BTFTLIAW – Chapter 608

Chapter 608 – Cooperation

“Zhao Hai Buda has become a Foreign Prince of the Beastman Race!”

These words had rippled through every street and alley in the continent. Everyone knew about it, and there was no doubt that this was bomb. Everyone was stunned.

It had been less than a year after the war between the Beastmen and the Humans. But at this time, this news had suddenly spread out. A Human becoming a Foreign Prince of the Beastmen was something that was extremely startling.

Zhao Hai, who had gone quiet for two months, suddenly had his name mentioned in the continent once again. People started to discover the talent of this Patriarch of the Buda Clan. It was known that he had helped the Beastmen greatly, but nobody knew the specifics, even most Beastmen. Because of this, people started to make all kinds of speculation.

At this time, Zhao Hai was actually looking for Randolph in Dark Solder Fort. Zhao Hai told Randolph about the Divine Realm as well as what happened in the Northern Icefield. Compared to the Emperor, Zhao Hai was much more trusting towards Randolph. Zhao Hai believed that Randolph wouldn’t tell this matter to anyone else.

After listening to Zhao Hai, Randolph’s expression couldn’t help but go heavy. And after Zhao Hai left, he immediately adjusted the future plans of the Calci Family. This made people confused about what just happened.

Then Zhao Hai went to the Crook Family, however, he didn’t tell Jesse about the matters of the Divine Realm, as well as the Beast God’s Spear. He just told Jesse to adjust the future strategy of the Crook Family.

Although Jesse didn’t understand Zhao Hai’s motive, he believed that their eternal ally wouldn’t harm them. Therefore, the Crook Family started to make adjustments as well.

Naturally, these adjustments weren’t obvious. Even if it were known to outsiders, they would only think that this was just an ordinary shift, nothing else.

And although Zhao Hai visited the Imperial Palace to see the Emperor, he didn’t say anything to him. He just chatted with the Emperor for a while. And seeing that the Dead Minister didn’t leave, Zhao Hai affirmed his stance of not telling the Emperor.

After handling his matters at the Rosen Empire, Zhao Hai then went to the Buddha Empire. The bulls that was sent to the Buddha Empire had already arrived some time ago and was given to the Buddha Emperor. This made the Emperor very satisfied with Zhao Hai.

The beasts that Zhao Hai sent over were special beasts of the Herculean Bulls, therefore, their levels weren’t very low. For the Buddha Empire, this was a very crucial shipment.

Zhao Hai travelled by ship towards the Buddha Empire’s Iron Knight City. Zhao Hai went to the capital in order to discuss to the Emperor about the horse magic beasts.

Wales had sent information to Zhao Hai about the horse magic beasts. The Horse Beastmen were also willing to trade some ironware for some 4th or 5th rank horse magic beasts with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai came this time to discuss this matter with the Emperor.

Just as Zhao Hai entered the harbor, he had discovered the Ironwood was already there. But Ironwood wasn’t wearing this full armor this time but instead just an ordinary warrior’s clothes. However, his stance still remained imposing.

When Zhao Hai disembarked from his ship, Ironwood immediately went to welcome him. Ironwood smiled and said, “Mister Zhao Hai, His Majesty is already waiting for you.”

Zhao Hai gave a bow and said, “I’ve made Vice Admiral Ironwood wait, I hope you’ll forgive me.”

Ironwood laughed and said, “Mister is always polite, that’s no good. Mister, come with me to see His Majesty.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Alright” Then they sat down at a carriage and rode towards the city. And since this carriage was of the Royal Palace, it was given the highest priority of way.

After they got in, Ironwood boiled a pot of tea and offered it to Zhao Hai before saying, “The bull magic beasts that mister had sent last time made His Majesty very satisfied. Ever since then, His Majesty had always wanted to express his gratitude to mister. Because of that, when His Majesty came to know that you would be arriving today, he immediately sent me over to welcome you.”

Zhao Hai immediately replied, “His Majesty is too polite. I’m only a Merchant, doing business is our great pleasure. Since I accepted his Majesty’s request, then it was natural that I would need to deliver on that promise.”

Ironwood laughed and said, “Mister is certainly not an ordinary merchant. To be honest, this one admires mister. I didn’t expect you to become a Beastman Race’s Foreign Prince. That’s too great of an achievement. In the past millenium, you are the first person to become a Foreign Prince of the Beastmen.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s really not that special. I just helped the Beastmen slightly. And because of his gratitude, the Beast King decided to confer me with this title. Actually, I don’t have any authority on the Beastmen.”

Ironwood smiled and said, “Mister doesn’t need to be so modest. I heard that to be a Foreign Prince of the Beastmen, it would more than their gratitude for them to agree. Mister must have helped them a great deal.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I did. But to be honest, they can also do what I just did. It’s just that I’m much more suitable for the job. Hehe.”

