BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2118


Chapter 2118 – Equality of Treatment

Seeing his subordinates going away, the patriarch of the mouse clan gave Zhao Hai and the others a single glance before laying down. He used his two paws as pillows and crossed his legs. 

When Zhao Hai saw this, he couldn’t help but laugh. He waved his hand and took a recliner out as well as a small table. There were also several fruits and dried meat on the table. He placed all of these to the side of the mouse patriarch.

The patriarch looked at Zhao Hai for a moment and then jumped to the recliner. It gave a satisfied nod and then continued to lie down. From time to time, it would take a fruit and threw it in its mouth.

The Yin Yang Elders couldn’t help but smile. This old mouse was really interesting. The Yin Elder smiled and said, “Since you brought out so many good things, you should take more out so that we can share a few cups.”

Zhao Hai laughed and agreed, “Alright.” Then he waved his hand and took out a huge table and several chairs. He also set steaming hot dishes on the table as well as bottles of wine. Then Zhao Hai poured everyone a cup of wine.

Seeing Zhao Hai take all these things out, the elders couldn’t help but be puzzled. Lu Shanren looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Little Hai, you bring these things with you all the time?”

Zhao Hai replied, “Yes. I usually prepare some before I travel. This way, I can have something to eat when I’m out.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, the elders shook their heads and laughed. They couldn’t blame Zhao Hai. With their current strengths, it was a given that they would have great spatial items. Whether they put food and drinks inside was nobody’s business.

The Yin Yang Elders also have no plans to blame Zhao Hai. With how outstanding of a disciple he was, he was allowed a few luxuries in life. 

After the table was taken out, the Yin Yang Elders sat down along with the others. Zhao Hai walked to the recliner and said, “Patriarch, are you interested in sharing a drink with my Master?”

Zhao Hai’s words caused all of the elders to stare. The mouse patriarch was also stunned. Everyone was looking at Zhao Hai as though he was strange.

Zhao Hai gave everyone a confused look as he asked, “What’s wrong?”

The Yin Elder’s gaze lingered on Zhao Hai for a moment before he said, “It’s nothing. Good. Brother mouse, come over. Let’s share a few cups.”

The mouse clan patriarch gave a complex look towards Zhao Hai before it let out a sigh. Then it stood from its recliner and walked over like a normal person. Zhao Hai smiled and gave a gesture of invitation. The mouse patriarch walked over and sat on a special chair. The mouse patriarch’s tableware was also different from others. There was a set of knives and forks, not chopsticks. Only the cups were the same for everyone.

The patriarch of the mouse clan looked at the things in front of him. His eyes slowly turned red. Then he let out a sigh and said with a hoarse voice, “I really didn’t expect that this old mouse could sit here and drink with everyone. Hahaha. Who would have thought?”

When they heard the words coming out of the patriarch’s mouth, everyone was surprised. The mouse clan patriarch looked at everyone and smiled, “You’re surprised that I could speak?”

The elders nodded, all of their eyes showed confusion. The mouse clan patriarch continued, “Actually, once a beast race reaches the Teleportation Stage, they would gain the ability to speak. However, beasts would rather speak their own language than the language of humans. We’ve been looked down upon by humans all the time, so why would we speak your language?”

The mouse patriarch’s words caused everyone to understand. To be honest, although demon beasts also cultivated in the True Spirit Realm, besides those who ascended from the Soaring Dragon Realm or the demons in the Myriad Beasts Sect, humans looked down on other beasts. Even the Beast King was being seen as a lower-level creature.

On the surface, it seemed like humans and demon beasts were equal. But in reality, demon beasts couldn’t see themselves as equals. In fact, humans always believed that they were the children of the heavens and the earth, making them look down on other races. The demon beasts also understood the minds of humans, so they didn’t like communicating with them. Slowly, demon beasts and humans began to oppose each other.

But Zhao Hai was different, he couldn’t count how many times he got in contact with demon bests. He knows the complicated mind of a human. Sometimes, if that human wasn’t grateful, they would still stab you in the back even if you have been good to them.

As for demon beasts, anything good you do to them would be reciprocated. Their thoughts were simpler, making them easier to get along with.

