BTFTLIAW – Chapter 751

Chapter 751 – Favoring Two Races

Zhao Hai was currently sitting inside the Space along with Laura and the others. They were outside the villa facing a small table arranged on a meadow. On the table was a pot of tea, and not far from then were two Trees of Life. If it weren’t for the Demons and the Divine Race, then their lives would have been peacefully beautiful.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t in the mood to enjoy life. In fact, he was thinking deeply into the prophecy of the Elves. After he returned to the Space, the more he ruminated on the prophecy, the more he felt that it wasn’t that simple.

He can understand that the darkness and light referred to the Demons and the Divine Race. However, does the skeleton and steel really refer to the undead and the magic cannons? Zhao Hai thought that this wasn’t the case.

In the end, Zhao Hai was left with no way to find out, so he shook his head and sighed. At this time, Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, don’t think too much about it. Right, the people in Upper Bank City have already reached 8th rank. Do we proceed to the next step of the plan?”

Zhao Hai was taken out of his stupor. He looked at Laura and nodded, “Yes, we should proceed. Who do you think we should upgrade to 9th rank first?”

Laura thought for a moment and said, “If I were to choose, then it should be the Elves.” Lizzy and Megan agreed to this idea. Zhao Hai looked at the three and said, “Why?”

Laura explained, “The Elves are the best in using the blood lightning beads. Their harp archers can display its might far more than the other races could. And since the Divine Race won’t be attacking quite soon, it would be the opportune time to promote the Elves. This way, when the Divine Race did attack, the Elves would be ready to receive them.”

Lizzy and Megan nodded, then Lizzy added, “The weapons we can use against the Divine Race aren’t a lot. Needless to say, the magic cannons are best used by us Humans. As for the blood lightning beads, the Beastmen can only throw the out, which wouldn’t go far, which will affect its power. The Dwarves are similar, they were more suitable for just straight up battle. On the other hand, the Elves were specialists in ranged attacks, especially their harp archers. The blood lightning beads would become deadly weapons in their hands. Continuous ranged attacks while charging and retreating was not something that any ordinary archer could do.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then said, “Alright, then that’s settled. We’ll promote the Elves first, I’ll give them the potion so that they can be promoted as soon as possible. Right, when I went to the Elves, I also told the Queen to refrain from disturbing the Supreme Elders in their cultivation. There are a lot of 9th rank elves, and most of them are in the verge of breaking through to God-rank. Relay this instruction to the other powers as well, making their 9th ranks go all out in cultivation. On the other hand, the 9th ranks that had taken potions needed to be prepared to fight. Only through battle would they be able to get accustomed to their 9th rank strength, and gain a chance of entering God-rank.”

Laura and the others nodded. There were currently plenty of 9th ranks in the continent. However, majority of them were promoted using Zhao Hai’s Space, not through their own effort. Because of this, it would be difficult for them to reach God-rank.

They haven’t experienced the toil of improving slowly, so their mentality still couldn’t catch up to the genuine 9th ranks. If they wanted to break through to God-rank, then there would be two ways. First was to use the Space’s God-rank potion, and the other was to fully adapt to their 9th rank strength through plenty of battles. At that time, they would slowly get accustomed to their strength and begin to gain progress in becoming God-rank. However, the latter method won’t be that easy.

Zhao Hai had some preference on which races he wanted to promote to God-rank first. They were the Elves and the Fishmen. The Beatmen had fairly the same numerical strength to the Humans while the Dwarves were just innately strong. Because of this, Zhao Hai wasn’t too anxious in promoting their ranks.

The Beastmen, Dwarves, and Humans held a similar weakness, their lives were too short. But this also came with an advantage, this meant that the three races would find that their cultivations were quicker compared to the Elves and the Fishmen.

The lifespan of the Elves and the Fishmen was much higher compared to the other three. This allowed them to accumulate 9th ranks across multiple generations despite the lack in cultivation speed. Although their 9th ranks weren’t as numerous as the Beastmen, Dwarves, and Humans, their experts occupied the top spots in terms of cultivation experience. This caused the two races to have a lot of 9th ranks that were on the verge of becoming God-rank.

On the other hand, although the Beastmen, Dwarves, and Humans had a lot of 9th ranks, they weren’t advanced enough to get to God-rank. Because of this, Zhao Hai settled on the Elves and the Fishmen.

