BTFTLIAW – Chapter 718

Chapter 718 – Comprehending A Domain

At this time, the red-robed Archbishop bearing the radiant staff began to move. He held his staff up high and muttered an incantation. A ray of light started to cover the Pope, protecting him. Then as the Archbishop bearing the sword of judgement started to attack, he suddenly felt something beside him, this made him immediately dodge to the side.

However, he wasn’t able to completely dodge the attack. On his left arm were four claw marks. The wound was quite deep, the flesh was gouged out as blood continued to flow.

At this time, Berry’s form appeared ten meters away from the injured Archbishop. Berry was no longer the gentle woman who was right beside Zhao Hai. Both of her hands were now equipped with foot long nails, sharp to the point of showing cold light. Four of her nails, besides the thumb, in her right hand was now dripping with blood.

Berry chuckled tenderly, sounding out as a delightful laughter. However, those who heard it felt their will collapse a little. Then Berry smiled as she held her bloodied hand out and licked it with her long tongue. Her movements completely enticing while at the same time quite dangerous.

Zhao Hai discovered that Berry’s attack didn’t only involve his nails. Her laughter and her movements were actually a type of mental attack. Since mental attacks of the Succubi were formidable, and their control fantastic, this made it hard for their moves to be discovered. If Zhao Hai didn’t have stronger spiritual force, then it might be impossible for him to notice it.

Zhao Hai was surprised at Berry. He didn’t expect her to have this wild side, this astonished him very much.

On the other hand, the people from the Radiant Church were very startled. They hadn’t felt Berry approach at all. In their opinion, this feat was completely impossible.

These people were the strongest experts of the Radiant Church. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been bestowed Divine Artifacts. Because of this, they were very confident in their own strength. They simply couldn’t believe that someone was able to bypass their detection and arrive by their side.

But how could they know about the powers of the Succubus race, or the fact that Zhao Hai had reached God-rank. After all, they were just 9th rank experts.

The little lady Succubus continued to chuckle, then her figure disappeared once more. This made the people from the Radiant Church unconsciously take a step back. The Archbishop with the radiant staff couldn’t help but increase his protection. At the same time, the Pope also opened his sacred scripture.

When Berry attacked the red-robed Archbishop, Shue’s clones had already eliminated the other 9th ranks of the Radiant Church. Shue’s clones held absolute superiority when it came to strength and numbers. The 9th ranks had no chance to retaliate at all.

Zhao Hai waved his hand, wrapping the dead 9th ranks and made them into undead. Then Zhao Hai pointed his fingers towards the 8th rank experts before the new undead proceeded to slaughter them.

Zhao Hai didn’t change the appearances of these undead into skeletons. Instead, he made them into zombies, in other words, he maintained their original faces. This was to make the Radiant Church witness helplessly as their own allies were killing them. This would be a huge impact for these people. These were their allies, friends, and superiors. Having them turn around and kill them caused panic and fear to the victims.

In this situation, how could it be possible for the people from the Radiant Church to keep their morale. Additionally, Zhao Hai’s 9th rank undead were very strong, it didn’t take long before flesh and blood began to splatter around the place.

However, Shue had actually met with some trouble. He was now faced against the sword of light. The sword was very strong, able to defeat a thousand axe projections from Shue’s clones.

After the Pope released another the sword of light, he didn’t close his sacred scripture. Instead, he closed muttered an incantation once more, “God decrees that everything is just an illusion. One needs to open his eyes to see the truth!”

Just after he muttered those words, a white light appeared on his side, then it slowly transformed into a huge white eye. The eye turned and projected a beam towards the area right behind the Archbishop with the staff.

A grunt came as Berry’s hand clashed with the light, shattering it. However, this also revealed Berry’s form.

Then the Archbishop with the sword of judgement immediately moved and swung his sword towards Berry’s direction. Berry wanted to turn invisible once more, however, the white eye ejected a beam once more, forcing her to reveal her form.

