BTFTLIAW – Chapter 810

Chapter 810 – An Astute Great Demon King

The Third Prince was feeling very proud. He’s currently running free in the Ark Continent. The harassment attacks were simply useless  to his army. The Third Prince felt an overwhelming sense of power, he felt like a wargod.

While the Third Prince was feeling good, Thunder Yun’s face was quite ugly to behold. He was currently getting more and more worried. He didn’t know what Zhao Hai was planning. Why would he push them onward? There was surely some plot happening.

As a battlefield veteran, Thunder Yun knew that formidable enemies wouldn’t oversee opportunities to make a move. But at present, he couldn’t understand Zhao Hai’s actions.

Although he had received word about the Ark Continent’s migration, he didn’t care too much about it. In Thunder Yun’s mind, the residents of the continent had nowhere else to go to.

They came from the Ark Continent’s upper Realm, so where would the Ark Continent move? Compared to the Ark Continent, the Divine Realm was more familiar about the planes around it. The Divine Race knew very well that there was no other plane that can accept the Ark Continent’s residents. Therefore, Thunder Yun only gave that report a glance before ignoring it.

In addition to ignoring the report, Thunder Yun was also very disappointed with the enemies that were left. He didn’t understand why the enemy, who had harassed them since the start, would send such out such an information.

Actually, nobody can blame Thunder Yun. In the end, he was still from the Divine Race. They knew too much about the planes around them. Additionally, their pride was deeply ingrained in their bones. They didn’t put Zhao Hai in their eyes, even after suffering such huge losses under his hand.

Since they arrived, they haven’t looked at Zhao Hai as their equal. If they did, then Zhao Hai would’ve had given more problems in dealing with their invasion.

But although Thunder Yun was arrogant, he still had some sense in him to not disregard Zhao Hai. Because of this, he was currently thinking what Zhao Hai was planning. The more he thought about it, the more worried he got. And the more worried he got, the less clear his mind would be. It was a vicious cycle.

At this point, Thunder Yun was hoping for Fei’er to come back and bring him good news. When that happens, he can then make plans accordingly.

However, Fei’er was yet to arrive. Thunder Yun also knew that Fei’er wouldn’t be able to get information this quickly, but he still couldn’t help but worry.

Zhao Hai didn’t know about what Thunder Yun was thinking, he was currently preparing for their attack on the Radiant Empire. At the same time, they were also positioning their people in the Accra Mountains. In fact, Zhao Hai doesn’t need to arrange people in the Accra Mountains, but he still did it since he has nothing else to do right now.

Aside from the Divine Race, Zhao Hai was also paying close attention to the Demon Race. After the Great Demon King arrived back at the army, he immediately issued a retreat. This made Zhao Hai relieved, now he only needed to wait for the message from the Great Demon King.

The Great Demon King was also dealing with this matter with importance. Just like Berry said, the Demon Race’s desire for a better environment was far beyond what Zhao Hai can comprehend.

Although the Demons couldn’t understand the Great Demon King’s intent, they still acquiesced due to their faith towards their king. The army was now going back to Demon City.

When they returned to Demon City, the Great Demon King immediately called all the Demon leaders to his room. Before long, everyone was present inside the residence.

After the group sat down, the Great Demon King scanned everyone present before he said, “I went to see Zhao Hai and had a long chat with him.”

This wasn’t a secret. Almost everyone present here were wondering why the Great Demon King stated something obvious.

Then the Great Demon King continued, “I think everyone already knew about the Ark Continent’s mass migration. At that time, I couldn’t make heads about the report, I don’t know whether it was true or not. But after meeting Zhao Hai, I became certain that the information was true.”

Upon hearing the Great Demon King, the room immediately hummed into action. This news shocked them. The mass migration of the entire Ark Continent was too huge to imagine.

The Demon Dragon King looked at the others before he stood up and said, “Your Majesty, the news being true is fine, but why did Zhao Hai confirm it?”

The Great Demon King nodded and replied, “Besides this information, Zhao Hai also told me another thing. And this is important for us. Zhao Hai told me that in the Ark Continent’s Northern Icefield, a spatial rift appeared. The this spatial rift is connected to the Underworld!

