BTFTLIAW – Chapter 717

Chapter 717 – Divine Artifact

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “That’s a good method. But it’s extremely time consuming. How about this, I’ll try to discuss with the Emperors of the continent and see if they can lend some Earth Mages to help with the operation. However, since the Dwarves are still the experts in digging, Earth Mages would be placed under their command. Julian, you must link the cities as soon as possible. After that, start to link them to the other small towns as well. This will make our battles more diverse. Remember to make as much interconnected tunnels as possible. The Demons have their methods, they may cause some collapse on the tunnels.”

Julian nodded and said, “Rest assured, I’ve already made plans about that. I had the tunnels dug very deep so that general spells wouldn’t be able to destroy it. Tunnels are our expertise, so you don’t need to worry about this matter.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright, then I’ll place my trust on the ability of the Dwarves. I’ll be heading towards the Radiant Empire later to see the situation there. I’ll leave some undead here in the meantime. Don’t worry, even if they send God-ranks, they won’t be able to deal with me. Moreover, I’ve also taken a look at the Demon camp. They have focused on building their city, so they won’t be attacking anytime soon. I’m just worried about what plans the Divine Race are having, so I decided to take a look.”

Julian nodded, “Would you like to have the Patriarch bring the Divine Artifact here, increasing the security?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “There’s no need for that right now. We need to have Patriarch Billy and the others to keep the defense in Accra Mountain. If things go bad, then we can just give up on the Buddha Empire, handing it over to the Divine Race and the Demons. That way, those two can just contend for the land, fighting with each other in the process.”

The people in the room froze when they heard Zhao Hai, their complexions weren’t exactly beautiful. Most of the people here are from the Buddha Empire, this was where they grew up, where their family thrived. Hearing that they must give up their hometown was something very unpleasant to hear. Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “Don’t think about it too much. You’re just giving up your homes, your land. In the end, your families are still there. Wherever your family is, then that place is your home. You don’t need to worry too much here, the Demon’s wouldn’t be coming for quite some time. They have a certain understanding about the Divine Race, so they should be conserving their strength ,not leaving their camp.”

The people relaxed, then Zhao Hai looked at them one by one before waving his hand, making Shiying appear. Then Zhao Hai looked at the people inside the room and said, “This is Shiying, the Demon God-rank expert. He is now my undead, he will be my representative here. Even if the Demons or the Divine Race attacks, you don’t have anything to worry about since I shall be returning at the quickest time. Well, then I’ll be leaving. Besmir, I’ll leave everything here to you.” Besmir nodded, then Zhao Hai vanished from the room along with Berry and Shue.

Everyone present were already aware of Zhao Hai’s space divergent ability. Because of this, they weren’t very surprised with Zhao Hai’s performance.

Zhao Hai’s group of three appeared on the Radiant Empire’s border. There weren’t any changes compared to their past visit. The dead people and beasts at that time were still present. However, Zhao Hai didn’t feel extreme anger this time. He needed to wait in order to take revenge so he decided to bury that feeling deep inside.

Zhao Hai came this time in order to see the new land that had descended. He wanted to see what’s currently happening there and know why the Divine Race had yet to make an action.

He moved and flew towards the new land. Zhao Hai was a God-rank expert so he naturally wasn’t slow. When he arrived at the place, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. It was because he saw a group of people. All of them were wearing the standard gown of the Radiant Church, it seems like they were people from the church.

When he saw these people, Zhao Hai’s killing intent couldn’t help but flare up. At this time, the people from the Radiant Church had also discovered Zhao Hai. Currently, the Church didn’t have a lot of members remaining, only the core people were left. Altogether, these people number around a thousand. The worst of them were 8th rank Warrior or Mage. Unexpectedly, their 9th ranks had actually reached a hundred people, this number wasn’t small.

When the people from the Church discovered Zhao Hai’s group, their 9th ranks immediately flew over, headed by three people. The forefront of the three was an old person, he seemed to look over a hundred years old. His beard was snowy white as he wore a golden Radiant Church robe. In his hand was a sparkling golden book. This book made him appear like deity.

There were two red-robed people on each of the old person’s side. Zhao Hai didn’t recognize these two people, but their strengths were 9th rank. One of them held a while staff, while the other held a sword.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about who these people were. From his deduction, the old man should be the church’s Pope while the other two should be red-robed archbishops. Zhao Hai didn’t pay attention on these three. However, what took his attention were the items on their hands.

