BTFTLIAW – Chapter 719

Chapter 719 – Hook!

A Domain is basically a technique in utilizing one’s own ability. At the same time, a God-rank who had a Domain would be able to absorb energy much more efficiently.

This was something that Zhao Hai had found out when he used his Domain. However, he still wasn’t able to convey this information over to Shue and Berry. This was because Zhao Hai didn’t comprehend his own Domain. Shue and Berry can only rely on themselves for this matter.

Every God-rank that comprehended their Domain would be able to more skillfully exercise their strength. An action that made them use all of their strength from before would only take half after getting a Domain. At the same time, their execution time would also be 40 percent quicker compared to before.

The Pope and the others couldn’t help but stare blankly at Shue. They didn’t know what just happened, and why such a thing occurred.

The Pope and the others weren’t God-ranked experts, so their understanding about God-rank wasn’t that much. Since the Divine Race controlled the Radiant Church, then it was naturally for them to restrict crucial information regarding these things. Moreover, the Radiant Church didn’t expect that God-ranks would emerge from the Ark Continent. The situation was just like what Zhao Hai thought. The reason why the Ark Continent wasn’t able to produce God-ranks was due to the machinations done by the Divine Race.

In order to achieve their goal of conquering the Ark Continent, the people from the Divine Realm began to make their preparations after their first failure. They first sealed the passage from the Ark Continent to the Divine Realm. This passage was as old as the laws of the Ark Continent. If one were to look at it, the Ark Continent was a plane that was much lower than the Divine Realm. The strongest people in the Ark Continent were nobodies once placed on the Divine Realm. It was for this exact reason that the Divine Race deemed it proper for them to enslave the people in the Continent. In their view, the higher planes should rule the beings from the lower planes. After all, their strengths and abilities were much stronger in comparison.

However, the people in the Ark Continent didn’t want to be slaves to the Divine Race. Because of this, the natives of the continent decided to band together and resist, making the Divine Race suffer a loss. Being unable to conquer a lower plane was a huge embarrassment to the Divine Race. To make sure that the blunder wouldn’t happen again, the Divine Race started to prepare for their next move in the past tens of thousands of years.

The Divine Race first gathered a lot of strong people in the Divine Realm in order to forcible seal the passage between the two planes. Although it seems like it was just like blocking a road, it still made an impact to the Ark Continent. After the passage was blocked, God-ranked experts can no longer emerge from the Continent.

And to maintain the position of being superior, the Divine Race refrained from telling too much information, even to those faithful to them like the Radiant Church. Because of this, the Pope and the others were ill informed of the rank a step above from them.

Now when they saw Shue’s Domain, even if they couldn’t understand what it was, they could still feel the immense pressure coming from it. This made the three of them more careful.

Compared to the three, Shue was much more relaxed. He felt that his energy absorption has gotten quicker. Moreover, his control over his strength has become more streamlined. At the same time, he was also made aware about how to use his Domain.

Shue felt that his Domain was like a Space of his own. In this space, he can control everything. All attacks coming from outside would be much weaker and all attacks that he made seemed to double in power once used within the Domain.

Shue slightly closed his eyes, understanding his own Domain. This was the Domain that he comprehended himself, so it didn’t take long before Shue understood it completely.

Shue opened his eyes and looked at the Pope’s group. He coldly snorted as his hand moved, pointing the blood red greataxe towards them.

The Pope stared for a moment, then he felt that he had been placed in a dangerous situation, he immediately opened his sacred scripture and then chanted, “God decrees that all your attacks shall be withstood by me. All suffering shall be bent by faith!” Then a huge angelic figure appeared in front of the Pope. There was a beastskin belt around its waist and it was completely covered in wounds. At the same time, there was also bloodstains on its clothes, it looked very fierce.

This angelic figure was actually a legend in the Radiant Church. It’s called ‘guardian angel’, it was said that this angel would bear the sufferings of a thousand believers. But in truth, this legend was just an advanced level light magic.

