BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1760


Chapter 1760 – Evil Nature

A Flying Iron Centipede was stopped in the air. Mo Life stood on the centipede’s head with his eyes closed. He felt the space in front of him. There were bursts of chaotic spiritual qi around him. Experienced cultivators would immediately know that something happened in this place. Mo Lihe was feeling the chaotic energy in order to know what happened to Mo Yan and the others.

Before Mo Yan fought, he sent a message bat to Mo Lihe, informing him where Zhao Hai appeared. Therefore, Mo Lihe rushed over as soon as he could. It took him two hours to arrive at the area. By that time, Zhao Hai had already taken Mo Yan and the others away.

Naturally, Mo Lihe doesn’t care about the life and death of disciples. What he wanted to know was Zhao Hai’s strength. Although he doesn’t know who Zhao Hai was, he already formed a huge enmity with him. So he had to understand Zhao Hai as much as he could.

After some time, Mo Lihe opened his eyes. However, his gaze carried a puzzled expression. This was because he was confused at what he found out.

He could feel Mo Yan and the others’ aura. He could feel that they fought. But what was strange was that they were fighting against 50 entities. What was going on?

Mo Lihe’s spiritual force was very sensitive. He could feel that the fifty entities had the same aura. However, the attributes of these entities were different.

This is what confused Mo Lihe. It seems like Mo Yan and the others fought against 50 people. However, these 50 people had the same aura.

Each individual has different auras. Even twin brothers would have different auras. No two people have the same aura.

However, there were 50 differently attributed entities who had the same aura. What was happening? Is this someone who has 50 clones of himself?

Thinking of clones, Mo Life was even more confused. Cloning techniques weren’t any strange in the Great World of Cultivation. Even the Heavenly Demon Realm has these techniques. However, these techniques were somewhat weak.

Strictly speaking, cloning techniques in the Great World of Cultivation and the Heavenly Demon Realm were a type of illusion technique. Moreover, the clones wouldn’t have the same strength as the original. Although formidable cloning techniques could confuse people, not a lot of people use it. In the end, fake is fake.

This was especially true for experts on the level of Mo Lihe. Cloning Techniques were simply useless to them. Whether it be the true body or the illusion, they would be easily found out through their spiritual force. Even if the cloning technique was heavenly, the clone wouldn’t be able to leave any aura. In other words, it was impossible for a cloning technique to branch out into 50 clones who carry the same aura.

As Mo Lihe frowned, he called someone over. A nascent soul Heavenly Demon quickly came. The Heavenly Demon cupped his fist and said, “Elder, what’s your order?”

Mo Lihe looked at the Heavenly Demon and said, “Send word to the sect requesting for more manpower. The enemy might have a special technique that can create clones to deal with the enemy. Tell them that each search team should have no less than 200 people. Moreover, each search team needs to have 20 transcending tribulation experts. If you find anyone, make sure to capture them and send them back to the sect to be soul searched. We need to know their cultivation method. It might be very beneficial to the sect.”

The Heavenly Demon bowed and said, “Yes, Elder.” After he said that, he retreated and then sent a message bat to the Cloud Demon Sect.

Mo Lihe’s status in the sect was very high. He made a lot of military contributions to the sect. Moreover, people of the Cloud Demon Sect appreciated him for putting the sect first in his heart. Whenever he discovers something good, he would always think of snatching it for the sect. He also has a clear division between public and private matters. He would never act in private interest under the guise of doing the greater good for everyone. Because of this, a lot of people in the sect regard him highly.

Looking at the surroundings, Mo Lihe coldly snorted before he entered the flying iron centipede. The huge centipede began to move towards a direction as he continued to look for Zhao Hai.

At this time, Zhao Hai was using liquid silver to analyze the jade token. Zhao Hai acquired this ability a long time ago, he just never found a reason to use it. He is currently investigating whether he can remake the jade token after it has been taken apart.

After some time, Cai’er made a report, “Young Master, the jade token can be remade. However, its video recording function will be a problem. If we want to remake it, we’ll have to create a lot of fake recordings. It would be a heavy job.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, let’s remake it. Then create fake scenes for it to store. Right, can the jade token relay the information in real time? Will they be able to detect the changes to the token?”

Cai’er shook her head and said, “They won’t. There’s no need to worry.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “That’s good. Right, create enough fake recordings to last an entire year. It’s better to make a fake scene and record it using the jade token. It would look more authentic that way.”

Cai’er and the others became interested in this notion. After Zhao Hai sent the jade token to the Space, Laura and the others began to play around with it.

Zhao Hai no longer cared about this matter. Cai’er’s had great ability with these things. At this time, Zhao Hai was paying close attention to Mo Lihe.

Zhao Hai had just witnessed Mo Lihe’s reaction. After hearing Mo Lihe’s order, Zhao Hai let out a sigh as he said, “Amazing, he actually guessed that I used special methods. Two hundred people, interesting. Let’s see which is stronger, my 360 avatars or you.”

