BTFTLIAW – Chapter 637

Chapter 637 – Sacrificial Offering

Luo Ying stared at the eyes of Laura and the others. The Mermaids had some understanding about Zhao Hai. He was famous in the continent for his dark magic and the Mermaids have also heard that the Buda Clan possessed numerous 9th rank experts. However, nobody had heard that Zhao Hai was a 9th rank expert himself.

Having said that, even if Zhao Hai was a 9th rank expert, he was still against numerous people of the same strength. In this case, how could Zhao Hai’s group be confident? Where did this confidence come from?

But seeing that Laura and the others were unworried, Luo Ying couldn’t help but hesitate. Can Zhao Hai really deal with so many 9th ranks on his own?

Luo Ying stared at Laura, Laura understood what Luo Ying was thinking, so she smiled faintly and said, “General, rest assured, even if Brother Hai can’t kill them, he can just escape whenever he can. There’s no need to worry.”

Luo Ying nodded and said, “Alright, then we’ll keep our eyes on Mister. If Mister needs help, we can send them at any time. My Azure Dragon Snail can deal with several 9th ranks with no problems.”

Laura smiled faintly and said, “General, rest assured, if such a time arrives then we’ll be impolite. General, we’ll be taking our leave.” Then the group vanished.

Luo Ying was stunned at what just happened, her expression couldn’t help but change. She thought and reckoned that Laura and the others might also have Space divergent abilities.

Luo Ying knew about the rumors of Zhao Hai having a space divergent ability. However, she hasn’t heard anything about Laura and the others having it as well. It seems like Zhao Hai has a lot of things that he kept secret from the continent.

Luo Luo looked at the place where Laura and the other vanished, then she said, “I’ve been with them for a good number of days. I didn’t expect them to be this formidable.”

Luo Ying smiled faintly and said, “Silly thing, if they don’t want you to know then there’s no way for you to find out. I think they revealed themselves this time because they wanted us to feel at ease, otherwise, they wouldn’t have shown us their ability. It seems like Mister Zhao Hai has the capabilities to deal with the enemies this time.”

Then Dashan, who was at the side, said, “General, the Sea Dragons have accumulated a lot of 9th ranks. This might place us in a dangerous predicament, I think we should send word to Her Majesty, have her send a few 9th ranks to aid us.”

Luo Ying shook her head and said, “That’s no good. Don’t see our situation as dangerous. In fact, it is Her Majesty that’s in peril right now. You might not have seen it, but the current situation stemmed from the fact that the Sea Dragons wanted to deal with Mister Zhao Hai first before stalling us here, having us ask for help from Her Majesty. And when Her Majesty sends help, the Dragons would then have the opportunity to attack Mermaid Island.”

Dashan stared for a moment before his expression changed, “Then Her Majesty is in danger. General, don’t we have to send word back to the island?”

Luo Ying shook her head, “I don’t think it’s necessary, you don’t have to worry about it. When I told Her Majesty that the Sea Dragons and the Dragons were working together, she should’ve already prepared her defenses.”

Dashan nodded and didn’t talk anymore. Then Luo Ying turned her gaze back to the water curtain. Zhao Hai didn’t know this, but this water curtain wasn’t any ordinary magic, but a kind of magic unique only to the Azure Dragon Snail. After refining this thousand year old snail for countless years, it managed to gain this ability. Luo Ying named this curtain the ‘War Curtain’.

Once they left the Azure Dragon Snail, it would be impossible for the Mermaids to use this magic again. If Zhao Hai showed Luo Ying his monitor, Luo Ying would surely be surprised.

Luo Ying’s gaze turned to the water curtain just in time to see a scene that made him surprised. Zhao Hai was now fighting with the Sea Dragons once again, but now he seems to be having the advantage.

Zhao Hai’s magic prowess was now in full bloom, he used all kinds of magic, including fire magic. Even if fire was heavily affected by the water, Zhao Hai still managed to use it, moreover, its power was also quite strong.

In addition, Zhao Hai had close combat ability that was much stronger than the Dragons due to his body being able to crystallize. Therefore, although he was besieged, he still managed to dominate.

Luo Ying stared blankly at the water curtain, she didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this strong. She saw with her own two eyes how Zhao Hai hit a Dragon and managing to repel the latter. This made Luo Ying speechless, making her doubt if those were real Dragons at all.

