BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2117


Chapter 2117 – Mouse Clan Patriarch

Beside the positioning disks were several elders that seemed to be of the same age as the Yin Yang Elders. They were all looking at the positioning disk while discussing.

When the Yin Yang Elders walked in, they walked over to an elder and said, “Old Lu, how is the situation?”

Zhao Hai knew that the elder approached by the Yin Yang Elders was the Tyrant Blade Sects Armament Hall Master, Lu Shanren. This person was a crafting genius. Although he looks like he belonged to the same generation as the Yin Yang Elders, his age was actually smaller. Because his strength wasn’t as high, he aged faster, making him look as old as the Yin Yang Elders.

Despite this, Lu Shanren’s status wasn’t lower than the Yin Yang Elders. The only reason Lu Shanren’s cultivation fell behind was because he put all of his effort into refining. One shouldn’t underestimate him. His position as the Armament Hall Master was evidence of his skills. It can be said that when Lu Shanren joined the Tyrant Blade Sect’s Armament Hall, the sect’s strength increased by a single grade. His contributions to the sect weren’t less than the Yin Yang Elders.

Elder Lu looked at the Yin Yang Elders and said, “It’s not doing well. The underground labyrinth is too big. We can’t even guarantee full security in the places we explored. The ghost cultivators can come back at any time. It’s also impossible to install monitoring formation in all of the caverns. We simply can’t afford the expense.”

A nearby elder added, “Yin Yang, didn’t the sect master say that Zhao Hai has a relationship with what’s going on? What is it? Tell us. We can’t have those ghost bastards running around for long.” The elder who spoke was lean and thin with a straight and serious face.

This person was the Tyrant Blade Sect’s Battle Hall Master, Luo Lin. This person’s status was much older than the Yin Yang Elders. He has been in the Battle Hall for a long time. He fought countless battles in his life and survived multiple crises. He also held a prestigious position in the sect.

Since he was older than the Yin Yang Elders, Luo Lin was more impolite to them. The Yin Yang Elders also didn’t mind this. In addition to being their elder, the Battle Hall Master also saved the Yin Yang Elders’ life before.

The Yin Elder smiled and said, “That’s right. Little Hai entered the labyrinth during his clone stage trial. He wandered in the labyrinth for a while and also met rogue cultivators. The reason we found out about the ghost cultivator was because a rogue cultivator helped Little Hai at that time. So, when the man was in trouble, he asked Little Hai for help. It was then that Little Hai found out about the ghost cultivators.”

Plenty of people didn’t know how the Tyrant Blade Sect discovered the existence of ghost cultivators in the underground labyrinth. Now, they know that it was because of Zhao Hai. Luo Lin’s gaze towards Zhao Hai became different.

Luo Lin has been working hard for the Tyrant Blade Sect all his life. The number of people he killed for the sect was certainly no less than the Yin Yang Elders. But he was an elder of the Battle Hall, he commanded people in battle most of the time. Because of this, his reputation isn’t as stellar as the Yin Yang Elders. Despite this, the respect he gained from being a protector of the sect was even greater than the Yin Yang Elders.

Luo Lin looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Good job kid. It seems like Old Yin and Yang have accepted a good disciple.”

The Yin Yang Elders didn’t mind and only smiled. Then the Yang Elder said, “During Little Hai’s previous trial, he accepted a mouse as a pet. As it turns out, the underground labyrinth has a large population of mice living in it. Little Hai plans to have the mouse get in touch with its clan and ask them to find ghost cultivators. Nobody knows about the underground labyrinth more than the mice.”

Upon hearing the Yang Elder, Luo Lin couldn’t help but nod. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You can proceed.”

Zhao Hai looked at Luo Lin and knew that he wasn’t a person who was thrifty with his words. He didn’t say anything else and just nodded before releasing the little mouse.

When the little mouse appeared, it saw that a lot of people were staring at it. It couldn’t help but be afraid and jumped to Zhao Hai’s head to hide in his hair.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and lifted his hand. The little mouse unconsciously jumped into Zhao Hai’s hand. Then the two began to communicate with each other. Zhao Hai told the mouse that as long as their mouse clan could find ghost cultivators, he would give their clan meat to eat.

