BTFTLIAW – Chapter 737

Chapter 737 – The Fight Begins

Zhao Hai was currently standing on top of the city wall. The protective formation was already in place and the army were properly positioned. Everyone present here were looking at the direction of the Radiant Empire.

This wasn’t a practice run, they were now in full preparation to resist the incoming army. Cai’er already told Zhao Hai that the Divine Race army had started to make their move. This time, the Divine Race placed both of their cavalries up front, supported by their infantry and Mage corps. They were preparing to rush straight into the city and break through it in one go.

It was because of this that Zhao Hai’s side had started to behave like this. It has been three days since all of the Ark Continent’s powers had sent their troops over to the city. To be honest, the Divine Race refraining from making their attack had made Zhao Hai quite worried. It was only now that they made their move did Zhao Hai felt relief.

If the Divine Race didn’t attack, then it meant that they had a bigger plot in their hands. If they attacked, then it meant that there weren’t any sneaky plans. It seems like the three days were used in pure recuperation.

In Zhao Hai’s side was a Dwarf, an Elf, a heavily armored man, a cavalry soldier, some Beastmen, as well as Lizzy, Megan, Berry, and Shue.

These people were the city’s management staff. Zhao Hai wanted them to see how fierce the Divine Race looked.

On the walls beside them were the Rosen Empire’s heavy armor infantry. Although these troops were used generally for field battles, they were still able to defend a city comfortably. After all, they were Rosen Empire’s elite. At this moment, magic cannons were strewn all around the city’s walls. Zhao Hai didn’t make the undead control these cannons, instead, he handed them over to the heavy armor infantry.

Zhao Hai stood calmly on the city wall, although the army had yet to come, the whole city was full of anticipation. There was a sense of breathlessness emanating among the troops.

The Dwarf standing next to Zhao Hai muttered as he stared at the Radiant Empire’s direction, “Why haven’t they appeared yet? I can’t wait all day.”

Zhao Hai turned his head to look at the Dwarf. This Dwarf wasn’t an elder, he was a General of the Dwarf Race, the commander of the Iron Beast cavalry. This time, the Dwarves had sent over a hundred thousand iron armor cavalry, this wasn’t a small number.

Moreover, after arriving at the city, the Dwarves started to make their move. In the plains outside the city, they had made a lot of tunnels. These tunnels would allow ordinary troops to pass through safely without any issue. However, once the Divine Race’s Heavy Cavalry walks on top of them, they would immediately collapse, and the Dwarves would be waiting underground to ambush them. As long as they go under, the Dwarves, in their natural habitat, would gain absolute advantage.

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Baker, no need to be anxious. They will arrive soon.”

The Dwarf Baker smiled faintly and said, “I’m quite anxious to see how formidable those Divine Race fellows really are. For me to be able to help the elder is a great blessing. You might not know, but when the clan voted me to be sent over, the other Generals almost fought with me over it.”

Zhao Hai laughed and then replied, “Are you sure you won’t regret it? You’re going to battle right now, but I don’t want you to die. Baker, remember to have safety as your utmost priority.”

Baker nodded and said, “Elder, rest assured, we’ve already prepared for it. The Dwarves wouldn’t die so easily.”

At this moment, a Beastmen inserted, “We aren’t afraid of death as well. Prince, when will you send us out to attack?”

Zhao Hai gave a slight smile and said, “Don’t worry, you will have the chance to fight. Even if the main actors this time are the Dwarves and Elves, you should still prepare yourselves for battle. All of you, remember to make ranged attacks as much as possible. Especially the Elves, the enemy’s cavalry isn’t weak.”

Standing on the wall was a male Elf, he had a handsome but messy face. He always had a cold expression but when he heard Zhao Hai he gently nodded and said, “The elder can rest assured, the Elves aren’t afraid of death as well.”

Zhao Hai sighed and then said, “I know that you don’t fear death. However, I didn’t take you here to die. You could be said to be the continent’s first batch of troops to fight against the Divine Race. As long as you survive, then you would understand the attack patterns of the Divine Race. Their tactics cannot be understood in just one or two days. You must keep on living and teach the others about how to resist against the Divine Race. I hope that we can repel the Demons and the Divine Race with as little losses to the continent as possible.”

The group nodded, then Zhao Hai continued, “This war isn’t going to good for our side. Both the Demon and the Divine Realm is much larger than the Ark Continent. And their residents are leagues stronger than us. Because of this, we cannot have the mentality of sacrificing ourselves in battles. It’s not that I’m afraid of death, I just don’t want unnecessary deaths. Do you understand?”

