BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1567


Chapter 1567 – Sight of Defeated Soldiers

Zhao Hai looked at the more than 30 sword-shaped large artifacts of the other party and smiled. Seeing them separate into three teams, Zhao Hai understood what they wanted to do. However, he didn’t care since he was confident in his artifacts.

Under Zhao hai’s command, the three large artifacts charged towards the enemy formation. The other party was arranged very loosely. There were 20 thousand people as well as another 20 thousand beasts in the air. They occupied a very large area.

As the speed of the three artifacts increased, the sword shuttles of the Fireweavers also moved as they directly clashed with Zhao Hai.

The people of the Giant Spirit Realm knew that if they just kept the sword shuttles stopped in place, then they wouldn’t be able to stop the enemy’s charge. Many of those present from the Giant Spirit Realm had fought against Zhao Hai in the past, so they knew how powerful he was. Because of this, they chose the initiative and charged forward.

As the sword shuttles and Zhao Hai’s three large artifacts got closer and closer, Zhu Lie who was watching in the back was beginning to be nervous. Although he was now holding his rifle, his mind was focused on the large artifacts.

Standing on the Hell King’s Ship, Zhao Hai paid attention to the Fireweavers through the Space. Looking at their gritted expressions, a smile couldn’t help but appear on his face.

The moment the sword shuttles and the three large artifacts were about to clash, Zhao Hai suddenly waved his hand, shrinking the three large artifacts in an instant. The three large artifacts easily passed through the sword shuttles. Then they returned to their original size as they continued charging towards the enemy formation.

These changes were very abrupt. The people from the Giant Spirit Realm who controlled the sword shuttles couldn’t help but feel their blood boil and almost vomit out blood. Even Zhu Lie and the others who were looking at the clash didn’t expect this change. It was like waiting for a huge firework explosion only to discover that it was a dud. This caused them all to be caught off-guard.

Then at this time, the three large artifacts crashed onto the enemy formation. When Zhu Lie and the others finally responded, the three large artifacts had already carved three bloody roads into the formation.

Zhu Lie looked at what happened with red eyes. He let out a furious roar as he took his rifle and began firing towards the three large artifacts. The others had a similar response, whether it be rifles or other artifacts, everyone took them all out and began attacking the three large artifacts. The beasts of the Fireweavers went all out in their attacks. They hit, bit, and clawed the large artifacts with all their power.

But it didn’t take long before the Fireweavers discovered that they made a mistake. With what they’re doing, it would be impossible for them to deal damage to the three large artifacts. Their rifles couldn’t even penetrate the shields, nor were the beasts able to do anything. As the beasts attacked the three large artifacts, the rifles inside began to fire, shredding the bodies of the nearby beasts.

Seeing this, Zhu Lie’s heart couldn’t help but bleed. He immediately shouted, “All beasts retreat. Quick, let them retreat!” The beasts also discovered the danger and quickly drew back.

But at this moment, bullets went flying out of the three large artifacts. Fireweavers who couldn’t defend were immediately hit.

At the same time, the cannons of the large artifacts began to fire. These cannons weren’t focused on killing people. They were targeting the beasts in order to wipe them out.

The people on the sword shuttles also reacted. They immediately drove the sword shuttles around to kill. It must be recognized that sword shuttles were very fast. And because it was designed for offense, the attacks of the sword shuttles were very strong.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of them. He commanded his large artifacts to assault the Fireweaver formation once more. And while nobody was paying attention, he received the destroyed sword shuttles and then merged them into liquid silver.

When the enemy sword shuttles turned around and rushed towards him, Zhao Hai waved his hand. Then more than 20 sword shuttles appeared beside the three large artifacts. Then they clashed with the remaining sword shuttles of the Fireweavers.

Seeing this, Zhu Lie could feel a buzz in his brain. His eyes turned cloudy and he almost fainted. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have his own fleet of sword shuttles. Zhu Lie couldn’t help but yell, “What’s this! Why does he have sword shuttles? Aren’t sword shuttles a secret of the Fireweavers?”

