BTFTLIAW – Chapter 415

Chapter 415 – Returning to Jade Water City

Unfortunately, Zhao Hai had no great use for this cavern, he already had the Space for storing things. But for Little Jin, this cavern can be used as a storage area to preserve some Bread Fruits.

To be honest, there weren’t many things inside Ape Island. Apart from Little Jin’s tribe, the only other things were the Bread Trees. It was very strange that the only tree present on the island were Bread Trees, this made Zhao Hai very curious.

Although he was curious, there was no way for Zhao Hai to research this matter. The final conclusion that he reached was that it may be caused by the Goldmetal Tree.

Even if Zhao Hai was in Ape Island, he was also quite mindful of the stone mining operation. But Zhao Hai knew that there was no need to worry, making those undead do the mining was actually a good idea. This was because the undead can use their own bodies as their own tools, they didn’t need one at all. The situation went a lot better when Zhao Hai sent the Jie Li Shi twins to summon some stone golems. Summoning stone golems was the same as picking them and transporting them over, they were two tasks in one.

The group stayed on Ape Island for a whole month. Naturally, they didn’t stay there all the time, they also went back to Iron Mountain Fort from time to time, and on the other times, they just stayed inside the Space and trained.

Zhao Hai mainly practiced on his martial arts. And after one month of training, Zhao Hai’s present fighting capability can now rival an ordinary 7th rank Warrior.

These past few days, Zhao Hai had some good sparring partners, Little Jin’s tribe members. Those apes were very big, but they were also very flexible. Zhao Hai achieved great results when he sparred against them.

Besides martial arts, Zhao Hai also practiced his control over metal. Now he can control a metal ball the size of a soccer ball, allowing him the ability to change its form as well as make it fly all over the place. One day, Zhao Hai was able to transform the iron ball into armor and donned it on his body.

The current armor looks like a couple of ropes interlinked with each other. Because of this, he took quite a while in forming it. He wanted to make the ropes even more thin, but that would be very tiring. The more intricate the metal’s form is, the more difficult would it be for Zhao Hai to do it.

However, for Zhao Hai, he  thought that his progress was already good. He was quite satisfied with his armor right now.

One month quickly passed, now Zhao Hai and the gorillas on the island have become very familiar with each other. Zhao Hai even gave each of the gorillas their own names, making the apes like Zhao Hai even better.

For a whole month, under the endless effort of the undead, the entire island that they were on was more than levelled to the ground. The island now has a mountain sized depression making the middle of it hollow. The hole went below the sea level, only the area surrounding the island was abstained from being mined since if they get the stones there as well, the whole island would get flooded.

Although they were only mining for one month, the amount of stones that they got was a lot. Even if the stones weren’t enough to expand Iron Mountain Fort, it could still be able to build enough stone houses to accommodate 10,000 people.

Zhao Hai knew that it was time to set sail, so he retrieved all the undead back into the Space and then boarded the Haven to head back to Jade Water City.

These past few days, Zhao Hai hadn’t received any letter from Smith. He didn’t know what the Calci Family thought when he snatched 20 of their ships. Will they want to deal with him even more, or will they talk peace with him?

To be honest, Zhao Hai really wanted to be partners with the Calci Family. No matter what, the two of them had the same enemy. Even if Juwan disappointed him, he just let him go every time. He hopes that the Calci Family would put him in an equal position and just cooperate with him.

Another thing that worried Zhao Hai constantly was Southern King Boris. The attack on Ruyen’s ship was sent by him, this shows that he’s starting to take action against the Calci Family. Although Zhao Hai already warned Evan about this, he still couldn’t help but worry.

No matter what, Evan had been very helpful to him and was also a friend to the Buda Clan. Now that Zhao Hai had implicated him, he hoped that the Purcell Family could stay safe.

While the ship was sailing on the sea, Zhao Hai held on his hand two iron balls, playing with them as though they were baoding balls. This was a habit he had developed recently, additionally, it could also help him exercise his ability to control metal.

The Haven was quite calm as they spent the next few days sailing. He retrieved all of the boats he released before, he didn’t want Charlie to find out his total amount of ships. Zhao Hai currently believed that there was no other person that knew how many ships he actually had in hand.

Seeing that they were getting closer and closer to Jade Water City, Zhao Hai increasingly grew excited. No wonder Humans are social animals, it was much less stressful when having in contact with other Humans.

The ship slowly docked on Charlie’s private pier. The people in the pier already knew the Haven as well as Zhao Hai’s status.

