BTFTLIAW – Chapter 639

Chapter 639 – Two Days

Upon hearing Illac, Alex couldn’t help but let out along breath, “It looks like training you to become the next Patriarch didn’t go to waste. You’re really smart, Illac. The agreement we came up with is submission. If we don’t submit to Zhao Hai, how else would be save us? You have guessed right.”

Illac looked at Alex and said, “Patriarch, did the Radiant Church really self-destruct? Did they eliminate everyone inside?”

Alex’s face couldn’t help but change, “It’s not self destruct magic, it’s ‘Sacrificial Offering’. If not for Zhao Hai,  we would’ve become part of that sacrifice.”

Illac’s face turned complex, then he said, “Does Patriarch want to fight the Divine Race with Zhao Hai?’

Alex looked at Illac, he knew that Illac had already guessed the gist of the matter. Speaking to a smart person really is very convenient. He nodded and said, “It’s better to die in battle rather than living without dignity. Wasn’t this our Dragon Race’s pledge?”

Illac’s face looked a little bit better. He stood up and gave a salute to Alex, “I’m going to disband the army. The sharks had always been our followers, i will make things clear to them. I believe that the Mermaid wouldn’t be too harsh on them.”

Alex looked at Illac and said, “Good, if nobody dies this time and our clan continues to survive, the next Patriarch would be you.” Illac held a happy expression, then he gave Alex another salute before turning back to leave.

At this time, Zhao Hai was currently inside the Blade Scale Whale, looking at Alex in the monitor. Laura and the others were sitting by Zhao Hai’s side. When Illac left the hall, Laura turned her head to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, it seems like everything is done.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Let’s go see General Luo Ying.” Then Zhao Hai commanded the Blade Scale Whale to head towards the Azure Dragon Snail and arriving at the hall.

The water curtain was already gone and Luo Ying was waiting for Zhao Hai anxiously. She didn’t know whether Zhao Hai survived or not. When the Radiant Church used their magic, the image in the water curtain suddenly turned incomprehensible. Because of the magic, the image became muddy, and it became impossible for Luo Ying to investigate. The only thing she could do was wait.

Although she was confident in Zhao Hai, she was still extremely worried. This was because this fight was too important. If Zhao Hai suffers an accident, it would not only affect the Mermaid Clan, but also the future war against the Divine Race. If Zhao Hai falls, then the Mermaid Clan would become criminals in the eyes of the other races in the continent.

At this time, Zhao Hai had brought Laura and the others to the Hall. Luo Ying couldn’t help but relax. She immediately asked Zhao Hai to sit down and said, “Mister, what happened? I was worried to death!”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “General can rest assured, everything is alright. I’ll have the general to ask the army to hold for two days. After two days, everything will be clear.”

Luo Ying looked at Zhao Hai and said, “What does Mister mean?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Two days later, everything will go back to normal. General can be relieved, the Sea Dragons would not attack anymore. Moreover, their army might also disband in these two days. After that, I’ll have to leave the work of quelling the remnants of the rebellion to the General’s hands.”

Luo Ying gawked, then her two eyes flashed, she looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Is Mister telling the truth?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I didn’t lie. I also ask the General to prepare. It’s possible that the Shark Tribe might be a little troublesome.”

Luo Ying looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Mister can rest assured, I shall wait for two days. Then after that, I’ll see for myself what you mean.”

Zhao Hai stood up, then he bowed to Luo Ying and said, “Then I’ll have to thank the General for your trust. I;m quite tired, so I’ll go back and rest first. After two days, the General shall get your answers. The only thing that I can guarantee to the General is the fact that you won’t be seeing Sea Dragons in the sea in the future.”

Luo Ying stared, she couldn’t understand what Zhao hai said, “Mister’s meaning is?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Everything will be clear in two days.” Then he lead Laura and the others to leave.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s departing back, Luo Ying was utterly confused. She frowned and then muttered, “Two days later? What would happen in two days? I’m becoming more and more curious now.”

After Zhao Hai and the others returned to the Space, they opened the monitor and looked at the situation of the Sea Dragon Clan. Zhao Hai was able to peer through the Sea Dragons’ situation at a far place because when he talked to Alex, he had also placed his staff down in Dragon Palace in order to monitor the area more clearly.

The Sea Dragons had now truly dissolved their army. In fact, most of the people from the Sea Dragon Army wasn’t willing to fight in this battle. But due to the strength of the Sea Dragons, they had no other choice but to participate. Now that the Sea Dragons had disbanded their army, these people immediately turned around and ran.

