BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2020


Chapter 2020 – The Dao Brothers Move Back

Zhao Hai received the jade slip and let out a sigh. It was a troubled time. He didn’t expect that the True Spirit Realm would soon come into turmoil. In the seemingly powerful True Spirit Realm, powerful enemies such as the Ghost Cultivators exist. It seems like he still needs to be careful in the future.

The next day, Zhao Hai resumed his normal activities. He practiced his blade and cultivated his spiritual qi. He also paid attention to the land below the mountain. The hallucinating flowers have all grown up. Surprisingly, the Sky Reaching Vines have grown as well. Moreover, their speed of growth was very fast.

The flowers have been officially put to use. Because they didn’t know much about the flowers, the disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect didn’t take them seriously. Zhao Hai was consistently sending robots to rescue poisoned cultivators. Fortunately, nothing drastic happened yet.

Beyond the flower field was the forest. Although it is still far from being fully grown, the saplings have already grown branches and leaves. Their growth was very healthy. There was no need to do anything to it.

What surprised Zhao Hai the most were the Sky Reaching Vines. The growth speed of the vines was already quick. But upon being transplanted in the True Spirit Realm, their growth became even faster. The Sky Reaching Vines have already grown ten meters. It must be known that it has only been a month since they have been planted. 

Zhao Hai didn’t give the plants too much spatial water. He only sprinkled some spatial water on them to ensure that they would survive. It was impossible for the plants to grow this fast due to the spatial water. So the only reason they grew this fast was because of the environment of the True Spirit Realm.

The grain and vegetables were also growing really well. The best harvests were the medicinal plants. The medicinal plants have already started growing seeds. This was an important harvest for Zhao Hai.

His everyday life seems to be boring, but Zhao Hai didn’t feel any boredom. He was fully immersed in studying the blade dao. He slowly digested the foundational techniques he learned. This improved his own blade and allowed him to mix his techniques better.

One shouldn’t underestimate this process. In actuality, it was very difficult. It might be easier in the Lower Realms, but things were different in the True Spirit Realm.

In the True Spirit Realm, each blade technique contains its own intent. How the user grasped this intent directly affected the strength of the technique. Because of this, it wasn’t easy for Zhao Hai to digest these techniques and mix them together.

Five days after Zhao Hai returned from Yin Yang Peak, the construction of resident complex 53 was finally finished. Dao Shu and the others couldn’t wait to move back to their own place. Once they moved in, they went all out drinking with Zhao Hai. After who knows how many jugs of wine, Dao Shu and the others finally collapsed from drinking. Zhao Hai wasn’t any better as he also collapsed on the floor.

When Zhao Hai recovered, he discovered that it was the third day after Dao Shu and the others moved back into their residence. They drank for two whole days and slept for a day and a night. If it weren’t for their strengths, they would have drunk themselves to death.

In the next few days, Zhao Hai commanded the robots to reconstruct other residences in Lower Earth Mountain. To ensure that everyone would have proper residences when they arrive, a large number of robots were deployed to rebuild. Their progress was very good.

During this time, disciples began arriving at Lower Earth Mountain. All of them were inner disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect. They were all assigned to Lower Earth Mountain by the sect. In the meantime, they stayed in resident complex 52 and 53.

Zhao Hai also began to establish relationships with these inner disciples. These disciples were full of resentment when they arrived. But upon seeing the environment of resident complex 52 as well as the smiling face of Zhao Hai, their resentment decreased by a lot.

Actually, these disciples have already accepted their fate. It wouldn’t be good if they didn’t comply. This was an order sent by the sect. Unless they want to get kicked out of the sect, they have no choice but to agree.

The inner disciples were very curious about Zhao Hai who suddenly appeared and got a lot of privileges. They knew that Zhao Hai was from the Soaring Dragon Realm. But as soon as he ascended, he became an inner disciple. They said that he gained a huge merit in the Soaring Dragon Realm, but nobody can find any records of what he did. This made Zhao Hai even more mysterious in their eyes.

The other cultivators who ascended from the Soaring Dragon Realm would need the help of the cleansing springs to adapt to life in the True Spirit Realm. And during this period of time, they wouldn’t have any time to gain any achievement.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai was not only living well, he also had a vast farmland, giving him huge profits every year. There’s no need to mention that he now has his own peak. Even core disciples weren’t as rich as him. This was the first time everyone saw such a dazzling person. This made the inner disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect even more curious.

