BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2115


Chapter 2115 – Eight Hero Ghosts

Upon returning to the carriage, Zhao Hai explained the situation to Laura and the others. Hearing the story, Laura and the others could only sigh. Ghost cultivators acted really strange. The group was unable to sleep for the rest of the night, so they chatted in the living room until the sky slowly brightened.

After having their breakfast, Zhao Hai and the others entered the small town. Zhao Hai first examined the outside houses. But he found out that there was nothing special. The houses were typical peasant homes with no valuables inside.

Zhao Hai and the others proceeded to walk inwards. They looked at the escape routes that they found the day before. Although the routes have already been mapped, Zhao Hai thought that these routes should be related to the ghost cultivators. Therefore, Zhao Hai wanted to see if there were any clues left on these passages.

Since the town has been abandoned for too long, the wooden structures on the houses had been damaged. The doors had already collapsed.

Zhao Hai and the others entered a courtyard with an escape tunnel. The courtyard wasn’t big, its size can be described as ordinary. It should be a residence of no more than 5 people.

The courtyard was paved with blue stone. There’s also a well in the courtyard. There were east and west wings along with the main room. But it was clear that the east wing was a utility room while the west wing and the main room were where the residents stayed.

A piece of the courtyard wall has fallen down. It looked like it had been knocked down by something. Zhao Hai didn’t pay any attention to this as he walked towards the east wing.

The east wing was filled with miscellaneous items made from stone and wood. There were also iron tools. However, the iron tools had rusted. The tools made from wood and stone were also broken. The floor was covered with moss. One almost couldn’t see its original appearance.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and received everything in the room and sent it to the Space. Now, the entire east wing became empty.

Zhao Hai carefully looked around. The walls of the room were smeared in a layer of dirt. But now, the soil in many places has fallen, revealing the stone behind.

The blue stone on the floor was nothing special. Zhao Hai waved his hand and removed the entire floor. Underneath the blue stone was ordinary soil, there was nothing else.

Zhao Hai walked out and discovered Laura and the others walking out of the main room and the west wing. However, all of them had disappointed looks. It was clear that they didn’t discover anything.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown. He entered the west wing and the main room and indeed saw nothing. The two rooms were originally paved with stones, but Laura and the others removed them. Like the east wing, there was only soil underneath.

Zhao Hai knit his brows. Then he closed his eyes. Yellow light began to appear in his body. The yellow light slowly penetrated the ground. Although Zhao Hai was still standing in the courtyard, if a cultivator were to examine him with their spiritual force, they wouldn’t be able to sense him. He seemed to be fused to the soil, becoming one with the earth.

After some time, Zhao Hai opened his eyes and said, “There!”

Just as Laura was about to ask, Zhao Hai’s complexion changed. He felt several formidable auras approaching the town. These auras carried a gloomy and cold feeling. Zhao Hai immediately said, “Laura, use the portable transmission formation to return to the sect. Find my Masters and tell them to come here as soon as they can. We might be able to catch several big fishes.”

As soon as Laura and the others heard this, they immediately understood. Without hesitation, they grabbed Qiu Tie and then grouped up. Before long, a flash of white light appeared, and they vanished.

Zhao Hai remained in the courtyard and looked at the direction of the formidable auras. When the auras noticed that Laura and the others left, they seem to be angry. They quickened their speed to catch Zhao Hai. Before long, they were above the courtyard that Zhao Hai was in.

There were exactly eight people flying above Zhao Hai. All of the eight were wearing black clothes as well as black eyes. All in all, sixteen eyes were coldly looking at Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at the eight and smiled faintly as he said, “I wasn’t wrong. This is one of your bases. What, still reluctant to leave? You can’t bear to leave the supplies here, right?”

When the ghost cultivators heard Zhao Hai, their gazes turned more frigid. One of them said, “So you found out. How did you do it?”

Zhao Hai looked at the ghost cultivator and said, “What you have done here is very good. There are no clues, no passages, no teleportation formations. Even your storehouses are made with materials that shield from spiritual force. If one wants to go, they will need to direct transmission formation. It seems like you really don’t want to give up on this place. When the time comes, you hope that you can use it again. Am I right?”

The ghost cultivator who spoke before couldn’t help but nod, “You’re really smart. Zhao Hai, if you join us, I will promise to give you direct help in cultivation. What do you think? We are the Eight Hero Ghosts. We aren’t worse than the Yin Yang Elders.”

“Isn’t worse than us? Eight ghosts, I didn’t expect that you would dare to steal my disciple. I think you no longer want to live.”

Along with this voice, the Yin Yang Elders slowly flew into the town. Along with them were several cultivators. These cultivators were at least elders of the Tyrant Blade Sect. They were at the Teleportation Stage.

Seeing the Yin Yang Elders, the Eight Hero Ghosts couldn’t help but get nervous. They immediately gathered together and went into battle formation. They looked at the people from the Tyrant Blade Sect with a cold gaze.

The Yang Elder looked at the Eight Hero Ghosts and sneered, “Eight fools, do you really think Little Hai would go with you? How stupid do you think he is? Don’t forget that this is the territory of the Tyrant Blade Sect. Daring to make a move on our disciple, you are courting death!”

