BTFTLIAW – Chapter 747

Chapter 747 – Anxious Elves

Zhao Hai was calmly walking on the Space’s grassland. After the Space absorbed the wind bead, a breeze would blow here once in a while. This made the Space much more comfortable to be in, allowing Zhao Hai to relax more.

The Divine Race and the Demon Race were two colossal mountains that weighed down on Zhao Hai’s shoulders. Majority of his time was consumed in thinking about how to fight the two. This thought tightened his heart, not allowing him time to relax, making him feel very tired.

As he slowly walked around, Zhao Hai had unexpectedly arrived by the Processing machine. While looking at the timer, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. He was very happy about acquiring a treasure, but behind such a treasure was a powerful enemy. This gave Zhao Hai an even bigger headache, much bigger compared to the Divine Race.

Zhao Hai gently rubbed his temples, everything was quite rocky at this point. Things kept coming one after the other, it’s very exhausting.

However, these matters needed to be dealt with, no matter how troublesome they were. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but give out another sigh as he looked back at the beating timer. In less than two days, the soul eating pagoda would have been finished in its upgrade.

To be honest, Zhao Hai liked the ability of the pagoda. As long as the tiny pagoda levels up, then perhaps he might be able to get a better method in upgrading the undead. Moreover, through this tiny pagoda, Zhao Hai would be able to understand more about the immortal cultivator, this would allow him ample materials to prepare for.

After having a walk on the surroundings, Zhao Hai managed to relax his mood quite a bit, then he proceeded to return to the villa’s living room. Laura and the others were also done with their chores and were now currently sitting in the living room, looking at the monitor. The monitor was currently showing the Radiant Empire. At this moment, the Divine Race had already seized the whole Empire. Moreover, they had also established protective shields in the various major cities while building military barracks inside them.

After seeing these barracks, Zhao Hai finally understood why the Divine Race decided to bring such bulky magic cannons. The cannons were already placed on the city walls, manned by several soldiers. It seems like the cannons were to be used as the city’s defensive weapons.

After noticing that Zhao Hai had come back, Laura and the others quickly stood up. Laura looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, you’re back.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I just went on a short stroll to relax. Are done? How was it?”

Laura nodded and said, “The transportation is on track. The nations already knew how to coordinate, so we’re quite relaxed this time.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “That’s good, don’t tire yourself too much. Now we’re waiting for the Elves to finish their discussion. If they decide to allow the Tree of Life into the Space, then the Space might level up. Let’s just see where their decision takes us.”

Laura gave a faint smile and said, “Of course they’ll agree. If they don’t then they could only helplessly look at the Tree of Life as it slowly dies. The Elves couldn’t bear such a sight.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he turned to the Divine Race barracks, he sighed and said, “I’m afraid that this is only a part of the Divine Race army. I have a feeling that there’ll be more of them coming. If our strengths aren’t promoted when that time comes, then I’m afraid we won’t be able to stop the Divine Race’s attack.”

When they heard Zhao Hai, Laura and the others couldn’t help but turn silent. The attacks made by the Divine Race in the past two confrontations could be said to be fairly non-violent, and the number of attackers wasn’t that large. It seems like the Divine Race were still focused on their barracks. From what Zhao Hai could see, although the barracks has been set-up, they also look completely empty, they weren’t filled up. This might not be strange, after all, the Radiant Empire had about 100 million citizens while the Divine Race army only numbered 10 million.

However, seeing that they can’t fill the cities, the Divine Race still decided to construct their barracks. The only explanation to this was that they were preparing for the arrival of more armies in the future.

In this regard, one could say that the Divine Race were stronger than the Demons. Although the Demons had prepared to invade the Ark Continent for a long time, they were quite behind in preparation compared to the Divine Race. The Divine Race had the Radiant Church to aid them, and also the Radiant Empire for sacrifices, allowing them to change the laws of the Ark Continent. Now, the Divine Race already had their own place to settle in, unlike the Demons who needed to construct their own city.

Lizzy turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Big Brother Hai, if the Divine Race and Demons decided to attack at the same time, what do we do?”

Zhao Hai knit his eyebrows and said, “Then we can only retreat and fall back to the Accra Mountains. There, we would be able to block both the Demons and the Divine Race. As long as we stop them for quite some time, I believe that their cooperation would start to crumble.”

