BTFTLIAW – Chapter 416

Chapter 416 – Strength

When the group entered the City Lord’s Mansion, Trezebo turned to the housekeeper and said, “Go deliver mister’s stuff to Purple Bamboo Courtyard.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai immediately said, “City Lord doesn’t need to be too polite. I now have a shop inside the city, there’s no need for me to live in Purple Bamboo Courtyard anymore. Also, that place is the Third Prince’s personal space, it wouldn’t be good if I stay there for long.”

Trezebo laughed and said, “Mister doesn’t need to worry. His highness wouldn’t be there for the majority of the year. Moreover, his highness already gave us order to allow you to keep staying in the courtyard. Mister can rest assured.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai had no choice but to continue staying at Purple Bamboo courtyard. He had the others go to the courtyard to settle down first, then had Shun go inform Mu’en that it would be impossible for them to stay at the shop.

When Zhao Hai arrived at the dining hall, he saw that there were only seats enough for two people inside. This made Zhao Hai stared ot Trezebo puzzlingly, Trezebo smiled and said, “Let my wife accompany Laura and the others. Today let’s just eat with only the two of us  so that we can discuss matters.”

Zhao Hai nodded and didn’t say anything more. After the two sat down, the housekeeper immediately took action and served them liquor as well as had some people set up the dishes.

While they were sat down, Trezebo lifted his wine glass and said, “This glass is for mister. For enduring the tiresome sea travel, wading through salty sea breezes and sunburns.”

Zhao Hai also lifted his wine glass and said, “City Lord is very polite, actually I haven’t done anything, it was the captain who had all the troubles.” Then they bumped glasses and downed the liquor in one go.

After drinking the wine, Trezebo looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Looking at mister’s appearance, I reckon your harvests aren’t small? What good things did you acquire this time?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “The most precious ones are this.” He waved his hand as giant corals appeared on the room, the clam shell appeared on the table as well.

Zhao Hai opened the shell gently and revealed the giant pearl. Trezebo stared blankly at the treasure, even if he had seen a lot of good things, he hadn’t seen a pearl as large as this before.

This was because pearls and corals on the Ark Continent are very precious, not only because they are attractive, but also because they were Magical materials, very valuable Magical materials.

Naturally these pearls and corals were also loved by women. Presently, there were only a few people who would use these as Magical ingredients, most were used by Nobles to decorate their houses.

Seeing this magnificent display, Trezebo took deep breaths so calm down his mood as he turned his head to Zhao Hai, “I didn’t expect mister to have such a huge harvest, I really didn’t expect.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “These are the most valuable, I also have aquatic Magic Beasts, most of which were shrimps. I already froze them and is currently being transported to my shop’s warehouse. And last I also have some edible seaweeds and the like, not really worth a lot of money.”

Trezebo gave a nod and said, “That’s fine, the continent’s supply of those gets fewer and fewer every year due to the ruthless overharvesting of those Mages. They almost wiped out the entire coastline region of marine resources. Even if we are a port city, it has become more and more difficult for us to eat seafood. Your products should get very popular.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Good, as long as these things get sold. I was actually afraid that nobody would buy them. Right, you can take those in two days, after all, I already promised His Highness that I’ll only be acquiring those products. He can then decide how he wants to sell those.”

Trezebo laughed, “Rest assured, His Highness had already prepared, he’s now just waiting for you. Right, when will the fire fishes arrive? Everything on my side is fine, you can start sending them.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Be relieved, they should arrive in two days, you could get them then. Right, what happened to His Highness? Why did he return to Carson City? Did an accident happen?”

Trezebo smiled faintly, “Not really an accident, it was just that His Highness cannot leave Carson City for a long time. Carson City is the capital of the Rosen Empire, almost all of the big powers are centralized there. If His Highness left for a longtime, some people might start to loosen the ropes of his influence.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then gave a sigh, “His Highness really had rough. Right, did His Highness have any other tasks that he’s left to you?”

