BTFTLIAW – Chapter 735

Chapter 735 – How To Deal With It?

However, Zhao Hai was quick to discover an issue. The magic cannon of the other party seemed to be very heavy. Most magic beasts weren’t able to pull it at all. Although it was placed in a cart, it looked strong and powerful. From the looks of the magic beasts that carried it, it seems like it wasn’t something that one can conveniently carry. This was good news for Zhao Hai.

But when Zhao Hai saw the Divine Race people behind the magic cannons, his face couldn’t help but change. These people were different than the ones that he had clashed before. In the previous battle, the Divine Race army that he faced were infantry. On the other hand, the ones he saw right now were cavalry.

The mounts of these Divine Race cavalry were quite strange. It was a kind of horse magic beast with wings and a horn, pretty much like how a person from Earth describes a unicorn pegasus. Just by looking at them on the screen, Zhao Hai was quite sure that these magic beasts weren’t anything simple.

Each and every one of these cavalry soldiers wore light and comfortable armor. They had spears in their hands while a sword was hung on their waists. On their backs were their shields while a bow and a quiver of arrows was present on their saddles. One could see the capabilities of this Divine Race cavalry just by looking at their equipment.

In the back of this cavalry was another type of magic beast cavalry. It seems like these ones were part of the Divine Race’s heavy cavalry. All of them were in full body armor, they looked like iron golems. Their mounts were a type of rhinoceros magic beasts. Metallic gloss flashed from the skins of these beasts, they also had a dangerous gleam in their eyes, making them look violent.

Zhao Hai immediately identified the two groups as Light and Heavy Cavalry. With these two troops joining the Divine Race, their fighting strength would surely be much more formidable, it would be difficult to deal with them easily. Zhao Hai was frowning as he looked at the monitor. He wanted to see what other groups the Divine Race had brought. Before long, another group appeared. But this group made Zhao Hai rub his eyes, they didn’t seem to be soldiers. These people rode on gorgeous carriages as they talked, laughed, and drank with each other. They looked more like noble children than people who were going to war.

However, all of them were wearing all kinds of magic robes. They also had magic staffs, it seems like they are the Mage group of the Divine Race.

Zhao Hai counted the number of Mage carriages that appeared on the new land. Each carriage had, on average, five Mages, and in this caravan, there were several hundreds of carriages. In other words, the Mage group numbered a minimum of a thousand people.

But what made Zhao Hai confused was the fact that when a person reaches God-rank, their energies would undergo a change. Whether they be Mage spiritual force or Warrior Battle Qi, they would be transformed into another type of pure energy. This energy was able to be used in both warrior and mage techniques. Because of this, there really weren’t any division between Mage and Warrior when one becomes God-rank. But yet the Divine Race had all of these Mages, what was this all about?

Although he couldn’t understand it, Zhao Hai still managed to have a general idea of how many Divine Race people arrived in the continent. There were a lot of newcomers, 5 million to be exact. And this didn’t even count the logistics personnel that were assigned as support.

This number made Zhao Hai’s expression even heavier. If one counted the logistic corps, then the Divine Race group that had arrived in the Ark Continent would reach near ten million. Moreover, Cai’er also reported that the total number of magic beasts brought to the continent had numbered to 50 million. Such colossal numbers had arrived in the Ark Continent, the future seemed more worrying at this point.

Laura and the others also had a heavy heart as they stood by Zhao Hai’s side. They didn’t expect the Divine Race to send such numbers in one go.

After some time, Zhao Hai let out a long breath and said, “It looks like the Divine Race had really decided to destroy us. But this is also good. Now we can finally see the strength of the Divine Race. However, I think that these aren’t the only troops that the Divine Race had. After all, the Divine Race still had enemies, and they need their troops in order to defend against them.”

Laura was puzzled by Zhao Hai’s statement, “Where did you get that from, Brother Hai? Why haven’t I heard of that before?”

Zhao hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s because the Divine Realm is much larger than the Ark Continent. Just as Iron Hammer said, the Divine Realm is divided into 13 different continents. It is possible that the one we are facing right now were the forces from one continent. The other continents still haven’t arrived. Moreover, haven’t you discovered that the Divine Race army has been made up of veteran troops? They are very different compared to those who only finished their training and hadn’t been in the battlefield before. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have their current temperament.”

When they heard this, Laura and the others immediately turned their gazes towards the Divine Race army. And just like Zhao Hai said, most of these people seemed to be battle hardened veterans. Their temperament was very different compared to any greenhorn.