But in the next moment, Zhao Hai patted his head as he said, “Right, now that I passed my tribulation, I can try to condense more dao avatars. This is the Heavenly Demon Realm, and everyone I’m going to face are Heavenly Demons. Although their dao avatars look evil, their offensive strength is the real deal. Maybe I can condense a couple of heavenly demon dao avatars.”

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai returned to the Space and looked for an uninhabited planet. He then told Laura and the others to not disturb him before he began condensing heavenly demon dao avatars.

However, Zhao Hai quickly discovered where he was wrong. To condense a heavenly demon dao avatar, he would need to understand Heavenly Demons. Because of this, he failed in condensing the dao avatar.

As he thought of that, Zhao Hai immediately went to the vermillion bird space. At this time, Mo Yu, Mo Yan, and the other Heavenly Demons were cultivating inside. 

Seeing that Zhao Hai arrived, the Heavenly Demons bowed and said, “We have seen the Young Master.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Take a seat. I came to ask you about the cultivation method of the Heavenly Demons. Mo Yu, you tell me.”

Mo Yu nodded and said, “Young Master, from the day we were born, we became aware of our evil nature. An evil nature has no fixed form. Everyone’s evil nature differed from each other. We use our evil nature to cultivate. Our evil nature would only bear form when we worship someone and shape our evil nature into a demon god.”

Zhao Hai stared. He didn’t expect the Heavenly Demon Race’s cultivation would make use of their evil nature. This was the first time Zhao Hai came upon such a method.

Zhao Hai closed his eyes and recalled Mo Yu’s words. Looking at Zhao Hai, Mo Yu and the others didn’t dare make any noise.

Zhao Hai’s thoughts were now revolving at a fast pace. He knew that people had both bad and good sides, just like tai chi. There was yang in yin and there was yin in yang. The cultivation method of the Heavenly Demons was a bit special. They only cultivate their evil side and practice it as a type of religion. This kind of cultivation method was completely different to cultivators.

However, this doesn’t mean that the method was bad. Otherwise, the Heavenly Demons wouldn’t have stood on equal footing with the Great World of Cultivation. Moreover, this cultivation method was also very beneficial to those in the Great World of Cultivation.

Everyone has both good and evil natures. In the Great World of Cultivation, there were methods to clear the mind and suppress the evil nature in people’s minds.

Evil nature doesn’t necessarily refer to killing people and setting places on fire. It also included greed, rage, and evil thoughts.

Although cultivation methods were directed at a cultivator’s heart, the cultivator’s education and upbringing would have a great effect on their nature.

For example, when a person was angry, he would have evil thoughts. If he really wants to act on his thoughts, he could do so. However, cultivators wouldn’t do that. They still had a conscience that stopped them from acting on their evil thoughts. 

This might not be a problem for ordinary people, but it was very dangerous for cultivators. Cultivators couldn’t be distracted in their thoughts otherwise they would be possessed by their evil nature. In the Great World of Cultivation, such things had a name, and it was ‘heart’s demon’!

Because of this, there were several methods in the Great World of Cultivation specifically for eliminating evil thoughts, saving one from being possessed by their heart’s demon. But the higher the level of a cultivator, the more they needed to be wary of their heart’s demon. Why do many transcending tribulation or immortal stage experts become stuck at their level? This was because they have to cut the evil nature in their hearts. They cannot let their wisdom be clouded. Therefore, their cultivation would slow down.

On the other hand, Heavenly Demons accepted their evil side with open arms. They intentionally nurtured this side so that they could condense their demonic dao avatar.

Zhao Hai knew that these so-called mind purifying methods weren’t really purifying one’s heart. They were no more than suppressing one’s evil thoughts. This was a ticking time bomb for any cultivator. But if they were to also practice the methods of the Heavenly Demons, they would be able to condense a demon god in their hearts and then place all of their evil thoughts into that demon. It was practicing demonic methods, but it also functions as clearing away one’s evil nature. In this way, cultivators would no longer need to worry about distractions while also having a powerful demon in their hearts.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai opened his eyes as he turned to Mo Yu and asked, “Mo Yu, tell me the steps of condensing a demon god. The more detailed the better.”

Although Mo Yu didn’t know what Zhao Hai was planning to do, he still answered the question.

When Zhao Hai heard Mo Yu, he couldn’t help but frown. This method of condensing a demon wasn’t simple. Condensing a demon requires one to fully understand their most evil side. This was easier said than done. Putting all of your evil side into a demon was a fundamental change to one’s being. If one’s mind wasn’t firm, then they would fall victim to their own demon and would become a demon themselves.

Even if one’s mind was firm and they were able to create their demon, it was still possible for them to have a split personality. This was dangerous for a cultivator. Therefore, condensing a demon would still be a very hard task for a cultivator.

After passing the method to condense a demon god and looking at Zhao Hai’s appearance, Mo Yu didn’t make any noise. He just sat in place and didn’t disturb Zhao Hai. Mo Yan and the others were the same.

Thinking about it for some time, Zhao Hai let out a long breath. He looked at Mo Yu and the others and said, “You stay and cultivate here. I’ll go look for you if I have any other questions.” Then he vanished from sight. Mo Yu and the others gave a bow to see him off.


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