BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1364


Chapter 1364 – Stellar Sword Control Technique

Zhao Hai really felt different upon entering Nascent Soul Stage. The spiritual qi in his body has been compressed once more and its quality has increased by a lot. The original misty qi has become a silvery liquid. Mixed in this liquid qi were the astral qi and the evil qi, turning it into a light blue color. Then with faith power, the liquid turned golden.

After eighty-one cycles, the Nascent Soul turned golden yellow. At this point, faith power and his spiritual qi have been integrated.

Zhao Hai knew that he had now accomplished the first two parts of using faith power. What he needed to do now was to practice the third part, using faith power to reinforce his weapons.

Zhao Hai was very satisfied with this result. Zhao Hai placed Liquid Silver down and slowly guided faith power towards it. But what made Zhao Hai feel strange was that even though he injected faith power into Liquid Silver, there seems to be no reaction from it whatsoever.

Zhao Hai looked at Liquid Silver in confusion. He injected faith power into it according to the method. And as he can see, Liquid Silver shone with a corresponding light. So why was there no reaction now?

After trying once more and getting nor response, Zhao Hai was confused. He began to carefully recall the method. But he did according to the instructions. In the end, he still couldn’t yield any results.

ZhaoHai stared at Liquid Silver. He injected faith power into it one last time, but the result was the same. When he injected faith power into Liquid Silver, it would emit a golden light. But as soon as Zhao Hai stopped, the faith power returned to his body and Liquid Silver would go back to its original state.

Zhao Hai placed Liquid Silver down and thought hard. Then he suddenly thought of something. In the past, Liquid Silver was emitting golden light on its own. But after the mother formation entered Zhao Hai’s shenzong acupoint, the golden light from Liquid Silver disappeared. Was that it?

Although this reason was somewhat vague, Zhao Hai couldn’t think of anything else to explain it. And since he only had this one method to utilize faith power, then it must be the reason.

Zhao Hai put aside training faith power in the meantime and focused on another thing. When he stepped into Nascent Soul Stage, another technique related to the Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Art appeared in his mind. Now Zhao Hai wanted to see what technique it was.

He quickly found the technique when he dove into his mind. When he read the name of the technique, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be elated. The name of the technique was, Stellar Sword Control Technique!

Just by its name, it was clearly a technique to control flying swords. This was what Zhao Hai needed the most right now. His current technique was an amalgamation of different flying sword techniques that was analyzed by the Universal Scanner. Although this sword technique was strong, Zhao Hai felt that it couldn’t utilize his complete strength. Now that the Stellar Sword Control Technique has come out, it was like giving a pillow to a sleepy person.

Zhao Hai immediately read through the Stellar Sword Control Technique. The technique was much more complex compared to the Stellar Body Tempering Technique. Not only was it more demanding in the amount of spiritual qi, it also required perfect control over spiritual qi.

The Stellar Sword Control Technique was divided into four parts. The first part was the control over spiritual qi. This method for controlling spiritual energy wasn’t for cultivation. Instead, it was for improving attacks using flying swords. The second part of the technique was control over spiritual force. Just like the first part, this was used for the flying sword instead of for cultivation. The third part was the sword technique. Naturally, this was the method to control the flying sword. The fourth part was actually a sword formation. A sword technique can utilize one sword to make an attack. But if a sword formation was used, dozens even a hundred swords could be used. The might of this was certainly much better than a single sword.

However, the Stellar Sword Control Technique’s sword formation attack was extremely demanding for spiritual force. At the same time, not any sword could be used with it. The efficiency of the sword formation relied on the swords used alongside it. In other words, you need to branch out your spiritual force to control each sword. It was just like the multiple sword attacks by other people. They would inject spiritual force to the mother sword and then control the other swords through it. To be honest, this was very similar to having one artifact that had other auxiliary parts.

But if the Stellar Sword Control Technique used more powerful swords, then more powerful and flexible the attack would be. And in turn, the offensive strength would be greater.