At this time, a Fireweaver gave a salute and said, “Brother Lie, when we fought against them last time, the people of the Hundred Treasures Realm still didn’t have Giant Spirit Treasure Ships. Later on, Zhao Hai destroyed Giant Spirit Treasure Ships and remade them, giving the Hundred Treasures Realm the refining method. I think Zhao Hai is a refining expert. Brother Lie, we need to find a solution out of this quickly.”

Zhu Li also knew that things weren’t doing well. He coldly snorted and said, “Everyone, use your rifle technique. We need to break through the shields of these large artifacts.” Along with his command, the Fireweavers merged with their beasts becoming half-human half-beast individuals. Their rifles increased in size as they aimed towards the three large artifacts.

When Zhao Hai saw this, he strengthened the shields as he loudly said, “Everyone listen, unless ordered, nobody is allowed to leave.” Zhao Hai knew that the strongest defenses of the three large artifacts weren’t the shields but the artifacts themselves. Zhao Hai believes that even the Fireweavers’ rifle technique wouldn’t be able to go through the defense of his three large artifacts.

At this moment, the sword shuttles that Zhao Hai released had begun its clash against the Fireweavers’ sword shuttles. The two sides exchanged moves for quite a while.

In the end, the shields of the three large artifacts couldn’t withstand the combined Fireweaver assault and broke down in some places. However, the shields didn’t break down like other shields where everything would crumble. Although the shield was broken down in many places, the places that weren’t broken down could still provide protection.

Although this was the case, Zhu Lie and the others could still see hope. They all roared as they continued shooting at the three large artifacts.

Zhao Hai has to recognize the skills of the Fireweavers when it comes to using rifles. Their rifles were accurate and all the bullets penetrated through the existing holes of the shields. A dang dang sound was heard on the three large artifacts.

Although this was the case, the Fireweavers still couldn’t do anything to Zhao Hai’s three large artifacts. Their bullets were like needles hitting a steel wall. They simply couldn’t do anything to the three large artifacts.

Zhao Hai knew that the Fireweavers couldn’t sustain their attack for a long time. He already experienced this kind of attack the last time he fought against the Fireweavers. 

Zhu Lie also discovered this point. However, it made him desperate. He couldn’t understand how Zhao Hai became this strong. The offense that the Fireweavers were proud of were useless against Zhao Hai.

At this moment, Zhao Hai controlled his three large artifacts towards the remaining sword shuttles of the Fireweavers. The remaining sword shuttles have been surrounded by Zhao Hai’s own sword shuttles. It was impossible for them to get out now.

When speaking about the flexibility of the sword shuttles, how could the sword shuttles controlled by people of the Giant Spirit Realm contend against Zhao Hai’s sword shuttles? These shuttles were controlled by Laura and the others. They were completely able to cooperate with each other which allowed them to get rid of the sword shuttles with only two of their own shuttles being damaged.

Seeing Zhao Hai come over, the people of the Giant Spirit Realm inside the sword shuttles knew that they were going to die. One of the teams inside a sword shuttle couldn’t help but turn mad as one of them roared, “Don’t worry about other things, let’s just rush towards Zhao Hai. Even if we die today, we’ll take him down with us!”

When the others heard this, they stared. Then their expressions turn mad as well as they agreed. Then they commanded their sword shuttle to charge towards the Hell King’s Ship.

The person the Giant Spirit Realm hated the most right now was Zhao Hai. This was because it was Zhao Hai who destroyed their plans. It can be said that the reason for the Giant Spirit Realm’s fall was Zhao Hai. Adding on to their hatred against the Hundred Treasures Realm, their hatred towards Zhao Hai had reached an all-time high. It was understandable for them to go crazy over this battle.

Zhao Hai also noticed this particular sword shuttle. The body of this sword shuttle was filled with damage. Some of the damage was caused by Zhao Hai’s sword shuttles while some were from the Hell King’s Ship’s cannons. Now that this sword shuttle was charging over with no disregard, it gave off quite a desperate look.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Interesting, they’re true warriors. Then let me fulfill their wish.” With a thought, the Hell King’s Ship turned and met the sword shuttle’s attack head-on. The sword shuttle was completely destroyed, nobody inside it survived.