Then the Divine Race established the Radiant Church, they had also taught the light mages modified light magics. These light element spells were mystical, they felt very sacred when used. The sacred feeling was felt whether these spells were made to attack or defend.

This trick has been useful in the past as well as in the present. In the past, people thought of these spells as miracles. Now that the Church had a lot of followers, these magics were always thought to be actions made by the angels, they were made with divine power.

Shue’s axe continued to chop towards that angelic figure. Then the angel went alive, it issued a pained moan as its head split into two. However, that was it, Shue’s axe was stopped, it couldn’t continue on after splitting the angel’s head into two.

Shue stared, then immediately made another attack towards the Pope. At this time, the sword bearing Archbishop rushed over, swinging his sword towards Shue. When Shue’s axe projection hit the sword, both attacks nullified one each other.

Then the Pope opened his mouth and chanted, “God decrees the annihilation of the enemy. All enemies shall be punished. All enemies shall be suppressed. All enemies shall be subjected to the punishment of light!” Then when his voice fell, a blinding light suddenly came from the sacred scripture. This light was brighter than the sun, one couldn’t help but close their eyes upon being subjected to the glare.

Shue couldn’t help but block his eyes as well. On the other hand, Berry called out in alarm. Then after judging the situation, the Pope immediately said, “Deal with the Succubus first. Then we’ll deal with the axe wielding man.”

The two Archbishops immediately made their moves. Their bodies almost flashing towards Berry. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but change his expression upon seeing this. He knew that Berry had suffered some wounds. This was because light magic had an innate strength against Demonic beings. And the recent attack was the sacred scriptures light magic.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t make his move. He knew that if he helped Berry right now, then she would forever be unable to comprehend a Domain. Because of this, Zhao Hai continued to stand there.

Berry saw the two Archbishops coming over and couldn’t help but stare for a moment. Then she quickly moved and clashed towards a red robed Archbishop. At the same time, Shue also sent an attack towards the Pope, intending to lessen the burden placed on Berry.

However, it seems like the three people of the Radiant Church had their tunnel vision towards Berry. Even though Shue had made an attack, they still went straight towards Berry, making her fall into an unprecedented crisis.

Zhao Hai prepared himself to move at any time, but still decided to stay his hand. This was Berry’s most critical time. People can break through at a moment of life and death. If she misses this opportunity, then Berry might find it difficult to develop her own Domain.

Berry’s body had already reached the state of being able to comprehend a Domain. The only thing that she lacks was the opportunity to do so. Therefore, Zhao Hai decided to give Berry this opportunity to face life and death.

Actually, before this moment, Berry knew that nothing would happen to her. She believed that Zhao Hai wouldn’t allow to have her be injured. This kind of thinking became a barrier to her breakthrough. Only when she comprehends a Domain would she get away from being a Demigod and become a Full God.

When the three people from the Radiant Church started to aggressively attack, Berry suddenly forgot Zhao Hai, she forgot about everything. The only thing in her mind right now was how to evade the Pope and the other two’s attacks as well as how to counter. At this moment, Berry’s Demonic blood finally activated, restoring her true Demon nature.

Under everyone’s gazes, Berry’s appearance suddenly turned pale before she vanished from sight. The Pope and the two Archbishops couldn’t help but stare upon seeing this happening. Then the furiously roared and attacked Berry’s original position. However, the only thing that they hit was thin air, nothing else.

The moment Berry vanished, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but faintly smile. Then he closed his eyes and sank his divine sense towards the small figure on his upper dantian. Then the eyes of the small Zhao Hai opened, his hair waved calmly as he released a formidable spiritual fluctuation all around Zhao Hai’s body. Then everything was made clear, when those fluctuations returned. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but gawk at what he saw, it was actually a siege hook!

Right, a siege hook, one that was used to climb walls. This fly hook was looked more formidable than the ordinary fly hooks that Zhao Hai saw back in ancient times. There were five fingers on this hook, they were no bigger than a person’s finger. From what Zhao Hai can see, it seems like this hook was modeled after Berry’s hand.


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