BTFTLIAW – Chapter 877

Chapter 877 – Huge Rebellion by the Vassal Races

The vassal races didn’t let Zhao Hai wait for a long time. The key to the matter was all the Divines moving at once. The suppression got more and more unreasonable, there even came to a point where a Divine captured and killed a vassal just for being unpleasant to the eyes. When this news came about, the vassal races finally exploded.

They cannot wait, they couldn’t. Any more than this and their race would practically be exterminated. Therefore, rebellions began to crop up everywhere in the Divine Race. The scale of the operation was very huge.

Zhao Hao got this information from Bingya ten days after the people from the Atlanta Continent arrived.

Majority of Zhao Hai’s attention was now pointed at the people from the Atlanta Continent. Although the O’Neal family knew that something strange was going on, they still didn’t care much. They continued to lead their ship towards the continent. Before long, they had arrived by a port city, Rising Water City.

This place was originally an important port city of the Rosen Empire, governed by a Rosen Empire’s Prince. Now, not a single person can be seen on its streets.

However, this doesn’t have any relationship with the O’Neal family. They weren’t far from the city, so they decided to use it as a landing site.

This was good for them since Rising Water City’s harbor was a deepwater port. Otherwise, there would be no way for their four ships to dock. Since the O’Neal family didn’t know anything, they sent their scouts to see if there were any danger. After which they landed on the city.

Upon arriving at the shore, the O’Neal family didn’t immediately rush to expand towards the Ark Continent. Instead, they sent small troops as reconnaissance while those who were left behind began to renovate the city.

Although Rising Water City was a famous port of the Rosen Empire, it was insufficient for the O’Neal family. The family mostly used their magic armors and war tanks, both of which were massive. This was especially true for the war tank, each on of them were able to carry 20 magic armors, making it much larger than magic armors themselves.

Even if Rising Water city wasn’t a small city, its structures were made according to normal standards. Although their roads were quite wide, they still couldn’t accommodate the war tanks.

Additionally, when magic armors weren’t in battle, they would need a place to be stored in for maintenance. Because of this, the O’Neal family needed a large warehouse. However, Rising Water City’s warehouses were just too small, the O’Neal family would need to build the warehouses themselves. In order for them to survive for a long time, they would need to do this. They couldn’t just deliver the magic armors back to the ships since the four ships wouldn’t be staying here forever. The ships would need to return to Axe Island and bring commodities back.

In the past few days, aside from sending scouts and renovating Rising Water City, the O’Neal Family didn’t really have too much trouble. Their scope of reconnaissance didn’t exceed the Rosen Empire’s territory. Therefore, Zhao Hai’s desire of having them clash with the Underworld fell through.

At this time, Bingya sent information to Zhao Hai about the revolt happening in the Divine Realm. Upon hearing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. As long as they started, Zhao Hai could also start to act.

This didn’t mean that Zhao Hai was a warfreak. These days, Zhao Hai was forced to just look, unable to make a move. This state made him feel uncomfortable. But this time, he can now deal with the Divines.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t say much in front of Bingya. He just nodded and said, “Alright, thanks.” Then he nodded once more before returning to his room.

Upon entering the room, Zhao Hai immediately turned to Laura and the others and said, “Prepare to set off. We’ll deal with the Divines here first.” Laura and the other nodded. To be honest, they were already bored of waiting around all day.

However, they also knew that it wouldn’t be good to prematurely dispatch troops. Because of this, they endured. Now that they can make their move, their moods naturally improved.

After looking at their expressions, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Let’s set off. Break their supply line first. Then we’ll take care of their base.”

Laura and the others nodded. There’s no need to say anything else right now. When they left, Zhao Hao sent word to the Thunder Clan and the others, informing them about the situation.

Bingya was still quite confused with Zhao Hai’s reaction. He still didn’t know what Zhao Hai plans to do. Upon hearing about the rebellion, Zhao Hai’s reaction was quite light.

However, Bingya soon found himself wrong. Zhao Hai was already in action. The Hell King’s ship suddenly changed direction and flew straight towards the outskirts of the Taurus Continent.

Bingya stood on the deck of the ship, looking outwards as the ship unceasingly went through the clouds. His heart couldn’t help but calm down, he knew that Zhao Hai had started to make his move.

