BTFTLIAW – Chapter 900


Chapter 900 – Finally Reached

Penny’s magic armor was on a hill, looking into the mine in front. This mine wasn’t large. Moreover, there weren’t any living persons here. Those working on the mine were undead and magic beasts.

This kind of magic beast was something that Penny had never seen before. It was covered in scales, and although it wasn’t very tall, it was very powerful and not that slow.

On the other hand, the undead all had skeletal appearance. However, Penny didn’t think like Mosquito and regarded these undead as weak. In fact, Penny thinks that these undead were very strong. However, compared to the scout team, the strength of these undead wasn’t enough.

After all, they were the elites of the O’Neal family. Every magic armor present were God-ranked. Even for the O’Neal family, manufacturing such a magic armor was very difficult. Therefore, seeing the undead as lower level than them was appropriate.

Penny was very rich in experience. He wasn’t the same as Theo, who hadn’t experienced a real war. It can be said that Theo was one of the more recent geniuses that the O’Neal family had trained.

This time, the O’Neal family thought that the Ark Continent was a very good place, so they took Theo to try his talent. But who could’ve known that there were so many strange things happening in the Ark Continent, causing Theo to end up in the frontlines.

On the other hand, Penny didn’t become famous as early as Theo. Moreover, in terms of talent, it can be said that Penny had none. Penny crawled from the lowest level to his current position. After going through several hundreds of missions, Penny’s experience was very abundant. Because of this, he became the captain of this scouting squad.

Penny didn’t dare to look down on the mine. Although it seems like its defense wasn’t that solid. He could see upon further inspection that the undead were distributed quite reasonably. The undead were currently doing their own work, as if there were no threats in the surroundings. However, Penny knew that no matter which angle he attacked the mine, he would still be discovered by the undead. It can be said that the person who arranged this mine was an expert.

What surprised Penny the most was the fact that the the undead who were mining here had nobody commanding them. There wasn’t even a house in sight, only a lot of open mines with undead and magic beasts going in and out. Penny couldn’t see anybody else, which made him very puzzled.

In Penny’s experience, the undead are controlled by a Dark Mage. Moreover, it was impossible for a Dark Mage to keep this kind of operation for a long time, it would consume a lot of magic power.

Even God-ranked Dark Mages of the Atlanta Plane couldn’t make their undead go out all the time. During battles, they would release their undead. And when the fight ends, they will take the undead away.

However, Penny was already on the hill for two hours, and yet the undead were still religiously doing their work. There weren’t a moment of weakness nor loss of control. This made Penny both confused and wary.

Although there weren’t that much undead and magic beasts in this mine, what Penny saw was different. This mine was definitely not the only one being worked on by the opposite party. In other words, the other party had a lot more undead and magic beasts. Moreover, the other party had the ability to keep their undead working outside for a long time. This meant that the controller of these undead had the advantage with regards to longevity compared to Penny’s team. After all, the magic armors needed energy while these undead apparently didn’t.

After looking at the mine for some time, Penny decided to retreat. There was no need to observe this mine. Penny also wasn’t ready to attack this mine because most of the workers here were undead. Although these undead might not have a controller, according to Penny’s past experiences, these undead would have a spiritual connection to their owners. Attacking the undead would certainly attract the attention of the other party. And being noticed wasn’t what Penny wanted right now.

However, what Penny didn’t know was that his every action had been seen by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai now held great admiration towards these scouts of the O’Neal family. If he didn’t have the Space, then he wouldn’t have found Penny. Penny’s way of moving about was something that was difficult to deal with.

However, although Zhao Hai was looking at Penny, his main focus was placed on the other scout teams that were sent to the south. Their advance was very fast. They had almost reached the border between the Buddha Empire and the Radiant Empire.

As long as they pass this border, then these people would have a huge chance of discovering the Divine Realm’s spatial rift. Because of this, Zhao Hai’s attention was placed on them.

At the same time, Bingya and the others had also reached an agreement with the vassal soldiers. Bingya would deliver news back to his people in order to pick the vassal soldiers up as soon as possible.