This information was akin to a bomb exploding in the minds of those present. They didn’t expect the Ark Continent to be connected to the Underworld.

The Demons dreaded the Underworld. For a connection to the Underworld to appear in the Ark Continent, this wasn’t good news for the Demon Race.

The Demon Dragon King’s expression was ugly to behold, he said, “Your Majesty, can you confirm this news?”

Although the Demon Dragon King held great trust towards the Great Demon King, this information was just too shocking, they needed concrete evidence in order to prove it.

The Great Demon King shook his head and said, “I don’t know whether this is true or not. But confirming this shouldn’t be difficult. At this point, nobody is left in the Ark Continent. So there shouldn’t be any danger in sending the Demon Vulture Division to check it out. With their speed, they should be able to quickly confirm the news.” The Demon Dragon King held a heavy expression. He knew that if this information was true, then with the Demon Realm being connected to the Ark Continent, the Underworld would soon be crawling towards them.

The Demon Dragon King didn’t delay for a minute as he immediately arranged for some scouts to check the situation. Those inside the hall were still thinking about the report, none of them spoke out.

After the Demon Dragon King was done, the Great Demon King looked at him and said, “Have you arranged it? How long will they take?”

The Demon Dragon King immediately answered, “Your Majesty, they should come back the day after tomorrow. Although they wouldn’t stop midway, the distance was just too far for them to make it in one go.”

The Great Demon King nodded, then he turned his head towards the others and said, “Go back to your camps. We need to wait for news before I can make a decision. This matter is very important for our Demon Race. Demon Dragon, you stay. Everyone else can leave.” Then after that, everyone except the Demon Dragon King stood up and gave a salute to the Great King before leaving. Before long, footsteps could be heard outside and it faded into silence.

When nobody else was left, the Great Demon King turned to the Demon Dragon King and said, “Actually, I just had you arrange the scouts so that the others can see it. I believe Zhao Hai wouldn’t lie to me. Also, there is one thing left to tell you.”

The Demon Dragon King replied, “I guessed that as well. Your Majesty, please tell.”

Then the Great Demon King told the Demon Dragon King about everything he talked with Zhao Hai. The Demon Dragon King already knew small things about Lu Wei. When the Great Demon King did his investigations, the Demon Dragon King was present. Therefore, the Demon Dragon King didn’t show too much surprise by the news.

After the Great Demon King finished his story, the Demon Dragon King said, “Your Majesty, you mean to tell me that we can move to Zhao Hai’s place later on? Is the place really that great?” The Great Demon King was showing how infatuated he was with the place, then he replied, “It’s great, very great. It’s much better than you can imagine, much better than the Ark Continent. I saw the people from the Ark Continent there as well. Zhao Hai made a place that looked just like the continent. I became quite envious when I saw them.”

The Demon Dragon King nodded and said, “Your Majesty’s decision is surely correct. However, we need to take care of this matter delicately. We don’t want an accident to happen in the process.”

The Great Demon King nodded, “I’m also worried about this point. Because of this, we need to make something up, I need you help with this. The days that the Demons would come out of misery has come.”

At this point, the Demon Dragon King actually frowned, “Your Majesty, if Zhao Hai is that powerful, then if we enter the Space, how could we assure our safety? We don’t have any leverage for him to take care of us.”

The Great Demon King gave a faint smile and said, “Zhao Hai is strong, yes, but it’s not like he wouldn’t get any advantage after taking us in. Don’t forget about that thing called faith power. With Zhao Hai’s strength, he would surely ascend to the immortal cultivator realm in the future. This faith power should be very useful to him. As long as we enter the Space and give him faith power, i believe Zhao Hai wouldn’t treat us unfairly.”

When he heard the Great Demon King, the Demon Dragon King couldn’t help but frown once more, he said, “Your Majesty, if we do that, then what would be the difference to our current situation?” The Great Demon King immediately replied, “You fool, naturally there are differences. What has that immortal cultivator given us? Our Demon Race had always been living in the Demon Realm, nothing has changed. Also, now that the Underworld appeared, the Demon Realm is placed in peril. Once we move to the Space, then we don’t have to worry about those things anymore. We can just give Zhao Hai faith power in exchange for a much better life. In any case, faith power is completely useless to people like us.”


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