BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1363


Chapter 1363 – Faith Power, Nascent Soul Stage?

Cai’er was very happy. Like the women in the villa, her heart also belonged to Zhao Hai. It was only because of her size that she wasn’t able to act on her feeling.

Speaking of which, among the women in the villa, Cai’er was the closest to Zhao Hai. This was because the two of them were one. Zhao Hai’s life was connected to her’s. If Zhao Hai dies, then she would die as well. The two just weren’t able to have a closer relationship because of Cai’er’s size.

Now that this barrier has been cleared, it’s given that the two would get together. Laura and the others didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with it.

After the feast, Zhao Hai went to rest. Naturally, Cai’er followed him. On the other hand, Laura and the others remained outside. This was bound to happen. In fact, Laura and the others were happy to see this happen. This way, Zhao Hai and Cai’er would be closer.

Needless to say, Zhao Hai’s room that night was very warm. Because of her special physique, Cai’er was able to get up very early the next day. Although this was her first time, she didn’t suffer the same outcome as others.

Laura and the others got up quite early as well. The Space was very peaceful that day. The air was very good since it was filled with spiritual qi. This allowed everyone’s sleep to be very good. So naturally, none of them felt like they needed more time to sleep.

Zhao Hai also got up at the same time as the others. After eating breakfast, Zhao Hai monitored the state of the Pirate Paradise and the Cultivation Realm. The two places didn’t have any problems. Yalei 2 was also doing very well. 

Zhao Hai felt relieved and then he sat underneath the Hundred Spirits Tree and calmed down his mood. Then he closed his eyes and recalled the method to utilize faith power.

Feeling that there weren’t any problems, Zhao Hai began to cultivate. The first step was his eyes. He first drew his spiritual qi toward the eye acupoint in his head. Then according to his meridians, he slowly circulated the spiritual qi to unlock the accupoint. At this time, he became able to see faith power.

This wasn’t an easy feat to do. First, one would need to delicately operate their eye acupoint. Any mistakes that happen during this period would lead to an unmentionable outcome. And if one couldn’t unlock the eye acupoint, then they wouldn’t be able to continue circulating spiritual qi to that place and in turn they wouldn’t be able to see faith power. Not seeing faith power meant that one wouldn’t be able to make use of it. Therefore, this was the very first hurdle that someone who wanted to use faith power needed to overcome.

But for Zhao Hai, this thing wasn’t very difficult. After his body underwent multiple transformations, his cells were now as tenacious as steel. His meridians were able to take a beating. Before long, he was able to unlock his eye acupoints.

After that, Zhao Hai moved his spiritual qi to follow a certain rule. This rule was quite demanding. A single hair of failure in the path would destroy the cycle. Only once the cycle was completed would the connection be established.

As the connection was being established, Zhao Hai’s eyes began to change. Zhao Hai slowly opened his eyes. Then he took out Liquid Silver and took a look at it.

Yesterday, Cai’er installed the mother formation to collect faith power inside Liquid Silver. Not only would this mother formation collect faith power, it could also store it for Zhao Hai to use at any time.

Since this would be the first time that he would see faith power, Zhao Hai was somewhat curious. He wanted to see what faith power looks like. He looked at Liquid Silver and stared. Then he couldn’t help but squint his eyes.

It’s no wonder that Zhao Hai’s reaction was this. This was because Liquid Silver’s glow wasn’t the same as before. This time, it was as if there was a small sun inside it.

It was pointed out in the method that faith power had strong and weak forms. Weak faith power looked like a thread of hair. Only when thousands upon thousands of these hairs were together could faith power be considered strong.

However, most faith power was white, they didn’t shine. These were the most ordinary faiths. In other words, people had faith in you but they wouldn’t sacrifice themselves for your sake. This was the most ordinary expression of faith.

The next stage was a silver-colored faith thread. This faith was more powerful. Generally, followers that offered contributions had this faith.

The strongest type of faith power were the shining golden faith threads. This kind of faith couldn’t be given by average people. This faith could only belong to fanatic believers. They would contribute all they have for you. They wouldn’t allow anyone to speak badly of you. They would give their heart and soul for you. For them, sacrificing to you was the greatest honor.

The faith power in Liquid Silver was akin to the radiance of the sun. This was extremely dazzling even for ZhaoHai. Therefore, he had no choice but to squint his eyes. However, he didn’t feel that there’s any problems. This was because he felt comfortable under the illumination of this radiance.

