of the Divine Race so that they can prepare in advance. Have the citizens enter the big cities with magical formations.”

Lizzy and the other complied and then went on to do their job. At the same time, Zhao Hai continued to observe the movements of the Divine Race. After the new group arrived, they didn’t move immediately. Instead, then occupied the surrounding cities, seemingly taking a break before beginning their conquest.

Zhao Hai wanted to see how they will be arranged. But unfortunately, the Divine Race were careful. Whenever they talk about important things, they would cast isolation magic to cover the place where they would discuss. Even with Zhao Hai’s efforts, he still wasn’t able to find out about anything.

Although he couldn’t see anything significant, Zhao Hai was still paying careful attention towards the Divine Race. Even if he had limited intel, he could still see when the Divine Race would attack.

But after looking at it for a while, Zhao Hai handed the task over to Cai’er. Then he went out of the villa and continued to load the magic cannons into the undead.

At this point, the magic cannons have become their main weapon against the Demons and the Divine Race. So naturally, these things needed to be carefully taken care of. These days Zhao Hai had been very busy.

Although the Divine Race reinforcement has arrived, they didn’t immediately make a move. This caused Cai’er to continue her monitoring while Zhao Hai felt relief. The day after the Divine Race reinforcement arrived, Zhao Hai started to bring the Dwarf Iron Armor Beast Cavalry, the Elven Blood Hawk Cavalry, the Lyon Empire Beast Cavalry, the Beastman Race’s Wolf, Dog, Cat, and Horse tribes into his current location. The Rose Empire Heavy Infantry has been brought over as well. The entire city has been transformed into a huge military barrack.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai’s prestige was quite high with these groups. There was no chaos when those groups arrived in the city. Zhao Hai also allocated camps for each of them so that he wouldn’t worry too much.

However, coordinating them for war has become an issue. The foreign races only listen to Zhao Hai, while the two people sent by the Rosen and Lyon Empire to lead the army both had the same status. None of the two wanted to listen to the other.

In the end, Zhao Hai sent Lizzy to have the job of commander for the unified army. This made people surprised, however, upon thinking of Lizzy’s status, all of them agreed.

Lizzy was the Rosen Empire’s princess, and she was also Zhao Hai’s wife. These two titles aren’t simple, especially her being Zhao Hai’s wife. This made those present in the city behave.

The thing in the minds of these people was the same in the minds of the Lyon Empire nobles. The reason why Zhao Hai had Lizzy command the war was only for show, and Zhao Hai would still be the person being in command in the background. However, they didn’t expect that Lizzy was actually more skilled in commanding a battle compared to Zhao hai.

Although this was the first time that Lizzy commanded a diverse army, she still had an experience in handling a huge army in the past. Moreover, Zhao Hai also had Megan add into the discussion and express her abilities in front of the people. With the Megan and Lizzy coordinating together, it  didn’t take too long before the whole city got into order.

Zhao Hai didn’t dare to spoil the two of them. Although both Lizzy and Megan were beautiful women, they were truly skilled in command, they had a huge potential to become generals. In the past, they were lacking in terms of battle experience. However, after experiencing battles back in the sea as well as in the fight against the Demon Race, Zhao Hai was now assured of the two’s ability.

It took two days for the armies to arrive. The reason for their quick travel was Zhao Hai’s Space, every minute was crucial. Zhao Hai also wanted the soldiers to be familiar with the surrounding terrain, which would benefit them in the future battle.

Moreover, the Divine Race reinforcement had arrived, and it was possible for them to attack at any time. In this case, Zhao Hai couldn’t afford to have the armies arrive in a slow rate.

Back in Demon City, Zhao Hai had the confidence to deal with the Demon Race. Even if he didn’t attack on his own, he was still confident in his ability to defend.

However, when he saw the Divine Race Army, Zhao Hai knew that it was impossible to fight with them with his own strength. Average soldiers in the Divine Race army were 9th ranks. At the same time, the numbers of God-ranks that the Divine Race had was much more than the God-ranks in Zhao Hai’s side. If he wanted to defend against the Divine Race with his own strength, then he definitely wouldn’t be able to defend for several days. All of the undead in his hands were not enough to block the attack of the Divine Race.

In this case, Zhao Hai had to let the other powers into the City to defend against the Divine Race together. This would also awaken the continent, making them aware about how serious the frontline has become.

Besides having them fight in the city, Zhao Hai also wanted to make the various parties see the situation with their own eyes. They needed to see how powerful the Divine Race were.

Ever since the Divine Race arrived in the continent, the powers of the continent haven’t really had a proper battle with them. This made the groups of the Ark Continent ignorant to the real strength of the Divine Race. This time, Zhao Hai asked for troops in order to make them aware of the strength of the enemy.

The reason why Zhao Hai thought of this idea was because of his observations in the past few days. In the various territories in the continent, he discovered that although the countries were placed into a state of war, the people had actually turned idle, all of them were thinking that the war was too far from their own place. Because of this, their mindsets had taken a form of distance towards the frontline. Zhao Hai thought that this wasn’t a great thing.

Such mentality cannot continue. Zhao Hai knew that if people were to think like this, then the upper powers would surely exhibit it sooner or later. If this was the case, then the future cooperation would slowly crumble.

Zhao Hai discovered that this issue was especially strong in the Rosen and Aksu Empires. The citizens weren’t as anxious compared to the residents of the Lyon and Buddha Empire. The citizens of the Buddha Empire were far away from their homes, so it was natural that they felt strong attachment towards this war, and this sentiment was carried over to the Lyon Empire citizens. However, this sense of crisis seemed to be lacking in both the Rosen and Aksu Empires.

Through this matter, Zhao Hai had found out that he was being overprotective towards the people of the Ark Continent. This caused them to forget about how cruel war could be. If they continue to think this way, then the consequences would be disastrous when the Divine Race decides to send small teams to wreak havoc in the backlines of the Ark Continent.

Because of this, Zhao Hai decided to invite large armies into Upper Bank City.



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