When Ironwood heard Zhao Hai, he knew that there was no chance of him knowing what that thing was. So he didn’t ask any questions about it. He just smiled and said, “Since Mister has become the Beastman Race’s Foreign Prince, then wouldn’t it be much easier for you to acquire magic beasts?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “It’s not that easy.  Beastmen’s temperament is not quite good, even the Beast King cannot fully command them, much less a Foreign Prince. The Prairie has a lot of unique magic beasts, but I can only send some bull magic beasts at this time. However, I had recently been in contact with the Horse Beastmen in order to trade for their magic beasts hopefully.”

Ironwood’s eyes turned bright, horse type magic beasts were the most compatible types for being a mount. If they could have a lot a horse magical beasts, the Buddha Empire’s cavalry would be elevated to another level.

It didn’t take long before the carriage arrived at the Imperial Palace. Then they were welcomed to a small hall where the Buddha Emperor was already waiting for them.

After exchanging greetings with the Emperor and being bestowed a seat, the Buddha Emperor smiled and said, “Mister Zhao Hai, we’ve troubled you a lot. My Buddha Empire is very thankful for mister’s efforts.”

Zhao Hai quickly replied, “This one doesn’t dare. Your Majesty is too polite, I was just doing what I needed to do.”

The Emperor looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Although there weren’t a lot of beasts last time, it still gave me hope for our future cooperation with mister.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “A long-term cooperation with Your Majesty would be good. It would give a lot of profits to me. Your Majesty, I came this time to tell you that I had managed to come in contact with the Horse tribe through the Cows. They also want to trade their horse magic beasts but on the condition that they would also be traded with ironware. What does Your Majesty think about this?”

When the Emperor heard Zhao Hai, he couldn’t help but knit his brows. The ironware of the Buddha Empire were of very high quality, this was because the Buddha Empire’s ironware were mostly made by the Dwarves. It wasn’t a problem if the Buddha Empire were to sell them off, but the Buddha Emperor was afraid that the Beastmen would use the iron to attack the Human lands. When that time comes, he would be a criminal among the humans. Moreover, other nations would also seize that opportunity to deal with his Empire.

After thinking about it, the Emperor couldn’t help but turn to ZHao Hai and asked, “Mister, you’re a Foreign Prince of the Beastmen, can you tell me what the Beastmen intend to do with these ironware?”

When Zhao Hai heard this, he smiled and said, “I can understand your worries, Young Majesty. Although I don’t have much authority in the Prairie, I am still privy to inside information. Is Your Majesty worried that the Beastmen would invade the humans? I can tell Your Majesty that you can rest assured. I got information that the Beast King would soon be issuing a Sealed Blade Command!”

The Buddha Emperor couldn’t help but be shocked. He knew that the Beastman Race’s Sealed Black Command was an order for the Beastmen to rest and build up strength. As long as the Beast King announces this command, no Beastman Race would resort to any violence, whether it be exterior of interior. Only when their survival was threatened would the Beastmen be allowed to attack. In other words, as long as there is the Sealed Blade Command, wars between Beastmen and with Humans would not occur. Unless the Humans make the first move.

The Buddha Emperor couldn’t help but looked straight into Zhao Hai’s eyes and say, “Is mister telling the truth?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I won’t dare to deceive Your Majesty. Rest assured, I’m quite sure that the Beastmen would issue a Sealed Blade Command.”

The Buddha Emperor nodded, he thought for a moment before saying, “If it is like this, then that would be good news. As soon as the Beast King announces the Sealed Blade Command, I would immediately agree to the Horse Tribe’s business.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured, it would only take a few days before it’ll get announced. Just give word and leave the rest to me.”

The reason that Zhao Hai mentioned the Sealed Blade Command to the Buddha Emperor was to let the Buddha Emperor agree to his business with the Dwarves. Although he can get to the Dwarves without seeing the Emperor, he didn’t want any conflict between the Dwarf Race and the Buddha Empire. The Dwarves needed to rest and build up strength as well in order to prepare for the Divine Race and the future war. If any conflict occurs with the Buddha Empire, then the Dwarves wouldn’t have time to rest.

Zhao Hai believed that the Buddha Emperor would agree to his cooperation with the Dwarves. The reason why the Buddha Empire held tightly on to the Dwarf ironware was because the Empire didn’t want the others to use it to attack their country. Zhao Hai reckoned that selling to the Beastmen who were several nations away from them would be just fine.

The Buddha Empire’s agreement was also because of Zhao Hai’s performance. The last time that Zhao Hai went to the Dwarves, he told the Buddha Emperor that he wouldn’t sell the ironware to the Rosen Empire. Sure enough, Zhao Hai didn’t take the Dwarf Ironware to the Rosen Empire. This made the Buddha Emperor trust him more.


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