BTFTLIAW – Chapter 746

Chapter 746 – Method to Upgrade the Undead

After entering a small arched entrance, Zhao Hai and the Queen got into a fairly big room. All in all, this room had more than 100 square meters. In the middle of this room was a pool, and in the middle of the pool was a short and small tree.

The tree was very unusual. Its whole body was green but it was almost transparent. It looked more like a crystal than an actual tree.

What made Zhao Hai feel strange was that this tree only had nine twigs, and each twig only had a single leaf. Each leaf also looked like a crystal, but their veins were of deeper color, they looked very beautiful.

However, among these nine leaves, one of them had started to turn yellowish. It looks like the leaf was slowly dying.

On the side of the pool were several mats. One could see that these mats were very clean, evidence that it was used quite frequently.

The Queen arrived on a mat and gently knelt, paying obedience towards the small tree in the middle of the pond. Then she stood up and turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, this is the Divine treasure of our Race, the Tree of Life. In the past, all of the leaves of this tree are green. But today, I have discovered that one had turned yellow. This reminded me of the prophecy of the Dwarves. So I immediately asked mister over in order to see it.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he arrived by the pool. The pool wasn’t very big, but it was completely filled with water. He examined the liquid of life inside the pool, it seems like this one was of a higher quality compare to what the Space had before.

The Tree of Life lived on this pool. There wasn’t even a single particle of soil inside the pool, making it seem like the Tree of Life was being a parasite on the giant tree.

Zhao Hai frowned, to be honest, he didn’t know if the Space was able to save this tree. It would be great if the Space did, however, if it can’t, then the Elf Race would be in big trouble.

The Queen looked at Zhao Hai’s expression, her heart couldn’t help but sink. She thought that Zhao Hai didn’t have the means to save the Tree of Life. However, she still asked, “Does Mister have any ways of saving the tree?”

Zhao Hai turned his head to the Queen and replied, “I have a solution in mind, however, I’m not sure if it could work. Moreover, I cannot treat it here, I need to bring the tree to another place in order to cure it. If Your Majesty agrees, then I can try. If you don’t, then I have no other methods in mind.”

As soon as she heard Zhao Hai, the Queen couldn’t help but stare for a moment before she knit her brows and said, “Mister, the Tree of Life is too important for the Elves. I alone don’t have the authority to immediately decide on this matter. I need to discuss this with the elders before giving you a concrete answer.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, but Your Majesty should know about the effect of this matter more than I do, so I will not say any more. I just hope that you keep this a secret, we can’t afford to have panic among the Elves at this time. Just know that if you decide to let me cure the tree, then I am confident that I have an 80 percent chance of succeeding. Also, it wouldn’t take too long.”

The Queen stared for a moment before she gave a nod and said, “Alright, Mister can rest assured. I shall handle this matter with care.” Then she led Zhao Hai out of the hole.

After exiting, Zhao Hai didn’t ride the voiceless soundbird, instead, she turned to the Queen and said, “Your Majesty, I won’t be staying here for long. My presence if heavily needed in the frontlines. If you agree to my arrangement, then you can just inform me through the messenger fish.”

The Queen nodded and said, “Alright, then I’ll have to trouble Mister when the time comes.” Then Zhao Hai gave a bow before his figure vanished. After Zhao Hai vanished, the Queen silently rode her voiceless soundbird and then proceeded to return to the Royal Palace.

Zhao Hai didn’t return to Upper Bank City, but instead entered the Space. He had assigned Cai’er to look after the city for him.

Since nothing happened in the city, Zhao Hai decided to count his gains from today. Currently, the magic beasts of the Space had been promoted. Unfortunately, the majority of them only reached 9th rank, nobody reached God-rank. Moreover, of the undead that he had absorbed, very few of them were God-rank. Most of them were 9th rank or were promoted to 9th rank by the Space.

There was no other explanation for this, most of their kills today were from the Divine Race’s heavy and light cavalry. These two units weren’t that high in the Divine Race’s hierarchy, so their strengths were very limited.

Moreover, Zhao Hai discovered that the Space’s hurdle to God-rank wasn’t as easy as before where he only needed to wait for specific conditions to be filled before the undead gets promoted. Take the light element undead, after acquiring the three divine artifacts, this made them God-rank. As for the undead assassins, they only managed to get promoted by having absorbed Shiying. And lastly, the fire element undead were only promoted after absorbing Tiger Huan along with more God-rank fire element experts.

