BTFTLIAW – Chapter 708

Chapter 708 – Domain War

The reason why Zhao Hai knew all of these was because he had the Space’s help. Although his group had entered the Space, the Blood Ghost staff remained outside. This essentially made the Staff akin to a sensor for the Space to use in order to analyze the characteristics of a Domain.

The merging of the Domain caused a change to how they appeared. In that huge field, large houses appeared along with an imperial palace. The whole place seemed to become a city.

In addition to the structures, undead can also be seen walking through the streets of that city, looking like the citizens of the place.

At the same time, dark poisonous mists were billowing right outside the Domain City. This fog caused an increase of both gravity and negative emotions felt by those affected. On the other hand, the undead seem to benefit in all of these things. It was a very unusual sight.

After hearing the analysis of the Space regarding this merged Domain, Zhao Hai’s brows couldn’t help but wrinkle. He was now thinking of ways to break this huge Domain.

For Zhao Hai, leaving this Domain is very easy, he can just use the Space and teleport out. However, if he wanted to defeat the Demons, then he would need to destroy these Domains first. Otherwise, Zhao Hai’s attacks wouldn’t have an influence to the Demon Dragon King’s group.

What Zhao Hai didn’t know was that the Demon Dragon King was also frowning. One must know that merging Domains as well as maintaining it was a huge drain of energy. After the Demon Dragon King’s group merged their Domain, they immediately discovered that Zhao Hai had disappeared, this made them extremely confused.

The Domain that God-ranked experts comprehend was a magical field that was just like Zhao Hai’s Space. Zhao Hai can understand the changes in his Space, God-ranked experts can do the same on their Domain. The only difference was that Domains needed energy to be activated, while the Space did not. Domains can be used in battles while the Space cannot. And lastly, Domains are small while Zhao Hai’s Space was very large.

Because of this, when Demon Dragon King’s group attacked Zhao Hai, they were quick to notice Zhao Hai’s disappearance. It was clear that Zhao Hai didn’t use his own Domain. This made the five people very puzzled.

At this time, the Space suddenly issued a prompt, “Aggressive Spatial region detected. Extracting its properties and adding it into the Sace. The host can now use a Spatial region. The characteristics of the region would be the same as the Space.”

Zhao Hai gawked, but then a huge amount of information suddenly flooded into his head. He carefully analyzed them and discovered that it was a method to apply his Domain. The Domain was very similar to the Space. It had the Space’s environment and Zhao Hai was a god inside it, everything inside it was all up to his whims.

However, this Space wasn’t actually a real Domain. It was just a method for Zhao Hai to use the Space in a certain region outside. Zhao Hai can change the terrain outside as well as the environment, it was just like the Space.

This Domain was completely different that the one used by the Demon Dragon King’s group. Zhao Hai’s Domain doesn’t need energy to support it. This was because this Domain completely relied on the Space, it didn’t need any input from Zhao Hai. Essentially, rather than being called a Domain, it was more appropriate to call it a projection of the Space.

When he saw this Domain, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh. In this Domain, Zhao Hai was invincible and would have his own laws, nothing from outside can influence it. As long as a God-ranked expert gets trapped inside this Domain, then they wouldn’t be able to get out.

Naturally, this Domain needed to surround the enemy first, just like the Space. If the Space wanted to attack a person, then that person needed to be inside the Space. Otherwise, the Space wouldn’t be able to attack that person directly.

Other God-ranked Domains might be able to do it since their had their own offensive abilities. However, Zhao Hai’s Space had no way to outwardly attack. But on the positive side, Zhao Hai’s Domain cannot be destroyed. One could see Zhao Hai’s Domain as a meat grinder. It had a layer of iron outside, so you cannot destroy the meat grinder while the meat grinder couldn’t hurt you. However, once you enter that meat grinder, then you would no doubt be turned into mincemeat.

Although his Domain had no way to attack outward, Zhao Hai was still quite happy about it. God-ranked experts always worried about their Domains since having one made you a true God-ranked expert. Otherwise, you could only be considered to have a false God-rank.