The group nodded once more. Although these people wouldn’t generally listen to other race’s words, it was a different matter when it came to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai’s influence had been spread out to all of them. At the same time, their groups were also grateful to Zhao Hai. This was the reason why there were no problems when it came to him making the decisions.

At this time, sound of rumbling was suddenly heard in the distance while the earth shook at the same time. As long as one had experience, then they would surely know that this was due to the movement of Heavy Cavalry. The charge of a heavy cavalry unit was the most imposing thing that one can see in the battlefield. Their movements alone could make the earth shiver, if any other troop dared to clash with them at this state, then they would certainly get crushed.

Every person on the walls were attracted towards this rumbling noise. Before long, a silver film had started to fill the grounds in the distance. This silver film approached quite quickly, and their imposing aura could be felt as they kick up dust while they approach.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Baker and said, “Baker, you go. Remember, the number you kill doesn’t matter. Just make sure to protect your lives. It still isn’t time to go all out against the Divine Race.” Baker gave a nod before he turned back an entered the tunnels.

Then Zhao Hai turned to the Elf and said, “The Divine Race’s light cavalry should be arriving soon, you should prepare yourself as well. Remember, just like what I said to the Dwarves, the kills doesn’t matter. Just make sure to protect your lives. The Blood Hawks are fast, take good advantage of this.” The Elf gave a salute before he turned around and left the wall.

Then Zhao Hai turned his head towards the group of Beastmen and said, “You go prepare as well. Head outside the city using the back door. Coordinate with the Dwarves. Although the cavalry speed of the Divine Race isn’t slow, they still couldn’t catch up to your troops. Don’t think of going all out, just fight with the intention of finding out about their strength.”

The Beastmen nodded then they gave a short bow before leaving. Zhao Hai turned his head to Lizzy and Megan, “The undead command will be handed over to you. Cai’er, come out and help. Berry, Shue, let’s go.” Then Zhao Hai summoned his bone dragon as he flew out of the city. At this time, Cai’er appeared in Lizzy’s shoulder. Cai’er waved her hand as a screen appeared in front of Lizzy and Megan. This will help them facilitate the battle more conveniently.

Lizzy and Megan looked at the projection and saw a group of green lights approaching. They were already aware that the green lights were the enemies while the red lights were their allies. Since they had yet to release the undead, the red lights this time were only composed of Zhao Hai’s group as well as the Dwarves in the field.

Zhao Hai was also starting to see the other party’s light cavalry. The horned pegasus were flapping their wings as they flew forwards. All of them flew with grace, but were not so fast. However, Zhao Hai didn’t dare look down on them. These horned pegasus naturally weren’t using their maximum speed. When the battle starts, their actions certainly wouldn’t be like this.

However, Zhao Hai’s main attention wasn’t in these flying cavalry. Instead, he was focused on the Mage corps behind the light cavalry. Although Megan speculated them to be Summoners, nobody knew for sure whether this was correct. This compelled Zhao Hai to pay more attention to their group compared to the others.

When the horned pegasus were several kilometers away from Zhao Hai, a clump of red cloud suddenly appeared behind the city. Naturally, this red cloud was the Elven Race’s Blood Hawk cavalry.

After the Blood Hawk cavalry flew out of the city, they immediately dashed towards the Divine Race’s light cavalry. This made the horned pegasus cavalry stare. The Divine Race were aware of the races in the Ark Continent, therefore, they certainly had some understanding regarding the Elves. However, they didn’t know that the Elves had managed to have their own aerial troops.

To be honest, nobody could blame the Divine Race for this. After the Radiant Church suppressed the Elves, their understanding of the race had become too few. Although they had sent some spies towards the Elven Forest, their main purpose was to control the race and not to report back on their findings. Since this was the case, the spies didn’t go out of their way to exit the forest. This also made it possible for the Elves to hide their aerial troops.

However, even if they were discovered, the Elven Race’s original aerial troops were composed of soundless soundbirds. But the voiceless soundbirds had no fighting prowess, they were completely herbivorous. Because of their docile nature, it would be impossible for the Elves to teach them how to fight.

But now, the Elves had the Blood Hawks. These were phantasmal beasts that were made by Zhao Hai’s Space. Their fighting strength were very strong. Even if the Divine Race were aware of the Elves’ aerial cavalry, they still wouldn’t be aware of the Blood Hawks.

However, the main reason why Zhao Hai was confident in sending the Elves to deal with the Divine Race’s light cavalry was because he had given the Elves a secret weapon. As long as the Elves us this, then they would become much stronger than the Divine Race’s light cavalry. They light cavalry unit would surely suffer heavy losses in the Elves’ hands.


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