Laura nodded and said, “This was our previous plan, however, we still underestimated the Divine Race and the Demons. We originally wanted to have the fight happen in the Buddha Empire, but now it seem like that won’t be the case.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “If the Demons and the Divine Race keep on increasing their numbers, then we could only fall back to the Accra Mountains and defend on both fronts. However, we must drag the current situation for as long as we can. The Accra Mountain needs to have more time to prepare.”

Laura nodded, then she said, “Brother Hai, how about we give some blood lightning beads to father? Maybe he can find ways in order to improve it.”

Zhao Hai shook his head, “No, the blood lightning bead is extremely dangerous, it wouldn’t be good if father gets injured. Having the blood lightning beads in the hands of the Elves is enough. What we need to do is to promote their strength as soon as possible. Speaking of which, I need to bring some spatial water out into the city. We’ll strengthen the soldiers first.”

Laura and the others nodded, then Zhao Hai looked at the situation back in the city. Everything was very normal, after all, a fight just happened. Everyone was very tired and has been resting.

Lizzy turned her head to Zhao Hai and said, “Big Brother Hai, you should take a rest as well. You can go out after you wake up. This would also allow the soldiers to have proper rest.”

After seeing the situation of the soldiers, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, everyone should also get some rest. I’m afraid the Divine Race would make another move in the following days.”

Laura and the others were also quite tired in the past few days. Battles were happening one after another. Although Laura’s group weren’t involved in the fighting, their logistics work was more troublesome and exhausting. They haven’t rested well for a long time, so they needed this time to recover.

The next morning, Zhao Hai got up early and prepared a massive amount of spatial water before going out of the Space. At this time, the entire mountain was much livelier than before.

After the battle, the people were extremely tired. But at the same time, they also felt excitement they never felt before. They were too tired yesterday, so they immediately went to rest. Now that they had recovered, their vigor flared up, excited conversations began to bubble up in every part of the city.

After arriving at the city lord’s mansion, Zhao Hai immediately called the leaders of the various groups and gave them some spatial water. Moreover, he also told them that in the next two days, they wouldn’t need to fight, they needed to focus on improving their strength.

Naturally, the leaders of the groups became very happy. They had been waiting for this day. Even if they were the most elite troops of their respective armies, 8th ranks were still quite rare among them. Having this opportunity to reach that rank would make anyone very happy.

After having distributed the spatial water, Zhao Hai received a message from the Elf Queen. They had agreed to Zhao Hai’s conditions.

This made Zhao Hai stare, he didn’t think that the Elves would reach a decision in such a short time. However, he still made his way to the Elves’ Royal palace. After arriving at the palace, Zhao Hai discovered that the atmosphere was not quite right. Although the ordinary guards didn’t know about the problem, the 9th rank supreme elders of the race were all inside the palace. This made the atmosphere inside the Great Hall very hard to breath in.

Zhao Hai stared at this development before going inside the Great Hall. Inside, the Queen wasn’t on her throne, instead, she stood right by the 9th rank Elders of the Elven Race. Zhao Hai hasn’t seen these people before, it seems like they were the strong and elderly people in the race. What made Zhao Hai quite happy about these people was that some of them were very close to breaking through to God-rank.

However, Zhao Hai also discovered that the mood of these people were quite gloomy, their expressions pale. They were actually very anxious, it can be seen from their faces how much they valued the Tree of Life.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown, if these elders maintained this kind of mindset, then they would find it impossible to break through to God-rank. It looks like the matter of the Tree of Life needed to be solved as soon as possible.

Upon seeing Zhao Hai arrive, the Queen immediately welcomed him. With an anxious expression she said, “Mister, you came. We agree to Mister’s request. Mister, please follow me quickly, please save the Tree of Life.”

Zhao Hai looked at the Queen, he couldn’t help but be curious as he asked, “Your Majesty, did something drastic happen?”

The Queen looked at Zhao Hai and sighed, “Mister, just this morning, two of the tree’s leaves have withered. Time doesn’t allow us to wait.”

Zhao Hai gawked, in just two days, two of the leaves had wilted. If they couldn’t cure the tree in the following days, then it might certainly die. Losing the Tree of Life would be an extremely huge hit towards the Elven Race.

Zhao Hai immediately replied, “Alright, please take me over there. I’ll cure the Tree of Life as soon as possible.”

The Queen nodded, then she walked towards the Palace’s back courtyard and sat on a voiceless soundbird before flying up. Today, she didn’t prepare a mount for Zhao Hai. She knew that with Zhao Hai’s strength, there would be no need for him to ride a mount. Moreover, Zhao Hai wasn’t the only one who wouldn’t need a mount. The 9th rank Elders were also going with them so see the tree.


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