Since Zhao Hai had his own Domain, then naturally he could use it. Zhao Hai’s body came out of the Space as he immediately established his Domain.

A scaled-down version of the Space suddenly appeared around Zhao Hai. This miniature Space looked very much like the beginning stages of the real Space. There were a few fields, some grasslands, a wooden house and a small seedling on the field. However, even this smaller Space was just as big as the merged field of the Demon Dragon King’s group.

Zhao Hai immediately moved his Domain to repel the merged Domain of the Demons. In retaliation, a huge pressure went towards Zhao Hai’s Domain, wanting to crush it. However, was Zhao Hai’s Space that easy to deal with? At this moment, on the periphery of Zhao Hai’s Domain, a seven colored light suddenly flashed. The seven colored light then started to rotate around Zhao Hai’s Domain, making the pressure do nothing to Zhao Hai. When the God-ranked Demons saw this, they immediately exerted extra effort in order to squeeze Zhao Hai’s Domain out from their merged Domain.

When Zhao Hai’s Domain was pushed out of the merged Domain, the merged Domain suddenly formed into a giant skeletal archer. The arrow on the archer’s hand had a black mist surrounding it while its bow had a gloomy gas going in and out. The skeletal archer pulled the string on its bow as an arrow quickly flew towards Zhao Hai.

When the misty arrow hit Zhao Hai’s Domain, the Domain immediately turned into a whirlpool, absorbing the arrow in the process.  While inside his Domain, Zhao Hai’s eyes suddenly shone with a joyful expression. This was because when the Domain received the arrow, the Space had issued a prompt, “Attacking method from space type attack received. Host can now use external attacks for his spatial region. The attack method needs to be comprehended voluntarily by the Host.”

Although Zhao Hai had no idea what voluntarily comprehended means, he understood that his Domain had now gained an exterior offensive ability.[1]  And as for the method itself, Zhao Hai gained an inspiration from what the Demon Dragon King’s group just did.

Zhao Hai waved his hand as his Domain slowly changed its shape and became a gigantic Stone Golem. The Stone Golem seem to be made out of transparent rocks. Then the Golem suddenly picked a stone from its own body and threw it towards the opposite Domain.

When met with the attack, the merged Domain suddenly divided into five smaller Domains. These five Domains changed their form as well. The Archer’s Domain turned into an arrow. The Demon Dragon King’s Domain became a black dragon. The Lich’s Domain turned into a giant skeleton. The Knight’s Domain became a lance. And lastly, the Assassin’s Domain turned into a clump of dark gas.

Zhao Hai looked carefully at the five Domains. The inside of the Demons’ Domain cannot be seen, it was covered by their own forms. On the other hand, Zhao Hai’s Domain was transparent, people could clearly see what was happening inside. Even when his Domain had changed its form, it was still transparent. This difference was quite bizarre.

As for the other party, the Demon Dragon King and the Lich’s Domains looked very complicated. The Archer, Knight, and Assassin had simpler forms of their Domains. It seems like the Demon Dragon King and the Lich were the more powerful people in the group, making their Domain avatars more complicated. If this was the case, then it meant that a Domain can also develop over time. The stronger the Domain the more complicated its avatar would be. At this point, Zhao Hai was wondering about how these new forms would attack. Will it be just like normal attacks?

It seems like the Demons were keen to confirm Zhao Hai’s suspicion, the arrow of the Archer’s Domain suddenly attacked Zhao Hai by launching similar arrows towards him in a non-stop barrage.

On the other hand, the Demon Dragon King’s black dragon flew in a circle before charging towards Zhao Hai’s Domain. In the process of the attack, the black dragon actually spewed a black gas towards Zhao Hai.

The Lich’s Domain did quite the same, the skeleton rushed towards Zhao Hai’s stone golem. The skeletons arms aiming to puncture through the stone golem’s body. The Knight’s lance thrusted itself while the Assassin’s mist disappeared and appeared right beside Zhao Hai’s stone golem, intent on weakening it. Just as the mist got in contact with the stone golem, white smoke suddenly came out, it seems like the gas intends to corrode the stone golem down!

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