BTFTLIAW – Chapter 707

Chapter 707 – Domain

Five people, five different appearances, but all had the same characteristics. They gave off the feeling of being dangerous. And behind them were flying Demons and magic beasts.

The undead army didn’t attack immediately. When they saw that the Demon Dragon King was coming to them, the army stopped. This gave hope to the Demon Dragon King, he was thinking that Zhao Hai really didn’t have any thoughts of attacking them today, otherwise, he wouldn’t have stopped.

Zhao Hai’s group of three went forward while on top of the Bone Dragon. The Demon Dragon King looked at Berry and saw that she already had a crystal on her head. This made the Demon Dragon King’s eyes shrink, then he shifted his gaze to Shue who was standing behind Zhao Hai.

Shue was also a God-ranked expert, but the Demon Dragon King felt a distinct aura of danger on Shue. In addition to being a God-ranked expert, the Demon Dragon King can also see a warrior, a warrior that wasn’t afraid of death.

Most importantly, the Demon Dragon King can see how Shue looks at Zhao Hai. It was a look of complete devotion, a look of worship.

Such a gaze wouldn’t have been strange on an ordinary person, however, it was truly bizarre if it appears on a God-ranked expert.

What were God-rank experts? It was a world’s peak existence. Even if one were a slave before, once he becomes God-rank, then he would achieve the treatment of a God-ranked expert as well as the respect that come along with it. One must know that these God-ranks consider themselves as the top of the food chain, there was nobody that they would lower their head to.

Taking the Demon Dragon King’s group for example, although the Demon Dragon King held a higher status, he was still unable to give commands to the other God-rank experts. The only reason why these experts listened to him was because it was an order from the Great Demon King.

In the Demon Realm, nobody can violate the order of His Majesty the Great Demon King, even if you are a God-rank expert. Therefore, these God-ranked experts chose to cooperate with the Demon Dragon King for now.

The Demon Dragon King turned his gaze to Zhao Hai, the dread on his eyes getting thicker. He didn’t think that a God-rank expert could actually make another God-rank expert worship him. Without even considering Zhao Hai’s strength, just this point alone made Zhao Hai the most dangerous person present here.

The Demon Dragon King slowly stopped in front of Zhao Hai, then his deep voice sounded out, “Is mister really unable to let us go? Do we really need to fight to the death?”

Zhao Hai looked at the Demon Dragon King and smiled faintly, “There’s no need for the Demon Dragon King to talk too much. I know the reason why you came to the Ark Continent, and you know the reason as well. Further talks are useless at this point. However, I still need to make a final question to the Demon Dragon King. Are the Demons really unwilling to go back to the Demon Realm?”

The Demon Dragon King looked straight to Zhao Hai’s eyes, and without blinking he said, “Never!”

Zhao Hai laughed, “Hahaha, then that’s the end. However, there is one thing I need to tell you. In fact, I am bringing my undead over today with the intention of having them eat a good proper meal.”

Then Zhao Hai waved his hand as the undead behind him disappeared. When they appeared once more, they were now behind the Demon Dragon King. These undead had already changed their shape into small groups of cone formations. All of them were rotating fast as they rushed towards the Demon army.

The Demon Dragon King’s expression changed, he waved his hand as well as he said, “Kill them!!” Then his black dragon carriage went charging towards Zhao Hai. The God-rank experts behind him heading forward as well.

Zhao Hai didn’t retreat, his figure moved as the Bone Dragon vanished. Then he, Berry, and Shue’s bodies disappeared in mid air. When they reappeared, they were already surrounding the Demon archer. Zhao Hai’s Blood Ghost Staff has been transformed into a glaive as it chopped towards the Archer.

Glaives weren’t present in the Ark Continent. However, because of the circumstances, Zhao Hai believed that the glaive would be the most suitable weapon for him to use at this time.

The reason why Zhao Hai chose to attack the archer was because among the other people, the Archer was the one who held the biggest threat. With his long-ranged attack, it wouldn’t be good if he was still present when Zhao Hai and the others were suppressing the Demon Dragon King.

