BTFTLIAW – Chapter 435

Chapter 435 – Wealthy Twin Stars

When the Light Mage saw Zhao Hai’s calm appearance, he couldn’t help but snort, “Young man, you’re quite insolent. You must know that insolent people don’t live for too long.”

Before Zhao Hai could reply, an old voice was heard, “To dare come to my Purcell Family wand acting unruly, don’t you think you’re being too much? I really don’t know what gave you the courage, young man, but you shouldn’t be too insolent. You must know that insolent people don’t live for too long.”

Zhao Hai turned his head to see an old man standing behind him. The old man gave out a strong and majestic aura. Although his hair was white, when seeing him standing there, one could feel as though they saw a ferocious beast crouching, ready to pounce at any time.

When the Light Mage saw the old man, his face couldn’t help but change, “So it seems like the Origin Sword Saint has arrived. Hehe, Senior is already too old, are your old arms and legs still function?”

Origin Sword Saint showed a faint smile and said, “Even if I’m old, I still have the decency to be disciplined for years. Not like you young people, these past several days, constantly shouting about killing, but still acting charitable. For this old man, killing is killing, there’s no other pretense in it.”

Hearing Origin Sword Saint, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh. This old man was really amusing. Expressing this satire towards the Radiant Church helped him vent some of this pent up thoughts.

When the Light Mage heard the old man, his face paled, he looked at Origin Sword Saint and said with a cold tone, “The Radiant God is omnipotent, the great Radiant God isn’t someone a worldly person like you can understand. With the Radiant God, one can enter eternal bliss. Otherwise, you would be subjected to the eternal torment of hell. For you to slander the Radiant God, you will certainly be punished.”

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “What qualifications did the Radiant God have to punish me? If he was indeed real, then if he knew what you people who bear his banner were doing, then he would definitely punish you first.”

The Light Mage naturally treated Zhao Hai’s words as rubbish. He looked at both Zhao Hai and Origin Sword saint and then snorted, “Do you really want to contend with us with only the two of you? You’re really naive.” After that, there were two other people who appeared at the Light Mage’s side. The two men weren’t dressed as a Warrior or a Mage. Both of them wore normal clothes but were made of excellent quality materials. The two of them looked just like Big Merchants.

Zhao Hai was confused when he looked at the two persons. He already started practicing Battle Qi, but he didn’t feel any fluctuation from the bodies of the two people for both Magic and Battle Qi. This felt very strange.

Although feeling out 9th rank Warriors and Mages were very difficult. Zhao Hai can still feel them out using the Space. But these two people didn’t have anything on them.

At this time, Origin Sword Saint talked, “So you invited the Wealthy Twin Stars. Good good, you actually spent a lot of money to invite two famous Divergent Ability Users, doing so isn’t easy.”

Zhao Hai stared at the two people and then respectfully asked Origin Sword Saint, “Senior Sword Saint, did you say that the two of them are Divergent Ability Users? What type?”

Origin Sword Saint replied, “The Wealthy Twin Stars are famous in the continent for being Metal Divergent Ability Users. They are a pair of twin brothers, they love money as much as they love their own lives. They were initially merchants before they were deceived and lost all of their money. After that event, the both of them went ill. What they didn’t expect was that after they recovered, they actually developed Divergent Abilities. Both of them posses Metal Manipulation techniques, they could control anything metal under 100 jin. The two of them are also free assassins. If you pay them 100 jin of gold, they they would kill anybody in the continent, aside from a few notable people.”

Zhao Hai gawked, then he turned his head to Origin Sword Saint and said, “100 jin of gold isn’t too much. It’s just 20 thousand gold coins. Such experts would actually kill people just for 20 thousand gold coins?”

Origin Sword Saint shook his head, “It’s 100 jin for each person, in other words, 40 thousand coins for inviting the two of them. Moreover, they love gold coins, all payments should be provided in gold coins. I really didn’t think that the Radiant Church would invite them this time. It seems like they really want to kill us today.”

When Origin Sword Saint finished speaking, one of the Wealthy Twin Stars said, “Senior Sword Saint really is formidable, you actually found out about us brothers. We brothers generally didn’t want to recklessly kill people, but the Radiant Church has offered us 400 thousand gold coins to deal with you, we just cannot refuse.”

Origin Sword Saint couldn’t help but stare, then his voice turned cold, “Four hundred thousand gold coins, the Radiant Church truly invested heavily this time.”

