BTFTLIAW – Chapter 627

Chapter 627 – Poisonous Scorpion Tail

Achieving this formation wasn’t easy, even the world’s most disciplined army would still have problems executing it. After all, ideas couldn’t be easily transferred to commands and movements. Therefore, any formation would need to be thought through and drilled properly before being executed in the battlefield. Formations like the cubic formation, whirlpool formation, cone formation, and others have been drilled by the Fishmen for lots and lots of years.

However, Zhao Hai’s situation was quite special. What he commanded were undead, which functioned basically like blocks. What you want them to do would be done by them. Dark Mages might have problems in doing this, but Zhao Hai had the Space to assist him. He becomes a perfect commander to a perfectly functional army with all these points in place.

Just as Megan finished describing her formation and wanted him to employ it, Zhao Hai immediately arranged for his army to execute the formation. Before long, the entire army looked like a giant scorpion facing against a large Rubik’s cube.

Illac was currently in the core of the cube. When he saw the undead going against his army, his expression couldn’t help but turn heavy. He immediately issued a command, making the cube constantly rotate.

But at this time, Illac suddenly discovered that the formation of the opposite party has changed. The center army turned still as two wings suddenly came out of the undead formation. Upon witnessing this sight, Illac’s face changed, he didn’t expect that the other party would have the ability to command the undead to this degree.

Illac immediately said, “Face the enemy with a cone formation, make sure to defend against those two outward wings.” Illac was currently inside a giant shell covered by numerous thorns, as though it was a huge sea urchin. But the shell was transparent while there weren’t any water inside, evidently due to the sea dragon bead. There were some furniture inside as well, making it Illac’s command center.

Along with his order, the cube immediately changed its shape. The front of the cube that was slowly rotating started to extend out front and straight towards Zhao Hai’s center army.  However, the left and right wings didn’t budge, they had held off the enemy attack quite successfully.

However, Illac was completely unaware that Zhao  Hai’s rear army, the scorpion’s tail, had started to attack from above.

In the war between Fishmen, very few troops chose to get too close to the surface of the sea in order to attack the enemy. This was because that position exposed them to attacks from aerial magic beasts. And since they were accustomed to the bottom of the sea, their eyes wouldn’t be able to survive the glare. If they approach the surface, it might hurt their eyes, blinding them in the process. Therefore, it wasn’t common for any Fishman to attack from above.

It was because of this that Illac managed to eat a huge loss. Just as his cone formation started, Megan turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, Use the wings to make two cone formations and make it break through their defense.” Zhao Hai nodded and then had the undead move according to Megan’s method.

Illac stared at Zhao Hai’s move, at the same time, his ears had also been open, listening to the messages from the front regarding the current situation. Illac’s expression couldn’t help but turn heavy, he really wasn’t expecting the other party’s capacity to command the undead to be this degree. In their past encounter, he thought that the other party can only command his undead to rush in and fight, he didn’t expect that the Dark Mage was able to make a formation such as this. Even Fishmen would have a hard time executing such a maneuver, but the other party had actually done it.

However, Illca can’t think about it for too long. The front of his army has finally gotten in contact with the other party. As his cone formation clashed with the other party’s cone formation, blood immediately came out. At the same time, the two wings of the opposite party started to also form a cone formation as it went towards the Sea Dragon Army.

Illac immediately ordered two armies to make a whirlpool formation to meet the opposing cone formations. But his reaction was still a bit late, after all, he was still focused on encountering the center army and wasn’t able to see the side armies. But fortunately, although late, his side armies still managed to block the approaching cone formations, which made Illac’s army fall into full defensive mode.

One could say that Illac’s response was correct, even if he was late in meeting the side armies, he still managed to block both of them as well as Zhao Hai’s center army.

But at this moment, the scorpion tail of Megan’s formation had arrived. It dived down from above and attacked the top of Illac’s cube formation.