Zhao Hai guessed the reason why this was the case, it was because of the number of the undead. At this time, the largest number of undead that he had were all from the water element while the least number came from the light element. This was the reason why it only took three divine artifacts before all the light element undead got promoted to God-rank. The energy needed to upgrade all of those undead was only small. This was the same case for the dark element undead, they only needed Shiying’s energy in order to be promoted. This case was also proven when we think about the time where Tiger Huan’s death didn’t immediately upgrade the fire element undead. Only after absorbing more fire element God-ranks did the fire element undead get promoted to God-rank.

At this point, it seems like upgrading the undead in the Space wouldn’t be very easy. It would need a lot of energy before all of the undead were to become God-rank.

Although they had killed a lot of Divine Race soldiers today, a large part of them weren’t God-rank, some haven’t even reached 9th rank. Because of this, the undead in the Space didn’t level up. On the other hand, Zhao Hai managed to get living magic beasts into the Space, which in turn promoted the magic beasts in the Space.

Although all of these were just guesses, Zhao Hai felt that his speculation wasn’t wrong. Still, he wanted to confirm, so he called Cai’er over and asked about the Space’s condition of promoting the undead.

Sure enough, the explanation that Zhao Hai got from Cai’er was similar to his guess. If he wanted to promote the undead into God-rank, then he would need energy that was the same as their attribute. Moreover, the energy needed to be related to death. As for the Divine Artifacts, they weren’t living beings in the end, so the energy inside them can be considered as dead. It was completely unlike the living energy inside trees and grasses as well as living beings. All of those living energies were useless to the undead.

The reason why Shiying and Tiger Huan managed to upgrade the undead was because they were killed. After being killed, their energies became dead, allowing them to benefit the undead.

Upon hearing Cai’er, Zhao Hai understood. This was the reason why the undead didn’t level up after Bubble entered the Space. Although Bubble didn’t seem like a living being, he actually had consciousness, this was akin to being a living creature. The energy in Bubble’s body was living, therefore cannot be used by the undead.

Zhao Hai became impatient about this condition. It seems like if he wanted to upgrade the undead in the future, then he would need to kill God-ranks with the same attributes as them. Only in this way could the undead have enough energy to level up.

Zhao Hai sighed and then let go of this matter. Then he looked at Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, can you analyze the state of the Tree of Life? Why would it suddenly wither like that?” Cai’er shook her head and said, “Young Master, unless the Tree of Life goes inside the Space, there is no way that I can analyze its state.” Zhao Hai knit his brows and replied, “Then do you think that the Space can cure the Tree of Life?” Cai’er smiled and said, “There’s no issue about that. Young Master, don’t forget, the Space could even resurrect plants that are dead for over one month. Curing the Tree of Life wouldn’t be a problem. Moreover, seeing how formidable the Tree of Life was, it is highly probable that it could make the Space level up.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly and said, “Let’s hope so.”

Then Zhao Hai opened the monitor to see the situation at Rising Sun City. He wanted to see the current development of the Demon Race. Although there weren’t any actions coming from the Demon side, their numbers of God-ranks had kept increasing. At this moment, their God-rank experts had reached ten thousand. This made Zhao Hao’s expression uglier. The Demons and the Divine Race were very strong. Now that the Demon numbers had increased, Zhao Hai alone wouldn’t be able to stop them even if he went to Rising Sun City. But fortunately for him the had sent some crystals and magic cannons over to the city. This would allow them to withstand for a while, but not for long. At that time, Zhao Hai can only make use of the Space to rescue the people there.

The main issue for them at this time was the possibility that the Demons and the Divine Race would simultaneously attack. This will make Zhao Hai unable to focus on one without abandoning the other. With him being unable to split his head into two, true trouble would come.

Zhao Hai didn’t have any good ideas to deal with this situation. Although he held good things in his hands, these weren’t even enough to deal with one of them, much less two.

At this moment, the main weapon in Zhao Hai’s hand were his undead. All of these undead would be able to resist one of them but were not enough to block both. Splitting the undead would only lead to them being killed off by the Demons and the Divine Race, causing losses on both fronts. Once the undead gets killed off, then Zhao Hai’s might would diminish as well. When that time comes, it would be extremely difficult for him to find ways in order to resist the Demons and the Divine Race.


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