BTFTLIAW – Chapter 752

Chapter 752 – Change in the Demon Race

If they hadn’t been in battle with the Divine Race, then the groups might have something to say. But now that they had experience, they knew that Zhao Hai made the right choice.

All of them understood that choosing the Elves would be the best choice when it came to resisting the Divine Race advance.

After seeing that nobody was in opposition, Zhao Hai turned to the Elf leader and said, “Noah, bring this potion back to your camp. Upgrade your strengths as soon as possible.”

Noah nodded, then he took the potion bottle before giving Zhao Hai a bow and leaving. Noah knew that the most important thing right was was to make the Elves break through, other things are irrelevant in comparison.

After Noah left the room, Zhao Hai looked at the others and said, “After the Elves gets promoted, the Dwarves will go next. Having the Dwarves get to 9th rank would provide us with more diversity in the battlefield. After the Dwarves would be the Beastmen and then the Humans after that. Don’t worry, I can assure all of you that there’s enough potions for everyone.”

The group nodded, then Zhao Hai continued, “Although the Divine Race has yet to attack, everyone still needs to be careful, especially the Dwarves. We’ll leave it up to you to make the ground under the city into a huge battlefield.”

Baker nodded, then Zhao Hai turned his head to the Beastmen representatives and said, “Have your mounted scouts investigate the surroundings as well. We wouldn’t want the Divine Race to know about our situation and decide to make a pre-emptive attack.”

The Beastmen nodded, then Zhao Hai looked at the Human commander and said, “You’re humanity’s most elite soldiers. Before you reach 9th rank, you can man the magic cannons for me. You should know that the magic cannons have limited uses, the same goes for the crystals as well. So you need to know when to fire. Behind you, there are 9th ranks working hard on charging the crystals. I want you to find ways to use the magic cannons in the most efficient way possible.”


The Human commander nodded. He was someone from the Rosen Empire, so he held great respect to Zhao Hai. He knew about Zhao Hai’s status inside the Rosen Emperor’s heart.

After discussing these things, Zhao Hai said, “If there’s anything you need, tell me, there’s no need to be polite. Baker, make your men drink less liquor, otherwise if you get drunk, then I’ll personally beat you up.”

Baker embarrassingly smiled and said, “Elder’s liquor is just too delicious. The Elder can feel relieved, we’ll control our drinking in the future.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to the Beastmen and said, “Beastman Brothers, I know that you’ve taken a liking to eating green vegetables. But you cannot eat too much of it, or else you’ll get weak. I won’t stop giving you vegetables, but you should eat meat as well, understand?”

The beastmen bitterly smiled as the scratched their head and they nodded. Zhao Hai couldn’t blame these Beastmen, green vegetables were very rare to them. Before coming to the city, all of them were yearning of eating some. Now, it seems like these people had turned into Elves, exclusively eating green vegetables every day, causing many soldiers to suffer from diarrhea. Zhao Hai was just giving them warning.

After the taking care of all his matters, Zhao Hai concluded, “Alright, all of you head back, today’s matters end here. Make sure to explain our decision well, unity is very important for us.” The group nodded before they stood up and left.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath and then sat back on the chair. Shue stood by Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, will sending Beastman scouts really be useful?”

Zhao Hai sighed and said, “Not really, but you must think about balance. Only after the Beastmen reach 9th rank can they display their strength. If we don’t have them do anything, they might think that they’re useless. That wouldn’t be great for their morale. We need to keep them satisfied before they reach 9th ranks and show their usefulness.”

Shue nodded and didn’t speak anymore. He understood firsthand how Zhao Hai was very busy. Not only did he need to think about the Demons and the Divine Race, he needed to keep the balance on all races as well. This would ensure that the Continent would keep its peace, this wasn’t an easy matter.

Zhao Hai turned his head to Shue and said, “The dead raging bulls, have they been handed over to the Beastmen?”

In the previous battle, Zhao Hai released large quantities of raging bulls to deal with the Divine Race’s heavy cavalry. This caused raging bull losses that numbered in the hundred thousands. Zhao Hai didn’t turn these raging bulls into undead, instead, he gave them to the Beastmen to process. Although the raging bull meat couldn’t compare to potions, they can still improve the strength and defense to those who ate it. Moreover, their skins can also be turned into leather armor, providing additional defense. At the same time, their bones can become long distance weapons for the beastmen. Not only were the bones hard, they were quite heavy as well. In the hands of the Beastmen, they would definitely turned into great weapons.