It didn’t take long before the inner disciples obtained information from various channels that Zhao Hai was the first disciple of the Yin Yang Elders.

Upon hearing this, the inner disciples turned silent. They knew clearly what position the Yin Yang Elders held in the Tyrant Blade Sect. Although they didn’t hold any power in the sect, their status in the sect couldn’t be shaken by anyone.

The Yin Yang Elders did too many things for the Tyrant Blade Sect in the past. They were the famed killing gods of the sect. Because of this, their killing intent became too strong which affected their cultivation. It can be said that the two elders exchanged their future potential for the Tyrant Blade Sect to reach its current stage.

The two Elders were already old and rarely made a move. However, their prestige continued to spread throughout the True Spirit Realm. Everyone who has plans to offend the Tyrant Blade Sect would need to think about the two Elders.

As for the issue of their cultivation, the Tyrant Blade Sect thought of various ways but weren’t able to come up with anything. The Tyrant Blade Sect also wanted the two Elders to receive disciples but this failed. The murderous aura of the elders were too strong. Potential disciples either died or turned mad after being subjected to their killing intent. Some of these people even murdered their families due to madness.

Because of this, the Yin Yang Elders weren’t able to take in a disciple. This caused the disciples of the sect to respect them more. In their heart, the two Elders were the most honorable people in the Tyrant Blade Sect.

Later on, a statement circulated in the Tyrant Blade Sect. It wasn’t impossible for the Yin Yang Elders to accept a disciple. However, their disciple would need to have a strong murderous aura. Only in this way could they resist the murderous aura of the two Elders and accept their teachings.

Originally, the people of the Tyrant Blade Sect thought that the Yin Yang Elders would never accept a disciple in their lifetimes. But upon hearing that Zhao Hai became their disciple, the inner disciples couldn’t help but be shocked.

They first thought that this information was purely made up. But after further probes, the information was proven true. Zhao Hai was indeed the shared disciple of the Yin Yang Elders. Moreover, there were signs that the two elders heavily doted on their sole disciple.

The Yin Yang Elders’ shared disciple? Everyone knew the strength of the two elders’ killing aura. If they shared a disciple, then that only means one thing. This disciple could block their killing aura. For a person to do this, they would need to kill a lot of people. In other words, Zhao Hai was someone who had killed a lot of people.

Because of this, the inner disciples didn’t dare make any noise. Although they behaved themselves, they couldn’t help but be more curious regarding Zhao Hai. From what they saw, Zhao Hai was a serene person. There were no traces of killing intent on his body. How could he become the disciple of the Yin Yang Elders?

However, all of them knew that the information was true. It had been confirmed using different channels. Although, in their eyes, Zhao Hai who has no killing aura becoming the disciple of the Yin Yang Elders might not be a good thing. He might lose his life in the process. Therefore, most of them looked at Zhao Hai with a sympathetic gaze.

Zhao Hai was also aware of this situation. Although he hasn’t mapped a lot of land in the True Spirit Realm, his resident complex has been completely monitored. Naturally, he saw the reactions of the inner disciples. But he didn’t care.

The reason why Zhao Hai doesn’t have any killing aura in his body is because he has too much killing aura. He has reached a level where he can hide his killing aura inside his body. His killing aura was even heavier than the Yin Yang Elders. So how could he possibly be affected by them?

But what made Zhao Hai feel strange was why nobody connected him with the events of the Soaring Dragon Realm. His destruction of an entire realm caused a huge wave in the True Spirit Realm. Even the Yin Yang Elders had to return to the sect to deal with this matter. Now that he has arrived in the Tyrant Blade Sect, he hasn’t heard of people mentioning this matter.

Actually, the disciples of the Tyrant Blade Sect were well aware of what happened to the Osmanthus Crystal Realm. However, the sect also made preparations and explained that it was an action made by the sect. There was no mention of Zhao Hai. Moreover, even if there were any leaks, nobody would believe that Zhao Hai would have enough strength to exterminate an entire realm. Therefore, nobody thought in that direction.


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