BTFTLIAW – Chapter 878

Chapter 878 – Fighting another Ultimate Weapon!

Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t speaking the truth. If he didn’t make it up, then he wouldn’t have any other way of explaining why he knew about the Divine Race fleet here.

Sure enough, when Zhao Hai said this, an understanding expression appeared on the faces of Bingya and the others. They really thought that Zhao Hai arranged his undead on the sea.

Bingya and the others had already seen how strong Zhao Hai’s undead were. Therefore, they didn’t suspect Zhao Hai’s words at all.

Zhao Hai didn’t think of hiding himself, therefore, the Divines were quick to discover his ship. The fleet slowed down before Divine Race soldiers began to fly out. Among these Divines were more than 20 Domain Weapon experts.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t rush to attack. He only commanded the Hell King’s ship to slow down and stop in front of the soldiers. Then Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “There’s no point in hiding. Since a Supreme Elder had come, then let this Zhao Hai introduce himself.”

Nobody made any noise, the Divines were honestly standing there, they didn’t respond to Zhao Hai. Bingya and the others were confused at Zhao Hai. They thought that Zhao Hai was playing with the other party.

At this moment, Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “Since the Elder wants to hide, then I would have to be impolite.” After that, the Hell King’s ship’s flag pole suddenly swung towards Zhao Hai. Bingya and the others were startled, they were unable to react as the pole pierced forwards above Zhao Hai.

Originally, that place was empty. But a clashing sound can suddenly be heard. Along with this sound appeared a humanoid shape. The figure was flying about 30 meters away from Zhao Hai.

The figure showed a man riding a huge scorpion. The Hell King’s ship’s pole was currently blocked by the scorpion’s tail.

Upon seeing this, Bingya and the others knew that a person using an ultimate weapon was planning a sneak attack on Zhao Hai. However, Zhao Hai discovered it and managed to block it with the ship’s flag pole.

Zhao Hai looked at the man and coldly said, “And who are you? Care to introduce yourself?”

The man looked at Zhao Hai and replied, “There’s no need to know since you’ll die anyway.” After that, two big pincers went out from the scorpion and went towards Zhao Hai. At the same time, the tail went forward and suppressed the flagpole.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly. Then with an intention, the ship’s ram suddenly flew out, heading towards the figure, ignoring the two pincers.

The person was startled, he didn’t think that Zhao Hai would actually go for mutual attacks. He refused to get hurt and immediately directed the scorpion to go down. Naturally, the two pincers returned.

As the scorpion went down, the ship’s cannons suddenly adjusted themselves and fired towards the man. The man had the two pincers block the attack while the tail went to strike the ship’s hull.

Just as the tail was about to hit the hull, the waves beneath the ship suddenly rolled. The waves turned into a vortex, blocking the tail of the giant scorpion.

Zhao Hai suddenly waved his hand, taking his magic staff out. Then he waved his staff and transformed it into a huge hammer which proceeded to smash towards the person.

The man didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have this move. He had to retrieve his tail and go back. But at this moment, he suddenly felt a breeze by his side.The Hell King’s ship’s ram just flew beside him, it caused him to have a cold sweat.

The man dodged the ram strike, but what he didn’t expect was the flag pole softening itself and turning into a whip, targeting his head. He couldn’t help but retrieve the scorpion tail. However, he wasn’t able to use his full strength as he was dragged down by the pole.

Zhao Hai didn’t pursue, instead, he retrieved the pole and the ram back into the ship. His magic staff also returned to its original appearance.

Following the exchange was a flash of golden light. Then a person flew up from below. His giant scorpion had disappeared, but his body was now covered in a magnificent golden body armor. In place of knuckles, the armor had pincers instead. One could see the lethality of the pincers by the cold light that it gave out. At the same time, the armor had a swaying scorpion tail in place of a belt.

The man’s blood red eyes looked at Zhao Hai before he suddenly laughed and said, “Good, good, no wonder Old Ox managed to suffer a loss against you. Unfortunately for you, you met me today. That Old Ox is already aged, he’s useless. Now that I’m here, you’re dead.”

After that, he punched forward. His fist was quite interesting, he didn’t hold a fist like a normal person would do. Instead, he had his index finger hooked. Along with his movement, a huge shadow appeared behind him. The shadow was a huge tail that was currently going towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at this and smiled as he waved his hand. Then the ship’s battering ram separated from the hull and met with the approaching scorpion tail.

A bang resounded in the surroundings. Upon clashing, the scorpion tail disappeared while the ram returned to the ship. Not waiting for the man to make another attack, Zhao Hai quickly extended his staff, making it longer as it attacked the other party.

The man’s response came quickly as well. He extended his left hand as a giant pincer appeared. The pincers went on to block the staff. However, the man didn’t wait for Zhao Hai to retrieve his staff as his right hand extended and captured it. The man sneered before exerting force, pinching Zhao Hai’s magic staff in half.

The man laughed and said, “Kid, your weapon is a bit interesting, but it’s too weak.”

Zhao Hai looked at the person and then smiled, “Really? Why didn’t I know that?” Then the magic staff slowly returned to its original form. The section that was pinched shrunk as the entire staff went back to Zhao Hai. Then the staff merged back together, one couldn’t see any signs of it being broken.

