BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1555


Chapter 1555 – Causing A Stir In The Cloudsea Territory

After a day of preparation, there was nothing else left to do. Finally, Zhao Hai managed to receive permission to connect the transmission formation to the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters.

 Zhao Hai had Xiang Bo and the others practice how to establish the transmission formation several times before they began. As he was waiting, Zhao Hai was looking at the monitor inside his head. The screen displayed the current situation of Ye Island. This time, he wasn’t intending to fight the people here.

After some time, the conditions have been met. Zhao Hai turned to Xiang Bo and the others and said, “I will make the Hell King’s Ship smaller now. However, I can’t maintain it for long. Once we enter Ye Island, we need to set up the transmission formation as soon as possible. I can’t help much this time, so you need to be fast.”

Xiang Bo and the others nodded. They knew that Ye Island didn’t only have one or two Immortal Experts. If someone discovered them, they wouldn’t even know how they died.

Looking at the time, Zhao Hai said, “Let’s go.” Then his body moved as they flew towards Ye Island. The Hell King’s Ship also shrank, turning into a one meter long ship in Zhao Hai’s arms.

The group sneaked quickly into Ye Island and crashed into the cloudfruit forest. When they were about 1 kilometer in, Zhao Hai stopped, then turned to the others and said, “Let’s finish this quick.”

Xiang Bo and the others didn’t delay as they immediately arranged the transmission formation. However, it’s clear that Zhao Hai underestimated the strength of the Cloudsea Territory’s Immortal Experts. The moment they entered the cloudfruit forest, a Ye Clan’s Immortal Expert immediately discovered them.

Ten Immortal Experts immediately flew towards Zhao Hai and the others. Zhao Hai also noticed the Immortal Experts. In fact, he knew the moment the Immortal Experts moved. Zhao Hai changed his expression before turning his head and said, “People are coming. Stay here while I block them.”

Zhao Hai didn’t dare mention to Xiang Bo and the others that there were 10 Immortal Experts because he was afraid that it might distract them. As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, the complexion of Xiang Bo and the others changed. However, they still nodded. Zhao Hai immediately left the place as his Hell King’s Ship enlarged and filled with Undead. At the same time, the ship’s cannons were being primed.

Just as the Hell King’s Ship enlarged, a fierce voice was heard, “Rats, you actually dared to come to Ye Island to cause trouble!”

Zhao Hai didn’t reply and just quietly looked at the direction where the 10 Immortal Experts were approaching from. As soon as the experts appeared one after another, they all looked at Zhao Hai in astonishment.

Zhao Hai knew why these Ye Clan experts were in a daze; it was because of his appearance. His looks showed that he wasn’t from the Cloudsea Territory but from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Discovering a person from the legendary Ten-thousand Realm battlefield in their own island would naturally cause anyone to stare.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai wasn’t stunned, but he bowed and said, “Seniors, may I ask where this place is? I have been wandering in the Sea of Clouds for a long time and I suddenly found this place. When I came in, I didn’t know that it’s the Seniors’ territory. Please forgive me.”

Zhao Hai said all of these to attract attention to him. He also knew that Xiang Bo and the others would be finished soon. At the same time, their movements needed to be hidden from these Immortal Experts. Because of this, Zhao Hai planned to delay the Immortal Experts before running away.

Naturally, the Ye Clan’s Immortal Expert couldn’t be underestimated. They probably discovered Zhao Hai’s plan. One of them said, “Enough talking, don’t allow them to run. Capture them first then we’ll interrogate them slowly.” The other Immortal Experts nodded as two threw themselves to Zhao Hai. The others went to capture Xiang Bo and the others.

Seeing the situation, Zhao Hai knew that things weren’t going so well. He immediately waved his hand as the Hell King’s Ship fired all of its cannons. A wave of bullets began to assault the Immortal Experts.

 The Ye Clan’s Immortal Experts were truly strong. However, they were wary about Zhao Hai. So when they heard the shots they couldn’t help but slow down.