At this point, the Sea Dragons were much more surprised than Luo Ying. They also didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this strong.

Zhao Hai’s current mood was very good, the blood inside his body was burning. He didn’t know that fighting actually felt this good.

He was now getting acquainted to fighting more and more, he seems to be born to fight. This wonderful feeling made Zhao Hai crave fighting even more.

But the extraordinary thing about this was the fact that even if his blood was boiling with excitement, his mind stayed calm, allowing him to always react to the attacks of the enemy and counter them. This unusual and contradictory feeling made Zhao Hai even more excited.

On the other hand, the people from the Sea Dragon side were getting startled more and more. In the past, they had heard about Zhao Hai’s clashes with the Radiant Church, but now, they seem to understand that Zhao Hai was much more difficult to deal with than they had thought.

The Sea Dragons and Dragons didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this fierce. Moreover, they didn’t think that he would have the body that wasn’t any worse than a Dragon. Their initial expectation of Zhao Hai being a mage was crushed at this point. This huge discrepancy from their imagination made them startled.

The thing that the Sea Dragons and the Dragons failed to notice was the people of the Radiant Church going outside of the formation, surrounding the two as well. Then these people took out a set of magic formations and placed them on the ground. After that, they shackled their bodies to the formation as they took a knife and slit their wrists. Blood immediately spurted out and fell on the magic formation. Then these people started to loudly recite magic incantations, and it seemed like this process would take a long time.

But along with their incantation, a layer of barrier slowly rose from those magic formations and surrounded not only the Dragons, but the Sea Dragons as well. Even the people from the Radiant Church were enclosed, including Joshua.

When they saw this barrier, Alex and Ao Ke stared before they stopped and turned their gaze towards Joshua. Alex loudly said, “Joshua! What are you doing?!”

Joshua’s mouth didn’t stop saying the incantations, the barrier slowly turned white as its pressure became stronger and stronger. This was not true pressure, but a kind of force that pressed down on Zhao Hai like a mountain.

Ao Ke loudly shouted as well, “Joshua! What do you want to do?”

Joshua had finished saying his spell. So he looked at him and said, “I said that Zhao Hai must fall here at all costs. This is a magical formation called ‘Sacrificial Offering’. You guys along with me will be sacrificed and no one can escape. All of us will be dedicated to God today.”

Ao Ke’s face couldn’t help but change, “Joshua, don’t talk nonsense. If you do this, the Dragons certainly wouldn’t let you off.”

Joshua coldly smiled and said, “Your Dragon race is the servant of our Radiant Church’s God. For the sake of God’s purpose, it’s understandable that you are to become a sacrifice. Everybody here will die, and the Dragons wouldn’t be aware of how you died.”

Zhao Hai codly smiled and said, “Didn’t you try dealing with me with this method last time? I seem to remember that it failed. If I leave right now, all of you will die while I survive.”

Joshua sneered and said, “The last time only had a few people, we have a lot more this time. And Zhao Hai, where you are right now is a magic formation that locks the space. You wouldn’t be able to use your space ability even if you wanted to. It’ll become useless.”

Zhao Hai’s expression changed before it turned into bewilderment. This was because he can feel that he hasn’t lost contact with his Space. This meant that the Radiant Church’s formation was useless.

Alex and Ao Ke’s expressions changed as well. They didn’t expect Joshua to be this ruthless, even sacrificing everyone here, including his own.

At this moment, Zhao Hai smiled and then said, “Now that your magic has been set, this meant that you people aren’t able to move anymore. I won’t be overstaying then, everyone, goodbye.” Then his body flashed as he disappeared only to reappear outside the barrier.

When Joshua saw Zhao Hai appear outside the formation, his expression couldn’t help but change as he turned into a maniac and said, “This is impossible, how can you leave? This is impossible! Our magic formation has been set. This is impossible!!! Zhao Hai come back here!!!”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he looked at Joshua and sneered, “This thing is useless to me. If I want to come in, then I can come in. If I want to leave, then I can leave whenever I want. You simply don’t have the ability to block me. Hehe. The ‘Sacrificial Offering’ is about to start. All of you are going to die.” Then Zhao Hai turned around to leave.

At this time, Alex suddenly shouted, “Mister, wait!”

Zhao Hai stared, then he turned his head to Alex and said, “A Sea Dragon? What do you want? Also want me to come back in? It’s useless. I can leave whenever I want.”


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