Trezebo smiled and said, “Rest assured, under normal circumstances, we who are on his side generally had nothing to do. We just continue doing our own thing.”

Zhao Hao nodded, “When the things get shipped in two days, have some people come and receive it. I think that His Highness should be needing a lot of money lately, we must make sure that His Highness gets the money he needs.”

Trezebo sighed, then with a serious voice, he said, “This is the only thing we can do right now. After all, the current Emperor’s body is still quite healthy. His Highness cannot overly try to win people over, therefore, we can only build our strengths at the moment.”

Zhao Hai agreed, “You go tell His Highness that if there is anything I need to do, don’t be polite to me, just go approach me directly. If he wants to make money, I can only provide these few products I have on hand. However, if there are other matters, tell him that I’ll do my best to deal with them.”

Trezebo smiled faintly and said, “Mister can rest assured, if there really is something, His Highness would surely be impolite. Right, will mister stay for long this time? It’s going to be God’s Grace Day, the whole continent will be celebrating.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Yes, it’s the day where the continent celebrates the greatest, but isn’t this the best time to do business? I’m going to return to the deeps seas in two days and get some more marine products. I believe that it’s the season best suited for selling those items.”

Trezebo gave a stiff smiled and said, “Mister is really a Merchant, still thinking about business when it’s God’s Grace Day. Hai, it would be impossible for people like you to not get rich.”

Zhao Hai smiled bitterly, “I have no choice, I have my Clan to support. If I don’t think of more ways to get money, we wouldn’t have any income.”

Trezebo’s eyes showed a small glint in them as he looked at Zhao Hai, but he didn’t say anything about it and just smiled and said, “Who doesn’t?”

Zhao Hai just smiled and didn’t talk anymore, he just continued to drink wine. Since Zhao Hai didn’t want to talk anymore, Trezebo didn’t ask. He just talked about drinking more wine and tasting more dishes. He also talked to Zhao Hai about the other people on Charlie’s side.

Zhao Hai was mindful to everything that Trezebo said, he was now on Charlie’s side, naturally he would want to know all about Charlie’s group.

The rest of the meal was spent with casual conversation. After eating, Zhao Hai returned to Purple Bamboo Courtyard. Laura and the others were already there. When they saw Zhao Hai return, they immediately welcomed them. Laura then asked, “Brother Hai, what did you talk about with Trezebo?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Nothing really, we just casually conversed. Laura, God’s Grace Day is approaching, I’m afraid we won’t be staying still, I plan on returning to the sea in two days.”

Laura replied, “God’s Grace day is less than a month away. We should travel and maybe return to Iron Mountain Fort. What plans do you have when we go to the sea this time?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Naturally to trade with the Rock Shrimp Tribe again. In God’s Grace Day, people would be splurging their money everywhere. All Great Nobles would want to eat delicious dishes during that time. When we go back and trade with the Shrimp Tribe, we should get a lot of seafood ingredients, those things are surely very in demand nowadays.”

Laura thought for a moment and said, “That’s good, we will surely have big profits. We should get Trezebo to prepare good stuff for us in return.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Right, we should also get good things since we still need to return back to Iron Mountain Fort. Maybe I’ll also send a letter via Blood Hawk to Brother Wales along with some gifts.”

Laura smiled and said, “Brother Hai, you seem to have forgotten. The Beastmen don’t celebrate God’s Grace Day. They’ll be attending the Ten Thousand Beasts Festival. Hehe.”

Zhao Hai stared blankly and patted his head, “Right, I forgot about that. Brother Wales is a Beastman, he doesn’t celebrate God’s Grace Day. Hahaha. Also, it’s something interesting to think about, when God’s Day passes, it should be about one year since we met.”

Currently, it was late winter. When Zhao Hao woke up last time, it was early spring. As long as God’s Grace Day passes, spring will arrive soon after. Time really passes by quickly.