Zhao Hai let out a sigh as he said inwardly, “Sure enough.”

The reason why Zhao Hai knew that these Immortal Experts would slow down was because he discovered that Immortal Experts in the Cloudsea Territory were stronger in terms of spiritual cultivation. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to discover Zhao Hai and the others this quickly. The position that Zhao Hai chose was the farthest place from these Immortal Experts yet they were still able to find them. If these experts were like the ones in the Ten-thousand Realm battlefield, then they wouldn’t have discovered Zhao Hai’s group.

For the Cloudsea Territory’s Immortal Expert to discover them, it only meant that their spiritual force was much more powerful compared to the experts of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield.

But it was precisely because of their strong spiritual force that these Immortal Experts slowed down. This was because they found out that the strength of Zhao Hai’s cannons and rifles wasn’t weak. The bullets had the strength equal to the attack of a Severed Soul Expert while the cannon shells had the strength equal to an attack by an Immortal Expert.

Zhao Hai’s rifles and cannons weren’t this strong originally. Although the bullets had been installed with yin-yang lightning ponds, they were still small so they couldn’t be supplied by a lot of energy. However, Zhao Hai discovered that the yin-yang lightning ponds could exert more power in the Cloudsea Territory. This made the cannons and rifles more powerful.

Since the bullets and shells were powerful, these Immortal Experts couldn’t help but hesitate. It must be known that Zhao Hai shot nearly 2000 cannons and a hundred thousand rifles.

These Immortal Experts wouldn’t dare face such an attack. Naturally, they can allow themselves to be injured and rush towards Xiang Bo and the others. However, Zhao Hai bet that these Immortal Experts wouldn’t do that. This was because the sense of self-protection of Immortal Experts were much stronger compared to other people.

Sure enough, Zhao Hai bet correctly. The movements of the Yu Clan experts slowed down. Then a few of them took out a pair of blades and performed a blade dance. The blade lights protected their bodies to the point where even water wouldn’t be able to get inside.

This was also another difference between experts in the Cloudsea Territory and the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Experts in the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield rarely went for close-combat. On the other hand, the people in the Cloudsea Territory almost exclusively use close combat techniques.

The Hell King’s Ship didn’t stop firing. However, the Ye Clan’s experts were still able to advance bit by bit.

After the fifth round of firing, Zhao Hai finally received a voice transmission from Xiang Bo, “Mister, we’re done.”

Zhao Hai gave a gentle nod. The Hell King’s Ship didn’t stop firing. On the contrary, it increased its rate of fire. After three successive attacks, Zhao Hai waved his hand and the ship instantly shrunk. Then Zhao Hai’s body moved and rushed towards the transmission formation. Xiang Bo and the others were already prepared to move. As soon as they saw Zhao Hai, they immediately activated the formation and with a flash of light, the group disappeared just as the Immortal Experts arrived.

As the white light vanished from the formation, the entire transmission formation exploded. It could no longer be described as a transmission formation.

An Immortal Expert of the Ye Clan immediately said, “Immediately send word back to the clan’s Elders. At the same time, spread this information to everyone. The Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield’s appearance here isn’t good news.”

The other experts nodded. They weren’t idiots to be deceived by Zhao Hai’s words. In their opinion, Zhao Hai and the others planned this beforehand. In other words, the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield has found a way to enter the Cloudsea Territory. And they would begin moving soon.

Thinking of this, the expressions of the Immortal Experts weren’t attractive. This matter was of great importance. The Ye Clan was aware of the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. After all, the Cloudsea Territory once captured an Immortal Expert of the battlefield. They also knew that the people of the battlefield were very powerful. If the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield was really able to travel to the Cloudsea Territory, then the territory wouldn’t have a good future.

The information spread out by the Ye Clan caused a stir in the Cloudsea Territory. Big clans near the Ye Clan immediately came over to ask about the situation. After getting confirmation, they went to the cloudfruit forest where Zhao Hai and the others left from. There was nothing left there now. The white clouds of the island had long since covered up the explosion. However, the cloud fruit trees near the transmission formation were decimated. Some traces of the explosion could still be seen.

