BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1567 – 1571

I hope that you’re all doing fine and thank you for the patience.
As for me, late June and pretty much most of July has been a b*tch. It all started with me feeling sick and pretty much too weak to get out of bed. I thought nothing of it at that time since it’s flu season and I always get terrible flu during these times. I just slept through it and took medications.
Things got worse when my father got sick as well. He didn’t get flu-like symptoms like me but he had severe breathing issues. That took several days before we finally decided to send him to the hospital.
Let’s get sidetracked for a moment here and let me explain in advance. In countries like mine where healthcare isn’t that great, people rarely go to the hospital because the fees can literally burn a whale-sized hole on a family’s pocket. That’s the reason why we didn’t send my father immediately to the hospital the moment he had trouble breathing.
So as you may have expected, Senior COVID visited our house. My father spent 11 days inside while I took care of any medicine that needed to be bought. My mother was too scared to come out at this time so she stayed inside the house with my younger sister. I also took precautions to sanitize and wore a mask and a face shield wherever I went. Fortunately, my father recovered and is now safe and sound, albeit having a damaged lung.
Now, just like what I said earlier, going to the hospital in my country can burn a huge hole in a family’s finances. My father’s bills amounted to around 900k or around 19k USD. Government took care of around 300k while my father’s insurance took care of around 100k. So we still have 500k or around 10k USD to take care of. I had to go around with my aunt to look for help from various social welfare agencies and we managed to scrape enough to pay everything so that my father can come out.
After that was me finding ways to get our hands on a vaccine. Fortunately I was able to get a slot and got my first dose. I don’t really believe that it would make me immune to Covid, but at the very least it would save us another huge hospital expense.
So here we are, at the tail end of July. Things have pretty much returned to normal here. My father and mother has gone back to work and there’s me typing this report.
Here’s hoping that August wouldn’t be as bad.
Thanks for coming to my TED talk, I sincerely hope you won’t experience what we had. It’s bad.

Anyway, here are today’s chapters:

Chapter 1567 – Sight of Defeated Soldiers
Chapter 1568 – I’m The Director
Chapter 1569 – Closest Allies
Chapter 1570 – Two Years Later
Chapter 1571 – Peace Talks With The Ghost Spirit Realm

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12 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1567 – 1571

  1. With the vaccine you can still have COVID-19 but if complete it won’t be fatal specifically the lungs, you will just have fever and other symptoms in just 4 to 5 days. That’s what the doctor says. The mucus in the lungs are the killer

    1. Espero que tú y tu familia no tengan que pasar por esto, es una buena medida ponerse la vacuna u completar el cuadro, Tu ya tienes anticuerpos más las vacunas harán que tú sistema no esté tan propenso a la enfermedad. Te deseo lo mejor a ti y tu familia. Creeme yo viví en primera persona la enfermedad. Mis mejores deseos.

  2. Thanks for the chapters. Glad things seem to be cooling down for you (I’m presuming). Hope your family stays safe.

  3. Se te extrañaba, me alegro de que se recuperaran ambos… yo tambien lo tuve… un abrazo desde Argentina.

  4. Wow you have been having it rough. I hope you make it through all of this and are able to get the money you need for the medical expenses. Take care of yourself and thanks for still doing translations during this time. All the best to your family.

  5. Take good care of yourself, hopefully the worst of it is out of the way and your situation will only improve from here.

  6. Thanks for the Chapters, I am both sorry to hear that you had such an experience and glad that you were able to power through the same. That said I do wish that you would take care of yourself especially in these times where death may come from anywhere with the special threat of covid. I wish the best of luck that this is the worse and good time are ahead for you and your family!

  7. Glad see your better, figured you sick or feeling burnt out and taking slowed down pace. Sadly even though vaccine is in easy supply in USA(where i am) i live in town/area think covid is fake. Even now they think vaccine is a plot and most aren’t getting it, really sad. Glad your dad is well and rest of your family too. Glad you able settle a bill like that ,i feel for most people around world 10k USD bill is crazy and we all struggle to get it resolved. So kudos getting that knock out in 2months and also to all those welfare agencies that help too. Sadly in my local state it’s getting harder and harder find true good willed agencies that out help people ,no strings attached that disqualify 99%. Anyways rambling as im bit tired, lol i was still checking semi daily for my crack addiction known as updates here. What 4year ,5year been reading this as translate what are couple of bad weeks right

  8. 10 to 20k US? Sounds about the same as an actual US hospital. I should know, I live there. If I ever get cancer, I plan to suicide. It’s just cheaper to die than deal with half a mil to a couple mil in medical bills. Especially when I won’t make that amount for the rest of my life after living bills. On a 30k income I got just enough to have internet and get a $500 pc every 5 years.

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