BTFTLIAW – Chapter 607

Chapter 607 – Excitement

These past few days, the Beast King has been paying close attention to news about the Northern Icefield. From the moment Zhao Hai entered the Icefield, two months had already passed by. But until now, no new information had arrived.

He had ordered the White Tigers, Polar Bears, and the Ice Hawks to have open ears towards the Icefield. As long as something happened, they must give action. They must support Zhao Hai at all costs.

Because of this, the Ice Hawk tribe had been doing constant rounds every day. As long as they discover a trace of Zhao Hai, they would immediately go and offer him aid.

But unfortunately for them, they didn’t know that Zhao Hai had the Space. Because of this, their efforts had been in vain.

But one couldn’t blame the Beast King for being so careful, being careless would have been a much worse offense. As the matter stands, the Beast God’s Spear has apparently become very important. The Beast King had nothing else to do but be alert.

These past days, the Beast Kind didn’t have any good sleep. Nearly two months had passed, and there wasn’t any information about Zhao Hai. The Beast Kind was near to believing that Zhao Hai had failed.

While sitting in his office, the Beast King couldn’t help but give a deep sigh. He felt pity for Zhao Hai since he knew the reason why Zhao Hai wanted to look for the Divine Artifact. The Beast King always believed Zhao Hai to be a very great person that could unite the entire continent, and he wasn’t afraid of taking risks. The Beast King really hoped that Zhao Hai would succeed. But it seems like the chances had grown smaller and smaller.

But it was good that the business with the Buda Clan had remained stable. The business still stayed the same, and for the Beastmen, this was a very good thing.

Although there was that, the Beast King still couldn’t help but sigh. He was also worried about the entire Ark Continent. If Zhao Hai cannot find the Beast God’s Spear, then they would definitely be in good danger. If Zhao Hai didn’t come back in one month, then he can only task several 9th rank experts to explore the Icefield. Retrieving the Beast God’s Spear was not only a must for the Beastmen, it was important for the entire Ark Continent as well.

At this time, the Beast King’s guard suddenly walked in. With an excited face he gave his report to the Beast King, “Your Majesty, Mister Zhao Hai seeks an audience. He is outside!”

The Beast King gawked, for a while he was frozen as he stared at his guard. It took some time before he recovered, then he immediately said, “Invite him in quickly! No. I’ll go personally greet him.” Then he didn’t delay in going out.

Before long, he arrived at the tent for reception. It was obvious that the people there didn’t expect the Beast King to come personally, but they still immediately said, “We’ve seen His Majesty!”

The Beast King waved his hand and said, “Where’s Mister Zhao Hai?”

A Tiger Beastman immediately replied, “Your Majesty, he’s at the registration tent outside the palace.” The Beast King didn’t wait for him to finish before he dashed out of the palace.

Zhao Hai was currently sitting inside the registration tent while chatting with the Beastmen inside. The fact that he went to the Northern Icefield was a secret, there were only few Beastmen who knew about it. However, although the people in the tent were clueless, they were already familiar with Zhao Hai’s status. They knew that seeking audience with the Beast King at any time can only be done by people of revered status. Those kinds of people weren’t someone they can afford to offend.

Additionally, these Beastmen were also very grateful to Zhao Hai. As long as one was a Beastman, it was inevitable that they would make milk wine. And because of Zhao Hai’s business, their families were able to make good profit. At the same time, Zhao Hai’s Magic Lily shop was very honest in doing business. Whenever they do business, the Beastmen would never feel that they were cheated. At this point, even if Zhao Hai didn’t display his friendship flags, his name alone would gain respect from the other Beastmen.

The war had long been finished, so Human merchants had also started to come and do business. But after those people arrived, they had discovered that their business had shrunk. Even if they had traded with a tribe before, they still weren’t the tribe’s first choice. Instead, the Beastmen seem to first look to Magic Lily shop for business.

However, these Merchants can’t do anything to the shop. They simply cannot offend Magic Lily shop. First, because it was backed by the powerful Buda Clan, and second, because the Beastmen would deal with anyone that dared to take action against the shop.

At the same moment, Zhao Hai’s business alliance had also been organized. Now. the biggest business in the Prairie was Zhao Hai’s alliance. If other people wanted to do business in the Prairie, then they would have to do their best to not offend the alliance.

Naturally, Zhao Hai won’t provoke others on his own initiative. Zhao Hai knew that the Beastman Prairie was very big, it was impossible for them to swallow it’s entire market. So as long as people play fairly, Zhao Hai would not make a move. After all, Zhao Hai was never afraid of competition.

At this time, sounds of footsteps can be heard outside the tent. Zhao Hai knew that it must be the Tiger beastman that he had sent to notify the Beast King. What made him feel strange was the fact that there was one more set of footsteps that can be heard.

