BTFTLIAW – Chapter 809

Chapter 809 – The Demon Realm and the Underworld

The Underworld was a very mysterious place, but that was in the Ark Continent. The Demon Realm actually held some understanding about the Underworld.

One can say that the relationship between the Demon Realm and the Underworld was somewhat similar to the relationship between the Ark Continent and the Divine Realm. The Demon Realm was quite like a subordinate realm of the Underworld but not really a lower realm. If the two realms were to fight, then the Demons weren’t necessarily afraid of the Underworld’s residents.

Because of this, the Demon Realm knew about the Underworld. The Underworld’s strength was very formidable. If the Demons wanted to defeat them, they needed to pay a steep price.

Most importantly, the Great Demon King knew about the Underworld’s dark mist. Although it looked common, it was actually the Underworld’s ultimate weapon.

Not only was the dark mist toxic, it can also turn dead people into undead. The people of the Demon Realm were full of vitality that they can still blow themselves up. This made it hard for Zhao Hai to turn them into undead. However, this wasn’t the same case when it came to the Underworld. Demons who blew themselves up can still be made into lich and ghosts by the dark mist. The Demons weren’t afraid of both the Divine Race and the Ark Continent, but instead, they were terrified of the Underworld. The Underworld was their complete nemesis.

And now, the Underworld had arrived in the Ark Continent. It would take a lot of time and energy in order to repel them. Most importantly, the Demons had also opened a spatial rift. Rifts can be opened easily but closing it would be difficult. If the spatial rift couldn’t be closed, then the creatures of the Underworld would arrive at the Demon Realm soon. With this in mind, the Great Demon King happily agreed to Zhao Hai’s proposition.

Upon hearing the Great Demon King, Zhao Hai finally understood what was up. He looked at the Great Demon King and said, “If Your Majesty agrees, then that would be great. You can enter the Space at any time you want, but I hope you won’t be too anxious about it. It would be best to lead me to the Demon Realm first so that we can transfer those left behind. You and your army will stay here and help me contain the Divine Race. We should also do our best to hide the fact that we had become allies.”

The Great Demon King looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You really won’t forgive them?”

Zhao Hai coldly snorted and replied, “Of course. Those people are just from one of the 13 continents of the Divine Realm. But they used blood sacrifice on my people. There’s no way for me to let them go.”

The Great Demon King took a deep breath, then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Alright, I’ll go with your arrangements. However, our matters needed to be prepared as well. I need to go back and take care of it.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “If Your Majesty need to send me information, you can use this. It can directly send word to me.” Then Zhao Hai took out a bottle. Naturally, it contained a messenger fish.

The Great Demon King looked curiously at the small fish. When Zhao Hai explained its uses, the Great Demon King couldn’t help but be surprised. He didn’t expect a thing like this to exist.

It didn’t take long for the Demon Dragon King to think how useful this thing would be during war. If this thing was present, then relaying commands would be more efficient.

Zhao Hai didn’t give the Great Demon King more time to revel on the fish as he led the Great Demon King to return to his chariot. After the two had sat down, Zhao Hai said, “Your Majesty, since we already arrived at a conclusion, then I won’t extend my stay. I have to go back and arrange things. At the same time, I’ll be dealing with the Divine Race.”

The Great Demon King nodded and said, “Alright, I have things to take care of as well. I’ll talk to you soon.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then just as he was about to leave, the Great Demon King stopped him, “Mister, wait. I just want to ask. That sword you were stepping on, it looks just like the one I’ve seen on the immortal cultivator. What’s that about?”

When Zhao Hai heard the Great Demon King, he couldn’t help but laugh as he took his blood ghost staff. “This is not a sword. My staff has an ability to transform into many things. I just used the staff to make a flying sword. As you can see, I’m just doing it for fun.”

The Great Demon King gawked, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The reason he revealed his secrets to Zhao Hai was precisely because of the flying sword. He didn’t think that it was just a prop.