Zhao Hai didn’t care too much about this matter. The only thing that surprised Zhao Hai was Bingya using such a laborious method to send the vassal soldiers to the Foreign Races’ continent.

However, Zhao Hai soon came to understand. After arranging the vassal soldiers’ matters, Bingya and the others immediately went to the Hell King’s ship. It seems like Bingya was planning to join him once more.

Zhao Hai didn’t want to drive Bingya and the others away. They can come whenever they want to. They won’t have any influence to Zhao Hai. what Zhao Hai was waiting for at this time was the news from Fei’er and the others. He wanted to know the result of their discussion.

It took only five days before the people sent by the Foreign Races came to pick up the vassal races. After Bingya handed the vassal soldiers over, Zhao Hai gave the vassal soldiers their food before they left.

However, what Bingya and the others didn’t expect was their people’s anxiety to leave with the vassal races. They didn’t even stay for a minute. This confused Bingya and the other two.

But when Bingya saw his people having a look at the Hell King’s ship, he understood. These people were afraid of Zhao Hai, they wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

Zhao Hai didn’t manage the vassal soldiers, he just left them to the foreign races. He had more important things to do. The O’Neal family’s scouts had finally reached the spatial rift to the Divine Realm.

The O’Neal family’s scouts had already discovered the spatial rift four days ago. But after seeing it, the scouts didn’t immediately go forward. Instead, the kept steadily moving. It looks like they were wary for any traps left by the enemy.

This way, they spent four days moving along before arriving at the spatial rift. Zhao Hai had also set up a large number of troops, waiting for the O’Neal family’s arrival.

In addition to the undead army, the spatial rift also had a large number of Thunder Clan, Barbarian, and Winged Pegasus troops. After discussing for two days, the clans finally decided to send troops to the rift to help Zhao Hai defend.

Zhao Hai wasn’t surprised about this decision. Therefore, when Fei’er told him about their answer, the food was already prepared for them. The only thing left to do was to wait for the troops to arrive.

As the O’Neal family’s troops arrived at the spatial rift, the armies had also arrived. However, nobody saw anyone as they were at both sides of the rift.

This time, the trio led the troops. Zhao Hai already knew Fei’er, Ding, and Shan. After all, they were acquainted back in the Ark Continent.

When the troops arrived at the defensive line, they discovered that Zhao Hai was already waiting for them. After looking at the Hell King’s ship in the distance, Fei’er and the others couldn’t help but feel uplifted. The ship was too marvelous, their hearts couldn’t help but feel at ease, their minds settled.

With an intention, Zhao Hai made the ship descend to the ground. While looking at the troops sent by the three clans, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Everyone, after you get settled in, please come on board to have a chat.”

Fei’er and the others understood what Zhao Hai meant. Therefore, they nodded before they settled their troops. Only after everything was taken care of did they go to the Hell King’s Ship.

When the three arrived at the ship, the discovered that Zhao Hai had prepared a table full of food and wine.

After seeing the three people arrive, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “You’re here. Come, take a seat. Let’s share a few cups of wine.”

Fei’er and the others gave a salute before they sat down. After that, Zhao Hai said, “You coming here really made me happy. Come, join me in this toast.”

The group raised their wine glasses and then downed the contents in one go.

After placing the glass down, Zhao Hai looked at the three and said, “I know you’ve gone through a lot of trouble in bringing these troops. For this I need to thank you.”

Fei’er smiled bitterly. He didn’t think that Zhao Hai would guess their situation. Just as Zhao Hai said, the troops were sent after some troubles. This was because the elders of the clans were divided whether they should cooperate with Zhao Hai or not. There were some who wanted to help Zhao Hai. After all, Zhao Hai gave them aid in dealing with the Taurus Divines. There were also those who wanted to stop cooperating with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai was currently at war with the Divines. If they cooperated, then it’s possible that they would get pulled into the conflict. It’s possible that the three clans would perish in this war.


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