Zhao Hai looked at the man and sneered, “I just want to match your movements, but you took it too seriously. Hahaha, interesting, interesting.”

The man rushed roared before he rushed towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai looked at the man and sneered, “You should look at your current appearance. Since you want to kill me, then I would have to be impolite.” After he said that, the Hell King’s ship shrunk and then proceeded to smash towards the man.

It only took a blink of an eye before the ship was about to collide with the man. Upon seeing this, the man couldn’t help but get surprised. He crossed both of his arms in order to block Zhao Hai’s blow. However, something suddenly pulled at his arms, he didn’t even manage to make a cross in front of him before the ship’s ram crashed straight into his body.

The ram’s attack hit no other place than the least defensible place in any armor, the throat. The man’s head was immediately cut off.

The man was dead, his expression filled with disbelief. What he just saw was his two hands being tied up by the waves beneath the Hell King’s shp. It was due to these waves that he had failed to block the approaching collision.

When the man died, the armor immediately separated from his body and automatically returned to being a large scorpion before it fell into the ground.

But how could Zhao Hai let it fall. He waved his hand as a spatial rift appeared, the giant scorpion disappeared in mid-air.

Upon seeing the man die, the Divines behind him immediately turned chaotic. Naturally, these Divines were aware of the man’s status. Now that the man had died, the Divines had lost all means of defending, their morale sharply fell.

Zhao Hai didn’t let go of this opportunity and directly bombarded the Divines. The Divines died one chunk at a time. It must be known that the might of the Hell King’s ship’s cannons was very huge.

The Divines were immediately flustered, they didn’t even think about resisting as all of them scampered to escape. However, they were soon to discover that Undead were blocking their exit. Not only from behind, above, below, on their left, their right, all avenues for escape were closed off. They were totally trapped inside a huge undead-made basket.

What they failed to notice were more undead charging from underwater. Before long, these undead emerged and began to fight the Divines on the ships. The Divines were slowly killed until Zhao Hai had finally taken control of the fleet.

Zhao Hai didn’t care much about this as he commanded his undead to kill the trapped Divines. The Domain Weapon experts tried to resist but their efforts were ultimately useless. Zhao Hai also released undead Domain Weapon experts. Since the undead experts outnumbered the Divines, they too were soon killed off.

The battle ended very quickly. For an army with no morale at all, it was practically a one sided slaughter. In less than two hours, the whole fleet was under Zhao Hai’s hand.

Naturally, there were Divines who weren’t killed off. There were those who lost their morale and immediately surrendered. Ever since Zhao Hai fought against the Divines, this was the first time that people actually surrendered.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t in the mood to manage them right now. He immediately threw them to the Space along with the ships they were using.

There were a lot of provisions inside those ships. And among the Divines who died, there were people who had space equipments with them. Inside were also supplies. The biggest space equipment that Zhao Hai gained belonged to the Supreme Elder. Inside weren’t supplies, instead, they were magic crystals.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about any of these. What he wanted to do right now was to investigate the giant scorpion. This was the first ultimate weapon that he obtained.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t make the Space analyze it right now, he just stored it inside the warehouse.

Bingya and the others were also able to see the fight. When Zhao Hai was battling the Supreme Elder, Bingya and the others were nervous. Fortunately, Zhao Hai won in the end.

However, this battle reminded them about Zhao Hai’s terrifying strength. Within a short period of time, Zhao Hai actually managed to kill the Supreme Elder. Zhao Hai was too strong.

At this time, Zhao Hai turned to the three and asked, “Do you know that person?”

Bingya and the others recovered, but they shook their head. Bingya opened his mouth and said, “Mister, although I don’t know who that was, but I heard about various ultimate weapons. From what I just saw, that man should have been the Scorpio Continent’s Supreme Elder.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I guessed the same. Alright, I’ll head to my room and take a rest. You take care of yourselves.” After that, Zhao Hai returned to his room. Zhao Hai didn’t rush to examine the giant scorpion inside the warehouse. Instead, he waved his hand and summoned an undead. This undead was the Supreme Elder that Zhao Hai just fought.

The reason Zhao Hai asked Bingya and the others about this person was to cover himself. That would make Bingya and the others believe that he had no way of gaining news from the Divines. After all, his relationship with the Foreign Races wasn’t that good to begin with.

Although the man was beheaded by Zhao Hai, his body didn’t suffer any destructive injuries. Therefore, the man was able to be raised as an undead.

Zhao Hai looked at the man and said, “What is your name? Why are you with the fleet?”

The person immediately bowed and said, “Answering to the Master. I’m called Yan Jian, Scorpio Clan’s Supreme Elder. In the past, the Taurus Continent told us about Master’s strength and the fact that Master might attack us. Therefore, he proposed for a Supreme Elder to accompany each shipment of supplies. This time, it was my turn.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Tell me about how long the fleet arrives. Right, you used more than a thousand ships to transport supplies. In addition to the ships, you also brought space equipments along. You transported quite a lot of grain.”

The man quickly replied, “Replying to Master. The food generally arrives after one month. These supplies cannot feed 200 million people. Because of this, the vassal races could only receive limited amounts of food. This is to make sure that they don’t get full. This would make it easier for the Divines to suppress them once they decide to revolt.”