BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1568


Chapter 1568 – I’m The Director

Zhao Hai looked at the Giant Spirit Realm Cultivators being put inside the cabin by the Undead and sighed. He couldn’t help but say deep inside, “Careless, I’ve been careless this time.” Since he didn’t have any plans with the sword shuttles, he removed the silver needles ahead of time. And with the intensity of the battle, he wasn’t able to monitor the situation inside the sword shuttles. Because of this, even if these people turned, he still doesn’t know if they’re plotting something or not.

This also made Zhao Hai see the weakness of the silver needles. Silver needles allowed the Space to monitor anything they passed through. But if there’s a high amount of energy fluctuation in the area, the Space wouldn’t be able to record anything. Only the area close to the silver needles could be monitored during these situations.

Because he withdrew the silver needles ahead of time and because the energy fluctuations were intense, Zhao Hai didn’t know if the Giant Spirit Realm Cultivators did indeed surrender or if they had something else planned. 

But now that their cultivation has been sealed, they wouldn’t be able to bust up a storm. Zhao Hai plans to wait until they return to the headquarters. When the war is over, and these people were under his supervision, then he’ll see what kind of waves they plan to make.

Once Zhao Hai’s side was taken care of, Mu Yu’s side also went very smoothly. The Fireweavers were unable to recover from their usage of rifle technique. Their formation was very weak, so it was impossible for them to organize a proper defense.

At this time, the people inside Zhao Hai’s large artifacts rushed out. Each one of them were vigorous. The enemy had already been scared out of their wits by Zhao Hai. The fight began with a huge advantage to one side.

Then after Zhao Hai subdued the remaining Giant Spirit Realm Cultivators, he drove the Hell King’s Ship around. Along with his sword shuttles, he rushed towards the enemy formation.

This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Originally, the Fireweaver and Giant Spirit Realm Army was teetering on collapse. This time, they began to scatter in all directions.

Zhao Hai certainly wouldn’t let this opportunity off. He sent out his Undead to chase these people down. At the same time, he followed Mu Yu and the others to clean up the battlefield.

A lot of Fireweaver and Giant Spirit Realm Cultivators died this time, Zhao Hai definitely wouldn’t waste their corpses. He received them all into the Space and turned them into Undead.

When the battlefield was mostly cleaned up, Mu Yu and Tang Wen arrived on the Hell King’s Ship. Both of them had smiles on their faces. Mu Yu looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Good, this is good. These people wanted to take advantage of our situation. Hahaha. This time we dealt with them ruthlessly. Let’s see if they will still come to annoy us after this.”

Zhao Hai glanced around and said, “The other realms would certainly know the result of our battle here. But they wouldn’t dare get too close, so we can make our preparations.”

Mu Yu also looked around before he asked, “How will you arrange it?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Just leave it to me. I can assure you that even the Detective Race will not be able to find anything out. I will create a false image to make them think that we lost a lot.”

Mu Yu nodded and said, “That’s good. When will you begin?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “No rush. Let’s wait until everyone comes back, then we’ll begin.” The reason why Zhao Hai wanted to wait until everyone was back was to let them help him with his arrangements.

This wasn’t the first time that these people fought with Zhao Hai, so they were used to chasing their enemy after they won. At the same time, they know Zhao Hai’s rules. After chasing the enemy for one hour, they have to come back immediately. Otherwise, Zhao Hai wouldn’t be polite.

So after two hours, those who chased the enemy down began arriving back. Once everyone was back, Zhao Hai had them enter the three large artifacts; Mu Yu and the others as well. Then he controlled the three large artifacts to fly up. Zhao Hai stood in mid-air and used his hands to perform hand seals using the Infinity Technique. This was the second time he used the technique, so he was quite used to the movements. He erased all traces of battle in the area. Naturally, this erasure refers to erasing the spiritual qi fluctuations. As for the destroyed terrain, Zhao Hai didn’t touch it.

After erasing the traces, Zhao Hai established some connection with the surrounding environment. Then he waved his hand and called Mu Yu and the others out. Zhao Hai also took out a large number of Fireweaver Beasts as well as undead Fireweaver and Giant Spirit Realm cultivators. After that, he directed the cultivators of the Hundred Treasures Realm to clash against the Undead.

These cultivators were curious about what was happening. They looked at the Undead with a rare sense of excitement on their faces.

They haven’t done something like this before, so they were excited. Zhao Hai was like a movie director, giving action commands to the Cultivators and the Undead.

