BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1554


Chapter 1554 – Kicking the Ghost Spirit Realm Out

Once everyone had settled down, Zong Ze looked at the Immortal Experts and said, “Everyone, did you come because of the jade sword message?”

When the Immortal Experts heard Zong Ze, they didn’t waste any words as an Immortal Expert of the Puppet Realm said, “Since Elder Zong said that, then there’s no need to talk nonsense. Elder Zong, the Cloudsea Territory isn’t something that you can eat on your own. It would be better if our realms work together, what does Elder Zong think?”

Zong Ze looked at the Immortal Experts. He knew what these guys were thinking. If it weren’t for Zhao Hai who can get in and out of the Cloudsea Territory safely, these people wouldn’t have proposed working together with the Hundred Treasures Realm.

Zong Ze looked at everyone and said, “Naturally, we need to cooperate. But everyone should know who owns the credit for the exploration. Since you received the jade sword message, you are all well aware that if it weren’t for Little Hai, the people you sent would have perished a long time ago. Now, not only did Zhao Hai discover the Cloudsea Territory, he also allowed your people to send the word back. This should be a small contribution right?”

Hearing Zong Ze, the Immortal Experts knew that Zong Ze was raising the price. Since they would be cooperating with each other, the terms of the cooperation needed to be agreed upon. It was clear that the Hundred Treasures Realm wanted a bigger slice of the pie.

These Immortal Experts were also reasonable people. They knew that the discovery of the Cloudsea Territory was Zhao Hai’s merit. The Hundred Treasures Realm needed to be compensated for this contribution, so they all nodded.

Seeing everyone nod, Zong Ze smiled faintly and said, “Since everyone is in agreement, then we will discuss the matter of distribution. This time, among those who sent people, only the Ghost Spirit Realm didn’t get the message. I reckon the Ghost Spirit Realm still has no idea. But if they learn about it in the future, they would certainly cause trouble. So before we talk about our shares, we need to discuss how to deal with the Ghost Spirit Realm.”

Xiang Bo and the others also mentioned this matter in their message. But as to how the person from the Ghost Spirit Realm died, they didn’t tell. But they said that not long after they left, the person from the Ghost Spirit Realm left saying that he would act on his own. And he hasn’t been spotted since.

The people from the other realms weren’t fools. They understood what was going on. The person from the Ghost Spirit Realm was killed. But who killed him? This was also not an issue, it was certainly Zhao Hai. From what they heard in Hornview Mountain, it seems like Zhao Hai had a conflict with the Ghost Spirit Realm.

Because of a little conflict, Zhao Hai killed the person from the Ghost Spirit Realm. His tendency for revenge was very strong. However, although everyone thought about this, they didn’t actually care. This was the case for cultivators. If you want revenge, then you take revenge. 

Now that Zong Ze said that, it was really a problem. The Ghost Spirit Realm was very strong. If they cause trouble in the future, then it would be a headache.

It was because of this that the Immortal Experts didn’t make a sound. They frowned slightly. After a while, an Immortal Expert said, “Should we inform the Ghost Spirit Realm? Although they didn’t contribute anything, they still sent someone for the expedition. It would be bad if they aren’t included.”

Zong Ze looked at the Immortal Expert and said, “Does anyone else agree to the Iron Sword Sect’s proposal?”

These Immortal Experts weren’t fools. They immediately heard something wrong with Zong Ze’s words. It’s obvious that Zong Ze doesn’t want to inform the Ghost Spirit Realm.

Thinking of this, the Immortal Experts looked at each other before someone from the Puppet Realm said, “I think it wouldn’t be a good idea. This is something we gained on our own. If the Ghost Spirit Realm decided to head out alone, then why should we share our achievements with them? Do you think they would tell us if they were the ones to discover something?”

The other Immortal Experts were secretly cursing inside. Everyone knew that this was complete nonsense. It was impossible for the Ghost Spirit Realm to act alone. But since the jade sword messages said this, they can treat it as the truth. Most importantly, if they include the Ghost Spirit Realm, then everyone’s share would decrease. Who would want to go to the Cloudsea Territory and fight them if they didn’t want more benefits? It would be best if the Ghost Spirit Realm wasn’t in the picture.

Looking at the situation, the expert from the Iron Sword Sect knew what the other Immortal Experts were thinking. He knew that if he didn’t say anything, then these people would push him down. So he immediately responded, “I also don’t want the Ghost Spirit Realm to participate. But I’m thinking about the trouble they would cause us. If they did, then it would be quite a headache for all of us.”

When they heard him say this, everyone stared before they all nodded. Zong Ze saw this and smiled as he said, “Everyone, why are you afraid of this? The Ghost Spirit Realm is just one realm, what can they do to all of us if we work together? Everyone, don’t forget, if we include the Ghost Spirit Realm, then we will have to share the benefits with them. Is everybody alright with that?”