Naturally they couldn’t see anything else. They also mobilized people to search the surrounding area, but they couldn’t find any clues. Nobody could see Zhao Hai and the others and the cloud beasts around them didn’t decrease as well. Zhao Hai and the others seem to have fallen from the sky and landed on the Ye Clan’s island.

If it weren’t for the destruction of the Ye Clan’s cloud fruit trees, nobody would believe the news. And the more they believed the news, the more anxious they became.

Because of some reasons, the people from the Cloudsea Territory couldn’t expand outside nor could they go to the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Because of this, they heavily interrogated the Immortal Expert from the Ten-thousand Realm battlefield that they captured. From what they found out, it’s very likely for the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield to come over.

But after some time, they haven’t seen anyone else from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield. Because of this, they began to relax thinking that it was a once in a lifetime chance that someone was able to reach the territory. They didn’t think that they would be able to see someone from the Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield once again. Hearing this, the entire Cloudsea Territory was shaken.

Long before the Cloudsea Territory was in a stir, Zhao Hai and the others appeared in the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters. Seeing the new arrivals, the person responsible for the transmission stared. Then he immediately shouted, “Zhao Hai is back, Zhao Hai is back!”

Looking at the guard shouting his name, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh inside. This person normally had a quiet appearance. Zhao Hai didn’t expect him to be this excited. It was a very rare occurrence.

In the past, when Zhao Hai appeared on the transmission formation, this guard would just casually greet him.

Xiang Bo and the others were unaware of Zhao Hai’s thoughts. After seeing that they were in the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters, they all let out a long breath. They were finally back to safety. The 10 Immortal Experts of the Ye Clan gave them a real scare. They thought that they would forever remain in the Cloudsea Territory. But now they were finally back.

Zhao Hai looked at Xiang Bo and the others and said, “I’ll return to Bluetree Planet first. I’ll be back immediately.” After he said that, he quickly entered the transmission formation. He also brought the Hell King’s Ship with him. Looking at Zhao Hai, Xiang Bo and the others knew that he was out to deliver the children back.

After Zhao Hai left, the guard of the transmission formation looked at Xiang Bo and the others and said, “Please come with me. Your Elders are waiting for you.”

Xiang Bo stared, “The Elders are here? Does it include an Elder from the Puppet Realm?”

The guard smiled and said, “It does. Besides the Ghost Spirit Realm, the Elders from your realms are here. Moreover, they have been waiting for quite a long time. Please come with me.” Xiang Bo and the others didn’t dare to delay. They immediately followed the guard to a residence at the backside of a mountain.

Shortly after the group left, Zhao Hai reappeared on the transmission formation. Then he slowly walked towards the residence. Naturally, he also had to report to the Elders, but he wasn’t required to be there as soon as possible.

Zhao Hai also met some Hundred Treasures Realm experts along the way. He exchanged greetings with everyone he met. These people were aware of what was going on, so they played along. They knew that with foreign Immortal Experts in the headquarters, they might be discovered if they did something strange. Because of this, they were coordinating with Zhao Hai’s play.

Before long, Zhao Hai arrived at the cave residence at the backside of the mountain. There were two Severed Soul Experts guarding the entrance. Upon seeing Zhao Hai, they immediately said, “Zhao Hai, the Elders have been waiting for you.” Zhao Hai nodded as he walked in.

Upon entering the residence, Zhao Hai saw Zong Ze, Mu Yao and the Elders of the other Realms. Xiang Bo and the others were also there, answering questions from their respective elders.

Through the Space, Zhao Hai knew what the Elders asked Xiang Bo and the others about. But what they said was nothing more than what they saw during the expedition. However, since Xiang Bo and the others were kept inside the cabins by Zhao Hai, they didn’t have much useful knowledge to share. But in order to get some merits, Xiang Bo and the others begged Zhao Hai to share some information with them to pass on. Because of this, Xiang Bo and the others said the exact same words without any omissions.


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