BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2119


Chapter 2119 – Trial Preparation


The ground and the rocks above the cavern shook at the same time. The ghost cultivators who were stunned. Some of the stronger cultivators had their expression changed. They could feel powerful auras approaching.

While the ghost cultivators were clueless, the Tyrant Blade Sect’s cultivators killed their way in from above and below.

The ghost cultivators were in a panicked state as battle began. They were at a disadvantage in numbers and were caught off-guard. The ghost cultivators had no chance of victory.

The Yin Yang Elders and the other elders also set their eyes on the experts of the ghost cultivators. Even if they want to run away, these experts no longer can.

The terrain of the underground labyrinth was special. Each cavern was connected, but they were isolated at the same time. Now, the Tyrant Blade Sect have sealed the surroundings and destroyed the transmission formations. It was also impossible to use transmission formations. Therefore, the ghost cultivators were practically trapped by the Tyrant Blade Sect. 

The battle was one-sided from the very beginning. The ghost cultivators were at a numbers disadvantage, and the Tyrant Blade Sect were attacking with their elites.

The battle continued on for half an hour. Zhao Hai also arrived at the battlefield at this time. He didn’t expect the mouse clan to have a lot of members. Fortunately, they were also fast. Moreover, after entering the Space, the mouse clan could be considered residents. Zhao Hai didn’t dare underestimate their strength either, the mice weren’t weak.

However, Zhao Hai had no plans of making the mouse clan fight. He has no need. What he needed right now was to participate in his own battles to sharpen his martial skill.

When Zhao Hai appeared, the battle entered its most intense state. If Zhao Hai was an ordinary Soul Fusion cultivator, coming here was no different to courting death. 

The people sent by the ghost cultivators were also elites, none of them were weak. The worst of the ghost cultivators were Earth Monarchs. Moreover, they belonged among the top Earth Monarchs. Facing such cultivators, Soul Fusion cultivators would have no chance.

However, Zhao Hai wasn’t an ordinary Soul Fusion cultivator. After arriving, he pulled his blade out and began killing ghost cultivators.

Zhao Hai discovered that the combat method of ghost cultivators was special. The combat strategy of ghost cultivators is divided into two types. The first was using artifacts to fight. This way of fighting was mainly based on long-ranged battles. The ghost cultivators would use artifacts to attack the enemy. But in exchange, the close combat strength of these people suffered.

The other type was close-combat. The weapons used by these ghost cultivators were mainly hooks, soft swords, or staffs. Don’t underestimate these cultivators. These three weapons have been used by ghost cultivators for countless years. It can be said that those who specialize in these weapons were bound to be ghost cultivators.

This was Zhao Hai’s first experience with close-combat ghost cultivators. This experience proved to be a great help to Zhao Hai. The attacks of the ghost cultivators were very strange. Like their reputation, each move was strange and dangerous.

After four hours, the battle finally ended. In this battle, the Tyrant Blade Sect invested nearly 10 thousand disciples. Meanwhile, there were about 3,000 ghost cultivators. By the end, all ghost cultivators were killed while the Tyrant Blade Sect lost 2,000 disciples. 

With the conclusion of the battle, the entire underground labyrinth was cleaned up. But from now on, the Tyrant Blade Sect would no longer open the underground labyrinth. They were preparing to use the labyrinth as a minor trial area of the sect.

Now that the matter of the labyrinth has been dealt with, the Yin Yang Elders and the others returned to the Tyrant Blade Sect. After returning to their peak, the Yin Yang Elders looked for Zhao Hai. The Yin Elder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, I have something to ask you. What benefits did you promise the mouse clan?”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “I gave them some grain as well as dried meat. The mouse clan needs a lot of food to sustain themselves. The patriarch was having trouble feeding his expanding clan, therefore I offered to give them food in exchange for getting help. At the same time, they considered my little mouse’s face, so they helped.”

After saying this, Zhao Hai added, “Also, the mouse clan wouldn’t benefit if the ghost cultivators occupied the underground labyrinth. The ghost cultivators might not tolerate another large group living in the labyrinth. We can say that the ghost cultivators became the mutual enemy of the mouse clan and the Tyrant Blade Sect.”

