BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1759


 Chapter 1759 – Mo Yu Persuades To Surrender

Heavenly Demons dreaded formations the most. This was because they knew that their realm had no great attainments when it came to formations. Because of this, they struggled against formation masters of the Great World of Cultivation.

Therefore, when Mo Yan and the others were trapped inside the formation, they immediately became more careful. They could see that the formation wasn’t ordinary.

At this time, a group of beast avatars rushed towards them. Mo Yan’s expression couldn’t help but change as he said, “Be careful when facing the enemy.” Mo Yan discovered that although the formation was suppressing their strength, it wasn’t very strong. 

But as the beast avatars rushed towards them, the planets suddenly moved and fell towards them. This caused Mo Yan and the others to be terrified. Mo Yan loudly said, “Half of you, block the planets. The rest deal with the beasts!”

His decision was swift, but he underestimated Zhao Hai’s strength. The planets crashing down on them suddenly turned into giant nets, capturing the Heavenly Demons under them. This group of Heavenly Demons weren’t weak. The weakest of them were at the Core Formation Stage. But whether they were at the core formation or the nascent soul stage, they were still captured by the nets. They couldn’t escape.

Majority of Mo Yan’s group consisted of core formation and nascent soul stage Heavenly Demons. There were only five transcending tribulation Heavenly Demons among them. Twenty Heavenly Demons were captured by the giant nets and were immediately dragged into the formation and disappeared. Only 30 Heavenly Demons were left with Mo Yan.

Mo Yan was surprised by this outcome. Mo Yan’s dao avatar was also a large demon. The expression of the dao avatar was similarly showing a surprised expression.

At this time, the beast avatars arrived. Mo Yan has no time to think about what just happened as he quickly moved to meet the enemy. He could see how agile each beast avatar was. He understood immediately that they would be difficult opponents. He doesn’t dare neglect them.

However, upon clashing with the beasts, Mo Yan discovered his mistake. The beast avatars were far stronger than he expected. This caused Mo Yan to immediately fall backward.

And this wasn’t the end. The stellar formation changed and the pressure on Mo Yan increased. And from time to time, the formation would attack them. Every time the formation attacked, Heavenly Demons would be captured. After a few times, Mo Yan found that only the five transcending tribulation Heavenly Demons were left beside him. Moreover, it seems like they wouldn’t be able to last long.

Mo Yan was unwilling. At this time, the beast avatars that attacked them retreated. Mo Yan was stunned and then he looked around. He found that all 50 beast avatars had retreated. However, they were still surrounded and the formation was still up.

Mo Yan didn’t understand what was going on. At this moment, a figure appeared not far away from him. Seeing this figure, Mo Yan’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow. He knew who it was, it was Mo Yu.

Mo Yu’s appearance caused Mo Yan to be startled. He didn’t expect to see Mo Yu in this place.

As Mo Yan was stunned, Mo Yu cupped his fist and said, “I have seen Senior Brother Mo Yan.”

Although Mo Yan didn’t understand what was going on, he was still on alert as he replied, “Mo Yu, what are you doing? Why did you appear here? Elder Mo Lihe has been looking for you.”

Mo Yu smiled faintly and said, “Brother Mo Yan, I have already followed the Young Master. He’s going to be my demon god from now on. I no longer belong to the Cloud Demon Sect. Brother Mo Yan, I advise you to follow Young Master with me. Under Young Master, we’ll be able to witness the grand dao!”

Mo Yan couldn’t believe what he heard. He stared for some time before saying, “Mo Yu, do you understand what you’re saying? You dare betray the Cloud Demon Sect? Elder Mo Lihe is already on his way. Once he arrives and sees your appearance, he will kill you with his own hands.”

Mo Yu laughed and said, “Mo Lihe? He wants to deal with the Young Master? If the Young Master doesn’t care about the Cloud Demon Sect and the transcending tribulation experts, he would have already eradicated the sect from the map.”

Mo Yan looked at Mo Yu in shock. He knew what kind of person Mo Yu was. Although Mo Yu was just an ordinary core disciple of the Cloud Demon Sect, his talent was well recognized by the seniors of the sect. Otherwise, Mo Lihe wouldn’t have taken him as a disciple. The only reason he hasn’t opened a base was because his strength has yet to reach the required level.

