BTFTLIAW – Chapter 628

Chapter 628 – Four Armed Demon

Zhao Hai said, “Four Armed Demon? That sounds scary. Tell me how you want to arrange it.”

Lizzy smiled faintly and said, “Big Brother Hai, did you manage to see the weakness of the opposite party’s cube formation? It actually has a weak point.”

Zhao Hai replied, “Weak point? What weak point? How could something that the Fishmen had used for so many years have flaws? So tell me, what is it?”

Lizzy smiled faintly, then she waved at the screen, enlarging the Sea Dragon’s cubic formation. After looking at the formation, Lizzy said, “Big Brother Hai, look at this, although the formation looks very secure and compact, it still had one shortcoming. When this formation makes a move, the are edges in the back that almost always stayed motionless!”

Zhao Hai had always felt that there was something off with this formation, but he wasn’t able to know the difference. But now that Lizzy reminded him, Zhao Hai finally saw it. Although the formation looked like a rubik’s cube, it functioned much more like a square. The square was able to rotate but the four back edges always stayed in place. Even when the top face rotated, they still stayed completely still. Although some Fishmen were on those faces, they seem to be isolated from the rest of the cube and weren’t participating in the fight.

When the group heard Lizzy, their eyes couldn’t help but light up. Lizzy looked at their expressions and faintly smiled, “This point looks like nothing, but it was actually a point of importance. Once you break those four edges, the cube would break. So I designed this Four Armed Demon formation in order to deal with that weakness. The center army would be attracting the attention of the enemy commander. And when the opportune moment comes, four arms would make their move and target those weak spots!”

While talking, Lizzy drew the image of her formation on the monitor. The formation looks like a four armed man that would hug up the enemy’s cube box. And his four arms would be grasping the back edges of the opponent’s formation, effectively breaking it apart.

Zhao Hai and the others couldn’t help but look at Lizzy in a new light. The way Lizzy and Megan attacked were very different. Megan’s attack emphasized on good attack and battle maneuvers, going head to head with the opponent’s formation. But Lizzy actually looks for weaknesses in the enemy’s formation and capitalizing on that knowledge to make a formation that would be able to break the enemy’s formation.

If Megan were to be described as open and aboveboard, like a Warrior wanting a duel, overthrowing any ideas of underhanded tricks, Lizzy would be like a strong assassin, always actively looking for weaknesses in the enemy that she can exploit.

Lizzy turned to Zhao Hai and said, “So Big Brother Hai, is it possible?”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “How could it not be possible? Look at this.” Then Zhao Hai waved his hand as the cube of undead advanced. While it was advancing, some undead magic beasts slowly crawled and formed four distinct armies on the edges of the army, ready to launch an attack at any time. Other places of the formation didn’t change in order to not attract Illac’s attention.

But this time, Illac was already being very careful. Zhao Hai’s attack managed to make him focus on his next movement. It doesn’t matter if the other party was Zhao Hai or not, but their command of undead made Illac startled. Because of this, even if Zhao Hai kept his cube formation as it advanced, Illac didn’t dare to lower his guard. Moreover, he was prepared for any change that might suddenly spring out.

Zhao Hai pushed forward slowly, carefully making sure that nothing would be noticed on his formation. Zhao Hai knew that for Lizzy’s formation to be successful, preliminary moves needed to be taken into consideration. Only when the enemy’s attention gets focused on the center army would the four arms be allowed to make their move.

Illac was somewhat confused at Zhao Hai’s slowly approaching army. He didn’t understand where the other party’s awesome formations went. If they had used a formation before, then they should have a formation for this time, that was for sure.

However, do they really want to attack like this? Illac didn’t know what to think, therefore, he sent an order to stand by, preparing for any changes that might occur. His eyes were completely stuck at the other party’s army, looking for signs of any changes in the formation.

Seeing the other party’s reaction, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile faintly and said, “We should employ multiple cone formations in order to attract the attention of the opposite army, then we’ll go attack the four edges. Lizzy, what do you think?”