One could say that when it came to using iron to make weapons and armor, the Dwarves would come on top. On the other hand, when it came to leather armor, the Dwarves were actually inferior to the Beastmen. Almost every Beastman wore leather armor, and these were all made from beast skins. Leather armor made by the Beastmen weren’t only defensively strong, they were quite comfortable to wear as well.

Shue nodded and said, “Young Master can feel relieved, it has been handed over to the Beast King. He would definitely be able to process them properly.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Give some blood lightning beads to the Beast King as well. Have them make weapons that can launch these beads for a long distance. This way, we can provide more blood lightning beads to the Beastmen.”

Shue nodded. He knew that Zhao Hai would tell these matters to Laura, the only reason he was told about it was because Zhao Hai needed help. If Zhao Hai forgot about this, then Shue can remind him.

At this moment, Berry looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, you must help the Dwarves develop these kinds of weapons as well. The Dwarves’ long range abilities are just too weak.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he was aware of this issue. He had always wanted the Dwarves to be able to effectively use the blood lightning beads, he just couldn’t think of any way.

He thought for a while, he really couldn’t think of any material that was able to accomplish it, so he couldn’t help but stop his thoughts and turned to Shue, “Shue, after heading back, tell Patriarch Billy about this situation, make them try to find a solution. Right, tell them that the blood lightning beads are quite unstable, they couldn’t undergo strong impacts and vibrations.”

Shue nodded, then Zhao Hai looked at the skies outside the city lord’s mansion before they returned to the Space. After arriving, Shue immediately processed the things that he needed to do. At the same time, Berry and Zhao Hai went to the Processing Machine to take a look, then they returned to the villa.

In less than two days, the tiny pagoda would finish its upgrade. Zhao Hai didn’t know what would happen after the tiny pagoda gets upgraded, but he was certain that it wouldn’t be weak.

At this point, the potion materials in the Space can be produced fast enough to make God-ranked potions nonstop. When these potions gets made, Zhao Hai would make Shun use it first. After Shun reaches God-rank, Zhao Hai would then proceed to promote others.

Zhao Hai was now hoping that the materials in the ten magic backgrounds become produced as soon as possible. When that happens, Zhao Hai would be able to bring up a lot of God-rank Experts. As long as they have an army of God-ranks, then even if the Ark Continent couldn’t expel the Demons and the Divine Race, they could still manage defend the continent with no problems.

While sitting inside the Space, Zhao Hai turned the monitor on, looking at the Divine Race and the Demons. The two parties were also busily making their barracks and city.

The Divine Race had turned the cities of the Radiant Empire into military barracks. Magic cannons were arranged on the city walls, patrols could even be seen from time to time.

At this time, Laura and the others walked over. They just came back from dealing with Zhao Hai’s matters. At this time, those who were extremely wounded and disabled in the city have been sent away. Having these people return to the continent would also make a great impact.

The various groups had dispatched their elite, but they were still hard pressed to defend against the Divine Race and have been injured to this level. If Zhao Hai was not present, then they might not have survived.

The people in the continent were now looking at the Divine Race in horror, but Zhao Hai didn’t mind it. The Demons and the Divine Race were truly horrible, however, the people in the continent have never truly realized to what extent. Zhao Hai also didn’t want them to have any misconceptions.

This misconception was about Zhao Hai’s capabilities. Since he could block both the Divine Race and the Demons almost single handedly, people might think that the threat was no big deal. If Zhao Hai didn’t show them, then they might not know how strong Zhao Hai was.

Now that the injured soldiers had returned, they were able to tell the others about how fierce Zhao Hai was. Zhao Hai had shown strength capable of toppling any Empire and race in the continent. This kind of strength was simply unimaginable in the past.

At the same time, since the injured soldiers weren’t a lot, their testimonies wouldn’t raise too much disturbance in the continent.

Zhao Hai wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to any of these right now. There was a change on the Demon side. Their army had now reached 20 million, moreover, their God-rank experts had numbered to thirty thousand. And since they didn’t have enough space like the Divine Race, they were now covetously eyeing Rising Sun City.