Bingya didn’t have any doubts regarding Zhao Hai’s strength. He had seen how strong Zhao Hai was with his own two eyes. As long as Zhao Hai made a move, the Divines would surely suffer greatly.

Although the ship was quick, no wind can be felt by those standing inside it. With the ship’s shields, all of the gale winds were kept out. Moreover, the ship flew steadily. If Bingya wasn’t standing on the deck, he wouldn’t have known that the ship had moved.

At this time, Zhao Hai appeared behind Bingya as he said, “What’s wrong? You’ve been staring for quite some time.”

Bingya turned to look at Zhao Hai, he bowed and then said, “Mister, I’ve been thinking about my uncles, father, and brothers. All of them were killed by the Divine Race. The thing I wanted the most right now  is to kill the Divines and avenge my family.”

Zhao Hai looked at Bingya and sighed, he patted the Wolf Beastman’s shoulder and said, “Death is inevitable, especially during wars. Don’t think about it too much, go take a rest.”

Bingya actually shook his head and said, “I’ll be unfair to mister, but I cannot fall asleep. Mister, can you defeat the Divines?”

Zhao Hai looked at Bingya’s eyes and smiled, “Yes, I can. You can rest assured.”

When he heard Zhao Hai, Bingya’s expression turned calm. He didn’t know why, but he found himself believing Zhao Hai’s words.

At this time, Yehta and Ryder also arrived on the deck. They silently looked at the Hell King’s ship’s heading. They were aware about the rebellion, Zhao Hai’s response was within their expectations.

The Hell King’s ship was very fast, After two hours, they had already arrived at sea. Zhao Hai didn’t stop as he flew for another two hours before stopping. Then he had the ship fly parallel to the shore, mapping everything he came across.

If the Divines had satellites, they would discover that the Hell King’s ship’s course went in a semicircle, going around the Divine Race fortress in the Taurus Continent.

When he felt like he had covered the supply line, Zhao Hai stopped. Bingya and the others looked at Zhao Hai in confusion. Zhao Hai looked at them and smiled, “Don’t worry, we’ll wait here for some time. When the Divines send supplies to the Taurus Continent, we’ll rob them. You go and take a rest.”

Bingya and the others looked at each other, but nobody moved. They were already aware of Zhao Hai’s mystical methods, but they still believed that if the ship remained here, the supplies would still be delivered.

Zhao Hai didn’t explain it to them as he turned and returned to his room. Since Bingya and the other didn’t have anything else to do, they chose to return to their cabins as well.

Bingya and the others also understood that if Zhao Hai wanted to block the supply line, then the Divines in the Taurus Continent certainly wouldn’t have a good time. There were about 100 million Divines in the Taurus Continent right now. In addition to the Divine Race army, there were also 100 million vassal soldiers. These vassal soldiers were unaware that they had already launched a revolt, therefore they still listened to the orders of the Divines.

Although these people were very strong, one shouldn’t forget that they also needed to be fed. 100 million people meant 100 million mouths to feed. And if they add the vassal soldiers, then that would be 200 million mouths. And this didn’t include the fodder for their mounts. All of these added up to an astronomical figure. The Divines needed new supplies every day. People would bring them spatial bags filled with food, otherwise they would starve.

Not only was Zhao Hai planning to cut the supply line of the Divines, he also asked Bingya and the others to think of a way to inform the vassal soldiers about what has been happening. They needed to be informed that the rebellion had already started.

Zhao Hai didn’t expect the 100 million vassals to pose any threat to the Divines. However, there was no downside to recruiting these 100 million soldiers. Even if they can’t help, they could at least cause some headaches, or even waste the Divine Race’s energy.

Time passed by as evening was slowly creeping in. Bingya couldn’t stay inside his room for so long, so he decided to go into the deck and look to see if some Divines could be spotted.

Upon arriving outside, Bingya couldn’t help but stare. This was because he saw the ship moving. Bingya stared for a moment before he looked down from the ship and then he smiled. This was because a Divine Race fleet was on the sea not far away.

At this time, Zhao Hai also walked out. He looked at Bingya and smiled, “Are you worried that I won’t be able to stop the fleet?”

Bingya scratched his head and bowed, “Mister’s methods are extraordinary, this Bingya is just blindly worrying.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured, if I said that I’ll deal with the Divines, then I will certainly be able to take care of them. I’ve placed undead on the places we passed through earlier. As long as the Divines come, they would immediately be spotted by my undead.”


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