BTFTLIAW – Chapter 434

Chapter 434 – The Thoughts of Origin Sword Saint

What Zhao Hai didn’t know was that the moment they returned to Casa City, their actions were under Origin Sword Saint’s attention.

A 9th rank expert can feel everything around them by using Mental Power. With Zhao Hai’s performance today, it was natural for the Origin Sword Saint to take note of him.

To be exact, these days, the entire Casa City was under Origin Sword Saint’s constant monitoring. After all, he was someone from the Purcell Family, he didn’t want an accident to happen to the family.

Zhao Hai’s arrival made him very curious. He had been continually paying attention to Casa City, but he didn’t notice Zhao Hai’s group entering its vicinity. Similarly, had no explanation as to how Green appeared while Zhao Hai and the others were resting.

For a 9th rank expert, this matter was very baffling. He always felt that Zhao Hai was disappearing every time he enters his courtyard, it was impossible for him to know what they were doing. Most importantly, in the daytime, he can feel every single person in the city except for Zhao Hai’s group. It seems like Zhao Hai was made of air, he couldn’t sense anything from him, it felt very strange.

So this evening, Origin Sword Saint went to Zhao Hai’s courtyard to check things out. But even in this proximity, he still couldn’t sense anything. It seems like Zhao Hai disappeared from existence.

This made Origin Sword Saint very puzzled. In the end, when he saw that the place’s lamp was not lit up,  he came out of hiding and went to the courtyard. He saw nobody, not a single person was present.

Seeing this scene, Origin Sword Saint couldn’t help but stare blankly. Then his complexion changed, then he thought of a possibility. It may be that Zhao Hai had someone with a formidable Spatial Divergent Ability, or he has a Space Mage.

In the continent, Space Mages were very rare. However, among the people who have Divergent Abilities, those who had abilities related to space were quite a lot. This may have been some sort of balance set by the world.

One has to recognize that among all Mages, Space Mages were the hardest to deal with. And among Divergent Abilities, Space related ones gave you the most headache. Therefore, when Origin Sword Saint noticed that Zhao Hai disappeared, he immediately thought of about a Spatial Divergent Ability. Besides that, he cannot think of any other reason as to how a group of people can silently disappear from the courtyard.

Origin Sword Saint stood for a while in the courtyard, then with an intention he immediately flashed away and appeared in front of Evan’s door. Then with a serious tone, Origin Sword Saint said, “Evan, come out.”

Evan wasn’t asleep, but with his current strength, there was no way for him to sense Origin Sword Saint’s presence. Therefore, when he heard those word, he immediately knew who came. He immediately got up from his bed, and wore his nightly robes.

Evan saw Origin Sword Saint when he went out of his house. He gave a bow and said, “Ancestor, what are your orders?”

Origin Sword Saint looked at Evan and said, “This Zhao Hai, I know about him. In the past, I didn’t support helping his Buda Clan. But now, it seems like your decision is correct. If Zhao Hai doesn’t have a Divergent Spatial Ability, then he should have someone who does. Moreover, it seems like he had acquired a huge backing, otherwise his Water of Nothingness wouldn’t have been cured. In addition to those strong Undead, if he can invite some 9th ranks to his side, then he would be formidable. What’s most important was the fact that he is in-laws with the Calci Family. His current status cannot be underestimated anymore. No matter what, you should maintain our Purcell Family’s good relation with him. Right, didn’t we have an engagement arranged with him before? You should carry out that agreement.”

Evan’s expression couldn’t help but express his pain. He knew that if he had the power before, the engagement wouldn’t have been cancelled. At this point, Zhao Hai already had three beautiful fiancees. In this case, how could he possibly look for another? [1]

Evan cannot accomplish these requests, he had no other choice but tell Origin Sword Saint about what happened. Upon listening to Evan, Origin Sword Saint frowned and said, “It seems like this matter isn’t easy. But it doesn’t matter, he can get married to another girl asid from Ruyen. Don’t we have some marriageable women in the Purcell Family? We can just change the girl we send.”

Evan gave a forced smile, “Ancestor might not know, but Zhao Hai is a very proud person. Moreover, I’ve asked his fiance’s and they said that there was no way for him to be with someone if the both of them didn’t have any sentiment towards each other. I’m very sure he won’t agree and oppose if we provide a marriage candidate.”

Origin Sword Saint nodded, “Alright, I really don’t care much about these things. No matter what, for the good of the Purcell Family, I’ve already told you about Zhao Hai’s strength. Make sure to handle this matter carefully. Also, pay attention to any potions that could enhance someone’s strength. Ever since we lost Buffy, the Purcell Family badly needs another 9th rank expert. I alone cannot provide all of the family’s security.”

Evan stared for a moment and then replied, “Ancestor, rest assured. If there’s anything you need, feel free to approach me.”

Origin Sword Saint looked at Evan and sighed, “It would be great if it was you who breaks through to 9th rank. But you have to take care of the family’s affairs, your attention would be divided. You should go find another person with enough talent to become a 9th rank to serve the family.”

Evan nodded, “Yes, Ancestor, be relieved.”

Origin Sword Saint nodded, “You must remember, for a Clan to survive, it needs a 9th rank expert. I suspect this Zhao Hai already had the support of a 9th rank expert, otherwise he wouldn’t be so unyielding. A 9th rank expert can guarantee a family’s survival for a hundred years. If I didn’t exist, all of those who has bad intentions towards our Purcell Family would’ve already gone to exterminate us. Therefore, you must go and find a candidate as soon as possible.”

Evan nodded, then Origin Sword Saint’s body flashed before he disappeared. Seeing that the ancestor has gone, Evan sighed. He didn’t expect the Origin Sword Saint to place this much importance to Zhao Hai. He actually made a special trip to Evan for such matter.