The people at the pier knew that when Zhao Hai had set sail before, Charlie was there to bade him farewell himself. This gesture showed Zhao Hai’s exceptional identity. This made the personnel extremely careful when receiving him. In the end, this was Charlie’s special pier, all of those who were allowed to dock their ships here should be Charlie’s trusted people, nobody dared offend them.

Zhao Hai and the others got down from the Haven and sat on their carriage as they headed off to their shop in Jade Water City. From the pier, the shop was just a short distance away, so Zhao Hai chose to visit that place first.

While he was still quite a distance away from the shop, Zhao Hai noticed that there was a notable amount of traffic present. This made Zhao Hai stare blankly, he didn’t expect to see such a scene.

To him, the shop was mainly meant to be a contact point, its business quality didn’t matter. But now, it looks like the business here was doing very good.

Zhao Hai went around the crowd and arrived at a small entrance behind the shop. The entrance was meant for special people, average citizens wouldn’t be able to enter through here. Naturally, there were no people seen here.

The group went inside the courtyard and saw the busy atmosphere inside it. They could see a lot of people with slave marks on their heads moving things around the courtyard. This made Zhao Hai somewhat confused.

However, Zhao Hai quickly came to understand that these people must have been bought by Mu’en. He obviously needed a lot of helping hands here, so it was natural for him to buy some slaves. It seems like Mu’en’s methods are really good.

At this time, the slaves also took note of Zhao Hai. They were surprised since they knew that the courtyard had three gates, the front gate, the side gate used for unloading cargo, and a special gate at the back. That gate was guarded by Zhao Hai’s undead, only Mu’en’s family were able to pass through there and nobody else. Now that they saw a group inside the courtyard that didn’t enter from the front nor the side gate, the slaves reckoned that they must have passed through the back gate. And seeing that the group wasn’t coming to cause trouble, did these people know the Manager?”

At this time, Shun had already called Mu’en to the courtyard. When they arrived, Zhao Hai immediately sent Shun to fetch the shop’s Manager. When Mu’en saw Zhao Hai and Laura, he immediately gave a bow and said, “Young Lady, Young Master, you came back.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Mu’en, go arrange some people to unload some marine products from the Haven. Remember that the products are frozen into huge chunks, make sure to handle them carefully while avoiding injury to your people.”

Mu’en nodded and said, “Young Master, Prince Charlie isn’t currently in Jade Water City, it seems like he returned to the capital. Will you still be heading to the City Lord’s Mansion?”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment then said, “I’ll have to go, these marine products that I’ve brought needed to be delivered to Charlie to be processed. But go and prepare some rooms for us here, we will come back to rest in the evening. We wouldn’t be staying at the City Lord’s Mansion.” Mu’en nodded, then Zhao Hai added a few more instructions before they headed to the mansion.

Just as they were halfway there, they were met by a group of city guards. When the group saw Zhao Hai’s unique bull-pulled carriage, they immediately stopped as their leader dismounted from his horse. He went forward to Zhao Hai’s carriage and said, “Is this mister Zhao Hai’s carriage?”

Zhao Hai opened his door and walked out. He looked at the person and said, “I am Zhao Hai, and you are?”

The person quickly replied, “Sir, I am the Guard Commander of the City’s garrison legion. Today I came to offer the City Lord’s invitation as well as to escort mister to the mansion. The City Lord has prepared a welcoming banquet for your group.”

Zhao Hai nodded then said, “Alright, lead the way.” The commander nodded, then jumped on his horse. The group then escorted Zhao Hai’s carriage as it headed to the City Lord’s Mansion.

At this time, the people on the streets also took note of Zhao Hai. Among them, there were those who knew about the person on the carriage. This was because of the uniqueness of Zhao Hai’s bull-pulled carriage. They knew that this person cannot be offended since even the Prince was very polite to him. The people immediately gave way and avoided the carriage.

They quickly arrived at the City Lord’s Mansion. Zhao Hai saw Trezebo surprisingly stood at the front gate to personally welcome him. When the carriage stopped, Trezebo went forward an laughed, “Mister Zhao Hai’s actions are really very quick. I didn’t even have the time to get notified, otherwise I would’ve had come and meet you at the pier.”

After he got down from the carriage, Zhao Hai smiled, “I wouldn’t dare tire the City Lord. City Lord is too polite, how could I just let you personally meet me, I think I don’t really deserve it.”

Trezebo laughed, “Mister is the one being too polite, how could I get exhausted. Right, I’m inviting mister for a meal. I’ve prepared some good food and wine to welcome mister and his group back to the city.” He said as he pulled Zhao Hai towards the interior af the mansion.


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