Then Zhao Hai said, “Since they had gone to the battlefield, then it meant that they had enemies. Because of this, I am fairly certain that they had more troops than this. And from what I heard from Iron Hammer, it seems like their enemies were the Gods of the foreign races.”

Laura nodded and said, “Right, Brother Hai, since you have turned some Divine Race into undead, haven’t you asked them about the Divine Race? And did you ask them about the current power distribution in the Divine Realm?”

When he heard Laura, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but give a force smile and said, “I haven’t really done that, I was too focused on the current battle to turn them into Advanced level undead. But from the method of making low-level undead, I’m quite sure that they haven’t retained their memories. Even if we ask them right now, then we wouldn’t be able to get anything.”

Laura nodded and said, “And what now? What do we do?” Zhao Hai looked at the Divine Race at the monitor and said, “We do what we need to do. After all, things will happen even if we don’t do anything. Fortunately, we had made ample preparations in the past few days. We’ll still be using the Buddha Empire in order to deal with them.”

At this time, Lizzy gave a nod and asked, “That’s the only thing we can do. Big Brother Hai, I think that the Divine Race’s Heavy Cavalry aren’t able to fly. So they should only be able to do ground battles. However, from what I can see, I’m afraid that their might is something that the Ark Continent wouldn’t be able to contend with. Have you thought of ways in order to deal with them?”

Zhao Hai looked at the Divine Race cavalry, especially the Heavy cavalry. Although the Heavy Cavalry mounts looked very heavy, they actually weren’t that slow. Even if the Ark Continent had their own heavy cavalry, they still wouldn’t be able to contend with the Divine Race. After all, the mounts of the Divine Race were at least 8th ranks, one would be hard pressed to look for those kinds of mounts in the Ark Continent.

Moreover, having this cavalry unit wasn’t only about their mount, their training would take a long time as well. There really wasn’t any heavy cavalry unit in the Ark Continent that can directly confront the heavy cavalry of the Divine Race. The closest ones who can face them would probably be among the Beastmen. But even the Herculean Bulls wouldn’t be able to face them head-on. Zhao Hai thought about it for quite some time before he turned to Lizzy and said, “It’s really hard to deal with the heavy cavalry of the Divine Race, their charges would definitely be very strong. I’ve thought of something, we can ask the Dwarves to have their iron armor beasts deal with these guys. The Dwarven cavalry is mainly composed of their iron armor beast. Since the Divine Race’s heavy cavalry can’t fly, then we can just leave them to the Dwarves.”

Lizzy thought about Zhao Hai’s suggestion and nodded, “Having the Dwarves deal with them is indeed a good idea. How about their light cavalry? Will we have the Elves deal with them?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “It seems like the Elves are the only ones that can go against those light cavalry. There is no doubt that the winged horses of the Divine Race are able to fly. Moreover, although they are mainly equipped with spears, they also have bows and arrows equipped. With our Blood Hawks, the Elves should be able to have the capabilities to fight them.”

Lizzy nodded, “It seems like we cannot just rely on our own power in order to deal with the Divine Race. They are just too strong, we can’t stop them ourselves. We should adjust the armies of the continent and ask them to come over and help.”

Zhao Hai agreed, “Right, we should have the Dwarves and the iron armor beasts, the Elves and the Blood Hawks, Rosen Empire’s heavy infantry, and the Lyon Empire’s magic beast cavalry move over. The Buddha Empire’s heavy cavalry is just too slow, if we have them fight, then they would definitely suffer huge losses. We’ll have the Rosen Empire’s heavy infantry guard the walls of the city. At the same time, we should get some of the faster cavalry units from the Beastmen and have them prepare for the battles in the Buddha Empire.”

Lizzy nodded, “Alright. Also, we should be on guard about their magic cannons. When the fight comes, we should do our best to snatch a couple of them. Then we’ll take them back and have them studied.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I’m afraid that would be difficult. Haven’t you noticed? The Divine Race are overly protective of their magic cannons. All of them are placed in the middle of a team of soldiers who are also in the middle of a large army. Dealing with those people wouldn’t be easy. However, moving those cannons should be very hard, so I’m not too worried about them at this point. What I’m worried about is another group of people.”

When Lizzy heard Zhao Hai, she recalled the newcomer groups, then her expression turned stern as she said, “Big Brother Hai, is it about those groups of mages?”


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