When the Eight Hero Ghosts heard the Yang Elder, their eyes flared up with anger. The ghost cultivator who spoke before answered, “Ying Yang ghosts, are you sure you can deal with us? Aren’t you afraid of breaking your teeth?”

“Hahahah. Eight Hero Ghosts, back then you were a group of talentless chickens. Now look at you, you haven’t made any progress. To be honest, I’m disappointed. Even if I kill you, I will feel no sense of achievement.”

The Yin Elder’s words caused the Eight Hero Ghosts to shake with anger. One of them said, “Enough chit-chat. Only strength can tell the truth. Kill!” After he said that, he took the lead to charge towards the Yin Yang Elders.

The group of ghost cultivators charged towards the Yin Elder. Their weapons also appeared in their hands. Seeing their weapons, Zhao Hai was intrigued. They were actually using skeleton hammers.

What are skeleton hammers? They’re hammers made with skulls. The hammers were very powerful to use. On the skulls of the hammers, there were soul fires dancing around. One could also hear the wail of ghosts whenever the hammers were used.

What surprised Zhao Hai more was the coordinated attack of the eight ghost cultivators. One would attack and retreat, then they would be followed by another. It was a uniform dance of attack and retreat.

The Yin Yang Elders were clearly familiar with the strategy of the Eight Hero Ghosts. The two moved together to defend against the attacks. Their blades might look ordinary, but if one looks closer, the blades seem to take a life of their own. 

This was the first time that Zhao Hai saw the two elders making a move. Their cooperation was extremely fluid. Their blade was also very powerful. Before long, the Yin Yang Elders have reached an equilibrium against the Eight Hero Ghosts. The other elders didn’t even participate in the battle.

Zhao Hai carefully spectated the fight. He discovered that whenever their attacks connected, the laws seemed to shake. Anyone weaker simply couldn’t meddle in their battle.

The battle between the Yin Yang Elders and the Eight Hero Ghosts wasn’t mild at all. In a short time, the two sides exchanged more than a thousand moves. There was no way to distinguish who would win.

Zhao Hai observed that the combination attack of the Yin Yang Elders conformed to the principles of Yin and Yang. Meanwhile, the combination attack of the Eight Hero Ghosts went in accordance with the eight trigrams. The balance between the two sides made it even more difficult for outsiders to meddle. However, this wasn’t the case for Zhao Hai. 

After a while, Zhao Hai waved his hand and a jet black longbow appeared in his hand. He notched a meter long arrow on the longbow and aimed it at the ten people who were fighting against each other.

The others from the Tyrant Blade Sect also noticed Zhao Hai’s action. Their complexion immediately changed. Just as they were about to remind Zhao Hai to stop meddling, they found that the synergy of the Eight Hero Ghosts seemed to change. Their smooth cooperation disappeared. The Yin Yang Elders used this opportunity to injure two of the Eight Hero Ghosts.

Seeing the situation devolve against them, the Eight Hero Ghosts flicked their hands and threw a few black balls. The moment the balls were thrown out, they immediately exploded into a black fog. Before long, the whole town was covered by fog.

The other elders of the Tyrant Blade Sect couldn’t help but be startled. They quickly pulled their weapons out and paid attention to their surroundings. They discovered that the black mist didn’t only block sight, it also blocked spiritual force. They were afraid that the Eight Hero Ghosts would ambush them.

Then at this time, they heard a voice, “God said, ‘Let there be light’ and there was light. Light shall dispel darkness and bring warmth. Evil will have nowhere to hide!”

This wasn’t an incantation for a spell, it was said by Zhao Hai himself. He also used his own spiritual qi to cast the light element magic.

The light element was the nemesis of the dark. And with Zhao Hai’s powerful spiritual qi, the magic became extremely potent. The people from the Tyrant Blade Sect felt a huge flash before all the black gas dispersed. 

Before long, the entire town was covered by sunlight once more. The people from the Tyrant Blade Sect looked at each other and saw that nothing was wrong. As for the ghost cultivators, they ran away. The Tyrant Blade Sect’s people weren’t disappointed by this. The Eight Hero Ghosts were outstanding individuals. They weren’t easy to deal with.

The Yin Yang Elders looked at each other and saw a smile appearing on their face. The two flew back to the ground. Zhao Hai immediately gave his greetings, “I have seen Masters. I didn’t expect you to arrive so quickly.”

The Yin Yang Elders smiled. Then the Yin Elder said, “We immediately came as soon as Laura gave the report. You work very fast. Right, what did you discover?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “I found a storehouse under the town. There are plenty of good materials stored there. It seems like the ghost cultivators left it there for later. It’s possible that the ghost cultivators were afraid that I would discover the storehouse, so they came over to attack.”

Hearing this, the Yang Elder replied, “Let’s go look and see if those things are still there. We can’t let the ghost cultivators reclaim it.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Master, don’t worry. Everything in the storehouse has been stored. They can’t take it away.”

The Yin Yang Elders relaxed. Then the Yin Elder looked at the other elders and said, “We didn’t come in vain. At least we fought against the Eight Hero Ghosts. Let’s rest here for some time while we let Little Hai talk about what happened.”

The others naturally agreed. Zhao Hai welcomed everyone to his carriage and then prepared food and wine. At the same time, he described everything he encountered along the way. Naturally, there were things that he couldn’t mention. Even so, what he revealed caused the elders to be surprised. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to encounter a lot of things along the way.


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