However, the sole trouble came from the Shark Tribe. The Sharks were extremely willing to join the Sea Dragons in this rebellion. This was because they also want to use this opportunity to enhance their status in the sea. Therefore, when the Sea Dragons decided to end everything, the Sharks immediately expressed their refusal.

But the Sea Dragons had a different mindset right not, they didn’t have their initial ambition. They knew that if they go on with the battle, it would be impossible for them to continue. So they disbanded their army, so that the Mermaids wouldn’t be hard on the other tribes.

The Shark Clan was extremely unwilling, they were adamant on killing the Mermaid Clan. They wanted to replace the position that the Whale tribe held. However, the Sea Dragons had started to lose heart, which was something that the Sharks didn’t want to happen.

At this time, the Sea Dragons became impolite. The Sharks certainly have ambition, but they don’t have the strength. If the Sea Dragons allow the Sharks to continue, then the Fishman Race would be placed into further turmoil. And this situation would affect their future fight with the Divine Race.

On the minds of the Sea Dragons, since they were now fighting the Divine Race, then they would have to preserve all the resources necessary to resist the descending gods. Whether they were killed or not, they had sworn their allegiance to Zhao Hai, so the ambition of the Sharks must be extinguished. After all, this wild tribe was brought up by them.

Illac already thought that the Sharks would cause a ruckus once he announced the dissolution of the army. Therefore, Illac led an army of Sea Dragons to kill. The Sharks were totally not the Sea Dragons’ match. The Sea Dragons took the lead in extinguishing the Shark tribe. The remaining Sharks were those who were initially honest. Therefore, the image in Zhao Hai’s mind didn’t appear.

Zhao Hai didn’t think that Illac would be able to handle things this easily. He didn’t even give the Sharks the chance to cause trouble. This made Zhao Hai look into Illac more. Illac had been their opponent, and it seems like Illac wasn’t someone simple.[1]

Seeing that the matters in the Sea Dragon side had been solved, Zhao Hai felt relief. Then he adjusted his monitor to see the situation back at Mermaid Island. Zhao Hai didn’t know when the Dragons would go and attack the island.

When the monitor changed, ZHao Hai saw that everything was normal. There weren’t any signs of a fight. It seems like the Dragons had yet to make their move.

However, Zhao Hai can also notice some difference in the place. The leisurely mermaids on the island can no longer be seen. What replaced them were Mermaids who wore armor, fully prepared for the battle ahead. There were also other 9th rank Fishmen present. It also looks like the 9th ranks at the Azure Dragon Snail had also returned to the surface. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but feel relief upon seeing how prepared the Mermaids were. Even if the Dragons were to attack, they surely wouldn’t be able to affect the situation in the sea.

Seeing no developments in Mermaid Island, Zhao Hai turned his vision to the Dragon Clan. To be honest, Zhao Hai liked the look of Dragon Palace. It was a naturally occurring coral reef, this reef should also be considered to be quite a treasure.

Additionally, Zhao Hai also took a liking to the Sea Dragons. The Sea Dragons were the beings that were closest in appearance to a Chinese dragon. This made Zhao Hai regard the Sea Dragons very much. Therefore, he decided that since Dragon Palace was their home, he wouldn’t be taking it away from them.

Zhao Hai was prepared to arrange the Sea Dragons to the Space. The Sea Dragons were also some type of magic beast whose strengths were formidable. If they go to the Space, then it might be possible for them to turn loyal towards Zhao Hai.

At the same time, Zhao Hai had also found appreciation towards the guts of the Sea Dragons. Sea Dragons were people who would rather die than lose their dignity, such people were worthy of respect.

Two days passed in a blink of an eye. Luo Ying had also been holding back her troops all this time. But she also knew that there wouldn’t be any huge fights going on. After all, the Sea Dragons had already dissolved their army. They would just wait until Zhao Hai gives them word, then they can go to the other Fishmen and had them go back under the rule of the Mermaid Clan.

At the same time, Sea Dragons had also been arriving at Dragon Palace. The Dragon Palace was their main residence, so not many people went too far from it. But since they were going to battle, the young and old people had stayed back. This time, their entire Clan had gathered.

The main residence of the Sea Dragons was initially Dragon Island. They have been living at that place for many years. But ever since they had found the Dragon Palace’s reef, Dragon Island had only become their root. This time, they abandoned their root and gathered to Dragon Palace. The Sea Dragons weren’t many, only about 10 thousand people. Naturally, these 10 thousand people were all pure Sea Dragons. They also had near 100 thousand Lesser Dragon Race people, which also joined the move.

  1. Of course he isn’t simple. You’re just using an OP army xD


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