BTFTLIAW – Chapter 709

Chapter 709 – Myriad Transformation Domain

Before, Zhao Hai thought that his Domain’s avatar would only get stuck with his first choice, the Rock Golem. But now, he knew that a Domain can still change. Then Zhao Hai tried to transform his Domain into an archer, which it did. It seems like he can make many transformations to his Domain.

This discovery made Zhao Hai’s heart light up. He can now understand what ‘voluntarily comprehend’ meant. Due to the forms of his Domain being numerous, the Space didn’t bother to tell him what they were.

When Zhao Hai saw the attack of the God-ranked Demons, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but recognize how strong they were. Their attacks were on a whole different level. Although the Archer, Knight, and Assassin’s Domains were weaker than the Demon Dragon King and the Lich, they still couldn’t be underestimated. Each one of these Domains were inseparable from the properties of their owners.

Zhao Hai gave a nod before changing his Domain into a revolving sphere, making the Assassin’s dark fog unable to melt it. However, the other attacks had already arrived. The first to appear was the Archer’s arrows. Although the Arrows looked weak, they were actually extremely fast, aking to a machine gun from Earth. If an average person were to meet this Domain, then there was no doubt that they would be thrown into confusion. However, Zhao Hai didn’t care about it too much, he rotated his Domain much faster, throwing the Archer’s arrows off to the side, not a single one managed to penetrate the spherical Domain.

On the other hand, the Demon Dragon King’s black dragon already spat out its ball of black gas. When this ball hit Zhao Hai’s spinning Domain, it actually managed to burn it. It seems like the rotation alone wasn’t enough to repel this burning attack.

At this moment, the Lich’s skeleton Domain also arrived with the Knight’s lance. Zhao Hai quickly transformed his Domain as it flashed with blue light before becoming a rotating ball of water. The Demon Dragon King’s black fireball slowly got extinguished by the water ball. After that, Zhao Hai changed the form of his Domain yet again into a huge fly-swatter, swatting the Lich’s skeleton Domain away. Then Zhao Hai’s Domain became a hand as it caught the Knight’s lance Domain intending to flick it towards the direction of the Demon Dragon King’s black dragon. However, the lance had already transformed into a clump of gas, getting away from the grip of Zhao Hai’s Domain.

At this time, the Demon Dragon King’s black dragon Domain arrived by Zhao Hai’s Domain, biting it in the fingers.

It was at this attack that Zhao Hai had truly felt pain for the first time, his chest suddenly experienced a severe sting.

Zhao Hai immediately understood that an attack on the Domain can injure the main body. Although his Domain was a tool to help him out, the one commanding it was still him. Therefore, if the Domain gets attacked, then he would still feel it.

This discovery didn’t make Zhao Hai flinch, instead, his hand quickly moved as the big hand transformed into an iron shovel. Then the iron shovel whacked the black dragons’ head. This made the black dragon retreat while shaking its head. Even the Demon Dragon King looked like he was made dizzy by the attack.

At this moment, the Lich’s Domain was already back as it charged over. This time, it has a huge bone sword in its hand which stabbed towards Zhao Hai’s iron shovel.

Zhao Hai just ate an attack from the black dragon, so how could he let himself suffer a second time? The iron shovel immediately turned into a spinning sphere. The Demon Dragon King was shocked by the transformations of Zhao Hai’s Domain. In the beginning, he thought that Zhao Hai didn’t have a Domain. Therefore, he decided to use this opportunity to bully him, even kill him if the chance allowed it.

But who knew that Zhao Hai actually had his own Domain. Moreover, this Domain was very formidable, it can actually push five Domains back on its own.

Most importantly, the forms of Zhao Hai’s Domain were numerous. Just like Zhao Hai guessed, Domains couldn’t be easily transformed. Take the Archer’s Domain for example, the Archer’s strength can only turn his Domain into the form of an arrow. If he got stronger later on, then the Domain might transform into something that went along with the Archer’s experiences. However, it was still impossible for their Domains to have many transformations like Zhao Hai’s. This was completely impossible to do, one should know that a Domain can only have two forms, the field form and the avatar form. Zhao Hai’s Domain actually had alot of transformations. Looking at Zhao Hai’s Domain, it wasn’t strange for the Demon Dragon King to be extremely shaken.