Because of this experience, Zhao Hai didn’t look down on demon beasts. He treated demon beasts as equals. It was also because of this that Zhao Hai’s actions would look strange in front of other cultivators.

The Yin Elder lifted his cup and said, “Let me give my respects to the mouse patriarch for being honest with us. I have to admit that we humans aren’t perfect.”

The others also raised their cups. The mouse patriarch was happy to see this, he also lifted his cup and drank with everyone. This was a cup of respect. Before long, the mood of the table became happy. Everyone drank in delight and exchanged plenty of cups.

After an hour, a huge mouse appeared from a hole. Seeing the mouse patriarch happily drinking with everyone, it didn’t know what to do.

At this time, the mouse patriarch turned his head and called the mouse over. The mouse squeaked a few times and the mouse patriarch nodded. After receiving another set of instructions, the mouse nodded and then disappeared into the hole once more.

Everyone looked at the mouse patriarch. They wanted to know what information the big mouse brought. The mouse patriarch looked at everyone and said, “We’ve discovered the ghost cultivators. We can go over now.”

As soon as they heard this, the elders couldn’t help but be shocked. Then they looked at the mouse patriarch with great expectations. The mouse patriarch smiled and said, “The other party is very alert. There are quite a few of them. It’s better if you don’t attack them if you aren’t prepared.”

The Yin Eder nodded, then he looked at Luo Lin and said, “Hall Master, call everyone. Patriarch, please tell us the location. We’ll immediately arrange for everyone to gather.”

The mouse patriarch shook his head and said, “I’m afraid you wouldn’t have it easy. Those fellows arranged warning formations all around them. If you rashly approach them, you won’t have a good time. If they don’t clash with you head on, they can still go somewhere else.”

As soon as they heard this, the elders couldn’t help but frown. The ghost cultivators entered the underground labyrinth without the Tyrant Blade Sect knowing. During that time, they could arrange transmission formations. If they used those transmission formations to run around, it would be hard for the Tyrant Blade Sect to find them, even with the help of the mouse clan.

Zhao Hai thought for a moment, then he said, “We can gather in two directions. When the time comes, we can ask the mouse clan for help to dig a few holes. Then we’ll rush to the ghost cultivators from below. As long as we know the location of their transmission formations and seal them, they wouldn’t be able to leave.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the elders stared before their eyes shone. This was a good idea. Ghost cultivators arranged warning formations around them, but they didn’t lay warning formations above and below. This would allow Zhao Hai and the others to move freely.

The mouse patriarch also stared at Zhao Hai, then he laughed and said, “Good, smart fellow. No wonder the little one followed you. Good, let’s do as you say. Let your people follow my clansmen for a while. Be careful of where you go. The ghost cultivators arranged a lot of warning formations and traps.”

The elders immediately nodded when they heard the mouse patriarch. Luo Lin took his communicator out and gave his order. Although the disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect didn’t understand what was going on, they didn’t dare ignore the elders above them. Luo Lin might be famous for being quiet, but if his orders weren’t obeyed, he wouldn’t be lenient.

Zhao Hai looked at the positioning disk and saw the bright spots congregating into a specific direction.

At this time, the Yin Elder stood up. Then he looked at the mouse patriarch and said, “We’ll have to ask Brother Mouse to lead the way. We have to destroy the ghost cultivators this time.” The mouse patriarch didn’t hesitate and said, “Follow me.” After saying that, his figure moved and flew straight into a hole. The elders quickly followed behind. Only Zhao Hai stayed.

Zhao Hai doesn’t want anyone to know that he could fly. Therefore, he didn’t follow. Instead, he chose to travel through the ground. In any case, the little mouse was with him. He wouldn’t be lost.

Zhao Hai also wasn’t in a hurry to participate in the battle against ghost cultivators. This time, the Tyrant Blade Sect would use its power to deal with the enemy. It must be known that in addition to the people in charge of Maze Town, there were also the Yin Yang Elders, Lu Shanren, Luo Lin, as well as other high-level elders. The people present represented half of the top-end strength of the Tyrant Blade Sect. It was clear that the sect was treating this matter with importance.

