BTFTLIAW – Chapter 638

Chapter 638 – Resolution of the Sea Dragons

Alex shook his head and said, “No, Mister has misunderstood. I want to ask Mister to help us exit this place.”

Zhao Hai looked at Alex, then he sneered and said, “And why would I help you exit? You go and wait for your death here.” Then Joshua’s magic was completed. A strange pattern that looks like the sun appeared on top of the barrier, with lines connecting to Joshua’s magic formation. Then some crept towards Joshua as his body lost moisture, becoming very dry. After that, his body withered as as sprinkled towards the seabed.

Joshua and the others disappeared, however, in their original position were several balls of light. Then as if sensing other lives, the balls extended some yellow lines towards the Dragons and the Sea Dragon experts.

Seeing this situation, Alex immediately went to the barrier and talked loudly to Zhao Hai, “Mister, please help us. Our Sea Dragon Race will forever submit to you!”

Zhao Hai stared, his figure vanished from the barrier along with Alex and the others. There was no question that Alex had been taken out of the barrier by Zhao Hai.

Just as Alex and the others came out of the barrier, the barrier suddenly left a dazzling golden light before it turned violent. Ao Ke and his men had forever vanished inside the barrier, everything inside has turned into ash.The Radiant Church’s formation disk had similarly vanished as well. A huge depression appeared on the seabed and when the light vanished, seawater immediately filled it in.

Although Zhao Hai had taken Alex and the others out of the barrier, Alex and the others’ bodies were still tied down by vines. No matter how the Sea Dragon experts struggle, they actually cannot break it. This vine had extraordinarily strong tenacity.

Naturally, they can’t break it, these vines were from Cai’er. Cai’er had the strength of a God, the 9th rank Sea Dragons couldn’t stand a chance.

Zhao Hai looked at Alex and said, “Are you saying the truth? Will the Sea Dragons really submit to me? If you dare lie to me, I will kill you right now.”

Alex didn’t struggle, he looked at Zhao Hai and smiled bitterly, “I won’t dare deceive Mister. Mister’s abilities are exceptionally high. We Sea Dragons simply didn’t have the courage to lie to you. I’ll be candid to Mister, our Sea Dragon Clan had never been part of the Dragon Clan. The reason why we cooperated with the Dragons and the Radiant Church was because we only want our Clan to be stronger. But if we are all killed here, we would be losing all of our 9th rank experts. At that time, the Sea Dragons would surely be destroyed by the Mermaids. So I ask Mister to help us.”

Zhao Hai looked at Alex, the latter seems to be telling the truth. To be honest, Zhao Hai admired the strengths of these Sea Dragons. If he can put the Sea Dragons to good use, then it would be a good thing.

Seeing that Zhao Hai has not spoken, Alex couldn’t help but get flustered, he quickly said, “Mister, please believe me. I am willing to make a Blood Oath. I’ll give you my loyalty forever. Our Sea Dragons will forever be loyal to you.”

Zhao Hai looked at Alex, then with a serious voice he said, “Good, as long as you swear by Blood Oath, then I will let you go. But your Sea Dragon Clan couldn’t live in the seas any longer. I will take you to another place where you shall live.”

Alex stared, he lowered his head and said, “Yes, Mister.” Then Alex bit his own tongue and performed a Blood Oath. Then Zhao Hai released the Sea Dragons. The other experts looked at Alex and didn’t speak. Alex sighed as he turned his head and said, “Mister, please give us two days. After two days, our whole clan would be concentrated on Dragon Palace. We shall be waiting for Mister there.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll give you two days. If you dare violate your pledge in this two days, then don’t blame me for being impolite.” Then Zhao Hai’s figure vanished.

After Zhao Hai left, a Sea Dragon approached Alex and said, “Patriarch, will we really submit to this Zhao Hai?”

Alex sighed, “We don’t have any choice other than to submit. Don’t forget about our present situation. Those Radiant Church fellows are surely a group of lunatics. But I believe that it would be impossible for them to succeed with Zhao Hai as their enemy. Even if the Divine Race were to descend, I still think that they wouldn’t have any way of getting their hands on Mister Zhao Hai. You might not have noticed, Joshua had mentioned the Divine Race a couple of times, but Zhao Hai’s expression didn’t even change a bit. I believe that Zhao Hai might have already known about this a long time ago. Also, haven’t you noticed his current prominence in the continent?”

