BTFTLIAW – Chapter 899


Chapter 899 – Just A Step Closer!

Inside the war tank, Penny looked out into the dark sky of the Demon Realm. Due to the presence of the sun, he understood that it was currently daytime. However, daytime here was pretty similar to the dark night in the Ark Continent. Therefore, the war tank had to turn on its lights in order to travel normally.

Penny was very worried about this place. He already sent word back to the family so that they could send reinforcements to support him. He needed to figure out what this place was.

They had already affirmed that there were people living in this place. Although their architecture was different from those in the Ark Continent, there was the unfinished city outside the rift that had a similar style. It was already certain that the ones who built that huge city were people from this place.

Judging by the construction of that big city, the spatial rift should have been opened at most in the last two years.

What surprised Penny the most was the huge broken magic formation outside the rift. This was a never before seen formation. The formation wasn’t small, and Penny was sure that the formation had something to do with the rift.

Most importantly, what shook Penny’s heart was the fact that the people from this place had the same fate as those in the Ark Continent. All of them disappeared!

Where did the people from this plane go? How about the people from the Ark Continent? Whatever the reason for these two phenomenon was, it will certainly affect the O’Neal family. All of these thoughts plagued Penny’s mind.

Because of this, after writing the letter to be sent back to the family, he personally led the team, a war tank and ten magic armors, into the Demon Realm.

The war tanks of the Atlanta Plane didn’t need shields. Its main function was to transport magic armors. Installing shields on one would be a waste of resources.

Penny’s war tank, however, was different. A shield was installed in it because they were the ones who went first inside dangerous areas. Therefore, what was bestowed on them were the best war tanks of the family.

But what Penny didn’t know was that their route was going to clash with an ore deposit that Zhao Hai was currently mining. Everything was under Cai’er’s attention. So after she was sure that the scout team would meet the mine, she immediately went to inform Zhao Hai.

Penny was clueless about all of these. His heart was still very heavy, and the state of their team wasn’t very peaceful. The magic beasts in the Demon Realm were more aggressive than the ones back in the Ark Continent. Moreover, the numbers of magic beasts here were a lot more. Although the magic beasts had entered the Space after the beast tide, not all magic beasts participated. Therefore, there were still a lot more magic beasts in the Demon Realm. Even Zhao Hai’s mines were being attacked by these beasts from time to time.

The scouting team were already attacked more than ten times. Although every wave was repelled, the process didn’t come easy. The weapons on the war tank couldn’t even repel the magic beasts, so they would need to deploy the magic armors each time.

It was because of these attacks that Penny knew how aggressive the beasts in the Demon Realm were. Naturally, because of how formidable the magic beasts were, their crystal cores were also much bigger compared to the ones back in the Ark Continent. This allowed Penny’s team to have enough energy to continue on with their journey.

At this time, a red dot was flying towards the war tank. After looking at the red dot, Penny immediately said to the war tank’s driver , “Stop, Mosquito is back.”

Mosquito was just a name given to one of the magic armor units under Penny’s command. Although they were using the war tank to traverse the Demon Realm, Penny still sent magic armors to explore what’s ahead. Magic armors were faster than war tanks, and could observe from the sky. Magic armors were able to see things the war tanks couldn’t.

The war tank driver immediately responded and stopped the war tank. Then the driver pressed a button to make the roof of the tank open up, allowing entry to the magic armor. The magic armor’s pilot was very good, although it entered the war tank, the tank didn’t shake at all.

Penny went towards the back of the war tank, just in time as the front of the magic armor opened and the pilot got out. Upon seeing Penny arrive, the pilot immediately gave a salute and said, “Captain, we’ve discovered something.”

Penny’s spirit shook, he looked at the person and said, “What is it? Tell me.”

The pilot nodded and said, “About four hours ahead of us is a mine. We discovered that there are some undead and some magic beasts mining. From what we can see, they are probably digging gold ore.”

Penny stared for a moment before his two eyes shone, “You mean a gold mine? Are you sure?”

The pilot nodded. He couldn’t blame Penny for his reaction. In the Atlanta Plane, gold was the circulated currency. Therefore, upon hearing about the gold mine, it was no wonder that Penny would have this expression. If there was really a gold mine, then the O’neal family’s invasion of the Ark Continent would immediately pay for itself.

However, Penny continued to ask questions, “So you’re saying, there are undead and magic beasts mining there? Are you sure that they are undead?”

The man nodded, “I’m absolutely sure that they’re undead. But they seem to not have spotted me, and they also look quite weak.”

Penny frowned, “That might be an illusion. We shouldn’t forget about where we are. The magic beasts here are more formidable than those in the Ark Continent. It’s certain that magic beasts have attacked that mine. For them to survive up until now means that they have clever means. We need to be careful.”

After saying that, Penny turned to the war tank driver and said, “Go towards the target. Drive at full speed for two hours. Mosquito, is the road ahead good?”

Mosquito nodded and said, “It’s good. There are no obstructions nor magic beasts.”

Penny frowned, “That makes it even worse. For there to be no magic beasts nearby only means that they had been cleaned up. We’re not too far from the spatial rift, and there are only low-ranked undead and magic beasts in the mine. It seems like this place didn’t have much importance to the other party. The opposite party’s true strength might have been hiding in this plane. It’s imperative that we become extra careful from now on.”

Mosquito gave a serious nod. After that, Penny beckoned towards Mosquito, making him take a rest. Penny needed to guarantee that his people were always in optimum condition. This place is very strange, and they didn’t know how much danger they were going to meet.