While Zhao Hai was thinking, the tent’s curtain was suddenly opened as a person walked from outside. Zhao Hai looked at the person and couldn’t help but stare, it was because it was the Beast King. Zhao Hai hastily got up and gave a bow, “I’ve seen His Majesty.”

The Beast King excitedly walked forward and helped Zhao Hai up. He looked at Zhao Hai and was at a loss for words because of his excitement. Zhao Hai saw the Beast King’s expression and immediately knew what he came here for. So Zhao Hai gave a gentle nod.

The Beast King’s face exploded with even more excitement, he immediately pulled Zhao Hai’s hand and said, “Mister, come with me immediately. Let’s talk somewhere else.” After that, regardless of the expressions of the other people present, Zhao Hai went with the Beast King to head towards the palace. After they were gone, the other people couldn’t help but look at each other. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have this big of a position inside the Beast King’s heart. He could actually make the Beast King meet him personally.

The Beast King brought Zhao Hai to his office and had the guard protect the door. After that, the Beast King immediately said, “Mister, did you really retrieve the Beast God’s Spear?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as the Beast God Spear appeared in his hand. Zhao Hai held the spear in both hands as he carefully handed it over to the Beast King.

The Beast King’s hand couldn’t help but shake upon receiving the spear. Tears went down uncontrollably out of his eyes. He held the Beast God’s Spear gently and after a short while let out a long breath. His tears vanished as he respectfully placed the spear at an appropriate place and turned to Zhao Hai, “My deepest gratitude goes to Mister. Let me offer our gratitude in behalf of the entire Beastman race for retrieving our Divine Artifact.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Your Majesty doesn’t need to be too polite. The Beast God’s Spear’s Artifact Spirit has also been restored to its original state. He can now materialize. If Your Majesty has any questions, you can just ask Sir Artifact Spirit.”

The Beast King gawked, then his two eyes turned to the Beast God’s Spear as he bowed and said, “I ask to see Sir Artifact Spirit.”

As soon as his voice ended, Bloody War immediately appeared on the spear’s shaft. He looked at Beast King and said, “You’re the current Beast King?”

When the Beast King saw Bloody War, he enthusiastically gave a bow and said, “Wei Jian has seen Sir Artifact Spirit. I am indeed the current Beast King.”

Bloody War nodded and then said, “Good, Mister Zhao Hai has already asked me to look after the Beastmen. He also asked me to confirm what the Dwarves have said. I want to tell you that everything is true. The Gods, the Divine Realm, everything. I have no other thing to say that you don’t already know.” Then his figure went back to the spear.

The Beast King gave another bow to the Beast God’s Spear. Then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, thank you.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Your Majesty is too polite. Sir Artifact Spirits restoration is also beneficial to the Human race. When I told him about the situation of the Beastmen and the Gods, i didn’t expect him to know about it. His words also coincided with the Dwarves’ Artifact Spirit.”

The Beast King nodded and then sighed, “It looks like mister’s speculations are real. It’s possible for the Radiant Church to be connected to the Divine Realm. But no matter what, we cannot let them off. Mister can rest assured, tomorrow, I shall announce your appointment as the Beastman Race’s Foreign Prince.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “There’s no need to rush. What His Majesty needs to do now is to prepare the Beastman race. I shall head back to the Dwarves as soon as possible. I want to see if Patriarch Billy was able to get into contact with the Elves. I don’t know about their current situation, so I wanted to take a look.”

The Beast King nodded, “Then I’ll to trouble mister with this matter. Mister can rest assured, your appointment as our Foreign Prince has already been discussed and approved by the major tribes in the Prairie. They agreed that as long as mister comes back then you would immediately receive your position. So there’s no need for a lengthy process, mister can just do his own matters immediately.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, then I’ll have to thank his Majesty. Also, the Beastmen needs to save their strength at this time. In the past, the Beastmen lacked ironware, but now, with the Dwarves’ support, I think your development would be much more quicker. I also think that since the Beastmen needed to preserve their strength, wars should be minimized as much as possible. Otherwise, with the newly acquired ironware, the casualties would be too big.”

The Beast King agreed, “Mister can feel relieved. I would certainly act on it. However, the Prairie still needed grain, we’ll have to depend on mister on this matter.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Your Majesty doesn’t need to worry about this. Whether it be bamboo rice or bread fruit, I have tons of them. I can provide you with as many as you want at a fair price.”

The Beast King nodded, then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Alright. Also, I’ll need to ask mister to stay here for a meal. Otherwise, i would feel uneasy.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Then I would be polite. But I think it would be better if the retrieval of the Beast God’s Spear would be held in secrecy. This could become one of our ace against the Divine Race. I’m sure that the Radiant Church is aware of the Divine Artifacts’ disappearance. Let’s have them continue that thought.”


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