On the other hand, although the underground labyrinth was important to the ghost cultivators, it hasn’t paid any attention to it to the point of investing vast amounts of resources. If the Tyrant Blade Sect couldn’t deal with the ghost cultivators right now, then they would have a hard time doing it in the future.

The elders along with the mouse patriarch arrived at a huge cavern. The mouse patriarch looked at the passage in front of him and said, “Ahead is where the ghost cultivators are. There is about 200 meters of solid rock above. If we start from there, in about an hour, we could dig ten holes that are five meters wide. It would lead right on top of their transmission formations. Once we disable the transmission formations, you can go in and clean them out.”

Hearing the mouse patriarch, the elders cupped their fists towards him. Then the Yin Elder said, “Thanks Brother Mouse.” The mouse patriarch waved its claws and then called large numbers of mice. These mice looked like a tide filling the entire cavern. Then the mice began to dig above the cavern. Soil began falling like rain. After a while, the mice above the cavern disappeared. On top were several huge holes.

The mice moved quickly, causing the elders to be intrigued. But with the battle closing in, they began to prepare. They didn’t wait long. In less than an hour, five large holes more than ten meters wide appeared on the top of the cavern. Then a large number of mice appeared out of the hole and then disappeared.

The mouse patriarch said, “You can start now. These holes will lead to a wall five meters thick. With your strengths, you should be able to break through. The holes are placed above their transmission formations. You could destroy the transmission formations while you break the wall. The rest will be up to you.”

The Yin Elder cupped his fist and said, “Thanks a lot. The Tyrant Blade Sect will not forget the mouse clan’s kindness. We’ll definitely pay you back.”

The mouse patriarch waved his hand and said, “There’s no need. Perhaps this will be the last time we meet. We don’t like mingling with humans too much. Naturally, your disciple is an exception. He already promised benefits to us. You don’t have to pay us back.”

Although the Yin Elder didn’t understand the mouse patriarch’s words, he understood that Zhao Hai must have given the mouse clan enough benefits to push them to help. What’s important right now was dealing with the ghost cultivators. If the ghost cultivators escaped, the sect might find it hard to chase after them. Therefore, the Yin Elder didn’t probe any further. He cupped his fist to the mouse patriarch once more and then flew towards the hole. The other elders also followed.

Not long after the elders entered the holes, Zhao Hai arrived. The mouse patriarch looked at Zhao Hai and nodded. Zhao Hai smiled and waved his hand, opening a spatial right. The mouse patriarch gave Zhao Hai one more glance before flying into the spatial right. After a while, the patriarch appeared once more and squealed a few times. Before long, a large tide of mice poured into Zhao Hai’s Space.


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  1. Thanks for the chapters.
    Yayy, new friends. Always like the introduction of new friends. It’s just unfortunate that any friends Zhao Hai makes never stick around in the story for long.
    He distances himself from the people of the Arc Continent, Demon, and God realms so that he can better gather faith power, he leaves behind the people from the Machine Field and Cultivation Realm to be adopted by the Hundred Treasures Realm, he ascends to the next battlefield after rearranging the power structure of the Hundred Realms Battlefield, he ascends from *that* realm after giving them a stable foothold in the Soaring Dragon Realm, and now he’s in the Tyrant Blade Sect.
    Not to mention all of the minor races he befriended and either left them on their own in the Space, or left behind in the process.
    Not even people from the original Buda family who know the details about the Space and wouldn’t have the faith they provide be changed by constantly interacting with him, ever appear in the story anymore.
    And even his formidable wives with varied personalities just became a part of the group known as “Laura and the others”.

    On a side note, I wonder how many undead he has at this point. Quite literally back when he was at war in the Arc Continent, he found and integrated the undead realm that had bone towers that steadily generated infinite numbers of low level skeletons that were upgraded by the space into high level undead. Not to mention, he later on straight up integrated the entire undead realm into his Space, which means all of those bone towers became a part of it as well. And they all can cultivate. Considering how many countless years he has spent since he first got the bone towers, plus how many people he has slaughtered, would the numbers have reached the billions, if not trillions, by this point?

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