It must be said that Zhao Hai’s Space has no lack of meat. Cows, argali, and many other livestock were huge producers of meat. These animals had no intelligence and were raised specifically for meat. The people in the Space would also raise animals and exchange them for items in the Space’s exchange centers. Zhao Hai was even worried about how to consume all of the food. It was no problem for him to take the meat out to give as rewards.

Hearing Zhao Hai’s condition, the little mouse was naturally happy. It squeaked at Zhao Hai several times before jumping down and digging into the ground. Before long, the little mouse could no longer be seen.

The Yin Yang Elders looked at each other. Although they didn’t know what Zhao Hai said to the little mouse, one thing was certain, the mouse wasn’t weak. The ground underneath them was very solid. But in the blink of an eye, the little mouse dug into it and disappeared. And as soon as the mouse entered the ground, the two elders could no longer sense it!

Zhao Hai didn’t have such thoughts, but he continued standing in place, looking at the positioning disk. The bright spots on the disks were still moving. The labyrinth was truly huge. With the sect’s speed, it would be impossible to make problems in just a few years.

And even if the sect sought for several years, their effort would also be wasted. The ghost cultivators can keep moving around. This was what the sect was worried most about.

The people in the cavern were also aware of this. But now wasn’t the time to worry about this. They were old monsters who cultivated for countless years, so they were more patient than the younger disciples. They looked at the positioning disk and chatted in a low voice.

In less than half an hour, the ground below shook. Then the little mouse appeared from a hole. Right after the little mouse was a larger and older mouse.

The old mouse was quite huge. It was around a foot long, and this wasn’t counting the tail. It had black fur that shone like satin. Its two eyes were also like black glass beads.

When the old mouse appeared in the cavern, the Yin Yang Elders couldn’t help but show a vigilant expression. The old mouse was really strong. Zhao Hai couldn’t even clearly measure the old mouse’s strength. At the minimum, the old mouse was at the Diamond Body Realm.

The old mouse glanced at the Yin Yang Elders but didn’t seem to care about them very much. Then it turned to Zhao Hai and squeaked a few times.

Zhao Hai looked at the old mouse and then turned his head to the little mouse. Then he said, “Of course.” The others didn’t know what the old mouse said, but knew that after the little mouse returned to its clan, it told the old mouse about the Space. The old mouse wanted to move their clan to the Space after hearing this. Zhao Hai didn’t object. The Space has a lot of empty locations. He could find a random place for the mice.

Hearing that Zhao Hai agreed, the old mouse gave a satisfied nod. Then it gave Zhao Hai a few more squeaks before disappearing back into the hole.

The little mouse returned to its spot-on Zhao Hai’s shoulder. Zhao Hai looked at the little mouse and couldn’t help but chuckle. The little mouse was really good at causing trouble. If it didn’t brag to the old mouse about the Space, the patriarch of the mouse clan wouldn’t have thought of moving the entire clan to the Space.

However, Zhao Hai also understood the patriarch’s decision. Although the underground labyrinth was the mouse clan’s world, its resources weren’t enough to support the growth of the clan. Every time they ate, the patriarch worried that they would run out of food. As for expanding outward, it was difficult. The mouse clan wasn’t a powerful race. Expanding outside meant paying countless mouse lives. The patriarch didn’t want his people to die in vain. Therefore, hearing that there was a good place, it immediately thought of relocating. 

As soon as the little mouse heard the patriarch, it also knew that it had caused trouble. But it didn’t dare agree on its own. So, it immediately brought the patriarch to Zhao Hai. It also had an expression on someone who made a mistake.

Zhao Hai wouldn’t blame the little mouse too hard. The Space is very big. Having one more group inside wouldn’t make a difference. Zhao Hai’s only complaint about the Space was the lack of diversity. Having too many races in the Space was the least of his worries.

The Yin Yang Elders didn’t make any noise and instead waited. Before long, the mouse clan patriarch appeared in the hole along with other mice. Altogether, there were about a hundred mice, each one of them very big. Moreover, their strengths couldn’t be looked down on. They were almost at the Diamond Body Stage. These mice pose a huge fighting potential.

Moreover, it was clear that these were the leading mice of the mouse clan. The number of mice might not be small, but if these mice really attacked, then it would be troublesome.

When the mice appeared, they didn’t pay attention to the Tyrant Blade Sect elders in the cavern. The mouse clan patriarch stood in front of the mice and squeaked while waving its claws. The other mice nodded and then squeaked before drilling holes and disappearing.


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