After Zhao Hai bade farewell to the Great Demon King, he immediately returned to the Space. Inside, Laura and the others were waiting for him. After Zhao Hai came back, the women immediately went forward to greet him.

They were also made aware of Zhao Hai’s meeting with the Great Demon King. Because of this, they came here in order to see its progress. They just didn’t expect things to go smoothly.

After Zhao Hai sat down, Laura said, “Brother Hai, I didn’t expect the Great Demon King to accept your proposal that easily. Wasn’t it too easy?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Maybe its just because we don’t understand how important a good environment is to the Demon Race. Berry, am I correct?”

Berry herself was a Demon, so she had the most understanding about how they think among the people here. When she heard Zhao Hai, she quickly nodded and said, “It would be impossible for the people of the Ark Continent to understand just how important a good place was for us Demons. To be honest, I don’t find anything strange about how easily the Great Demon King agreed to Brother Hai’s idea. On the contrary, it would be strange if he declines. In order to live in an environment like the Space, we would do anything, even providing faith power.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he already knew that the Great Demon King would accept his proposal long before he spoke it. He could clearly see how infatuated the Great Demon King was when looking at the Space.

With the Demon Race’s matter taken care of, another chunk of worry was lifted off of Zhao Hai’s heart. Finally, he can focus on dealing with the Divine Race. At this point, Zhao Hai didn’t care about the Underworld. In any case, those low level undead would just be more manpower to him.

The Underworld was just too big compared to the Ark Continent and only low level undead were could be seen on the parts that were covered with the dark mist. In other words, the Ark Continent was just too small that stronger undead had yet to take notice.

Even so, the Underworld had already occupied the Northern Icefield as well as a third of the Beastmen Prairie.

After discussing the Demons with Laura and the others, Zhao Hai changed the topic to the Divine Race. Zhao Hai looked at the current progress of the Divine Race and discovered that they have gone further than what he expected.

Zhao Hai turned to Lizzy and said, “Lizzy, what’s happened? How could the Divine Race advance this fast? Haven’t you controlled their speed?”

Lizzy smiled faintly and said, “I did. However, I didn’t slow them too much. It would be best for us if they arrive at the Accra Mountains sooner. We can block them there while dispatching troops towards the Radiant Empire. Once they turn back to help, then we’ll hit them seriously. By the time they reach the Empire, they should have lost about 50% of their total numbers.”

Zhao Hai looked at Lizzy as he took a deep breath. Then he turned to Laura and said, “Laura, is it just me or Lizzy has become more and more evil as time passed. I’m a bit afraid now.”

Laura giggled. Lizzy didn’t let this go, she went to Zhao Hai and twisted his side. Megan turned her eyes and said, “We learned from you. You’re the most evil one here!”

When Zhao Hai heard this, he sported an angry look and said, “Alright, if I’m evil, then I will show you how bad I can be!” Then he grabbed Megan and threw her over his shoulder as he went inside a room. Laura and the others just giggled, nobody followed.

Laura and the others weren’t jealous, Zhao Hai had treated each of them fairly. Moreover, he was very fond of them. Whatever they wanted to do, Zhao Hai would certainly allow them. If they want something, then Zhao Hai would provide.

There were some people who say that when one’s love becomes too deep, it could make a person disregard their own gains and losses just to be with someone they love. Laura and the others were currently feeling this right now. They only wanted to make Zhao Hai happy, anything else was irrelevant.

Zhao Hai also felt the same for them. Although he was quite busy, his wives were always on his mind. At this point, they were even more important to him compared to the Buda Clan.

Zhao Hai was not the type to pursue longevity, status, or power, becoming a cold and unfeeling person. In his mind, if a person’s most basic feelings were gone, then even if one becomes a god or a fairy or an immortal, what use would life be? What would be the difference between you and a piece of rock? A rock lying there, if one wouldn’t touch it, then it would stay there forever. However, would you envy that rock? No, nobody would envy that rock. It’s because you’re alive, and that was a rock! People who were cold and unfeeling were like this rock, completely lifeless and bland.


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