Zong Ze’s words brought everyone back from their thoughts. Right, they weren’t even that strong. Why would they give the Ghost Spirit Realm a share? They have numbers on their side, so why were they afraid?

Thinking of this, everyone nodded. Seeing that everyone agreed, Zong Ze continued, “We still aren’t clear about the Cloudsea Territory. We still have to wait for Zhao Hai and the others to send news back. We can make our decision until then. What does everyone think about this?”

Seeing that Zong Ze didn’t say anything about everybody’s share, everybody kept quiet. In the end, the discovery of the Cloudsea Territory was Zhao Hai’s merit. Moreover, their entry to the Cloudsea Territory depended on Zhao Hai. Offending the Hundred Treasures Realm right now wasn’t the wisest idea.

Zong Ze looked at everyone and said, “I reckon you don’t want to return just yet. If Zhao Hai and the others send a message, you would have to come back again. How about just staying here while we wait?”

Naturally, nobody wanted to go back. They knew that they received the message later than the Hundred Treasures Realm. Since Zhao Hai was a spatial ability user, he can send jade sword messages from the Cloudsea Territory whenever he wants. If he was able to do it once, he would be able to do it again. Because of this, they would rather stay in the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters in order to get the news quickly.

Zong Ze also understood what they were thinking, so he asked them to remain. He did this for the realm’s sake. Zhao Hai already told him that the Ghost Spirit Realm tried to kill him. Zhao Hai was now the ace of the Hundred Treasures Realm. The Ghost Spirit Realm tried to kill him, so how could the Hundred Treasures Realm just do nothing. This time, Zong Ze wanted to kick the Ghost Spirit Realm out of the battlefield.

If the Ghost Spirit Realm received information, they would definitely come over and look for trouble. If these Immortal Experts stayed here, then they would speak up for the Hundred Treasures Realm. It would also make the Ghost Spirit Realm understand that it wouldn’t be so easy to get benefits. When the time comes, these Immortal Experts might team up against the Ghost Spirit Realm without Zong Ze’s urging.

Zhao Hai was aware of what was happening to the headquarters, but he wasn’t worried. He was still slowly moving forward. After fifteen days, they finally arrived outside Ye Island.

The reason they took such a long time was because they were careful and didn’t go too fast. So it took them 15 days before arriving at the periphery of Ye Island.

They didn’t dare get too close to Ye Island. The island was the Ye Clan’s territory. Moreover, since it was close to the Sea of Beasts, it was attacked by beasts quite often. Because of this, the Ye Clan had people patrolling the island. Naturally, these patrols only went around the island. They didn’t leave the island.

Zhao Hai led Xiang Bo and the others around for three days so that they could have a closer look at the island. Looking at the state of the island, Xiang Bo and the others were stunned. They didn’t expect a whitecloud island to be like this.

After traveling around Ye Island for two more days, Zhao Hai turned to Xiang Bo and the others and said, “We have been traveling around Ye Island for a few days. I have already placed my Undead on the island and found out about a weak point in their defense. On the southeast part of the island is a cloudfruit forest. Although there are patrols there, they’re quite rare. If we speed up towards the forest, we will be able to set up a transmission formation as soon as possible. We will be able to head back without getting into conflict with the people on the island. What do you think?”

Naturally, Xiang Bo and the others have nothing to say about this. Although they had been going around the island for a few days, they were still very far away from it. Xiang Bo and the others were unable to see the whole state of the island. Since this is the case, it was impossible for them to know the weak points of the island.

Zhao Hai was aware that they would have this response. The place he chose was decided upon after many calculations of the Universal Scanner. It was the place where they would be least likely to be spotted.

It must be said that the situation of the whitecloud islands was very strange. They don’t do anything and just consume the products of the land like cloud fruits, cloud rice, and so on. Meanwhile, cloud beasts liked to eat the white clouds and not what the humans eat. The beasts that eat the products of the land were called whitecloud beasts.

Whitecloud beasts were different from cloud beasts. Cloud beasts live in the Sea of Beasts while whitecloud beasts live on whitecloud islands. The little mouse that Zhao Hai met when he first stepped foot on the Cloudsea Territory was a whitecloud beast. 

Most people in the Cloudsea Territory treat whitecloud beasts as pests and exterminate them. This was because they discovered that whitecloud beasts had no use to them. And they also consume the same things the inhabitants consume.

The place that Zhao Hai chose to invade was a huge cloud fruit orchard. Despite this, Zhao Hai didn’t see any whitecloud beasts in it. It was clear that the Ye Clan managed the orchard well. But since the cloud fruits were still far from becoming ripe, almost nobody came to watch over them. As long as Zhao Hai and the others were fast, they could build a transmission formation and return to the Hundred Treasures Realm’s headquarters.


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