When he understood this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be happy. This Stellar Sword Control Technique was specifically tailor-made for him. His spiritual force was already very powerful compared to other people. And then there’s the Space. Not to say about producing thousands of powerful swords, he could also control these swords freely.

Now that he had the sword formation, controlling his spiritual force and spiritual qi has become simpler. Zhao Hai could already control thousands of swords through his spiritual force and massive reserve of spiritual qi. With the sword formation present, his control would be more effective.

The biggest difference between this sword formation and the way Zhao Hai used flying swords before was that whether the sword formation was sent out or received, it stayed as a sword formation in the end. Moreover, this sword formation was actually from a larger sword formation. The name of this large sword formation was the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation.

This large formation was arranged according to the changes of the stars and the transformation of yin-yang. This sword formation could be composed of two swords or ten thousand swords. The more swords there were, the more transformations it could undergo. However, these transformations still needed to follow the stars and the flow of yin-yang.

Also, even if the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformation Great Formation lacked a few swords, it can still be used while its power would reduce accordingly. This was the real essence of the formation.

But this wasn’t the only thing about the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation. Not only was it a sword technique, it was also a very powerful formation on its own. If a magic staff could use this great formation, then its power would also be immense.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath. Then he calmed himself down before taking Liquid Silver out and transforming it into two swords to train in the simplest form of the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Great Formation. Actually, the simplest form was also the most foundational form of the formation. As long as one grasps control over two swords, they could slowly increase the number as well as the changes that could happen to them.

Operating the great formation wasn’t very difficult. The most difficult part was arranging the formation amidst the presence of the enemy. Naturally, with the Space, Zhao Hai could set-up this formation instantaneously. However, he couldn’t show this ability out in the opent. Therefore, Zhao Hai needed to be familiar with the method of setting the formation. Then he received the other swords leaving only one to use for practicing the method of controlling a flying sword.

The method of controlling the flying sword was also very complex. The changes involved in it were too many. Although only one sword was used, the sword technique’s power couldn’t be underestimated.

Zhao Hai spent more time practicing the sword technique compared to the sword formation. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find someone to spar with. Nobody inside the Space could be his opponent. If he sparred with these people, he wouldn’t be able to utilize the full might of the sword technique. He might as well not have a spar.

The best place to examine a cultivation technique was in a battlefield. Only after undergoing a life and death experience can one fully understand their technique.

Although this was the case, Zhao Hai still practiced the sword control technique for a long time. This was because he knew clearly that only once the technique comes naturally to him could he use the technique in the battlefield. 

There was a saying in martial arts that goes like: You shouldn’t be afraid of an opponent that has 1000 moves. You should master one move to perfection and defeat 1000 moves with one move.

The more Zhao Hai practiced the sword technique, the more deep his understanding of it. This sword technique’s attack could endure the strength of numerous stars. Once the sword technique was used, ZhaoHai could see that it was stronger compared to the flying sword techniques that he had seen before.

Zhao Hai forgot the time and continued practicing until he felt that he had a thorough understanding of the technique. Every stab of the sword has become an instinct for him. It was at this time that he stopped.

However, there was one thing that made Zhao Hai frown. It was the reinforcement of faith power. If he wanted to reinforce his sword with faith power, then he would need to use his spiritual force to do so. And it needed the same amount as the sword technique. Using these two at the same time caused Zhao Hai to be dissatisfied.

Zhao Hai sighed as he received Liquid Silver. Then he returned to the Space’s villa. Upon entering the living room, he saw Laura and the other staring at the screen. But the image on the screen caused Zhao Hai to be confused. This was because there was a battle currently ongoing. The scale of the battle wasn’t very big. One side was composed of 5 medium-sized battleships while the other were ten Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

Zhao Hai asked, “What is that? A battle?”

Laura and the others noticed Zhao Hai. Laura turned her head to Zhao Hai and said, “Brother Hai, you’re done? Yes, it’s a battle happening in the Pirate Paradise. It’s not Louis and the others. Instead, it’s a conflict between two pirate groups. We’re just watching for fun.”


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