Origin Sword Saint didn’t mean that 400 thousand gold coins is a huge amount. In fact, for any established power in the continent, 400 thousand was nothing. But for a person to have 400 thousand gold coins on hand was something very rare. One had to know that people store their coins inside banks. They exchange these coins by handing over a crystal card that had its corresponding value. There was nobody who would carry around 400 thousand physical gold coins.

This was the problem with dealing with the Wealthy Twin Stars, they wanted physical gold coins for their commissions. They wouldn’t accept any other form or payment, Crystal Cards or so on. Because of this, not a lot of people can invite them, since withdrawing 200 jins worth of gold coin from the bank was a very troublesome thing to do.

Zhao Hai didn’t know of this, and he also didn’t care. He was only curious towards the Wealthy Twin Stars because of their Metal Manipulation Ability. Zhao Hai had the same ability, he wanted to see if he can learn something from the two of them,.

But Zhao Hai didn’t have the time to dwell on this since at this moment the Light Mage opened his mouth, “Enough with the idle talk, Begin!” Then he threw himself towards Zhao Hai.

With an intention, Zhao Hai made Zhao Wen appear in front of him. Then Zhao Wen transformed into a large mosquito before she fought with the Light Mage.

The Light Mage stared for a moment, but he immediately fought with Zhao Wen. At this time, the three Warriors threw themselves towards Zhao Hai as well. Origin Sword Saint, intended to block the three Warriors but he was blocked by the Wealthy Twin Stars.

At this point, nobody was blocking the three Warriors. For them, Zhao Hai was now like a fish on a chopping board, there was no escape.

But when they approached him, vines suddenly appeared on the back of Zhao Hai and curled towards them. The three warriors couldn’t help but stare slightly at Zhao Hai’s appearance. In the end, they didn’t give it much thought, they thought that Zhao Hai was one of those rare Plant Mages. But a Plant Mage’s fighting capabilities weren’t very strong. The vines were their most commonly used weapon, except in the forests, Plant Mages are pretty weak in any other place.

Moreover, their weapons can deal with Plant Mages. Metals were a Plans Mage’s worst enemy,

As they made their swords chop the vines off, they felt something strange. With their 9th rank strength they were confident in cutting those vines. But they didn’t think that the vines were actually very tough.

Their swords were basically incapable of cutting the vines. The vines took this opportunity to entangle their swords. And while the Warriors were stunned, the vines also engulfed their bodies. At this time, they felt that their bodies seem to be pricked by needles. Then they discovered that they didn’t have any strength anymore.

The one who attacked the three Warriors were naturally Cai’er. Cai’er was at the pinnacle of 9th rank. Otherwise, why would the other experts not dare approach Flower City. It was naturally because she had the strength to drive those experts away.

This strength was terrifying, clearly shown by how easily Cai’er managed to subdue three 9th rank Warriors. They were also injected with Cai’er’s poison, and that poison wasn’t a joke. Before her evolution, her poison could already deal with other 9th ranks. But now, after being upgraded by the Space, they it was rare for a 9th rank to resist the toxin.

The captured 9th ranks were not far from death. If not for their strength and vitality, they would have already died.

After attacking the Warriors, Cai’er didn’t stop and continued on to deal with the Wealthy Twin Stars. Even if the two’s strength wasn’t that formidable, they were still able to place the Origin Sword Saint in a deadlock. Because of their Metal Divergent Ability as well as Origin Sword Saint’s minimal understanding of Divergent abilities, there was no way for their fight to end very soon.

But now with Cai’er’s help, the situation was much easier to deal with. Before long, the two were also engulfed by Cai’er. It was estimated that they would die much sooner than the three Warriors.

Now, the only remaining person was the Light Mage. The Light Mage was simply not a match for Zhao Wen. One must know that Zhao Wen was a 9th rank Magic Beast, not something a Human 9th rank can contend with. Adding on to her improvements by staying inside the Space, even if she wasn’t peak 9th rank, she could still contend against anything below that level. With the innate superiority of Magic Beasts over humans, Zhao Wen didn’t suffer a single loss from fighting with the Light Mage, she was even on the winning side.

The Light Mage also thought that things weren’t doing so well, so he was thinking about escaping. Zhao Hai knew what he wanted to do so he smiled and said, “Go try and run.” Then with his mind, he made Little Jin appear on Zhao Wen’s back.

Little Jin’s body was already transformed into his Large Ape form. One should know that Little Jin was very well gifted in strength. Even if he was an 8th rank, his fighting strength was on level with common 9th rank experts. Therefore, he released Little Jin to support Zhao Wen.

Little Jin already knew what was happening, so when he came out, he immediately pounced towards the Light Mage.


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