Zhao Hai released his sword shuttles once more. The three large artifacts were also armed and ready. Mu Yu and the others were curiously looking at all of these. They didn’t think Zhao Hai would have such means.

After everything was ready, Zhao Hai gave his order and everyone moved. The Cultivators of the Hundred Treasures Realm used their artifacts to attack the Undead. Naturally, they were all careful in using their techniques. They have to make it look like they were fighting hard against the Undead while they weren’t really doing so at all.

The Undead were also firing back. However, their rifles were all firing blanks. Only the sound of firing was heard with no bullets. These blanks were something Zhao Hai had the processing machine make to use in situations such as these.

In order to be more realistic, Zhao Hai asked the Undead to fetch some blood from the Space’s blood pool. Then he gave blood bags to the cultivators.

The cultivators didn’t know what the Undead were doing, so they observed. Then Zhao Hai told them that when the blood bag exploded, they would need to feign death immediately. 

These Cultivators haven’t acted in a play in their entire lives, nor did they see others acting out a play. Therefore, all of these things were novel to them.

In the beginning, when the Undead were firing on them, the Cultivators were startled. Then in the end, they discovered that although the Undead were firing, there were no bullets to be seen. So even if they were confused, they understood what Zhao Hai wanted to do.

Before long, the cultivators broke their blood bags and pretended to be dead. Then they fell downward. Naturally, they didn’t crash to the ground. Once they fell into the forest, they would watch others acting out their part.

The cultivators who have fallen into the forest looked at “tragic” fighting above them and couldn’t help but laugh. This was the first time they saw something like this, so they found it quite interesting.

What attracted them the most was the battle between Zhao Hai’s three artifacts and the sword shuttles. Of course, they were also acting, but Zhao Hai’s performance was much better than the Cultivators. The sword shuttles were surrounding the three large artifacts and kept attacking. The three large artifacts were being bombarded and damaged.

The sword shuttles were like fishes as they surrounded and attacked the three large artifacts. They seem to be doing a good job preventing the three large artifacts from entering the fight.

If they didn’t know that this was a play directed by Zhao Hai, the Cultivators below would think that this was a real battle. Moreover, they would think that it was a vicious battle.

After a while, a sword shuttle was hit by the Hell King’s Ship’s cannon. The people inside the sword shuttle flew out. As soon as they got out of the sword shuttle, a cannon shell exploded right next to them. Then these people fell down.

Seeing this, the people in the forest couldn’t help but be shocked. This scene was very lifelike. They didn’t expect to see something like this.

However, this wasn’t the end. When the sword shuttle was taken down, the other sword shuttles became more active. All of them charged towards the Hell King’s Ship. Before long, the Hell King’s Ship’s shield was broken through. Then the sword shuttles continued to charge, causing the cracks to appear on the Hell King’s Ship’s surface. 

At this time, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and the Pagoda came over to support and knocked down more sword shuttles. However, the Hell King’s Ship was still destroyed in the end. The battle continued on. The Pagoda and the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship were seriously damaged, but they managed to wipe out the sword shuttles. The cultivators of the Hundred Treasures Realm were able to follow-up and achieve victory for the realm.

However, the losses of the Hundred Treasures Realm looked very heavy. They cleaned the battlefield before slowly withdrawing. After all of these were done, all cultivators who ‘died’ returned to the three large artifacts.

Looking at the Hell King’s Ship, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, and the Pagoda being in good condition, the cultivators couldn’t help but be surprised and impressed. The cultivators weren’t in a hurry to enter the large artifacts. They were all looking at the three large artifacts with curiosity. They gathered in groups and chatted for some time. All of them looked very excited.

Mu Yu stood beside Zhao Hai and looked at the excited faces of the cultivators. He shook his head as he smiled and said, “I’ve been to many battles before, but I haven’t seen people this happy after a big victory. Little Hai, now that we finished the play, should we leave? I don’t know if we can deceive the high-grade realms with this.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It should work. These high-grade realms trust the Detective Race too much. I let the people act like this so that the Detective Race wouldn’t find out. At the same time, I tampered with the spiritual qi fluctuations. Even Immortal Experts wouldn’t be able to correctly judge what happened here.”

Zhao Hai wasn’t speaking falsely. Immortal Experts were very sensitive to fluctuations in energy. And with their extremely long lives, Immortal Experts were experienced in the flow of war. They can definitely get information from the spiritual qi fluctuations of an area. This was the reason why Zhao Hai performed such a play.


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