This time, Mo Lihe had Mo Yu come out to practice fighting the cultivators of the Great World of Cultivation. This meant that his status in the sect wasn’t low. Moreover, with his talent, Mo Yu was arrogant. Because of his arrogance, he doesn’t have any respect for seniors like Mo Yan.

Looking at Mo Yu’s expression, it seems like he really respected his young master. This was worship coming from the deepest part of his heart. Having this young master as his demon god seems to be true.

This caused Mo Yan to be surprised. He knew clearly that the Young Master was a cultivator from the Great World of Cultivation. Mo Yu was arrogant, but this person from the Great World of Cultivation was able to subdue him. What kind of person was this? Mo Yan couldn’t help but be in a state of disbelief.

Mo Yan knew some information about the invaders from the Great World of Cultivation. The invaders would be talented young masters from the Great World of Cultivation. That was to say that those who came weren’t the strongest figures of their realm. They should be on the same level as Mo Yu and Mo Yan.

For a Great World of Cultivation’s cultivator to subdue Mo Yu, this only meant that he was very strong. Mo Yan couldn’t help but dread this thought.

Seeing that Mo Yan hasn’t spoken for some time, Mo Yu’s expression sank as he said, “Senior Brother Mo Yan, I’m giving you an opportunity. If you don’t comply, then Young Master would have to be impolite. I will give you ten breaths of time. If you still refuse to surrender, then I have nothing else I can do. And if you fight back, you would either be killed or be severely injured.”

Hearing Mo Yu, Mo Yan’s complexion changed. Fighting the beast avatars made him aware how weaker he was compared to the enemy. However, these beasts didn’t kill him. If these beast avatars wanted, they would be able to deal with him.

“One, two, three…” Mo Yu began counting.

Looking at Mo Yu’s expression, Mo Yan knew that he wasn’t joking. His expression became more bitter. Mo Yan looked at the other transcending tribulation experts while they looked at him as well. Their eyes flashed a hint of fear.

Although Heavenly Demons were warlike beings, they didn’t want to die a useless death. They have already experienced Zhao Hai’s strength. If they didn’t surrender, then the consequences would be serious.

“Six, seven, eight…” Mo Yan’s thoughts continued to revolve. He knew that he would die if he didn’t surrender. His only chance of survival was to surrender. Therefore, Mo Yan decisively shouted, “Junior Brother, I’m willing to surrender.”

Mo Yan took the lead and the other transcending tribulation Heavenly Demons followed. As soon as they surrendered, Zhao Hai immediately appeared beside Mo Yu. Mo Yu cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai and said, “Young Master, fortunately I didn’t fail your mission.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then he turned to Mo Yan and the others and asked, “Are you really willing to surrender to me?”

Mo Yan and the others nodded and said, “We are. We’re willing to serve under Master.” As they said that, their bodies sent faith power towards Zhao Hai.

Upon feeling faith power, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, then you can go with Mo Yu.” Mo Yan and the others nodded and then went beside Mo Yu. Zhao Hai waved his hand and sent them to the vermillion bird space. When the Space didn’t issue a prompt, Zhao Hai was relieved. But he couldn’t help but sigh. The Heavenly Demon Race were truly strange creatures. A word of surrender from them was a true oath. They even sent faith power immediately. 

However, Zhao Hai didn’t think much about it. He waved his hand and took away the flying swords before disappearing. This time, he didn’t hide the traces of battle because there was no need to do so. In any case, his presence has already been reported. It doesn’t matter if he erases his traces or not.

Upon returning to his secret base, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but take out the jade token that was given to him by the Myriad Demon Sect Elder. Looking at the token, there were numbers on its face. Zhao Hai’s token already tallied 57. This numbers how many Heavenly Demons he subdued. 

Zhao Hai knitted his brows. The record of the Jade token was a surprise to him. This caused Zhao Hai to frown. The monitoring ability of the token caused him to hesitate passing the token through the processing machine and remaking it. If he was discovered, then he would be in trouble. Not only him, the trouble would also affect the Black Tiger Gang.

In the end, Zhao Hai decided to analyze the jade token first. But instead of sending it to the Space, Zhao Hai covered the jade token with liquid silver.


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