Although it can be said that the first genuine God-rank expert in the continent was humanity’s Origin Sword Saint, one shouldn’t forget that the Origin Sword Saint has been at the peak of the continent for a long time. At the same time, he had also received benefits from the Space. Even if he wasn’t artificially promoted, he still underwent nourishing from the Space’s abundant energy, something that was completely lacking in the Ark Continent. The Origin Sword Saint, although a genuine God-rank, was just lucky to encounter the Space.

On the other hand, the Elves and the Fishmen didn’t cultivate in the Space, but they still held strength comparable to the Origin Sword Saint.

At this point, turning average people in the continent into 9th ranks wasn’t that difficult for Zhao Hai. The reason that he wanted to limit the number of 9th ranks was because he didn’t want them to think that obtaining the rank was too easy. Easily obtainable things aren’t seen as valuable.

Moreover, he didn’t want to use human-wave tactics in dealing with the Demons and the Divine Race. If they use this method, then nobody would be left in the continent after expelling the Demons and the Divine Race.

Therefore, Zhao Hai can only make God-ranks en masse at this point. Only through numerous God-ranks can the Ark Continent have the qualification of waging war with the Divine and the Demon Realms.

After discussing the matter with Laura and the others, Zhao Hai went out of the Space. In his hand was a big red bottle containing Blood Pond water. This bottle was to be given to the Elves so that they can reach 9th rank at the shortest period of time. After Zhao Hai arrived at the city, he immediately summoned the various leaders to the mansion. The people in the city were already accustomed to Zhao Hai’s appearance and disappearance. Because of this, they weren’t very disgruntled about sudden summons. They knew that Zhao Hai was busy, a lot busier compared to them.

After the group arrived at the battle room, Zhao Hai had them sit down before he said, “You’re now 8th rank experts. And as long as you take this potion, then you would reach 9th rank.” Then Zhao Hai gestured towards the blood red bottle on the table, causing the eyes of the group to shine.

After looking at their expressions, Zhao Hai continued, “I know that you all wanted to reach 9th rank. However, you cannot take this potion at the same time.” Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the people in the room couldn’t help but gawk. However, they quickly understood the reason. The Divine Race would make their move soon. If all of them were to cultivate simultaneously at this time, then there would be nobody left to defend when the attack came. Because of this, the group immediately gave an understanding nod.

Seeing that the group understood, Zhao Hai felt relief, then he said, “Once you take this potion to become 9th rank, becoming a God-rank expert would become much more difficult. Relying on this potion to become 9th rank will make it hard to adjust one’s own strength. Only after plenty of battles will you start to see the road to God-rank. Can all of you understand?”

The group nodded, if they can sit in this room, then this meant that they weren’t fools. They knew how the slow cultivations was, even cultivating from 6th to 7th rank was difficult. There was needless to say about 9th rank to God-rank.

Then Zhao Hai continued, “In the present situation, I can only provide 9th rank potions. When my research on God-rank potions are done, then I will proceed to help you.” The group lightly chuckled, they didn’t believe that Zhao Hai could research God-rank potions so easily. In their minds, this was close to impossible.

Zhao Hai didn’t mind their laughter, then he said, “I brought this 9th rank potion in order to make the Elves rank up first. What do all of you think?” The people in the room stared, then turned their head to the handsome but cold-faced Elf. As soon as the Elf heard Zhao Hai, his ice-cold expression couldn’t help but freeze.

After seeing their reaction, Zhao Hai didn’t wait for them to ask. He immediately said, “I decided to give the potions to the Elves first because they are the most efficient in using the blood lightning beads. Everyone should know about how powerful the beads were. Normal archers simply aren’t able to fire this bead, only the Elves are able to. Once the Elves reach 9th rank, then their strengths would undergo a qualitative leap, which would supplement the blood lightning beads even more. Even when faced with the Divine Race, they would still be able to hold on.”

When they heard Zhao Hai, the group couldn’t help but think. It didn’t take too long before everyone agreed. In the hands of the Elves, the blood lightning beads were indeed extremely lethal. If they wanted to utilize the blood lightning beads as much as possible, then promoting the Elves first would be a good choice.


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