Zhao Hai saw all of these happen but still didn’t go forward to help. He knew that he had underestimated these Divine Artifacts. Its possible that these artifacts were no worse than God-rank experts, they might even be stronger than average God-ranks. No wonder the Dwarves and the other races were able to defeat a God-ranked expert using only their three artifacts, these items were truly strong.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t regret sending Shue and Berry to this fight. Only through battles would these two grow, and will soon develop their own Domain.

Shue was now being assaulted by two swords of light. This made him very angry, he didn’t think that he would have problems in dealing with some 9th ranks with divine artifacts. This was too shameful, he was losing face for his Young Master.

Shue couldn’t help but be enraged at this point. He roared and this time, he didn’t use a projection of the axe for attack. Instead, he injected his energy into the axe in order to attack. The whole axe turned blood red, shoots of light continued to dance wildly around the axe. With Shue in the center, red light was whistling about in a ten meter surrounding. These weren’t projections, all of these was just the aura that was given off by the axe.

The two swords of light stabbed into Shue’s axe aura. Then an intense clash sounded out. After some time, Shue’s figure backed up, his clothes were ripped into two, his skin was wounded in some areas. At the same time, the axe on his hand now had two grain sized holes. But fortunately, the overall damage to the axe was not too serious.

However, Zhao Hai noticed the damage. He knew that Shue’s axe was built with quality. It shouldn’t be too far from a Divine Artifact. It seems like Shue needed a better weapon than this one.

When Shue finally disperse the two swords of light, he made a furious roar as he went towards the Pope. The Pope flipped the page on his sacred scripture and said, “God decrees that all enemies shall fall into Hell. Unable to be reincarnated!!” Just as his words fell, two big white hands suddenly appeared in the sky, one above Shue and one below. Then the two hands went closer to each other, intending to flatten Shue in between.

Shue wanted to move to the side, but discovered that it was impossible for him to move, he seemed to be imprisoned. Shue panicked, he couldn’t help but turn his head to Zhao Hai. He hoped to obtain help from his Young Master. However, Zhao Hai stayed put, showing Shue a face full of hope.

When Shue saw Zhao Hai’s expression, he knew that Zhao Hai didn’t want to help him right now. He was hoping that Shue would break through.

When he understood Zhao Hai’s purpose, Shue’s heart couldn’t help but shake. Then he screamed violently as the axe in his hand swung around wildly. However, the two big hands seem to be unaffected. More pressure came as Shue’s space inside became smaller and smaller.

Zhao Hai was now starting to worriedly look at Shue. Although he hoped that Shue would break through, he was still afraid that Shue would get heavily injured. Zhao Hai was thinking that he may have been too impatient. Berry and Shue just became Demigods, so it may be impossible for them to become a God in such a short time. It seems like he had gone too far.

After thinking up to this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh and prepared to make his move. However, Shue’s axe aura suddenly vanished. Shue was just stood there, calmly holding his axe. This made Zhao Hai stare, confused. And at this time, Shue started to swing.

The speed of this attack wasn’t’ fast, it can even be described as relatively slow. Every single movement can be seen by the naked eye. However, such a move actually manage to crack the enclosure made by those two big white hands.

As the axe chopped, a blood red gas started to wrap Shue’s body. Then this gas expanded, getting bigger and bigger, and even bigger as it stopped when it became as large as the Demon Herd’s Domain. Then the gas formed into a red sphere, surrounding Shue who was in the center.

But this wasn’t’ the end, the red sphere slowly started to take shape. In the end, it turned into the shape of an axe. This was a greataxe, a two bladed axe. Its body was completely blood red, but the edge of the axe was actually golden. This made the greataxe appear even more sharp.

When Zhao Hai saw this axe, he couldn’t help but laugh. He knew that Shue had finally succeeded, he had finally comprehended his own Domain. Although it was still in its first stage, it was still a very great achievement.

At the same time, seeing Shue’s process of comprehending a Domain also gave benefits to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai’s Domain was directly made by the Space, there were some parts of it that he was still yet to understand. However, Shue’s Domain was self-made. In fact, the only difference between a God and a Demigod was their understanding of a Domain. But this understanding was more difficult than once can imagine.

Demigods and gods, if purely based on strength, then they were similar. Their only difference was that one had a formidable Domain while the other didn’t.


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