The people at the top discovered the tail too late, so when word got sent to Illac, the division commanders at the top already met with the approaching army. But since there was no unified command, the top still haven’t done a whirlpool formation, they just met the scorpion tail as they were. And under Megan’s request, Zhao Hai had also turned the tail into a cone formation, acting like a drill as it barrelled towards the center of the cube formation.

When Illac heard the news from the top formations, he felt that his head has been hit by a stick as his vision saw stars. But since he was a competent general, he immediately took action. At this point, the enemy had already broken through the first layer of the formation. So Illac immediately sent word for the second and third layer to change into a whirlpool in order to block the enemy attack.

Illac was fortunate that the subordinates on those layers were members of warring tribes, so their response was very quick. After the first layer was broken through, the second and third layer also started to slowly rotate.

Illac knew since the first layer was already broken through, the second layer also wouldn’t be able to block in time. The whirlpool formation was quite strong, however, it would also need time to be set up. So Illac plans to have the second layer stall for time, blocking the scorpion tail just in time for the third layer to get its whirlpool formation fully operational.

Zhao Hai and the others were inside the Blade Scale Whale, paying attention to the response of the other party. At this time, Megan couldn’t help but sigh and said, “It looks like I’m only up to this point. I didn’t think that the other party would have such quick response. But the experimental formation still turned out good. At the very least, we have proven that its attacking might is quite strong.”

Zhao Hai and the others nodded. Just from this clash, the other party was already placed on their back foot. Especially during the attack of the scorpion tail, it had actually punctured through two layers of the other party’s formation. It was indeed a very good result.

Megan turned her head to Zhao Hai and said, “Elder Brother Hai, my trial for the Devil Scorpion is done. You can have them draw back and have Lizzy give it a go.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright”. Then he waved his hand, making the three extending armies retreat back while the center army slowly backed out.

Illac’s face turned ugly when he heard about the report. Although the people at the top managed to block the opponent’s attack, the losses that they suffered wasn’t small. At the same time, he was also nearly defeated, this made Illac very angry.

At this time, the opponent army suddenly retreated slowly, making Illac stare. But he immediately ordered all of his men to keep their position and not chase after the foe. He was afraid that this might be another of those plans of the opposite party. So Illac immediately made his cone formation turn back.

Upon withdrawing, Adam immediately surveyed each division. Then he tallied their losses while also paying close attention to the actions of Zhao Hai’s group.

Adam saw that the core of the enemy was also in the middle of the cubic formation, just like the Fishmen. In the middle of the formation was a single Blade Scale Whale. But this whale was very different compared to the other undead. This Blade Scale Whale wasn’t comprised of only skin and bones. Adam reckons that the Dark Mage was inside this Blade Scale Whale. This was because he had been looking at the cubic formation for a long time and couldn’t find any other place for the opposite party to hide from. And it would be impossible for the mermaids to allow this commander to be exposed to the outside, so it was natural for this Dark Mage to be inside the great cubic formation.

Adam’s vision focused on the out of the ordinary Blade Scale Whale. And at this time, Zhao Hai was also doing the same, focusing his sight towards the big urchin in the middle of the other party’s formation. His human eyesight seemingly able to pierce into the far distance.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s cubic formation had recombined. Zhao Hai calculated his losses and found out that more than 50 thousand undead has retreated into the Space. Such a short encounter actually made them lose that much, this was beyond what Zhao Hai was expecting.

However, Zhao Hao also found out that the other party had lost significantly more people compared to him. One must know that from the start of the attack to the present, only one hour has passed by. And in this one hour, the other party had already lost tens of thousands of people. This casualty count was very big.

But Zhao Hai didn’t become merciful, he knew that if his heart were to turn soft, the losses due to this war would escalate even more. So he turned to Lizzy and said, “Lizzy, it’s your turn. How do you want to attack?”

Lizzy smiled faintly and said, “I also want to try out a formation. I have given this formation the name of Four Armed Demon!”


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