Zhao Hai let out a long breath as his heart became excited. This was because he understood that the people in the Space were his most loyal believers.

Zhao Hai calmed down his mood. He felt extremely grateful to the Space and the people in it. After he calmed himself down, Zhao Hai looked at the dazzling light and then slowly guided it towards his eyes.

Under Zhao Hai’s gaze, the clump of golden faith threads unraveled and slowly flew towards his eyes. Zhao Hai’s heart became excited. But this caused the threads to withdraw back into Liquid Silver.

Zhao Hai stared, then he let out a long breath as he gave a self-ridiculing smile. He was quite good at meditating. However, the sight of faith power caused him to be excited. If people saw him like this, then they would have laughed at him.

Zhao Hai calmed himself down once more as he restarted his cultivation. In the end, he was able to guide the faith threads towards his eyes.

Zhao Hai felt a warm current go through him as the threads flowed through his eyes. His eyes felt more and more comfortable. The uncomfortable parts of his eyes that he didn’t think of before became better as time passed.

This time, Zhao Hai was completely calm as he patiently guided the faith threads. As more and more faith power entered Zhao Hai’s eyes, he began leading it towards his body and uniting it with his spiritual qi. Through his spiritual qi, he united the faith power to his physique.

Whenever faith power passed through an acupoint, Zhao Hai could feel his absorption quicken. When faith power completed one circulation through Zhao Hai’s body, it began to integrate to Zhao Hai’s physique. 

At this time, the golden light from Liquid Silver suddenly flew out and entered Zhao Hai’s body. Zhao Hai was taken aback. One must know that this phenomenon wasn’t stated in the method to use faith power. Zhao Hai looked down on himself and found out that the golden light had settled right at the shanzhong acupoint in his chest.

Zhao Hai stared. Then he immediately closed his eyes and felt his chest acupoint. Zhao Hai knew that his dao lotus was at that acupoint. Moreover, after practicing the Stellar Transformations Art, starlight began appearing above the Dao Lotus. Faith power was now running along this scene. Zhao Hai wanted to see what changes would happen in his shanzhong acupoint.

As Zhao Hai used his spiritual force to look at his acupoint, he was stunned. This was because changes began to happen in his body. The gold core that was originally in his dantian has flown towards the shanzhong acupoint. Then the gold core dissolved and turned into a faint miniature Zhao Hai. The spirit Zhao Hai which was originally in his head also sank into the shanzhong point. The two merged together and became a miniature Zhao Hai that had extremely long hair.

After that, the miniature Zhao Hai fell down and sat cross-legged on top of the Dao Lotus. The hair of the miniature was connected with the faith threads. The starlight now became golden and formed a huge magic circle. This was the mother formation that collected faith power.

At this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly had an inkling in his mind. Nascent Soul Stage!

In the past, Zhao Hai didn’t quite understand what a Nascent Soul Expert was really like. He thought that Nascent Soul was just another division of level and wasn’t anything remarkable. But now, he discovered that he was wrong. Experts of the Nascent Soul Stage were different from Core Formation Experts. Core Formation Experts were called like that because of the gold core in their body. All of their spiritual qi would be inside the gold core. Whether it be in battles or in cultivation, it all depended on their gold core.

As for Zhao Hai, his cultivation was somewhat different from the others. Because he practiced the Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Art, the spiritual qi in his body was ten times more compared to other Cultivators. Therefore, he was able to reach Nascent Soul-level strength while only being at Core Formation. Additionally, he had astral qi and evil qi in his body, increasing his offensive strength even more. This caused him to be unbeatable among Nascent Soul Experts. Even Huang Daoran wasn’t able to do anything to him.

At that time, everyone thought that Zhao Hai was already in the Nascent Soul Stage, not Core Formation. Even Zhao Hai thought that he was already a Nascent Soul Expert. But he didn’t expect that he was actually still at Core Formation.

Upon drawing faith power, Zhao Hai’s cultivation progressed further. And since he was only one step away from Nascent Soul, faith power pushed him to overcome that threshold and become a Nascent Soul Expert in one go. Now, he can be regarded as a true Nascent Soul Expert. If he was placed in the Cultivation Realm, he would become a very powerful expert. At this point, even general Transcending Tribulation Experts wouldn’t’ be his match.


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