BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2116


Chapter 2116 – Entering the Labyrinth

The Yin Elder sat in the living room and took a sip of tea before saying, “The sect isn’t doing very well in the underground labyrinth. The labyrinth is just too big. The ghost cultivators were able to propagate without us knowing. We haven’t found their main base yet. According to the situation, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be able to do anything other than playing hide and seek with the ghost cultivators for the next few years.”

In the living room with the Yin Elder was the Yang Elder as well as Zhao Hai. Laura and the others weren’t present. They were now back at their residence in the Tyrant Blade Sect. The Yin Elder was currently explaining the underground labyrinth’s status to Zhao Hai.

Hearing the Yin Elder, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. Then he knit his brows and said, “The labyrinth is indeed very big. But it would be a huge problem if we couldn’t deal with the ghost cultivators as soon as possible.”

The Yang Elder sighed and said, “There’s no other way around this. The underground labyrinth is just too big. If you hadn’t discovered the ghost cultivators earlier, our troubles would be bigger.”

Zhao Hai frowned as he sat in place. After some time, his eyes shone. He turned his hand and took the little mouse out. This was the treasure hunting mouse from the underground labyrinth. Back then, Zhao Hai discovered that the mouse could find him no matter where he went. This meant that the little mouse was very familiar with the labyrinth. If Zhao Hai used the little mouse, they might be able to find the ghost cultivators sooner.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai immediately started talking with the little mouse. Although the Yin Yang Elders didn’t understand why Zhao Hai suddenly took out a mouse, they knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t an unreliable person. They just waited to see what Zhao Hai could do.

Zhao Hai communicated with the little mouse for a while. He came to know that there’s a group of mice in the underground maze, and it was a very large group. It could be said that the entire labyrinth was filled with mice. There was no place underground that the mice didn’t know.

The little mouse had a very special status in this mice group. Since it was a mutated variant, its position in the hierarchy wasn’t low. If the little mouse acted, it could help the Tyrant Blade Sect.

Hearing this information, a smile couldn’t help but appear on Zhao Hai’s face. He put the little mouse on his shoulder and fed it with some dried meat. Then Zhao Hai turned his head to the Yin Elder and said, “Master, this little mouse is from the underground labyrinth. It said that there’s a huge population of mice living there. If we can get their help, then no matter where the ghost cultivators hides, it would be impossible for them to escape.”

When he heard this, the Yin Elder’s expression brightened. He stood up and said, “Are you sure? If that’s the case, then there’s no need for the underground labyrinth to be opened to the outsiders. The Tyrant Blade Sect can treat it as one of our special domains.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Master can rest assured. We’ll enter the labyrinth tomorrow. When the time comes, the little mouse will get in touch with its people. I don’t believe the ghost cultivators can find a place to escape.”

The Yin Elder nodded, “Alright, then go take a rest while I go to the Sect Master. You’ll go with us to the underground labyrinth tomorrow. We’ll eradicate all of the ghost cultivators.” Zhao Hai nodded. The Yin Yang Elders immediately stood up and left. It was clear that this matter worried them very much.

When the Yin Yang Elders left, Laura and the others entered the living room. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, what things are inside the ghost cultivator storehouse? Are they useful to us?”

When Zhao Hai discovered the storehouse of the ghost cultivators, he didn’t think about taking everything immediately. But as soon as he found that the ghost cultivators were coming after him, he immediately knew that the contents of the storehouse could be useful to the ghost cultivators. So, he sent a silver needle to the storehouse when Laura and the others left. Then he released Undead to empty the entire storehouse.

It must be said that the storehouse of the ghost cultivators held plenty of good things. The ghost cultivators prepared these materials to create a base. Although the Tyrant Blade Sect wasn’t the most powerful among the Great Sects, it was still in the top 80 sects. To deal with such an enemy, the ghost cultivators would need to invest quite a lot of resources.

What made Zhao Hai happiest was that the storehouse contained mostly finished products. Artifacts that could be used were taken as well as all kinds of ghost cultivation artifacts. These finished products were especially useful to Zhao Hai. Once these artifacts were deconstructed, Zhao Hai would gain a lot of ghost cultivation formations and methods. At the same time, he could get a lot of materials.