Laura looked at Zhao Hai and smiled, “Time really does come by fast, we actually know each other for nearly a year.” She and Zhao Hai had also met during spring season, since it was now winter, they will soon be knowing each other for one year.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “After this period of time, if we are not busy, we should ask Grandpa Green to prepare our matter, what do the two of you think?”

Meg and Laura’s face immediately turned red, they knew exactly what matter Zhao Hai was talking about, it was their wedding. The two of them were too embarrassed to answer, but they didn’t disagree.

Seeing the duo’s appearance, he couldn’t help but smile, “Don’t be embarrassed, I only held off our wedding up to this time because of some matters. First, it was because I was still under the effects of the Water of Nothingness. Second, I don’t want the two of you to marry me in secret. I must let the entire continent know about the women that I’m going to marry. I must let the continent know that the Buda Clan was once again standing on its feet, that the two of you are women of the Buda Clan. I will make all the people in the continent stop looking down on you.”

Laura and Meg looked at Zhao Hai with a gentle look. Laura spoe softly, “Brother Hai, we don’t really mind, as long as our Buda Clan is strong, it didn’t matter if nobody knows of our wedding.”

Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “Marriage is a huge milestone of our lives, we cannot be careless about it. Alright, we’ll hold this matter until we discuss it with Grandpa Green and others. We should find a suitable time to reveal our Buda Clan’s might.”

At this point, Laura frowned and said, “Brother Hai, is this really a good idea? If we expose our identity, then wouldn’t trouble arrive at Iron Mountain Fort? If we show the secrets of the Fort, I think that it would be unfavorable for us.”

Zhao Hai replied with a serious voice, “I know that. But now that the poison fog on the Black Wastelands aren’t any less than those in the Carrion Swamp, even 9th ranks would think twice before entering. With the poison present being strengthened by the Space, ordinary 8th ranks have to chance of entering the area. If 8th ranks enter, they would be weakened, by that point they would become fodder before us. With the undead, Cai’er and the Blood Hawks, let’s see who would dare come and enter our territory.”

Laura thought for a moment, it was true. They have underestimated their current capabilities. At present, the Buda Clan is not weak. Now that the Black Wastelands have become pretty much like the Carrion Swamp, they could easily deal with those who dared enter it.

Meg, at this moment, chuckled and said, “Elder Brother Hai, you forgot to include the Blood Devouring Mosquitos. In the Space, we have large quantities of those mosquitos, there was no number that could describe it. Let’s see which expert can withstand a barrage of attacks coming from those. Also, if they really dared to wage a war with us, we can just repeat what we did back in Purcell Duchy. Just release pests in their territory, let’s see how well they’ll fare then.”

Hearing what Meg said, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh. “I must say, Meg, you have quite some sinister ideas. Hahaha. But your idea is good. Before, I couldn’t just act recklessly because of my body, but now that I’ve been cured, we’ll see who will dare face us. Let’s just hope that the people in Aksu Empire wouldn’t dare mess with me. .”

Laura also smiled at Meg’s idea. At this point, Laura thought that their strength was already formidable, there was no enemy that they couldn’t deal with.

In all honesty, Zhao Hai had always neglected to take note of the strength of his undead creatures. One should know that Zhao Hai currently had a total of 700,000 undead on his hands. And these 700 thousand undead all have strength equal to 8th rank. If those 700 thousand undead were to be released by Zhao Hai in one go, then it wouldn’t be a problem even if they raze the entire Aksu Empire to the ground.

Although Zhao Hai also knew this, he just placed the idea on the back of his mind. This was because he knew that he couldn’t just release massive amounts of undead to wage war with other Humans, this was a one-way ticket to being public enemy number one and Zhao Hai didn’t want that to happen. He wasn’t a lunatic who wanted to take control of the whole world. He was just an average person who didn’t have any grudges on the entire Human race, he didn’t want to be embroiled in war all the time.

However, the heavens seem to think otherwise. It seems to dislike Zhao Hai being out of the limelight. When Zhao Hai and the others were chatting, a sound from a Blood Hawk was heard as it headed straight to Purple Bamboo Courtyard.


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