BTFTLIAW – Chapter 2019


Chapter 2019 – The Evil Ghost Cultivators

Zhao Hai took Qiu Tie back to resident complex 52. At this time, Dao Shu and the others were already at the training ground. The Tyrant Blade Sect’s disciples mainly used blades, so Dao Shu and the others would frequently go to the training ground to practice their blade techniques. This day, they originally wanted to find Zhao Hai. But when they arrived, they found that Zhao Hai had left. So they went on and practiced by themselves.

The large stone-paved training ground was very comfortable to train in. Thinking that they would have the same training ground in the future, Dao Shu and the others couldn’t help but feel excited.

Upon seeing Zhao Hai return, Dao Shu and the others immediately walked over. Then Dao Shu said, “Little Hai, where did you go? Did something happen?”

Seeing Dao Shu and the others, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Everything’s fine. I haven’t visited my Masters for some time, so I went to see them. Senior Brother, did you go and take a look at your residence? If you need anything changed, you can just tell the robots. Although they aren’t intelligent, they can carry out tasks very well.”

Dao Shu smiled and said, “We just returned from there. I can’t help but stare at it every day. To be honest, the residence is very good. Haha. Once it’s finished in a few days, we need to share a few cups.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Of course, we need to celebrate.” Hearing this, Dao Shu and the others laughed.

Zhao Hai instructed Qiu Tie to practice by himself, but he stayed and watched Dao Shu and the others practicing their blade. Zhao Hai hasn’t seen the blade techniques that Dao Shu and the others were using. The twelve of them practiced different blade techniques. But it may be because they were brothers that they had a tacit understanding of each others’ skills. When the beasts attacked, if it weren’t for their great cooperation, they wouldn’t have been able to hold on for a long time.

Surprisingly, when Zhao Hai looked at their blade techniques, he couldn’t help but feel that it was familiar. This caused him to be confused. He couldn’t understand why Dao Shu and the others’ techniques were familiar.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t dwell on it for long and returned to his room. If he wants to learn blade techniques, he can go to the Blade Pavilion and get manuals. The sect forbids learning blade techniques in secret. It was considered a huge taboo.

After returning to his room, Zhao Hai took out the jade slip that the Yang Elder gave him. As he searched it with his jade slip, information began streaming into his mind.

The jade slip was an introduction to Ghost Cultivators. While reading the jade slip, Zhao Hai understood what Ghost Cultivators were. Not all Ghost Cultivators were ghosts. On the contrary, most Ghost Cultivators were normal cultivators. The difference between cultivators and Ghost Cultivators was their methods of cultivation. Ghost cultivators mainly cultivate their souls to strengthen it. Then they would transform their souls into something that could control ghosts and make them perform techniques.

In other words, Ghost Cultivators cultivate their souls to achieve a ghost form. Then they would use ghosts to attack others. However, the ghosts they used to attack weren’t their own souls. Once they transform their souls into ghosts, they would separate this ghost soul from their bodies and hunt down wandering ghosts. Then they would merge their ghost soul into these wandering ghosts, creating something like an incarnation. This ghost could cultivate by themselves and also help the main body cultivate. It was a powerful method.

But this kind of cultivation was completely immoral. This was because in the process of cultivating these ghosts, Ghost Cultivators could use souls as supplements. If they want to improve their strength as fast as possible, they would need to absorb a lot of souls.

And are wandering souls abundant in the True Spirit Realm? The answer was no. Wandering souls were actually quite rare in the True Spirit Realm. This was because people of the True Spirit Realm use certain tools to ensure that the souls of the dead would dissipate as soon as possible. It was equal to leading the soul to undergo reincarnation.

On one hand, there was a cultivation method that required a ton of souls , and on the other, there was a shortage of wandering souls. So what was the solution? Very simple, murder!

Ghost cultivators were exemplary murderers. They killed both ordinary people and cultivators. Then they would extract their souls for their own use. Because their souls were generally very strong, all the souls they captured couldn’t fight back. In the end, they would be absorbed.

There was once a time where Ghost Cultivators were rampant in the True Spirit Realm. They were practically everywhere, forcing the sects to be unable to raise their heads. During that period of time, the people in the True Spirit Realm lived in a dark age. Both cultivators and ordinary people lived in fear. Ghost Cultivators were even brazen enough to surround a sect and reap it for all of its souls. They would use these souls to strengthen themselves or they would give the souls to new Ghost Cultivators to absorb. It was a very cruel time.

It was because of this cruelty that the sects of the True Spirit Realm were forced to work together. This shared hatred allowed the sects to form an alliance to chase these Ghost Cultivators down. And after paying a very high price, the sects were finally able to eliminate the Ghost Cultivators.