These three items looked very uncommon. Most importantly, Zhao Hai can feel that these three items emanated an aura similar to Iron Hammer and Bloody War. It seems like these three items were Divine Artifacts.

When the Pope saw Zhao Hai staring at the book on his hand, he couldn’t help but stare as well. Then when Zhao Hai paid attention to it, the Pope immediately knew that Zhao Hai had discovered what his book was. This book wasn’t a normal one, it was actually sacred scripture that was given to him by the Divine Race, a Divine Artifact. The same was true for the items held by the two red-robed Archbishops, the Radiant Staff and the Sword of Judgement.

For Zhao Hai to notice these items in such a short time explains that Zhao Hai was a really powerful man.

The Pope looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Zhao Hai, I didn’t think that you would arrive today. Submit to me right now, and when the Gods descend, I shall put a good word out for you. You have created huge troubles for the Church, and since we cannot change our plans, we had no choice but to do a Blood Sacrifice. This action made the Gods very angry, the people in the Radiant Empire were their most pious servants, and all of them died because of you.”

Zhao Hai coldly looked at the Pope and then laughed, “What a joke, they died because of me? Who killed them? Weren’t they killed by you hypocrites? And now you have the guts to pin the deed to me? You’re truly shameless.”

The Pope calmly stared at Zhao Hai, “They are the Church’s most faithful servants, naturally they are prepared to be sacrifices for our God. If not for your disturbance, we wouldn’t have used them. Instead, we would have used heathens for the sacrifice. Because of you, all of them died, so isn’t that your mistake?” Zhao Hai sneered at the Pope’s statement, “Heathens? And what qualifies being a heathen? Is it just because they don’t believe in your Radiant God? In this world, there isn’t only one God, so why would they need to believe in yours? Hahaha, now that I’m thinking about it, all of them were killed because of their belief in the Radiant God, isn’t that quite ironic?”

The Pope coldly replied, “Everyone who believes in the Radiant God aren’t heathens. The Radiant God is omnipotent, the Radiant God is indescribably formidable. For them to be sacrificed to his cause is their fortune. Their souls would be purified.”

Zhao Hai sneered and said, “Purification, the soul just flows out of the body and perishers, nothing else. Sigh. Its useless to keep talking to brainwashed people. Shue, Berry, kill them all. But be careful, these people are carrying Divine Artifacts. Their capabilities aren’t small.”

The two nodded, then Shue wielded his big axe and rushed straight into the enemies. Berry, on the other hand, slowly vanished into thin air. Zhao Hai just stood there without moving, observing the actions of the two. He wanted to give them more chances to fight. As soon as they comprehend a Domain, then they would become full-fledged Gods. In this chaotic situation, only then would they be free from constant peril.

When the Pope saw Shue rushing over, he immediately retreated while having the other 9th ranks go forward. They spread out as they attacked Shue.

Shue didn’t have time to waste with them. His figure suddenly shook as large quantities of Doppelgangers appeared by his side, proceeding to kill these 9th ranks.

These 9th ranks didn’t expect Shue to have this ability, causing them to be caught off-guard. In an instant, their numbers immediately fell by a large margin.

Shue didn’t care about the remaining 9th ranks as he continued to charge towards the Pope. The Pope wasn’t expecting Shue to be this formidable as well. However, when he saw that the enemy was still approaching, he lifted his sacred scripture up and said, “God decrees that all enemies shall be punished!”

Then as he said that, a bunch of white light went out of the sacred scripture. This white light quickly coalesced to become a light sword as it went towards Shue’s direction.

Shue made a low grunt as he lifted his axe and greeted the light with the axe’s projection. When the axe hit the sword, it didn’t manage to block it. The axe projection was destroyed while the light sword continued on towards Shue.

Shue’s eyes twinkled brightly, then his figure moved as he dodged the attack while charging towards the Pope. But then, the sword of light actually went around and attacked Shue’s back.

When Zhao Hai saw the sword of light’s movements, he couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. He didn’t think the techniques of the Radiant Church would actually be this formidable. Not only did it break Shue’s attack, it could even trace its enemy’s position. This Divine Artifact surely was quite unique.



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