Zhao Hai didn’t have the mood to think about these, although he looked very relaxed while dealing with these people, he was actually quite stressed. The Archer’s arrows came too quick, although they had been deflected, they were still able to deal some damage. At the same time, the Assassin’s attack was also starting to take its toll. The Knight and the Lich’s attacks were strong as well. Zhao Hai’s chest felt quite stuffed right now, and it was obvious that he had been slightly injured.

But at the same time, the Demon Dragon King’s group weren’t having it better. Although Zhao Hai’s attack wasn’t that strong, they still managed to suffer minor wounds, especially the Lich. He flew quite far due to Zhao Hai’s fly-swatter. His injury was on the heavier side.

While Zhao Hai’s battle had gone very lively, the undead and the Demons weren’t idling, with the Demons the ones being pushed back. Although the Demons were quite strong, they weren’t all 9th ranks. Additionally, under Lizzy and Megan’s command, the undead formation constantly changed from a concrete solid block into smaller flexible formations, the damage that they had done was quite significant.

The Demons were currently confused regarding these undead. Zhao Hai was currently fighting with the Demon Dragon King’s group, so he should be preoccupied with fighting with them and should be unable to take command of the undead. However, why were the undead still able to move like this? It was too strange.

Casualties slowly came from the side of the Demons. However, Lizzy and Megan were still dissatisfied. Although these Demons were being suppressed right now, the number of Demon deaths were still lower than what they expected. And once these Demons knew that they were going to die, they would immediately self-explode, taking a clump of undead along with them.

However, the undead couldn’t be disregarded as well. Some low-level Demons didn’t even have the chance to self destruct before they were killed immediately. After these Demons were killed, they were quickly absorbed into the Space, transforming them into a member of the undead army.

The explosions that destroyed the undead were generally those from 8th ranks. Low-ranking explosions had zero effect on the undead.

However, even if the undead casualties weren’t big, Lizzy and Megan were still dissatisfied. It was because this was their first fight where they managed to lose some of their troops.

Women were usually mean-spirited, once they get angry, then the consequences would be critical. The attacks of the undead suddenly turned more violent. All of them started to suppress the Demons even more.

When the Demon Dragon King saw this situation, he immediately turned to the Lich and said, “White Ghost, go deal with the undead. Leave this place to us.”

The Lich’s skeleton Domain immediately moved away from the group and headed towards the undead army. When the skeleton turned around, a bone lance appeared in its hand. Then the bone lance was thrown straight towards a undead formation. When the lance clashed with the undead, they didn’t even have the chance to react as all of the undead immediately shattered into pieces.

Although Zhao Hai and the Demons seemed to be playing around in the clashes, but one must know that attacks of a God-ranked expert’s Domain were very strong. And judging by the size of the giant skeleton, one could imagine how large its bone lance was. The lance being able to puncture a dozen undead wouldn’t be an overstatement. At the same time, although the lance looked like it was made out of bone, it was actually made out of pure energy, its offensive ability was very formidable.

When Zhao Hai saw the Lich’s attack, he immediately had Berry and Shue appear right beside the Domain. Although they had yet to comprehend a Domain, they were still God-ranked, they can certainly suppress the Lich.

When Berry appeared, she immediately shouted as the hair on her head wrapped around the arm of the skeleton Domain. At the same time, Shue took out a big axe. One shouldn’t underestimate this axe. Zhao Hai had this axe made from the Processing Machine. Although it cannot be a Divine Artifact, the axe was still quite a formidable weapon.

With his axe pulled out, Shue shouted as he swung his axe even while being ten meters away from the Domain. However, distance didn’t matter because as Shue swung his axe, a projection suddenly appeared that cut down towards the skeleton Domain. The Lich issued a scream, it seemed to have been hurt. Then the Lich’s skeleton Domain stretched its other arm out as a lance appeared once more, aiming to stab towards Shue.


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