However, what the people of the True Spirit Realm didn’t expect was that the Ghost Cultivator Sects hid their genius disciples so that they could continue their legacy. These genius disciples hid in the dark, developing slowly and amassing strength.

Later on, when the Ghost Cultivators were able to amass enough strength, they attacked the sects once more. Although they were beaten back in the end, the sects of the True Spirit Realm became aware that the Ghost Cultivators were still present.

For several hundred thousand years, sects and Ghost Cultivators fought against each other. Despite the top sects’ efforts, they were still unable to completely eliminate the Ghost Cultivators. At the same time, no matter what they did, the Ghost Cultivators couldn’t topple the top sects. The two sides reached a state of equilibrium.

The only solution to end the Ghost Cultivators was to make sure that they don’t receive any disciples. If the legacy of the Ghost Cultivators cannot be passed on, then they would eventually disappear. But in the end, this solution couldn’t be achieved. It was because it was very difficult to stop people from becoming Ghost Cultivators.

Ghost cultivators and normal cultivators have a lot of differences in their cultivation methods. Ordinary cultivation heavily relied on spiritual root compatibility. Without any compatibility to spiritual roots, even if you cultivate diligently, you would still find your path limited.

On the other hand, Ghost Cultivators have very low requirements when it comes to spiritual roots. They don’t even need strong soul compatibility. As long as you dared to kill people and obtain souls, then you will become a powerful Ghost Cultivator. To those who want to cultivate but have no talent, Ghost Cultivation was a very attractive path. Because of this, there would always be cultivators who would take the Ghost Cultivation path. Cutting new blood off from Ghost Cultivators was practically impossible. After all, in the True Spirit Realm, becoming a strong expert was an aspiration that everyone had.

The most recent war against the Ghost Cultivators happened ten thousand years ago. At that time, the Ghost Cultivators attacked the sects of the True Spirit Realm, causing the sects massive losses. There were even sects who have yet to recover from the damage they suffered. In the end, they had been demoted to becoming third-rate sects.

In addition to introducing Ghost Cultivators, the jade slip also has a lot of miscellaneous information regarding Ghost Cultivators. According to the jade slip, the Ghost Cultivators have been very active recently. They were causing a lot of trouble in the True Spirit Realm. This attracted the attention of the top sects.

After reading the jade slip, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but close his eyes and thought about the information he just obtained. Now he has a comprehensive understanding of Ghost Cultivators.

To be honest, Zhao Hai wasn’t too surprised about the existence of Ghost Cultivators. Whether it be in the Great World of Cultivation or other realms, there would always be people who resort to crooked methods to increase their strength. But at the same time, these methods would have serious side effects. The biggest of which was the change in the user’s personality.

The same was true for the Ghost Cultivators. Their cultivation method was special. They need souls in order to increase their cultivation speed. This would cause Ghost Cultivators to regard humans as livestock, making them cold-blooded. Such a person would no doubt become evil. And if they continued their ways, they might become a demon.

If the Ghost Cultivator’s spiritual force was powerful enough, then they might be able to keep their character for a long time. But if their spiritual force was weak, then they would eventually become murderous spirits and would be hunted down. This was the side effect of Ghost Cultivation; pushing Ghost Cultivators towards the path of evil.

Since Zhao Hai was now the disciple of the Tyrant Blade Sect, these Ghost Cultivators would be his enemies. So Zhao Hai has no plans of letting them off.

Zhao Hai also saw some issues with the information inside the jade slip, and that was the strength of the Ghost Cultivators. Although the sects of the True Spirit Realm always won whenever they warred with the Ghost Cultivators, they still suffered heavy damage every time. This showed how formidable the Ghost Cultivators were. To cause such damage to the sects of the True Spirit Realm, their fighting strength should have been terrifying.

And after reading the additional information in the jade slip, Zhao Hai understood why the Yin Yang Elders gave it to him. It was due to the recent actions of the Ghost Cultivators.

Zhao Hai knew that everyone who joined the Tyrant Blade Sect from the Soaring Dragon Realm would stay in the sect for three years. They would have close to zero interactions with the outside world. This will not only help them adapt to the True Spirit Realm’s environment, it would also keep them safe. 

Typically, this will make it impossible to meet any Ghost Cultivators. But due to the recent movements of the Ghost Cultivators in the True Spirit Realm, the Yin Yang Elders were afraid that Zhao Hai would come in contact with them prematurely. Therefore, they gave Zhao Hai the jade slip ahead of time.


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