Lizzy nodded and said, “Alright, the most important thing about my formation is the attack on the four edges. If we lost this chance, then the other party might quickly come up with a solution. After all, the enemy is an experienced general.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he waved his hand as his cube formation changed into small cone formations. Then it slowly advanced towards the other army.

After seeing this move, Illac couldn’t help but let out a long breath. As long as it’s not those special formations, then he would have means to deal with it.

However, Illac still didn’t treat this matter lightly. Rather, he was currently focusing on his defense. He couldn’t risk making a wrong move at this time. The tail of the Demon Scorpion was still fresh inside his mind.

Before long, the cone formation finally clashed with the opposing army. Everything seemed to be quite normal, there were not special things happening. This made it easier for Illac to command his army, everyone was perfectly following his commands.

In this fight between Zhao Hai and Illac, there was almost close to no long-ranged attacks. Zhao Hai didn’t use any since he didn’t want Illac to know that his undead were able to use long-ranged attacks. Illac didn’t use any long-ranged attacks either because he knew how ineffective those would be against the undead. Unless these undead were hit in their vital points, they could still continue on and attack.

Hitting these undead with long-ranged attacks wasn’t easy. And most importantly, whether it be Fishmen or magic beasts, once they use magic, they would appear weak for a short time. Doing these against close-combat undead was akin to courting death. Because of this, Illac chose to refrain from using any long-ranged attacks. Both sides were using melee in order to draw losses from each other.

Zhao Hai had a lot of cone formations in his attack, but Illac managed to block all of them while using the conventional whirlpool maneuvers. But Illac didn’t use small whirlpools, he was using a big whirlpool in order to maximize the amount of defensive power that he can exhibit against these cone formations. At the same time, this would also slowly dull the tips of the enemy’s cone formations.

This whirlpool formation was deemed to be the most defensively powerful formation of the Fishmen. Almost all Fishman armies were able to skillfully use and execute it, after all, it always comes in handy, especially in situations like these.

Zhao Hai’s performance has also been satisfactory. It also seems like his use of small cone formations was the right decision.

At the same time, Zhao Hai and the others were also waiting for the opportune moment, that moment when the enemy starts to relax. Time passed by, and Illac started to feel relieved. The other party wanted to grind them down. But although Illac’s rate of losses was greater than the other party, the enemy still only had 1 million people. If Illac can sustain for a bit more time, the enemy would have no troops left to grind them down.

At this time, Lizzy saw that the other party was quite attracted to the current situation, so she immediately turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Big Brother Hai, it’s time to attack.” Zhao Hai nodded, then with an intention, four arms suddenly sprang out of the four corners of his formation. All of them simultaneously going for the four edges of the opposite party’s cube formation.

This change came very abruptly, the enemy didn’t expect that Zhao Hai and the others would make this move. The Fishmen were already used to this cube formation. Not moving the four edges was done in consideration of it being easier for the overall command of maneuvering. But Zhao Hai didn’t have this problem, he was commanding the undead, even if the entire formation were to make a collective move, it was still very possible. Zhao Hai’s formation was extremely flexible to any change in form.

The Demon’s four arms had now changed into four cone formations as it struck the four edges of the opposite party’s cube formation. And since Zhao Hai had already attracted the enemy’s attention into the center army, their response to this surprise attack came very late. Before Illac and the others made a response, the four cone formations were now making their way into the core of the cube formation.

The four troops on the edges didn’t expect that they would be receiving an attack, so naturally they weren’t able to make a proper response. And since their position was at an edge, it was close to impossible for them to make any significant moves. The four undead formations were now killing through the cube formation as it headed towards the center. At this time, the whirlpool at the front was having problems, so Zhao Hai used this opportunity to have his center army push through.

Illac was looking for any changes in the battle. When the four arms came, Illac stared for a moment before his face paled and he commanded, “With me as the center, block the enemy, quick!”

His subordinates were truly worthy of being warring tribes, they were quite strong. After their initial reaction, they were immediately stabilized by their leaders. Then with Illac as the center, all other formations made their move and surrounded Illac. Then layers of rotation and counter-rotations began. Before long, a huge rotating bead was spotted in the middle of the cube formation.


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