On the tip of the Hell King’s Ship was a formation breaking spirit snake needle. So how could the sword shuttle defend against it? After the collision with the first sword shuttle, it fired out and hit another sword shuttle. It only stopped after going through five sword shuttles in a row. When these sword shuttles were destroyed, the other sword shuttles suddenly stopped in place.

Zhao Hai was somewhat confused. He didn’t know what these people were doing. He also stopped his sword shuttles. He wanted to see what the other sword shuttles would do.

At this time, Zhu Lie and his men could no longer use their rifle technique. Some of them even died from excessive use.

When Zhu Lie and his men released their rifle technique, their strength was greatly weakened. Zhao Hai saw this and picked up his communicator to talk to Mu Yu who was in the Pagoda, “Brother Mu, bring the two other large artifacts and deal with the Fireweavers. Let the cultivators go out and kill the enemy. If they dared to form a defensive line, use the cannons.”

Mu Yu quickly replied, “Alright. I’ll leave the sword shuttles to you. Keep a good one for me. I still don’t have a good flying artifact of my own.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Alright, don’t worry. I’ll keep one for you.” Mu Yu laughed as well. Then he used the two other large artifacts and charged towards the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm army.

By this point, the Fireweaver and Giant Spirit Army didn’t have a proper formation. Their lines were very loose due to Zhao Hai’s initial charges. And with the Fireweavers being exhausted by their rifle technique, the army’s strength rapidly dropped. This was the best time to kill them.

As Mu Yu went to deal with the Fireweavers and the Giant Spirit Realm soldiers, Zhao Hai was observing the remaining sword shuttles. He didn’t know why they suddenly stopped. They still had their shields up, but who knows what’s happening inside.

Originally, the sword shuttles had silver needles inside. However, Zhao Hai already withdrew the silver needles when the clashes began. He really didn’t intend to keep the sword shuttles from the very beginning. So now that the sword shuttles have stopped, he has no clue what the other party wants to do.

At this time, a person from the Giant Spirit Realm came out from one of the shuttles. It was an expert in the Severed Soul Stage. As soon as he exited the sword shuttle, he bowed towards Zhao Hai and said, “Mister Zhao Hai, we’re willing to surrender to the Hundred Treasures Realm. I wonder if Mister will accept?”

Zhao Hai was stunned. He didn’t expect them to surrender. This was the first time that the people of the Giant Spirit Realm surrendered to him. He thought for a moment before saying, “How do I know if you really want to surrender?”

The person smiled bitterly and said, “It’s up to Mister. How do you want us to prove that we surrender?”

Zhao Hai looked at the person’s appearance and he didn’t look like he was lying. He waved his hand as Undead from the Giant Spirit Realm appeared beside him. Then he said, “I’ll be sending them over. You hand all of your weapons and spatial equipment to them. They will also seal your spiritual qi. If you agree, then I can guarantee your safety. What do you think?’

The person from the Giant Spirit Realm didn’t hesitate and immediately said, “Alright.” Then he waved his hand and the shield of his sword shuttle disappeared along with the shields of the other sword shuttles. Then the people of the Giant Spirit Realm began going out.

The sword shuttles weren’t that big and only needed 5 people to drive. Currently, there were 24 sword shuttles remaining and 120 people from the Giant Spirit Realm. When they began going out of the sword shuttles, Zhao Hai sent his Undead. Seeing the Undead, the people from the Giant Spirit Realm couldn’t help but sigh. They knew that the Giant Spirit Realm had truly lost this time. Even if the Fireweavers helped, it was now very difficult to deal with the Hundred Treasures Realm.

The cultivators of the Giant Spirit Realm gave all of their weapons and spatial equipment to the Undead. They also allowed the Undead to seal their cultivation. They didn’t resist at all.


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