Zhao Hai was paying attention to this squad. But from what he saw, he decided to not care about it. The squad was still some distance away from the mine. He’ll just have to wait until the group got into contact with the undead and iron armor beasts.

This would take some several hours. Therefore, Zhao Hai wasn’t too worried. Aside from the O’Neal family’s scouting groups, Zhao Hai was also paying attention to Bingya and the others.

The other scouting teams that the O’Neal family sent out this time weren’t in separate missions. Although they were divided, they weren’t too far apart, and they still communicate with each other from time to time. This was made in order to form a huge surveillance net to scour the southern part of the Ark Continent.

Zhao Hai wasn’t thinking about stopping them. If they want to come, then just come. It would just advance the date of their confrontation. There was nothing remarkable about it.

Zhao Hai looked at the situation with Bingya and the others. At this point, the vassal leaders were having a meeting with Bingya’s group. Their expressions were of grief, as though they were asking to have their lives spared.

After seeing this, Zhao Hai knew that Bingya would have these people under control. Now, he needed to think about the next step. The next step that Zhao Hai thought was quite simple. He would get in touch with the Thunder Clan, Barbarians, and the Winged Pegasus. He would tell them about the recent developments in the Ark Continent and then ask them to help guard the spatial rift’s defensive line.

Although they were quite busy, Zhao Hai was certain that they would agree. This was because if the O’Neal family were to break through their defensive line and reach the Divine Realm, the first to be unlucky would be the three clans. Therefore, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried that the three clans would refuse.

And as long as they were willing to send troops, everything else would be very easy to handle. The troops would surely get in contact with the O’Neal family. And once they meet the O’Neal family, then they would come to know how formidable the magic armors were. As long as they can perceive their future losses, Zhao Hai’s invitation to the Space would be more enticing to them.

After thinking about this, Zhao Hai immediately took out a messenger fish and contacted Fei’er. It has been quite a while since they two had talked.

Zhao Hai held the messenger fish and said, “Fei’er, Fei’er, are you there? It’s Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai expected that he would have to wait for quite a while. However, he didn’t think that Fei’er would immediately respond. Fei’er’s voice came out of the messenger fish, “Mister Zhao Hai, did something happen?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “There is. I have something to tell you about the Divine Realm and the Ark Continent.”

Fei’er went silent for a moment, then after calming himself down, he said, “Mister, tell me.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “The situation in the Divine Realm is going smoothly. We’ve made an agreement with the foreign races. Together, we will deal with the Divines. I also managed to kill a Supreme Elder, the Scorpio Supreme Elder. The other Supreme Elders gathered to deal with me, but they failed. At the same time, the vassal races of the Divine Realm had started a rebellion. The Divines are currently pressed with dealing with this. Also, I managed to defeat 100 million soldiers that the Divines had sent to the Taurus Continent. In the future, the Supreme Elders would shift their focus on the foreign races in order to force me to have a decisive fight with them.”

Although Zhao Hai’s tone was carefree, Fei’er’s heart was actually terrified. From what he heard, Zhao Hai had been in battle against the Divines several times. Otherwise, the Divines wouldn’t have shifted their focus to the foreign races. The method Zhao Hai used against the Divines was the same method he used back in the Ark Continent.

However, Zhao Hai seems to have the upper hand. And for Zhao Hai to be able to compel the other vassal races to rebel was something that was beyond Fei’er’s expectation.

When he heard nothing from Fei’er, Zhao Hai continued, “On the other hand, the situation in the Ark Continent isn’t very good. The underworld is still expanding. The O’Neal family had sent people to the continent. They had discovered the dark mist and are now trying to investigate the south. At this point, they have troops exploring the Demon Realm and soon they will find out about the Divine Realm. I currently don’t have enough strength to stop them from stepping here. Therefore, I plan to ask the three clans for help. What do you think?”

As Zhao Hai thought, Fei’er was silent for a while. Zhao Hai knew that this wasn’t something that can be discussed immediately. He just wanted to open the topic so that Fei’er can discuss it with his people.

And just like that, after keeping silent for some time, Fei’er said, “I cannot take responsibility for this matter. I need to discuss this with the Patriarch. Can Mister give us some time?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Of course. It also doesn’t matter if you cannot send troops. I will muster any manpower I can get in order to defend the spatial rift as much as possible. I just told you about these matters in order to inform you of the current affairs.”

Fei’er nodded and said, “Alright. Mister, I will also convey this matter with the Barbarians and Winged Pegasus. I will give Mister a reply as soon as possible.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright. If you have news, then you can just call me any time. Goodbye.”

Fei’er replied, “Goodbye, Mister.” After that, Zhao Hai put the messenger fish down. Plastered on his face was a smile. This was because he felt that the Thunder Clan and the others were now one step closer to migrating to the Space.

Laura and the others were currently sitting next to Zhao Hai. After Zhao Hai and Fei’er’s conversation was over, Laura said, “It seems like our previous actions had made the three clans less wary. Otherwise, Fei’er wouldn’t have taken responsibility of this matter. We have taken a big step this time.”

Zhao Hai lightly smiled and said, “We need to make big steps. If we take small measures, then I might ascend before the three clans decides to enter the Space. Now, I have confidence that the three clans would be migrating to the Space.”

Laura and the others chuckled. They also knew that the three clans were now unable to escape Zhao Hai. The Space needed to be strengthened!


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