Naturally, there were also raw materials in the storehouse. Some ghost cultivators use very special materials in their artifacts and formations. Therefore, they would need to keep materials to facilitate refining.

The world of ghost cultivators, compared to the aboveground sects, was a place where the weak prey on the strong. In that world, trust was a foolish concept. Everyone was out for their own benefit, they would stab their friend’s back if it meant gaining a material, or an artifact. Therefore, ghost cultivators hardly trusted anyone, even their masters.

For this reason, artifacts, pills, and formations that ghost cultivators use were mostly refined by themselves. Thus, their refining methods were kept secret.

It was also because of this that the ghost cultivators weren’t on par with the 3 major factions of the True Spirit Realm. Ghost cultivators hardly get a full inheritance, which had a great effect on their combat strength. At the same time, their recovery time was slower than the 3 factions.

The materials that Zhao Hai obtained were very useful for the Tyrant Blade Sect’s understanding of the ghost cultivators. Zhao Hai and the Yin Yang Elders reached an agreement that Zhao Hai would deconstruct the artifacts first so that the Tyrant Blade Sect would have information about their characteristics. Once these characteristics were discovered, the sect could devise countermeasures. Then once the two sides fought, the Tyrant Blade Sect would hold the advantage.

After chatting with Laura and the others for some time, everyone went to get some rest. The next morning, Zhao Hai had an early breakfast before he was pulled by the Yin Yang Elders to the Heaven Slashing Palace. The Sect Master would be waiting for them.

Seeing Zhao Hai arrive, the Sect Master immediately said, “Little Hai, you should be aware of the situation in the underground labyrinth. We’ll have to depend on you.”

Zhao Hai cupped his fist and said, “Sect Master can rest assured. This Zhao Hai will help as much as I can.”

The Sect Master nodded, then he turned his head to the Yin Yang Elders and said, “Junior Brothers, I’ll give you the authority to deal with the underground labyrinth. Don’t allow any of those ghost bastards to run away.” The two elders nodded before leaving.

After the three left the Heaven Slashing Palace, they immediately went to the underground labyrinth through a transmission formation. The reason they had to use a fixed transmission formation was because the Tyrant Blade Sect erected a barrier over the labyrinth. Portable transmission formations could no longer function inside.

In a flash, Zhao Hai appeared in the underground labyrinth. They were currently in a large cavern. Zhao Hai looked around and saw plenty of Tyrant Blade Sect disciples. These people were currently busy. They seem to be in a temporary base.

When the Yin Yang Elders appeared in the base, the disciples immediately gave them a salute. The Yin Yang Elders nodded and greeted everyone. Ordinary Elders or Core Disciples had a lower status compared to the Yin Yang Elders. It was proper for them to greet the two elders.

Zhao Hai didn’t put up an arrogant stance just because the Yin Yang Elders were there. He greeted the cultivators with a smile and cupped his fists towards the elders. He also talked with some cultivators he was familiar with. Although he only exchanged a few words, it made the disciples feel a sense of closeness to him.

As for those who saw Zhao Hai for the first time, they couldn’t help but be shocked. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so approachable. It must be known that Zhao Hai was no longer a nobody in the Tyrant Blade Sect. First, he was a disciple of the Yin Yang Elders. Second, he obtained first in the Clone Stage competition. This made him a key disciple for the sect to train.

In the Tyrant Blade Sect, as long as you are competent and render meritorious services, you would obtain the proper benefits. The sect would treat anyone unfairly.

Because of this reason, Zhao Hai’s status in the sect was very good. Although he only held the status of inner disciple, everyone knew that he was a true disciple of the Yin Yang Elders. As long as he enhanced his strength, it would be a problem for him to become a core disciple.

Before long, Zhao Hai arrived in a smaller cavern. Inside the cavern were people busy recording information. In the middle of a caver was a five meter disk artifact. Above the artifact were bright lights that were constantly moving.

It was a large-scale positioning disk. The bright spots above the disk were Tyrant Blade Sect cultivators who were looking for ghost cultivators. But it was evident that their efforts yielded small results.

The Tyrant Blade Sect’s worry was being unable to find the ghost cultivators. The ghost cultivators were now actively avoiding the Tyrant Blade Sect. If the ghost cultivators attacked, the sect would know that they were in the area. But the ghost cultivators didn’t attack at all, so the sect couldn’t find them.


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