Evan couldn’t help but sigh, he didn’t need the ancestor to remind him that Zhao Hai was extraordinary.The re-emergence of the Buda Clan today would likely inform the entire continent that there was actually a cure to the Water of Nothingness.

One must know that the Water of Nothingness was something nobody has aside from the Radiant Church and the Great Clans. The Radiant Church uses this to deal with those wicked Dark Mages. Naturally, they also used these on other purposes that nobody knew, but they still claim that they at least used it for a “Righteous cause”.

But the Great Nobles in the continent have a lot of use for the Water of Nothingness. But its supply was scarce, moreover, there was no known antidote for it. This made this item a very terrifying thing for all experts in the continent.

And now, Zhao Hai appeared. Before, he had drank the Water of Nothingness, but now he was freely using magic. This represented the fact that he had a way to solve his toxin. This was a serious attack for both the Radiant Church as well as the Great Clans. This was akin to them losing their ultimate weapon.

Moreover, the strength that Zhao Hai has shown made them very startled. Adding on to his matter with the Calci family and his eventual engagement to Megan, most people were now paying attention to Zhao Hai. At this point, there wasn’t a person in the continent who dared to underestimate him.

The reason why Southern King Boris decided to attack Zhao Hai this time was not only because he was an exile of the Aksu Empire, someone who didn’t have any support from the Imperial Clan. Secondly, it was also because the Calci Family were enemies of the Radiant Church. Therefore, they didn’t have any hesitation in this time’s attack.

But no hesitation didn’t mean that there weren’t any disagreements. There a lot of people who were afraid of the Calci Family. Zhao Hai’s current fame wasn’t any worse than them.

In such a case, Evan didn’t know how to proceed with his relationship with Zhao Hai. Even if he worked as a Patriarch for a long time, he was still left with nothing to do this time.

In the past, Ruyen’s matter was handled by Caesar. That time, the Purcell Family were bent on severing their relationship with Zhao Hai. If it weren’t for this matter, Zhao Hai standing wouldn’t be like this. To Evan, he regarded Zhao Hai as his own nephew. He knew that if he wanted to further the family’s connection to Zhao Hai this time, their relationship might even deteriorate.

Evan sighed, then he turned back into his room. Although he couldn’t fall asleep, he still laid down on his bed with closed eyes. He needed rest, he still had a lot of things to do tomorrow.

Just like Zhao Hai, Evan also thought that since the other party’s army couldn’t deal with Casa City anymore, then they will certainly send their aces, the 9th rank experts.

Only with their 9th rank experts could they achieve victory in this war. What worried Evan right now was if Zhao Hai could really deal with the several 9th ranks that would be sent.

If Zhao Hai can deal with them, then that would be a good thing. But if he cannot, everything will turn for the worse. These thoughts kept circulating inside Evan’s mind over and over.

The next morning, Zhao Hai’s group appeared once again inside the courtyard. When they got up that morning, Cai’er told Zhao Hai that Origin Sword Saint had come to the courtyard yesterday to examine them. She also told Zhao Hai about the conversation between Evan and Origin Sword Saint.

Zhao Hai really didn’t think that this 9th rank Origin Sword Saint would pay any attention to him. But he had no plans of marrying into the Purcell Family. Just like what Evan said the last time, Ruyen was no longer worthy of Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai didn’t think about these things anymore. He had helped the Purcell Family mainly because the family had helped them before. Also, this was also a good opportunity to reveal the Wild Dragon banner of the Buda Clan. And another reason was because the Purcell Duchy’s position was right beside the Black Wasteland. The Purcell Family being here was a good thing for Zhao Hai. It was much better to have a friend as a neighbor than an enemy.

When Zhao Hai and the others went to the dining room, Evan was already there. Evan was alone, he was just there to accompany Zhao Hai’s group.

When he saw Zhao Hai come without Green nor Merine, Evan stared, then he asked Zhao Hai, “Little Hai, where is Uncle Green and Aunt Merine?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “They had another thing to do so they left. In any case, we don’t need their help today. I think that the enemy’s 9th ranks would make their move this day.”

Evan nodded, “I thought so as well.  Yesterday, a fourth of their army was killed off by you. Now, they have no way of surrounding the city as well as stopping the reinforcements. Today is the best time for those 9th ranks to take action, or else it would be too late.”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile and said, “I’ll be waiting for them. I hope that they won’t be too weak, otherwise I would be very disappointed.”

At this point, a voice was heard, “Boy, you’re extremely arrogant. Come and meet your death!”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly, then he appeared outside in a flash as he looked at the sky and saw four figures flying there. Three of them wore a warrior’s garments while one wore a mage’s robe. And that robe was colored white.

Seeing the group appear, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Good, three Warriors as well as a 9th rank Light Mage. Very good, it seems like you really wanted to deal with the undead that I have.”

After Zhao Hai’s words, the Light Mage snorted and said, “Stop talking, you demonspawn. Your judgement day has come, accept the baptism of the light!”

Zhao Hai laughed, “What was that name you gave me? When did I become a demonspawn? You really dare to say that you can baptise the darkness? Then why does the night still exist? You are just deceiving yourself. People might think that you people are righteous, but that doesn’t apply to me. Today, if you want my life, then you need to show some real skills.”

When Zhao Hai saw that the three warriors seem to be escorting the 9th rank Light Mage, he instantly knew that these people were sent by the Radiant Church.

This made Zhao Hai lose all of his hesitation. For him, it was impossible to resolve his hatred for the Radiant Church. And it so happens that this time, not only could he exterminate some 9th ranks, he can even weaken the power of the church.

These people from the Radiant Church may not have known that the 9th rank expert they sent to the prairie was actually killed by Zhao Hai. Otherwise, they would have some reservations in attacking Zhao Hai this time.

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