BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1950 – 1954

Happy October!

I need to stop making these promises man >__<
I’ll try my best to make up this October (・_├┬┴┬┴

Here are today’s chapters:

Chapter 1950 – Comprehensive Strengthening
Chapter 1951 – Skillfully Dealing With A Fire Scorpion
Chapter 1952 – Moon Bathed Lake
Chapter 1953 – Giant Loach
Chapter 1954 – Bubble’s Help

Happy Reading!

4 thoughts on “BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1950 – 1954

  1. yes you should stop,
    those promises just give you more pressure and make you feel bad when you can’t keep.
    it’s not good for you mental health man
    just make sure you enjoy doing it and that would help

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