The Yin Elder nodded, then he said, “The mouse patriarch said that we won’t see each other again. What did he mean by that?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I don’t know. It’s possible that they’re preparing to move out. As you know, although the mouse clan is strong, they have a huge disadvantage; they were a bit cowardly, especially the weaker mice. Therefore, the mouse patriarch planned to move to a safer place.”

Although it was regrettable, the Yin Elder didn’t say anything. He nodded and said, “That is also good. The underground labyrinth’s problems might have been resolved, but to us, there’s still a lot to do. Ghost cultivators have become more and more active recently. We also have to do our own preparations.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Recently, the ghost cultivators have indeed been more active. Zhao Hai paid close attention to any matters involving ghost cultivators, so he was aware of this information.

Zhao Hai replied, “How did the other sects respond? Are they aware of what’s happening?”

The Yin Elder shook his head and said, “They don’t know. It’s impossible for them to find out. This matter has been kept a secret from everyone. Almost nobody outside the sect knows about the labyrinth.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “Master, is it possible for us to send people to blend with the ghost cultivators and become spies? This way, we can deal with them more easily.”

The Yin Elder understood Zhao Hai’s plan, but he shook his head and said, “Don’t even think about it. Ghost cultivators are no good. Everyone who becomes a ghost cultivator needs to give a sliver of their soul to their sect master. This piece of soul would be placed in a soul tablet and kept in the sect. Once a ghost cultivator is killed, their soul tablet would shatter immediately. It’s impossible to impersonate a ghost cultivator.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He planned to infiltrate the ghost cultivators, but it seems to be impossible. He has no plans of handing a piece of his soul. Such things would subject someone to somebody else’s control. 

The Yang Elder looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, you don’t need to worry about the ghost cultivators. Although your trial was successful, the time you spent outside is too short. Moreover, during your trial, you never left the territory of the Tyrant Blade Sect. You need to go far away. Have you ever given a thought towards the Evil and Demonic Factions?”

Upon hearing the Yang Elder, Zhao Hai stared for a moment. Then his eyes shone as he said, “Then I’ll go there to take a look.”

The Yang Elder smiled and said, “You can go. But you need to follow two conditions. First, you cannot disclose that you are a disciple of the Tyrant Blade Sect. You’re not allowed to make it easy for other people to find out about your identity. Second, you can’t use your carriage as well as Laura and the others. This trip will be dangerous.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Although the Tyrant Blade Sect’s reputation was very good, it would also bring with it a lot of trouble. It must be known that the Tyrant Blade Sect has plenty of enemies among the Evil and Demonic Cultivators.

At the same time, the Evil and the Demonic Sects didn’t follow the rules of the Righteous Dao League. Cultivators from the Righteous Dao League followed rules even if they plotted against each other. But in the Evil and the Demonic Factions, there was no such thing as a bottom line.

If Laura and the others followed Zhao Hai, the probability of danger would increase several-fold. Although Zhao Hai was no longer weak, he was still unable to walk sideways in the True Spirit Realm. There were plenty of experts in the Evil and the Demonic Factions who don’t care about face. If something caught their eye, they would do all they can to obtain it. Laura and the others were beautiful women, a primary target of these types of cultivators. 

Zhao Hai knew that the Yang Elder’s conditions were for his own good. Moreover, if he stayed in the Tyrant Blade Sect, his progress would stagnate. He needed to go outside and gain experience. The battle against the ghost cultivators gave Zhao Hai a lot of insights. If he fought against the Evil and the Demonic Cultivators, he would certainly gain even more.

The reason Zhao Hai was confident in going out was because the 3,000 ghost cultivators in the underground labyrinth have now become Undead. Naturally, Zhao Hai deconstructed their weapons and handed the original copies to the sect. With the materials now present in the Space, Zhao Hai remade the artifacts and gave them to their owners. This way, the fighting strength of the Undead ghost cultivators wouldn’t suffer. The Tyrant Blade Sect also wouldn’t suffer any losses.

Although the Yin Yang Elders could ask the sect to give him the weapons of the ghost cultivators, Zhao Hai didn’t want people talking about it. Therefore, he handed the weapons over and reconstructed them using the Space.

These Undead ghost cultivators were Zhao Hai’s biggest source of confidence.


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