The Archer wasn’t expecting Zhao Hai’s group to target him first. However, he wasn’t scared, instead, his face actually revealed a look of excitement. Then his figure moved as he disappeared into a region of dark cloud which also wrapped Zhao Hai’s group. At the same time, Zhao Hai and the others experienced their bodies’ weight increase by a few folds.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but mutter, “Is this the strength of a Domain?”

Zhao Hai was a God-rank expert, therefore, he knew how strong God-ranks can be. After achieving God-rank, an expert can then comprehend his own domain. This Domain would go alongside a person’s combat strength as it slowly forms. In this domain, a God-ranked expert would be able to display 120% of their strength while their enemies would be weakened to 80% of their abilities.

However, Domains are very hard to comprehend. One shouldn’t think that once you become God-ranked, then you would immediately comprehend a Domain. It takes a long time and enough experience in order to gain one.

A God-ranked expert who didn’t have a Domain could only exert about 80% of their true ability. It can be said that God-ranked experts who have a Domain and those who don’t were on two different stages.

Zhao Hai’s group hadn’t managed to comprehend their own Domain yet. Because of this, Zhao Hai used this moment to capitalize on the fact that the God-ranked Demons were yet to fully recover their strength. However, Zhao Hai could still feel the disadvantages of not having a Domain.

The God-ranked Demons seem to be aware of this point, therefore, the Demon Dragon King ominously sounded, “Domain Merge!”

Merging of Domains was a very peculiar technique. God-ranked experts were prominent people in their worlds, therefore, it was rare for them to cooperate with one another. However, once they manage to do so, they would still find it hard to fight without their Domains being a hindrance to the other. Because of this, God-ranked experts had finally thought of a method, and it was to merge the Domains together. When Domains merged, then the owners of those Domains would be able to fight together without causing trouble to their ally.

Naturally, this merging wasn’t something that can just be used casually. First, it needed two people who had fairly the same levels of strength. Then, the two people needed to have absolute trust of one another, otherwise, the process would fail.

When the Demon Dragon King saw that Zhao Hai’s group were stranded inside the Archer’s domain and still didn’t use their own, he immediately knew that Zhao Hai’s side were still yet to comprehend their domain. This made the Demon Dragon King happy. As long as Zhao Hai didn’t have a Domain, then they can just merge their Domains and lock Zhao Hai inside. Therefore, the Demon Dragon King immediately ordered for the merging of Domains.

The other God-ranked experts didn’t delay, they immediately merged one another’s Domain. Then slowly, each of their Domains fused and became a huge but unstable Domain.

However, when they used their Domain, Zhao Hai’s group had already disappeared from their original place. Zhao Hai knew about Domains before, this was because Bloody War spoke about it.

Since the Demon Realm had God-ranked experts, then they certainly knew how to use a Domain. Zhao Hai just baited them to use it in order to see what a Domain really is.

At this moment, Zhao Hai and the others were sitting inside the Space as they observed the Demon Dragon King’s group. Although their Domains looked the same, there were some differences in places. The Archer’s domain was a dark mist that seemed to affect gravity. However, this Domain excludes the Archer. This allowed the archer to not only slow the enemy but blind them as well while he has free movement inside it.

The Demon Dragon King’s Domain was quite interesting, it was a type of Domain that gives a mental attack. One would fall into an illusion where the Demon Dragon King was your ruler, your god, and that you must submit to him.

The Lich’s Domain was a sea of bones. Everything inside it was an endless facade of white skeletal parts. Inside of the Domain were several undead that gets stronger and stronger the more one fights. At the same time, the undead weren’t bland fighters, they were also able to learn your techniques and use it against you.

The Knight’s Domain was very simple. Inside his Domain one would feel weak, frightened, bloodthirsty, violent, and all other negative feelings. At the same time, the knight would feel empowered, strong, and invincible. This was a Domain that would reduce someone’s abilities to the minimum while the Knight improves to his peak.

The Assassin’s Domain was an unusual one. In the Domain was a shattered house that was covered with a black fog. The fog was very poisonous and can hide the Assassin. While inside the Domain, not only would you worry about the attacks from the Assassin, you would also worry about the poison that the fog would constantly give you.


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