Just as Alex’s voice fell, the Sea Dragons stared for a moment, then one of them said, “Patriarch, you saying that Mister Zhao Hai’s relationship with the other races was a cooperation for resisting the Divine Race?”

Alex sighed, “I’m almost certain about this. Don’t forget how good Mister Zhao Hai’s relationship with these races are. He had met with the Dwarves, become the Crown Prince of the Beastmen, and now he is helping the Fishmen. Doesn’t this explain the issue? One must know that these races were the same races that had participated in the last war with the Divine Race. Although those races had close to no relationships right now, Zhao Hai had become their middle man.”

The people here were 9th rank experts, so they were aware of the matters that Alex was talking about. The suddenly understood what Alex was thinking. If Zhao Hai could unite the races, then they wouldn’t be powerless against the Divine Race. Didn’t they just repel the Divine Race last time?”

Alex looked at his clansmen and said, “From what just happened, we can see that the Divine Race doesn’t treat us as people, but as puppets instead. In their eyes, we are less than servants, we are slaves, people who they could just sacrifice whenever they want. Letting such people rule us meant that we won’t have a good future. It was better to rely on Mister Zhao Hai and join them in resisting the Divine Race. Even if we were to die, we can still hold our heads up high and fight proudly instead of giving up our dignity as Dragons and becoming slaves to the Divine Race!”

After Alex said this, the bodies of the Sea Dragons couldn’t help but shake. Dragons have their own pride, their own dignity, so they only submit to those stronger than them. But if they do submit, they still must receive the appropriate respect and not work as a slave for another person. Alex’s words just touched the deepest recesses of their minds.

Alex looked at them and said, “The reason why we cooperated with the Dragons and the Radiant Church was first, because we are a branch of the Dragon Clan, so it wouldn’t be great for us if we decline. Second, because of the Divine Race, since our ancestors were once their servants. Third, we want to use this opportunity to expand our race, making the Sea Dragon Clan replace the Mermaids and becoming the ruling power of the sea. But it seems like that point will remain impossible. With Zhao Hai’s help, the Mermaids would always hold the upper hand. At the same time, the Divine Race simply doesn’t treat us as people, and only sees us as ants. We don’t need to help them if we are only going to discard our dignity as Dragons. We can submit to Zhao Hai and hope that he doesn’t treat us as trash. But if he does, our family will fight him until all of us perishes. The Dragons of the continent had forgotten their pride. Now, they have become brainwashed by the Radiant Church, just like Joshua. But we aren’t them, so we can go and have our own way.

The other Sea Dragons nodded, then Alex turned his head and said, “Go and return to your own families, move the clansmen to the Dragon Palace. In two days time, let’s see how Zhao Hai will treat us. If he respects us, then we’ll submit to him. But if he doesn’t, then our clan will just fight him until we die!”

The other Sea Dragons loudly shouted before they left. Alex turned and headed back to Dragon Palace. When he entered the palace, he immediately summoned Illac back. Since Illac was the commander of the army, he wasn’t able to participate in the battle against Zhao Hai. He didn’t know about what happened, only the massive amount of energy that eliminated the Radiant Church people and the Dragons. What Illac saw was Alex saying a few words to Zhao Hai and then to the other Sea Dragons before they all left. This made Illac sense that something was going on.

While Alex was sitting in the hall, Illac walkedin. Alex looked at Illac, he waved his hand and said, “Sit.”

Illac gace Alex a salute, then he took the seat closest to Alex. Then Alex looked at Illac and said, “Illac, you are the smartest person in our clan. Did you manage to see what is going on?”

Illac looked at Alex, then as though he was not sure, he said, “I thought about something, but I really am not sure if I’m right.”

Alex nodded, “Tell me.”

Then Illac said, “According to what I just saw, the Radiant Church had used some type of self destruct magic, intending to perish together with Zhao Hai. But their anti-space magic formation had become useless to Zhao Hai. Since Zhao Hai can run away at any time, and Patriarch is afraid that the Clan would perish. The Patriarch had reached some sort of agreement with Zhao Hai.”


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